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Mark T. Behrman
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30 Oct 19
12 Dec 19
31 Dec 19


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Quarter (USD) Sep 19 Jun 19 Mar 19 Dec 18
Revenue 75.5M 121.53M 94.15M 94.73M
Net income -30.79M 6.63M -11.54M -13.05M
Diluted EPS -1.39 -0.05 -0.69 -0.75
Net profit margin -40.79% 5.46% -12.26% -13.77%
Operating income -19.23M 11.35M 71K -2.48M
Net change in cash 8.81M 36.27M -4.34M -16.7M
Cash on hand 66.78M 57.97M 21.71M 26.05M
Cost of revenue 85.23M 101.85M 86.83M 82.32M
Annual (USD) Dec 18 Dec 17 Dec 16 Dec 15
Revenue 378.16M 427.5M 374.59M 437.7M
Net income -72.23M -29.22M 112.17M -34.77M
Diluted EPS -3.74 -2.18 2.54 -1.67
Net profit margin -19.10% -6.83% 29.94% -7.94%
Operating income -23.03M -34.09M -90.22M -71.17M
Net change in cash -7.57M -26.4M -67.18M -57.8M
Cash on hand 26.05M 33.62M 60.02M 127.2M
Cost of revenue 362.33M 422.04M 423.89M 417.65M

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Management Discussion
  • Our consolidated net sales for the third quarter of 2019 were $75.5 million compared to $79.8 million for the same period in 2018. Our consolidated operating loss was $19.2 million compared to $16.6 million for the same period in 2018.  The items impacting our operating results are discussed in more detail below and under “Results of Operations.”
  • The on-stream rates of our plants affect our production, the absorption of fixed costs of each plant and sales of our products.  It is a key operating metric that we use to manage our business.  In particular, we closely monitor the on-stream rates of our ammonia plants as ammonia is the basic product used to produce all upgraded products.  The on-stream rates noted below exclude Turnaround days, when applicable.  
  • At our Cherokee Facility, the ammonia plant’s on-stream rate for third quarter of 2019 was 90% compared to 97% for the same period of 2018. During the third quarter of 2019, the Cherokee Facility’s on-stream rate was impacted by certain power outages experienced by our utility provider and a local flooding event requiring our ammonia plant to be temporarily shut down.  Our target on-stream rate for this ammonia plant for 2019 is 95%.
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