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6 Sep 19
11 Dec 19
30 Apr 20


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Quarter (USD) Jul 19 Apr 19 Jan 19 Oct 18
Revenue 39.34M 34.75M 32.37M 37.28M
Net income 471K -1.27M -22K 1.41M
Diluted EPS 0.17 -0.46 -0.01 0.51
Net profit margin 1.20% -3.65% -0.07% 3.79%
Operating income 776K -1.33M -75K 1.81M
Net change in cash 1.01M -124K 1.29M 413K
Cash on hand 11.65M 10.65M 10.77M 9.48M
Cost of revenue 32.39M 29.91M 27.14M 29.51M
Annual (USD) Apr 19 Apr 18 Apr 17 Apr 16
Revenue 146.55M 158.05M 138.56M 128.63M
Net income 1.53M 5.28M 4.52M 3.8M
Diluted EPS 0.55 1.9 1.66 1.42
Net profit margin 1.04% 3.34% 3.26% 2.96%
Operating income 2.11M 9.92M 6.54M 5.7M
Net change in cash 931K -2.79M 7.28M 2.18M
Cash on hand 10.65M 9.72M 12.51M 5.22M
Cost of revenue 121.23M 125.89M 111.95M 104.92M

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Financial report summary

  • Disruptions in the financial markets have historically created, and may continue to create, uncertainty in economic conditions that may adversely affect our customers and our business.
  • If we fail to compete effectively, our revenue and profit margins could decline.
  • If we lose a large customer, our sales and profits would decline.
  • An increase in the price of raw materials and energy could negatively affect our sales and profits.
  • Our future growth may depend on our ability to penetrate new international markets.
  • Events outside our control may affect our operating results.
  • We depend on key management and technical personnel, the loss of whom could harm our business.
  • Our stock price is likely to be volatile and could drop.
  • The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act may increase the cost of providing medical benefits to employees, which could have a significant adverse impact on our results of operations.
  • We are subject to other risks that might also cause our actual results to vary materially from our forecasts, targets, or projections, including:
  • Cybersecurity incidents could expose us to liability and damage our reputation and our business.
  • Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting.
  • Changes in U.S. trade policy, including the imposition of tariffs and the resulting consequences, may have a material adverse impact on our business and results of operations.
Management Discussion
  • Sales for the quarter were $39,336,000, a 6.7% decrease from sales of $42,152,000 in the comparable period of the prior year. Domestic sales for the quarter were $29,287,000, down 18.8% from sales of $36,070,000 in the comparable period of the prior year. International sales for the quarter were $10,049,000, up 65.2% from sales of $6,082,000 in the comparable period of the prior year. The decrease in Domestic sales was a result of lower dealer sales in the current quarter versus those in the prior year first quarter.   International sales increased as a result of a large order with a new customer and continued strength in the Indian laboratory infrastructure market. 
  • The Company’s order backlog was $102 million at July 31, 2019, as compared to $102 million at July 31, 2018, and $101 million at April 30, 2019. The Company continues to have a strong volume of outstanding quotations globally and is aggressively pursuing these projects.
  • The gross profit margin for the three months ended July 31, 2019 was 17.7% of sales, as compared to 18.0% of sales in the comparable quarter of the prior year. The decrease in gross profit margin percentage was primarily due to the decline in sales with an unfavorable shift in product mix, and competitive pricing in the International segment.
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