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Work Equipment
17 Oct 19
A work equipment that can temporarily store an article that is collected while traveling, and includes a work equipment main body, a container device configured to store the article collected by the work equipment main body while being connected to the work equipment main body, and to travel to and back from a collected article destination by being detached from the work equipment main body, a travel drive unit configured to cause the container device to travel, a battery mounted to the container device to power the travel drive unit, a battery state of charge sensor configured to detect a remaining battery charge of the battery, and a control unit that determination whether the container device may be detached from the work equipment main body or not according to the remaining battery charge.
Driving Source Support Structure
17 Oct 19
A torque rod 16 which supports a driving source 11 on a vehicle body 15 includes: an annular first end part 17 which is connected to the driving source 11 while holding a first elastic bush 21 in an inner circumference thereof; an annular second end part 18 which is connected to the vehicle body 15 while holding a second elastic bush 23 in an inner circumference thereof; and a rod-shaped coupling part 19 which couples the first end part 17 and the second end part 18 to each other.
Fastening Apparatus for Applying Self Piercing Rivets
17 Oct 19
A fastening apparatus for setting a fastener penetrating into a workpiece having a first and a second sheet of material to be joined is provided.
Active Noise Vibration Control Apparatus and Method for Manufacturing Same
17 Oct 19
An engine mount control apparatus that is an active noise vibration control apparatus according to the present disclosure is characterized by being provided with a housing that has an outer core, an inner core that is disposed inside the outer core, and an electromagnetic coil that is positioned between the outer core and the inner core and by a portion between the outer core and the inner core being filled with a magneto-rheological elastomer containing magnetic particles.
Molded Body and Shaping Mold
17 Oct 19
A molded body includes: a first resin part; a metal part that is covered by the first resin part and that has a protrusion portion which protrudes from a first end portion of the first resin part; and a second resin part that has a second end portion which is positioned on an opposite side of the protrusion portion with respect to the first end portion in an extension direction of the protrusion portion and that covers the first resin part in a state where the first resin part protrudes in the extension direction.