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Kansas City Power & Light Co


2 Mar 20
3 Apr 20
31 Dec 20


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Quarter (USD) Sep 19 Jun 19 Mar 19 Dec 18
Revenue 1.58B 1.22B 1.22B 1.2B
Net income 366.8M 139.7M 99.5M 18.5M
Diluted EPS 1.56 0.57 0.39 -0.11
Net profit margin 23.25% 11.43% 8.18% 1.54%
Operating income 538.7M 271.7M 209.6M 150.1M
Net change in cash -56.9M -26.6M -26.7M -519.4M
Cash on hand 50.1M 107M 133.6M 160.3M
Annual (USD) Dec 18 Dec 17 Dec 16 Dec 15
Revenue 4.28B 2.57B 2.56B
Net income 535.8M 323.9M 346.6M 213M
Diluted EPS 2.5 2.27 2.43 1.37
Net profit margin 12.53% 12.60% 13.53%
Operating income 933.6M 678.8M 702.4M 530.1M
Net change in cash 156.9M -1.29B 1.28B -1.7M
Cash on hand 160.3M 3.4M 1.29B 11.3M

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Financial report summary

  • Prices are established by regulators and may not be sufficient to result in a recovery of costs or provide for a return on investment.
  • Legislative and regulatory requirements may increase costs and result in compliance penalties.
  • Costs to comply with environmental laws and regulations, including those relating to GHG emissions, are significant and may adversely impact operations and financial results.
  • Financial market disruptions or declines in the Evergy Companies' credit ratings may increase financing costs and limit access to the credit markets, which may adversely affect liquidity and financial results.
  • Evergy is a holding company and relies on the earnings of its subsidiaries to meet its financial obligations.
  • Increasing costs associated with defined benefit retirement and postretirement plans, health care plans and other employee benefits could adversely affect Evergy's financial position and liquidity.
  • The use of derivative contracts could result in financial losses and impair liquidity.
  • Tax legislation and an inability to utilize tax credits could adversely impact financial results and liquidity.
  • The anticipated benefits of the merger may not be realized.
  • The price of Evergy common stock may experience volatility.
  • Evergy's results of operations, financial position and cash flows can be materially affected by changes in electricity consumption.
  • Weather is a major driver of the results of operations, financial position and cash flows of the Evergy Companies and the Evergy Companies are subject to risks associated with climate change.
  • Operational risks may adversely affect the Evergy Companies.
  • Physical and cybersecurity breaches, criminal activity, terrorist attacks and other disruptions to facilities or information technology infrastructure could interfere with operations, expose the Evergy Companies or their customers or employees to a risk of loss, expose the Evergy Companies to legal or regulatory liability and cause reputational and other harm.
  • The cost and schedule of capital projects may materially change and expected performance may not be achieved.
  • The Evergy Companies are exposed to risks associated with the ownership and operation of a nuclear generating unit, which could adversely impact the Evergy Companies' business and financial results.
  • The structure of the regional power market in which the Evergy Companies operate could have an adverse effect on their results of operations, financial position and cash flows.
  • The outcome of legal proceedings cannot be predicted. An adverse finding could have a material adverse effect on the Evergy Companies' results of operations, financial position and cash flows.
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