NEC Corporation is a joint stock company (kabushiki kaisha) incorporated under the Companies Act. Our principal executive offices are located at7-1, Shiba5-chome,Minato-ku, Tokyo108-8001, Japan. Our telephone number is+81-3-3454-1111.

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30 Jun 20
2 Aug 21
31 Mar 22
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Mar 20
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Monitoring device, monitoring system, monitoring method, and non-transitory storage medium
7 Oct 19
In the present invention, provided is a monitoring device (10) including an operating-state-change information acquisition unit (11) that acquires operating-state-change information indicating a time-series change in operating states of an electrical device, the device being capable of assuming multiple types of operating states, a standard transition pattern storage unit (12) that stores standard transition pattern information indicating a pattern of transition between operating states generated in a normal electrical device, and a monitoring unit (13) that determines whether or not the electrical device is normal using the operating-state-change information and the standard transition pattern information.
Controlling execution of tasks in a series of operational processing by identifying processing units based on task command, task setting information, state of operational processing
7 Oct 19
Provided is a processing apparatus, including: a plurality of processing unit; at least one or more data buffers that are connected between a first processing unit and a second processing unit and is able to store data output from the first processing unit and data input to the second processing unit; a command buffer that stores a task command specifying execution of a task to be executed in one or more specific processing units, the command buffer being able to output the task command to the processing unit; and a task control unit that is configured to control operational processing in the task, by controlling at least one of the data buffer and the command buffer, on the basis of the task command, task setting information representing the processing unit in which the task is executed, and information representing a state of operational processing in respective processing unit.
Index generation apparatus and index generation method
7 Oct 19
An index generation apparatus includes: an index generation unit generating the index including a lower node and an upper node by using a degree of similarity between pieces of data, the upper node including an entry having a link relationship with the lower node and indicating representative data, the representative data having the degree of similarity with respect to data indicated by the entry of the lower node that is equal to or greater than a similarity degree threshold value given to the link relationship; and a threshold value determination unit determining a default similarity degree threshold value and an adjustment value with respect to each link relationship between the upper node and the lower node, and determining each similarity degree threshold value to be given to each link relationship by subtracting the adjustment value from the default similarity degree threshold value.
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and recording medium
7 Oct 19
An image processing apparatus includes: a recognition unit configured to recognize products from a captured image obtained by capturing an image of displayed products; and a detection unit configured to detect, based on store fixture information related to a store fixture in which the products are displayed, a region of a product that is included in the captured image but is not recognized by the recognition unit.
Article management system, information processing apparatus, and control method and control program of information processing apparatus
7 Oct 19
An apparatus of this invention is directed to an information processing apparatus that effectively counts, on a type basis, articles of a plurality of types displayed in a depth direction on a display shelf.