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7 Aug 19
17 Oct 19
31 Dec 19


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Quarter (USD) Jun 19 Mar 19 Dec 18 Sep 18
Revenue 5.9B 6.1B 6.3B 6.74B
Net income 386.48M 501.81M 646.78M 676.66M
Diluted EPS 1.26 1.63 2.07 2.13
Net profit margin 6.56% 8.23% 10.27% 10.04%
Net change in cash -119.02M 151.92M -533.27M 445.7M
Cash on hand 1.43B 1.55B 1.4B 1.93B
Cost of revenue 5.12B 5.2B 5.18B 5.45B
Annual (USD) Dec 18 Dec 17 Dec 16 Dec 15
Revenue 25.07B 20.25B 16.21B 16.44B
Net income 2.36B 1.32B 796.27M 80.72M
Diluted EPS 7.42 4.1 2.48 0.25
Net profit margin 9.42% 6.51% 4.91% 0.49%
Net change in cash 449.78M -1.1B 106.49M 915.33M
Cash on hand 1.4B 949.1M 2.05B 1.94B
Cost of revenue 20.77B 17.68B 14.18B 15.33B

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High Friction Rolling of Thin Metal Strip
10 Oct 19
Described herein are thin metal strips having hot rolled exterior side surfaces characterized as being primarily or substantially free of all prior austenite grain boundaries, or at least primarily or substantially free of all prior austenite grain boundaries, and including elongated surface structure.
System for making thin floor plate
8 Oct 19
A method of making floor plate includes assembling a pair of casting rolls laterally disposed to form a nip, assembling a hot rolling mill downstream of the nip having work rolls with a surface pattern forming the negative of a raised slip-resistant pattern desired in a floor plate, introducing molten metal through at least one metal delivery nozzle to form a casting pool supported on the casting rolls above the nip; counter rotating the casting rolls to form shells on the casting surfaces of the casting rolls to cast metal strip of less than 2.2 mm thickness downwardly from the nip, and delivering the cast metal strip to and through the hot rolling mill to form by the negative of the slip-resistant pattern on the work rolls a raised slip-resistant pattern of between 0.3 and 0.7 mm in height in a floor plate of less than 1.7 mm thickness.
Joining tool for side-lapped joints
8 Oct 19
A joining tool is disclosed comprising a support; a stationary arm extending from the support at one end, the stationary arm comprising at the opposite end a first jaw; a movable arm pivotally mounted on the stationary arm; the movable arm driveable from the stationary arm in a pivotable motion by an actuator coupled to the moveable arm; and a second jaw coupled to the moveable arm, the moveable arm movable between an activated position in which the second jaw engages the first jaw and an initial position in which the second jaw is spaced from the first jaw.