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26 Jul 19
16 Sep 19
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Quarter (USD) May 19 Feb 19 Nov 18 Aug 18
Revenue 1.79B 1.68B 1.72B 1.7B
Net income 226.12M 203.33M 243.01M 212.52M
Diluted EPS 2.06 1.85 2.18 1.89
Net profit margin 12.61% 12.09% 14.14% 12.52%
Operating income 314.41M 278.26M 275.64M 265.23M
Net change in cash 15.79M -7.62M -29.88M -20.37M
Cash on hand 96.65M 80.86M 88.48M 118.36M
Annual (USD) May 19 May 18 May 17 May 16
Revenue 6.89B 6.48B 5.32B 4.8B
Net income 884.98M 842.59M 480.71M 693.52M
Diluted EPS 7.99 7.56 4.38 6.21
Net profit margin 12.84% 13.01% 9.03% 14.46%
Operating income 1.13B 949.83M 773.69M 768.94M
Net change in cash -42.08M -30.54M 29.91M -277.72M
Cash on hand 96.65M 138.72M 169.27M 139.36M

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Management Discussion
  • Fiscal 2019 total revenue was $6.9 billion, an increase of 6.4% over the prior fiscal year. Revenue increased organically by 6.5% as a result of increased sales volume. Organic growth adjusts for the impact of acquisitions, divestitures and foreign currency exchange rate fluctuations. Total revenue was positively impacted by 0.2% due to acquisitions and negatively impacted by 0.3% due to foreign currency exchange rate fluctuations.
  • Uniform Rental and Facility Services reportable operating segment revenue consists predominantly of revenue derived from the rental of corporate identity uniforms and other garments, including flame resistant clothing, and the rental and/or sale of mats, mops, shop towels, restroom supplies and other rental services. Revenue from the Uniform Rental and Facility Services reportable operating segment increased 5.8% compared to fiscal 2018 due to an organic growth increase of 6.1%. Revenue growth was negatively impacted by 0.3% due to foreign currency exchange rate fluctuations. Revenue growth was a result of new business, the penetration of additional products and services into existing customers and price increases, partially offset by lost business. New business growth resulted from an increase in the number and productivity of sales representatives. Generally, sales productivity improvements are due to increased tenure and improved training, which produce a higher number of products and services sold.
  • Other revenue, consisting of revenue from the First Aid and Safety Services reportable operating segment and All Other, increased 9.0% compared to fiscal 2018. Revenue increased organically by 7.8% primarily due to improved sales representative productivity. Revenue growth was positively impacted by 1.2% due to acquisitions.
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