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5 Sep 19
23 Oct 19
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Quarter (USD) Jul 19 Apr 19 Jan 19 Oct 18
Revenue 263.57M 239.91M 220.89M 260.71M
Net income 34.54M 26.14M 24.81M 41.08M
Diluted EPS 74 0.56 0.53 0.88
Net profit margin 13.11% 10.89% 11.23% 15.76%
Net change in cash 46.47M -113.65M 19.79M 7.02M
Cash on hand 202.67M 156.2M 269.85M 250.06M
Cost of revenue 166.99M 155.34M 140.34M 157.19M
Annual (USD) Apr 19 Apr 18 Apr 17 Apr 16
Revenue 1.01B 975.73M 826.92M 704.79M
Net income 140.85M 149.77M 107.05M 61.2M
Diluted EPS 3 3.19 2.29 1.31
Net profit margin 13.89% 15.35% 12.95% 8.68%
Net change in cash -33.66M 53.49M 30.8M
Cash on hand 156.2M 189.86M 136.37M 105.58M
Cost of revenue 629.76M 584.6M 500.84M 463.35M

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Management Discussion
  • Net sales for fiscal year ended April 27, 2019 (“Fiscal 2019”) increased 3.9% to $1,014 million compared to $975.7 million for fiscal year ended April 28, 2018 (“Fiscal 2018”). Adjusted for private label carbonated soft drinks no longer produced,  net sales increased 6.2% . The increase in sales resulted primarily from a 5.0% increase in branded case volume and a higher average selling price. Power+ Brands volume increased 8.9%; branded carbonated soft drinks volume declined 3.0%.
  • Net sales for Fiscal 2018 increased 18.0% to $975.7 million compared to $826.9 million for the fiscal year ended April 29, 2017 (“Fiscal 2017”). The increase in sales resulted primarily from a 19.8% increase in branded case volume and, to a lesser extent, a higher average selling price. Power+ Brands volume increased 38.9%; branded carbonated soft drinks volume declined 6.2%. The Company concluded production of lower-margin, private-label carbonated soft drinks in the third quarter of Fiscal 2018, allowing greater focus on brand equity appreciation.
  • Gross profit for Fiscal 2019 decreased 1.7% to $384.4 million compared to $391.1 million for Fiscal 2018. The decrease in gross profit is due to increased costs per case offset in part by volume growth in higher-margin Power+ Brands. Cost of sales per case increased 7.7% primarily due to higher aluminum and manufacturing costs.  Manufacturing costs were temporarily impacted by production disruptions as a result of capital projects designed to increase production capacity and efficiency.  Gross margin declined to 37.9%.
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