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Takahiro Hachigo
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19 Jun 20
10 Jul 20
31 Mar 21


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Quarter (JPY) Mar 14 Dec 13 Sep 13 Jun 13
Revenue 3.1T 3.02T 2.89T 2.83T
Net income 170.51B 160.73B 120.37B 122.5B
Net profit margin 5.51% 5.32% 4.16% 4.32%
Operating income 165.29B 228.57B 171.45B 184.96B
Cash on hand 1.17T
Annual (JPY) Mar 14 Mar 13 Mar 12 Mar 11
Revenue 11.84T 9.88T 7.95T 8.94T
Net income 608.75B 392.64B 222.07B 563.48B
Net profit margin 5.14% 3.97% 2.79% 6.31%
Operating income 750.28B 544.81B 231.36B 569.78B
Net change in cash -37.21B -40.99B -31.91B 159.12B
Cash on hand 1.17T 1.21T 1.25T 1.28T
Cost of revenue 8.76T 7.35T 5.92T 6.5T

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2.0% owned by funds/institutions
13F holders
Current Prev Q Change
Total holders 207 226 -8.4%
Opened positions 32 45 -28.9%
Closed positions 51 43 +18.6%
Increased positions 66 68 -2.9%
Reduced positions 71 66 +7.6%
13F shares
Current Prev Q Change
Total value 1.4B 1.46B -4.1%
Total shares 34.12M 35.02M -2.6%
Total puts 54.5K 138.1K -60.5%
Total calls 118.8K 78.2K +51.9%
Total put/call ratio 0.5 1.8 -74.0%
Largest owners
Shares Value Change
American Century Companies 4.84M $108.64M -18.9%
MCQEF Macquarie 3.35M $75.23M -0.4%
Renaissance Technologies 3.29M $73.93M +4.4%
Orbis Allan Gray 2.14M $48.12M +127.5%
Mondrian Investment Partners 2.1M $46.3M -0.5%
Parametric Portfolio Associates 1.75M $39.39M +50.3%
NTRS Northern Trust 1.67M $37.4M +1.7%
BAC Bank of America 1.62M $36.4M -20.1%
Aperio 1.32M $29.54M +11.0%
Brandes Investment Partners 1.18M $26.47M -7.3%
Largest transactions
Shares Bought/sold Change
Equity Investment 930.66K -1.28M -57.9%
Orbis Allan Gray 2.14M +1.2M +127.5%
American Century Companies 4.84M -1.12M -18.9%
C Citigroup 784.96K +641.71K +447.9%
Parametric Portfolio Associates 1.75M +586.74K +50.3%
Arrowstreet Capital, Limited Partnership 111.4K -425.85K -79.3%
BAC Bank of America 1.62M -406.6K -20.1%
LMR Partners 739.35K +241.95K +48.6%
GS The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. 869K +192.62K +28.5%
RY Royal Bank of Canada 372.83K -141.78K -27.6%

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Shutter Locking Assembly for a Lawnmower, Lawnmower Having Same, and Convertible Lawnmower
9 Jul 20
A shutter assembly for a lawnmower can include a cutter housing, a shutter, and a lever.
Charging System for Storage Battery and Control Device of Charging System for Storage Battery
9 Jul 20
A charging system for a storage battery, includes: a storage battery which supplies power to a motor which is a drive source for a plug-in electric vehicle; a power conversion unit which converts power supplied from an external power source and supplies the converted power to at least the storage battery; a flow path which is attached to the storage battery and the power conversion unit and through which heat medium for adjusting temperatures of the storage battery and the power conversion unit flows; a heating unit for heating the heat medium; a temperature detector for detecting the temperature of the storage battery; and a control unit which performs control to supply the converted power to the storage battery and the heating unit when the temperature of the storage battery is below a predetermined threshold value.
Electrode Orientation Checking Apparatus and Electrode Orientation Checking Method
9 Jul 20
An electrode orientation checking apparatus includes a machine stand attached to a seam welding apparatus from which one roller electrode of a set has been removed, a positioning guide and a set of distance sensors that are provided on the machine stand, and a calculating section.
Control System of Vehicle, Control Method of the Same, and Non-transitory Computer-readable Storage Medium
9 Jul 20
A control system of a vehicle determines whether to require a shift from a first travel state in which an operation by a driver is not required to a second travel state in which the operation by the driver is required; makes an operation request to the driver when the shift is required; determines whether the driver has performed an operation in response to the request; and stops the vehicle in a predetermined position when the driver has not performed the operation, wherein in a case in which a lane change operation is required to stop the vehicle in the predetermined position, a speed of travel of the self-vehicle is reduced in accordance with each of a vehicle speed set for a first lane before the lane change operation and a vehicle speed set for a second lane after the lane change operation.
Depth Perception Modeling for Grasping Objects
9 Jul 20
Methods, grasping systems, and computer-readable mediums storing computer executable code for grasping an object are provided.