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Michael F. Roman
Incorporated in
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Former names
Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Co
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28 Apr 20
2 Jul 20
31 Dec 20


Company financial data Financial data

Quarter (USD) Mar 20 Dec 19 Sep 19 Jun 19
Revenue 8.08B 8.11B 7.99B 8.17B
Net income 1.29B 969M 1.58B 1.13B
Diluted EPS 2.22 1.66 2.72 1.92
Net profit margin 16.00% 11.95% 19.81% 13.79%
Operating income 1.66B 1.33B 2.01B 1.7B
Net change in cash 4.88B -89M
Cash on hand 7.73B 2.85B
Cost of revenue 4.11B 4.33B 4.19B 4.31B
Annual (USD) Dec 19 Dec 18 Dec 17 Dec 16
Revenue 32.14B 32.77B 31.66B 30.11B
Net income 4.57B 5.35B 4.86B 5.05B
Diluted EPS 7.81 8.89 7.93 8.16
Net profit margin 14.22% 16.33% 15.35% 16.77%
Operating income 6.17B 7.21B 7.69B 7.03B
Net change in cash -200M 655M 600M
Cash on hand 2.85B 3.05B 2.4B
Cost of revenue 17.14B 16.68B 16.06B 15.12B

Financial data from 3M earnings reports

Date Owner Security Transaction Code $Price #Shares $Value #Remaining
1 Jun 20 Shafer Stephen M Common Stock Payment of exercise Dispose F 155.58 592 92.1K 2,846.086
1 Jun 20 Shafer Stephen M Common Stock Option exercise Aquire M 155.58 1,298 201.94K 3,438.086
1 Jun 20 Shafer Stephen M RSU Common Stock Option exercise Dispose M 0 1,298 0 0
12 May 20 Brown Thomas K Common Stock Grant Aquire A 0 1,166.541 0 1,166.541
12 May 20 Craig Pamela J. Common Stock Grant Aquire A 0 1,166.541 0 2,178.406
3 Jul 19 Piper and Piper N.A. Com Grant Aquire A 136.51 36,194 4.94M -
65.4% owned by funds/institutions
13F holders
Current Prev Q Change
Total holders 1833 1920 -4.5%
Opened positions 138 265 -47.9%
Closed positions 225 132 +70.5%
Increased positions 767 628 +22.1%
Reduced positions 736 770 -4.4%
13F shares
Current Prev Q Change
Total value 51.25B 69.07B -25.8%
Total shares 376.39M 391.2M -3.8%
Total puts 8.71M 5.54M +57.3%
Total calls 5.92M 4.18M +41.7%
Total put/call ratio 1.5 1.3 +11.0%
Largest owners
Shares Value Change
Vanguard 51.86M $7.08B +2.7%
STT State Street 41.4M $5.65B -2.2%
BLK BlackRock 40.89M $5.58B -2.0%
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance 10.25M $1.4B 0.0%
Geode Capital Management 9.5M $1.3B +1.2%
Massachusetts Financial Services 7.89M $1.08B -27.6%
Flossbach Von Storch 7.77M $1.06B +33.4%
NTRS Northern Trust 7.27M $991.93M -0.8%
Charles Schwab Investment Management 6.45M $880.04M +38.2%
Wellington Management 6.43M $877.94M +5.2%
Largest transactions
Shares Bought/sold Change
Norges Bank 0 -4.98M EXIT
BEN Franklin Resources 301.51K -4.5M -93.7%
Massachusetts Financial Services 7.89M -3.01M -27.6%
Advisor 2.41M +2.41M NEW
AMP Ameriprise Financial 581.82K -2.08M -78.2%
Flossbach Von Storch 7.77M +1.94M +33.4%
Charles Schwab Investment Management 6.45M +1.78M +38.2%
Charles Schwab Investment Advisory 0 -1.4M EXIT
Vanguard 51.86M +1.35M +2.7%
Tikehau Investment Management 263.29K -1.29M -83.1%
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Welding Helmet
2 Jul 20
A welding helmet (1) has a protective shield (2) and a first swivel mechanism (10) that pivotally connects the protective shield with a head suspension system (6) for swiveling about a swivel axis.
Preformed Dental Composite Crown, Process of Production and Use Thereof
2 Jul 20
Inventors: Andreas Herrmann, Gallus Schechner, Reinhold Hecht, Helmar B. Mayr, Malte Korten, Bernhard Hofmann, Gioacchino Raia, Till Meurer
Curable Composition for Producing a Dental Composite Crown and Process of Production
2 Jul 20
The invention relates to A curable composition for producing dental composite crowns, the composition comprising a resin matrix comprising polymerizable (meth)acrylate(s) not comprising a urethane moiety, polymerizable urethane(meth)acrylate(s), wherein the polymerizable (meth)acrylate(s) not comprising an urethane moiety are used in excess over the polymerizable urethane(meth)acrylate(s), a filler matrix comprising nanocluster(s), fumed silica in an amount below 8 wt. % with respect to the weight of the whole composition, an initiator system comprising photoinitiator(s), organic dye(s), the curable composition not comprising softener in an amount of more than 5 wt. % with respect to the weight of the whole composition, the curable composition having a viscosity below 150 Pa*s at 23° C. and a shear rate of 1 s−1.
Fall Arresting Device Connector
2 Jul 20
A connector for coupling fall arresting devices to a safety harness.
Fall Arresting Device Event Generation and Monitoring
2 Jul 20
A fall arresting device including a device housing, a shaft within the housing, a rotor assembly rotatably connected to the shaft that includes a drum and a disc having at least one region of a ferromagnetic material, an extendable lifeline connected to the drum, a magnetic sensor positioned stationary relative to the device housing and adjacent to the disc, and a that includes a hard-magnetic material.