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Joseph F. Puishys
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Apogee Enterprises Inc
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11 Jul 19
25 Aug 19
28 Feb 20


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Quarter (USD) Jun 19 Mar 19 Dec 18 Sep 18
Revenue 355.37M 346.26M 357.72M 362.13M
Net income 15.44M -12.08M 21.89M 20.51M
Diluted EPS 0.58 -0.45 0.78 0.72
Net profit margin 4.35% -3.49% 6.12% 5.66%
Operating income 23.04M -14.78M 31.41M 28.66M
Net change in cash 3.53M 2.04M -3.07M -3.51M
Cash on hand 20.62M 17.09M 15.04M 18.11M
Cost of revenue 301.98M 273.63M 277.67M
Annual (USD) Mar 19 Feb 16 Feb 15
Revenue 1.4B 79.5M 72.7M
Net income 45.69M 65.34M 50.52M
Diluted EPS 1.63 2.22 1.72
Net profit margin 3.26% 82.19% 69.49%
Operating income 67.28M 97.39M 63.59M
Net change in cash -43.38M 8.29M
Cash on hand 17.09M 60.47M 52.19M
Cost of revenue 1.11B 737.62M 725.39M

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Management Discussion
  • Net sales in fiscal 2019 increased by 5.8 percent compared to fiscal 2018, driven by strong project execution in the Architectural Services segment, as well as growth from our Architectural Framing segment, primarily due to the addition of EFCO (acquired in June 2017) for the full period, partially offset by a sales decline in the Architectural Glass segment.
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