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James S. Tisch
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44 long holdings
End of quarter 31 Mar 20
Prev Q
%, QoQ
$7.53B 242.65M 242.65M 0
$133.81M 73.12M 73.12M 0
$23.82M 3M 3M 0
$19.6M 570K 475K +20.0
$18.42M 330.5K 260K +27.1
$17.69M 450K 330K +36.4
$17.28M 97.5K 90K +8.3
$16.96M 341.64K 140.78K +142.7
$14.35M 327.5K NEW
$14.16M 420K 350K +20.0
$12.76M 142K 80K +77.5
$12.47M 50K NEW
$11.62M 10K 9.42K +6.1
$11.59M 403.92K NEW
$11.43M 150K NEW
$11.08M 150K 80K +87.5
$10.87M 460K 287.16K +60.2
$10.08M 100.84K NEW
$9.06M 194.99K NEW
$8.32M 200K 270K -25.9
$8.26M 109.38K 52.4K +108.8
$7.53M 95K 85K +11.8
$7.45M 535K 500K +7.0
$5.76M 36.5K 96.41K -62.1
$5.71M 1.14M 1.14M 0
$5.54M 270K 350K -22.9
$5.17M 249K 222.18K +12.1
$4.76M 160.9K NEW
$4.2M 575K 695K -17.3
$3.79M 468K 475K -1.5
$3.68M 350K 150K +133.3
$3.56M 60K 50K +20.0
$3.45M 461.78K 303.78K +52.0
$3.35M 400K 400K 0
$2.57M 3.23M 3.23M 0
$2.1M 693.53K 195.03K +255.6
$1.81M 200K 480K -58.3
$1.63M 300K NEW
$1.49M 3.2M 3.2M 0
$855K 17.76K 17.76K 0
$92K 19.12K 17.64K +8.4
$83K 12.16K 9.77K +24.5
$65K 130.89K 130.89K 0
$23K 11.36K 11.36K 0
90.34K EXIT
333.94K EXIT
228.35K EXIT
244.47K EXIT
33.6K EXIT
83.46K EXIT
404.14K EXIT
158.4K EXIT
15.13K EXIT
4.29K EXIT
33.51K EXIT
10.34K EXIT
Blackstone Group Inc
7.18K EXIT
3.28K EXIT
6.66K EXIT
5.34K EXIT
5.43K EXIT
1.15K EXIT
7.11K EXIT
12.8K EXIT
5.58K EXIT
8.19K EXIT
877 EXIT
1.73K EXIT
8.98K EXIT
5.27K EXIT
2.16K EXIT
3.96K EXIT
4.06K EXIT
1.15K EXIT
8.79K EXIT
1.28K EXIT
900 EXIT
2.56K EXIT
17.79K EXIT
28.26K EXIT
13.38K EXIT
Holdings list only includes long positions. Only includes long positions.


3 Aug 20
6 Aug 20
31 Dec 20


Company financial data Financial data

Quarter (USD) Jun 20 Mar 20 Dec 19 Sep 19
Revenue 2.31B 3.1B 3.88B 3.68B
Net income -846M -1.04B 211M 39M
Diluted EPS -2.96 -2.2 0.73 0.24
Net profit margin -36.62% -33.69% 5.44% 1.06%
Net change in cash -271M 603M -106M 2M
Cash on hand 668M 939M 336M 442M
Cost of revenue 281M 278M
Annual (USD) Dec 19 Dec 18 Dec 17 Dec 16
Revenue 14.93B 14.07B 13.74B 13.11B
Net income 871M 706M 1.41B 716M
Diluted EPS 3.07 1.99 3.45 1.93
Net profit margin 5.83% 5.02% 10.28% 5.46%
Operating income* 1.41B
Net change in cash -69M -67M 145M -113M
Cash on hand 336M 405M 472M 327M
Cost of revenue 1.08B 923M 299M 271M

Financial data from Loews earnings reports. *Asterisk values are approximate.

Date Owner Security Transaction Code 10b5-1 $Price #Shares $Value #Remaining
19 Jun 20 Loews Common Stock Buy Aquire P No 32.41 25,784 835.66K 243,214,203
18 Jun 20 Loews Common Stock Buy Aquire P No 32.94 73,583 2.42M 243,188,419
17 Jun 20 Loews Common Stock Buy Aquire P No 32.78 100,000 3.28M 243,114,836
16 Jun 20 Loews Common Stock Buy Aquire P No 32.37 37,567 1.22M 243,014,836
15 Jun 20 Loews Common Stock Buy Aquire P No 31.49 23,738 747.51K 242,977,269
11 Jun 20 Loews Common Stock Buy Aquire P No 31.77 105,187 3.34M 242,953,531
10 Jun 20 Loews Common Stock Buy Aquire P No 33.51 105,187 3.52M 242,848,344
9 Jun 20 Loews Common Stock Buy Aquire P No 34.24 93,384 3.2M 242,743,157
1 Jun 20 Joseph L Bower Common Stock Sell Dispose S No 33.37 6 200.22 11,511.6
1 Jun 20 Joseph L Bower Common Stock Sale back to company Dispose D No 33.37 1,488 49.65K 11,517.6
60.2% owned by funds/institutions
13F holders
Current Prev Q Change
Total holders 413 472 -12.5%
Opened positions 36 58 -37.9%
Closed positions 95 63 +50.8%
Increased positions 112 121 -7.4%
Reduced positions 183 187 -2.1%
13F shares
Current Prev Q Change
Total value 63.41B 94.06B -32.6%
Total shares 169.46M 190.24M -10.9%
Total puts 165.7K 126.9K +30.6%
Total calls 28.5K 45.1K -36.8%
Total put/call ratio 5.8 2.8 +106.6%
Largest owners
Shares Value Change
Vanguard 28.85M $1B +1.8%
JPM JPMorgan Chase & Co. 19.21M $669.2M +5.4%
BLK BlackRock 17.55M $611.33M -1.8%
N Price T Rowe Associates 13.26M $461.71M +9.0%
STT State Street 12.3M $428.26M -3.3%
WFC Wells Fargo & Company 5M $173.98M -3.2%
Geode Capital Management 4.17M $144.87M -1.2%
Boston Partners 4.01M $139.49M -15.1%
NTRS Northern Trust 3.6M $125.23M +2.6%
IVZ Invesco 3.4M $118.34M -11.3%
Largest transactions
Shares Bought/sold Change
Norges Bank 0 -13.57M EXIT
N Price T Rowe Associates 13.26M +1.1M +9.0%
JPM JPMorgan Chase & Co. 19.21M +990.87K +5.4%
California Public Employees Retirement System 1.34M -885.54K -39.8%
Diamond Hill Capital Management 1.82M -873.17K -32.4%
Boston Partners 4.01M -714.7K -15.1%
GS Goldman Sachs 737.08K -618.99K -45.6%
Marathon Asset Management 1.54M -554.52K -26.5%
Vanguard 28.85M +506.38K +1.8%
BK Bank of New York Mellon 2.27M -479.96K -17.4%

Financial report summary

  • The coronavirus disease (“COVID-19”) pandemic and measures to mitigate the spread of the virus have resulted in significant risk across CNA’s enterprise, which have had, and may continue to have, material adverse impacts on its business, results of operations and financial condition, the extent of which cannot be determined with any certainty at this time.
  • The outbreak of COVID-19 and the measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 could materially adversely affect Boardwalk Pipelines’ business, financial condition and results of operations.
  • Boardwalk Pipelines is exposed to credit risk relating to default or bankruptcy by its customers.
  • Changes in energy prices, including natural gas, oil and natural gas liquids and hydrocarbons (“NGLs”), impact the supply of and demand for those commodities, which could impact Boardwalk Pipelines’ business.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic and efforts to mitigate the spread of the virus have had, and are expected to continue to have, a material adverse impact on Loews Hotels & Co’s results of operations, financial condition and cash flows.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic may have an adverse impact on Altium Packaging.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic is having widespread impacts on the way we and our subsidiaries operate.
Management Discussion
  • Net income attributable to Loews Corporation was $135 million for the three months ended June 30, 2020 as compared with $249 million in the 2019 period. The decrease was primarily due to net catastrophe losses of $301 million for the three months ended June 30, 2020 as compared to $38 million in the 2019 period and unfavorable net prior year loss reserve development. Net catastrophe losses in 2020 include $182 million related to COVID-19, $61 million related to civil unrest and $58 million related primarily to severe weather-related events. These results were partially offset by favorable net investment income driven by limited partnership and common stock returns, favorable non-catastrophe current accident year underwriting results and higher investment gains. Investment gains were driven by the favorable change in fair value of non-redeemable preferred stock and higher gains on sales of fixed maturity securities. The prior year period included a $15 million charge (after tax and noncontrolling interests) related to the early retirement of debt.
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