MML Investors Services

MML Investors Services is an investment advisor in Springfield with $62.95B assets under management.

Investment data

Data from SEC filings
Regulatory AUM / Assets Under Management
Number of accounts
Number of employees
Top 50 of 2005 long holdings
End of quarter 30 Jun 22
$594.43M 1.57M
$305.68M 3.64M
$231.85M 1.7M
$225.08M 876.36K
$198.92M 527.3K
$195.51M 697.55K
$182.32M 3.89M
$164.92M 1.25M
$157.68M 454.55K
$141.37M 3.26M
$140.33M 629.6K
$138.84M 2.91M
$138.06M 1.3M
Vanguard Tax-managed Intl FD
$121.35M 2.97M
$118.05M 1.11M
$116.92M 4.89M
$112.26M 51.51K
$108.46M 479.42K
$105.87M 484.09K
$103.72M 910.51K
$99.09M 1.07M
$80.75M 804.01K
$77.35M 1.1M
$76.32M 643.04K
$74.34M 923.61K
$72.35M 873.9K
Vanguard Intl Equity Index F
$70.56M 1.69M
$66.12M 587.17K
Vanguard Specialized Funds
$64.44M 449.13K
$63.8M 1.08M
$63.43M 322.16K
$62.32M 121.33K
$61.45M 224.05K
$60.87M 397.44K
$59.01M 580.27K
$58.88M 1.06M
$58.4M 296.52K
$56.92M 301.77K
$55.84M 666.48K
$54.3M 1.07M
$54.26M 308.09K
$53.42M 525.4K
$53.27M 1.06M
$52.65M 363.65K
$52.21M 191.22K
$51.29M 23.45K
$50.99M 161.62K
$49.79M 328.44K
$48.92M 303.41K
$47.71M 380.96K
Holdings list only includes long positions. Only includes long positions.


1 Oct 22
31 Dec 22
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