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Richard B. Hancock
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Peregrine Pharmaceuticals Inc, Techniclone Corp, Techniclone International Corp
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9 Dec 19
25 Jan 20
30 Apr 20


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Quarter (USD) Oct 19 Jul 19 Apr 19 Jan 19
Revenue 18.31M 15.25M 17.06M 13.78M
Net income -430K -3.16M 336K -1.14M
Diluted EPS -0.03 -0.08 -0.02 -0.05
Net profit margin -2.35% -20.74% 1.97% -8.27%
Operating income -529K -3.37M 75K -1.19M
Net change in cash 5.02M -3.41M 4.59M -4.94M
Cash on hand 33.96M 28.94M 32.35M 27.76M
Cost of revenue 14.95M 14.17M 13.41M 11.73M
Annual (USD) Apr 19 Apr 18 Apr 17 Apr 16
Revenue 53.6M 53.62M 57.63M 44.36M
Net income -4.22M -21.81M -28.16M -55.65M
Diluted EPS -0.16 -0.56 -0.88 -1.95
Net profit margin -7.86% -40.68% -48.86% -125%
Operating income -5.62M -20.64M 1.29M 3.49M
Net change in cash -9.91M -4.53M -14.61M -6.59M
Cash on hand 32.35M 42.27M 46.8M 61.41M
Cost of revenue 46.38M 56.55M 38.26M 22.97M

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Management Discussion
  • Revenues were $53,603 in fiscal 2019 and were flat compared to $53,621 in fiscal 2018. In late fiscal 2018 we secured several new customers who contributed significantly to revenue in fiscal 2019. Our incremental revenues recognized from a more diversified customer base were offset by a reduction in manufacturing demand from our, historically, two largest customers. The net change in revenue was attributed to the following components, represented as a percentage of revenue:
  • Gross profit was $7,224 in fiscal 2019 compared to a gross loss of $2,924 in fiscal 2018, an increase of $10,148 primarily due to the variability of manufacturing costs from product to product. Gross margins were a positive 13.5% and a negative 5.5%, respectively. Excluding the $3,500 favorable impact from the adoption of ASC 606, the increase in gross profit was attributable to decreased manufacturing labor and overhead costs and the variability of manufacturing costs from product to product.
  • SG&A expenses were $12,846 in fiscal 2019 compared to $16,456 in fiscal 2018, a decrease of $3,610 or 22%. As a percentage of revenue, SG&A expenses for the fiscal years 2019 and 2018 were 24.0% and 30.7%, respectively. The net decrease in SG&A expenses were attributed to the following components:
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