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Victor D. Grizzle
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28 Oct 19
12 Dec 19
31 Dec 19


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Quarter (USD) Sep 19 Jun 19 Mar 19 Dec 18
Revenue 277.1M 272M 242.1M 238.9M
Net income 73.2M 54.5M 39.1M 34.6M
Diluted EPS 1.48 1.09 0.78 0.7
Net profit margin 26.42% 20.04% 16.15% 14.48%
Operating income 113.3M 87.2M 54.7M 52.5M
Net change in cash -142.3M -33.5M -51.9M -1.3M
Cash on hand 98M 240.3M 273.8M 325.7M
Cost of revenue 165.4M 168.6M 150.7M 156.8M
Annual (USD) Dec 18 Dec 17 Dec 16 Dec 15
Revenue 975.3M 893.6M 837.3M 805.1M
Net income 185.9M 154.8M 104.7M 94.2M
Diluted EPS 3.56 2.86 1.87 1.68
Net profit margin 19.06% 17.32% 12.50% 11.70%
Operating income 249.4M 243.8M 195.9M 157M
Net change in cash 166.1M 17.7M -67.4M 69.3M
Cash on hand 325.7M 159.6M 141.9M 209.3M
Cost of revenue 641.8M 578.2M 530.3M 499.1M

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Ceiling System
28 Nov 19
A grid mounting system for a suspended ceiling system in one embodiment includes a support structure and a mounting bracket coupled to the support structure.
Panel system and support member for use with the same
12 Nov 19
A building panel system is provided that includes a perimeter frame; a main beam attached to the perimeter frame; a carrier attached to the main beam, the carrier having a plurality of identical hook members, each of the hook members having a protruding hooking portion on only a first side of the hook member, and a non-hooking portion on a second side of the hook member, the second side being opposite the first side; and a plurality of panels removably attached to the carrier, each of the panels being attached to the carrier by engaging one of the hooking portions.
Sag Resistant Acoustical Ceiling Panel with a Filled Latex Binder System That Enhances Strength and Durability
31 Oct 19
Described herein is a building panel comprising a body, the body comprising: a fiber; a latex binder present in an amount ranging from about 3 wt. % to about 10 wt. % based on the total weight of the body; and an inorganic particle having an average particle size ranging from about 1 micron to about 13 microns; wherein the inorganic particle and the binder are present in a weight ratio ranging from about greater than 1:1 to about 6:1.
Scrim Attachment System
24 Oct 19
The present invention is directed to ceiling panels formed from a porous scrim that is coupled to an acoustical substrate using a scrim attachment system that includes an adhesive.
Water stain and sag resistant acoustic building panel
8 Oct 19
Described herein is an stain and sag resistant acoustic ceiling panel comprising a porous body formed from mineral and cellulosic fibers having an upper surface opposite a lower surface and at least one side surface extending between the upper surface and the lower surface; a first layer applied to the upper surface, the first layer comprising a hygroscopic component and a hydrophobic component; and a second layer applied to the lower surface, the second layer comprising a hydrophobic component.