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No recent proxy contest or exempt solicitation filings from shareholders.

Vote support at last AGM

At the Annual Meeting of the Company held on August 26, 2021, the following proposals were voted on by the Company’s stockholders, as set forth below:

Proposal 1: Election of Director

ForWithholdBroker Non-Vote
Naomi L. Boness17,256,095.32619,7137,082,063

The foregoing candidate was elected to the Company’s board of directors.

Proposal 2: Ratification of Auditors


The appointment of RSM US LLP as the Company’s independent registered public accounting firm for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2021 was ratified.

Proposal 3: Reincorporation of Aemetis, Inc. from the State of Nevada to the State of Delaware and Adoption of Other Corporate Changes


The proposal to reincorporate the Company from the State of Nevada to the State of Delaware and adopt certain other corporate changes was ratified.

Proposal 4: Ratification of the Proposed Amendment to the Aemetis, Inc. 2019 Stock Plan


The proposed amendment to the Company’s 2019 Stock Plan was ratified.

Proposal 5: Authorization to Adjourn the Annual Meeting

ForAgainstWithholdBroker Non-Vote

The authorization to adjourn the Annual Meeting, if necessary or appropriate, to solicit additional proxies if there are insufficient votes at the Annual Meeting in favor of Proposal No. 3 was ratified.

Proposal 6: Advisory Vote on the Frequency of an Advisory Vote on Executive Compensation

One YearTwo YearsThree YearsAbstainBroker Non-Vote

The Company’s stockholders recommended, on an advisory basis, to hold an advisory vote on the Company’s executive compensation every three years. Based on these results, and consistent with the Company’s recommendation, the Company’s Board of Directors has adopted a policy to hold an advisory vote on the Company’s executive compensation every three years, until the next advisory vote on the frequency of stockholder votes on the Company’s executive compensation.