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25 Nov 19
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Quarter (USD) Sep 19 Jun 19 Mar 19 Dec 18
Revenue 3.39B 3.17B 3.09B 3.08B
Net income 142.32M 524.44M 56.92M 124.3M
Diluted EPS 1.04 3.8 0.41 0.86
Net profit margin 4.19% 16.55% 1.84% 4.03%
Operating income 99.09M 89.95M 102.68M 113.13M
Net change in cash -367.17M 323.69M -212.16M 251.84M
Cash on hand 631.07M 998.24M 674.55M 886.71M
Cost of revenue 2.54B 2.47B 2.52B
Annual (USD) Sep 19 Sep 14
Revenue 12.74B 12.7B
Net income 847.98M 328.11M
Diluted EPS 6.08 2.48
Net profit margin 6.66% 2.58%
Operating income 404.85M 528.07M
Net change in cash -101.58M
Cash on hand 631.07M 732.65M
Cost of revenue 10.26B

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MasTecCDIGeneral DynamicsUrsLeidosShawVeridianEpic Energy ResourcesFluorFoster Wheeler
  • Project sites are inherently dangerous workplaces. If we, the owner, or others working at the project site fail to maintain safe work sites, we can be exposed to significant financial losses and reputational harm, as well as civil and criminal liabilities.
  • Past and future environmental, health, and safety laws could impose significant additional costs and liabilities.
  • Our results of operations depend on the award of new contracts and the timing of the performance of these contracts.
  • We engage in a highly competitive business. If we are unable to compete effectively, we could lose market share and our business and results of operations could be negatively impacted.
  • The nature of our contracts, particularly those that are fixed-price, subjects us to risks of cost overruns. We may experience reduced profits or, in some cases, losses if costs increase above budgets or estimates or if the project experiences schedule delays.
  • The loss of or a significant reduction in business from one or a few customers could have a material adverse impact on us.
  • The contracts in our backlog may be adjusted, canceled or suspended by our clients and, therefore, our backlog is not necessarily indicative of our future revenues or earnings. Additionally, even if fully performed, our backlog is not a good indicator of our future gross margins.
  • Contracts with the U.S. federal government and other governments and their agencies pose additional risks relating to future funding and compliance.
  • Our project execution activities may result in liability for faulty services.
  • The outcome of pending and future claims and litigation could have a material adverse impact on our business, financial condition, and results of operations.
  • Our use of joint ventures and partnerships exposes us to risks and uncertainties, many of which are outside of our control.
  • We are dependent on third parties to complete many of our contracts.
  • Employee, agent or partner misconduct or our overall failure to comply with laws or regulations could weaken our ability to win contracts, which could result in reduced revenues and profits.
  • If we fail to comply with federal, state, local or foreign governmental requirements, our business may be adversely affected.
  • We could be adversely affected by violations of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and similar worldwide anti-bribery laws.
  • Our international operations are exposed to additional risks and uncertainties, including unfavorable political developments and weak foreign economies.
  • We work in international locations where there are high security risks, which could result in harm to our employees or unanticipated cost.
  • Systems and information technology interruption or failure and data security or privacy breaches could adversely impact our ability to operate or expose us to significant financial losses and reputational harm.
  • We are subject to professional standards, duties and statutory obligations on professional reports and opinions we issue, which could subject us to monetary damages.
  • We may not be able to protect our intellectual property or that of our clients.
  • Our quarterly results may fluctuate significantly, which could have a material negative effect on the price of our common stock.
  • If we do not have adequate indemnification for our nuclear services, it could adversely affect our business, financial condition and results of operations.
  • Our actual results could differ from the estimates and assumptions used to prepare our financial statements.
  • An impairment charge on our goodwill could have a material adverse impact on our financial position and results of operations.
  • There can be no assurance that we will pay dividends on our common stock.
  • We may be required to contribute additional cash to meet any underfunded benefit obligations associated with retirement and post-retirement benefit plans we manage.
  • Negotiations with labor unions and possible work actions could disrupt operations and increase labor costs and operating expenses.
  • Demand for our services is cyclical as the sectors and industries in which our clients operate are impacted by economic downturns, reductions in government or private spending and times of political uncertainty.
  • Our operations may be impacted by the United Kingdom’s proposed exit from the European Union.
  • We rely on cash provided by operations and liquidity under our credit facilities to fund our business. Negative conditions in the credit and financial markets and delays in receiving client payments could adversely affect our cost of borrowing and our business.
  • Maintaining adequate bonding and letter of credit capacity is necessary for us to successfully bid on and win some contracts.
  • Rising inflation, interest rates, and/or construction costs could reduce the demand for our services as well as decrease our profit on our existing contracts, in particular with respect to our fixed-price contracts.
  • Foreign exchange risks may affect our ability to realize a profit from certain projects.
  • Our effective tax rate may increase or decrease.
  • We may be affected by market or regulatory responses to climate change.
  • Our businesses could be materially and adversely affected by events outside of our control.
  • Fluctuations in commodity prices may affect our customers’ investment decisions and therefore subject us to risks of cancellation, delays in existing work, or changes in the timing and funding of new awards.
  • Our continued success is dependent upon our ability to hire, retain, and utilize qualified personnel.
  • Our business strategy relies in part on acquisitions to sustain our growth. Acquisitions of other companies present certain risks and uncertainties.
  • Acquisitions and divestitures create various business risks and uncertainties during the pendency of the transaction.
  • In the event we issue stock as consideration for certain acquisitions we may make, we could dilute share ownership, and if we receive stock in connection with a divestiture, the value of stock is subject to fluctuation.
  • Delaware law and our charter documents may impede or discourage a takeover or change of control.
Management Discussion
  • Net earnings attributable to Jacobs from continuing operations for fiscal 2019 were $291.0 million (or $2.09 per diluted share), an increase of $295.1 million, or 7,052.4%, from $(4.2) million (or $(0.03) per diluted share) for the corresponding period last year. Included in the Company’s operating results for the current year were $243.7 million (or $1.75 per share) in after tax Restructuring and other charges and $16.1 million in KeyW, CH2M and other transaction costs. Also included in fiscal 2019 net earnings from continuing operations are $64.8 million in fair value losses associated with our investment in Worley stock, partly offset by dividend income from this investment and certain foreign currency revaluations relating to ECR sale proceeds. Our fiscal 2018 results included $112.8 million (or $0.81 per share) in after tax Restructuring and other charges, $60.7 million in CH2M transaction costs and $259.2 million in income tax charges associated with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (“the Act”) enacted on December 22, 2017. Income tax expense for continuing operations for fiscal 2019 was $37.0 million, a decrease of $288.7 million, or 88.7%, from $325.6 million due mainly to the impacts from the provisional remeasurement of the deferred tax items and other impacts from U.S. Tax Reform in the prior year.
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