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Motorola Solutions is a global leader in mission-critical communications and analytics. Our technologies in land mobile radio mission-critical communications, command center software and video security & analytics, bolstered by managed & support services, make cities safer and help businesses stay productive and secure. At Motorola Solutions, we are ushering in a new era in public safety and security.

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Date Owner Security Transaction Code Indirect 10b5-1 $Price #Shares $Value #Remaining
12 Apr 21 Daniel G Pekofske Motorola Solutions, Inc. - Common Stock Sell Dispose S No Yes 190 665 126.35K 2,759.319
12 Apr 21 Daniel G Pekofske Motorola Solutions, Inc. - Common Stock Sell Dispose S No Yes 190 669 127.11K 3,424.319
12 Apr 21 Daniel G Pekofske Motorola Solutions, Inc. - Common Stock Option exercise Aquire M No Yes 108.47 669 72.57K 4,093.319
12 Apr 21 Daniel G Pekofske Employee Stock Options - Right to Buy Motorola Solutions, Inc. - Common Stock Option exercise Dispose M No Yes 108.47 669 72.57K 0
2 Apr 21 Mondre Greg Common Stock Grant Aquire A Yes No 188.36 146 27.5K 16,821.474
2 Apr 21 Durban Egon Common Stock Grant Aquire A Yes No 188.36 133 25.05K 16,533.1
22 Mar 21 Yazdi Cynthia Motorola Solutions, Inc. - Common Stock Payment of exercise Dispose F No No 185.71 548 101.77K 7,078.431
22 Mar 21 Yazdi Cynthia Motorola Solutions, Inc. - Common Stock Option exercise Aquire M No No 0 1,236 0 7,626.431
22 Mar 21 Yazdi Cynthia Market Stock Units Motorola Solutions, Inc. - Common Stock Option exercise Dispose M No No 0 966 0 966
22 Mar 21 Daniel G Pekofske Motorola Solutions, Inc. - Common Stock Payment of exercise Dispose F No No 185.71 88 16.34K 3,424.319

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85.3% owned by funds/institutions
13F holders
Current Prev Q Change
Total holders 724 673 +7.6%
Opened positions 119 80 +48.8%
Closed positions 68 97 -29.9%
Increased positions 252 205 +22.9%
Reduced positions 229 267 -14.2%
13F shares
Current Prev Q Change
Total value 24.53B 24.03B +2.1%
Total shares 144.16M 147.09M -2.0%
Total puts 248.1K 919.2K -73.0%
Total calls 430.9K 640.6K -32.7%
Total put/call ratio 0.6 1.4 -59.9%
Largest owners
Shares Value Change
Vanguard 18.37M $3.12B -1.9%
BLK Blackrock 16M $2.72B -3.8%
STT State Street 7.29M $1.24B -2.9%
Capital World Investors 6.54M $1.11B +4.8%
Wellington Management 4.85M $824.92M +0.4%
MCQEF Macquarie 3.82M $650.25M +3.9%
ATAC Neuberger Berman 3.01M $511.36M -10.0%
Geode Capital Management 2.76M $468.63M +1.8%
IVZ Invesco 2.45M $416.59M -5.3%
Orbis Allan Gray 2.26M $384.82M +3.4%
Largest transactions
Shares Bought/sold Change
Norges Bank 1.77M +1.77M NEW
Voya Investment Management 633.54K -1.3M -67.2%
TROW T. Rowe Price 954.69K -994.4K -51.0%
GS Goldman Sachs 925.76K -868.11K -48.4%
Canada Pension Plan Investment Board 664.18K +640.61K +2717.4%
BLK Blackrock 16M -634.16K -3.8%
MKFCF Mackenzie Financial 1.24M +531.75K +75.6%
JHG Janus Henderson 1.55M -501.52K -24.4%
Atlanta Capital Management Co L L C 0 -402.26K EXIT
Lazard Asset Management 572.04K -400.96K -41.2%

Financial report summary

  • We are subject to complex and changing laws and regulations in various jurisdictions regarding privacy, data protection and information security, which exposes us to increased costs and potential liabilities in the event of any actual or perceived failure to comply with such legal obligations and could adversely affect our business.
  • Government regulation of radio frequencies may limit the growth of private and public safety narrowband and broadband systems or reduce barriers to entry for new competitors.
  • A portion of our business is dependent upon U.S. government contracts and grants, which are highly regulated and subject to oversight audits by U.S. government representatives and subject to cancellations. Such audits or such noncompliance with such regulations and laws could result in adverse findings and negatively impact our business.
  • Catastrophic events, including the COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters and other events beyond our control may interrupt our business, or our customers’ or suppliers’ business, which may adversely affect our business, results of operations, financial position, cash flows and stock price.
  • As we expand the technologies within our Products and Systems Integration and Software and Services segments, we face increased competition and increased areas of risk that we may not be able to properly assess or mitigate, which could harm our market share, results of operations and financial condition.
  • Our success depends in part on our timely introduction of new products and technologies and our results can be impacted by the effectiveness of our significant investments in new products and technologies.
  • We expect to continue to make strategic acquisitions of other companies or businesses and these acquisitions introduce significant risks and uncertainties, including risks related to integrating the acquired businesses and achieving benefits from the acquisitions.
  • A security breach or other significant disruption of our IT systems, those of our outsource partners, suppliers or those we manufacture, install, and in some cases operate and maintain for our customers, caused by cyberattack or other means, could have a negative impact on our operations, sales, and operating results.
  • If we are unable to adequately protect our intellectual property, or if we, our customers and/or our suppliers are found to have infringed intellectual property rights of third parties, our competitive position and results of operations may be adversely impacted.
  • We face risks relating to intellectual property licenses and intellectual property indemnities in our customer and supplier contracts, which may fail to fully protect us and subject us to unexpected liabilities or harm our financial condition and results of operations.
  • We no longer own certain logos and other trademarks, trade names and service marks, including MOTOROLA, MOTO, MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS and the Stylized M logo and all derivatives and formatives thereof (“Motorola Marks”) and we license the Motorola Marks from Motorola Trademark Holdings, LLC (“MTH”), which is currently owned by Motorola Mobility, a subsidiary of Lenovo. Our joint use of the Motorola Marks could result in product and market confusion and negatively impact our ability to expand business under the Motorola brand. In addition, if we do not comply with the terms of the license agreement we could lose our rights to the Motorola Marks.
  • Our employees, customers, suppliers and outsource partners are located throughout the world and, as a result, we face risks that other companies that are not global may not face.
  • Over the last several years we have utilized third-parties to develop, design and/or manufacture many of our components and some of our products, and to perform portions of certain business operations such as IT, HR information systems, manufacturing, repair, distribution and engineering services We expect to continue these practices in the future, which limit our control over these business operations and exposes us to additional risk as a result of the actions of our outsource partners.
  • We utilize the services of subcontractors to perform under many of our contracts and the inability of our subcontractors to perform in a timely and compliant manner or to adhere to our Human Rights Policy could negatively impact our business.
  • Our future operating results depend on our ability to purchase at acceptable prices a sufficient amount of materials, parts, and components, as well as software and services, to meet the demands of our customers and any disruption to our suppliers or significant increase in the price of supplies could have a negative impact on our results of operations.
  • We are exposed to risks under large, multi-year system and services contracts that may negatively impact our business.
  • If the quality of our products does not meet our customers' expectations or regulatory or industry standards, then our sales and operating earnings, and ultimately our reputation, could be negatively impacted.
  • We are a global company and face a number of risks related to current global economic and political conditions in the markets in which we operate that have and could continue to unfavorably impact our business, financial condition, results of operations and cash flows.
  • The accounting for convertible debt securities that may be settled in cash or in shares of common stock could have a material effect on our reported financial results.
  • Returns on pension and retirement plan assets and interest rate changes could affect our earnings and cash flows in future periods.
  • Our success depends in part upon our ability to attract and retain senior management and key employees, including engineers and other key technical employees, in order to remain competitive.
  • We are subject to a wide range of product regulatory and safety, consumer, worker safety and environmental laws that continue to expand and could impact our ability to grow our business, could subject us to unexpected costs and liabilities and could impact our financial performance.
  • We may not continue to have access to the capital markets for financing on acceptable terms and conditions, particularly if our credit ratings are downgraded, which could limit our ability to repay our indebtedness and could cause liquidity issues.
  • Tax matters could have a negative impact on our financial condition and results of operations.
Management Discussion
  • •Net sales were $7.4 billion in 2020 compared to $7.9 billion in 2019.
  • •Operating earnings were $1.4 billion in 2020 compared to $1.6 billion in 2019.
  • •Net earnings attributable to Motorola Solutions, Inc. were $949 million, or $5.45 per diluted common share in 2020, compared to earnings of $868 million, or $4.95 per diluted common share in 2019.
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