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Dennis Mark Bristow
Incorporated in
Fiscal year end
Industry (SEC)

GOLD stock data



26 Mar 20
8 Jul 20
31 Dec 20


Company financial data Financial data

63.8% owned by funds/institutions
13F holders
Current Prev Q Change
Total holders 567 553 +2.5%
Opened positions 96 87 +10.3%
Closed positions 82 59 +39.0%
Increased positions 187 174 +7.5%
Reduced positions 189 172 +9.9%
13F shares
Current Prev Q Change
Total value 20.81B 20.71B +0.5%
Total shares 1.14B 1.11B +2.0%
Total puts 26.62M 33.67M -20.9%
Total calls 17.26M 21.4M -19.3%
Total put/call ratio 1.5 1.6 -2.0%
Largest owners
Shares Value Change
FMR 91.61M $1.68B +5.5%
Van Eck Associates 82.58M $1.51B -6.9%
Flossbach Von Storch 58.64M $1.07B +13.2%
FIL 53.21M $977.54M +18.7%
Vanguard 51.29M $939.55M +2.3%
BLK BlackRock 48.75M $893.11M -19.6%
First Eagle Investment Management 46.88M $858.9M -0.7%
RY Royal Bank of Canada 39.6M $725.42M +5.4%
Capital World Investors 37.24M $682.56M +9.9%
Boston Partners 33.74M $641.21M -0.2%
Largest transactions
Shares Bought/sold Change
BEN Franklin Resources 12.34M -15.27M -55.3%
BLK BlackRock 48.75M -11.85M -19.6%
Renaissance Technologies 25.13M +9.48M +60.6%
FIL 53.21M +8.37M +18.7%
Manufacturers Life Insurance Company, The 16.08M +8.33M +107.4%
Capital International Investors 19.97M +8.26M +70.6%
Flossbach Von Storch 58.64M +6.83M +13.2%
Van Eck Associates 82.58M -6.16M -6.9%
Oldfield Partners 0 -6.15M EXIT
JPM JPMorgan Chase & Co. 12.73M +5.27M +70.7%
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reserve, Reservoir, reset, reside, resident, residual, resilience, resistance, resistivity, resolution, resolve, resolved, resolving, resource, resourced, respectfully, response, responsibility, responsible, rest, restart, restated, restatement, restrict, restricted, restriction, restrictive, restructuring, result, resulted, resulting, resume, resumed, resuming, resumption, retain, retained, retaining, retention, retired, retirement, retraction, retreat, Retrieval, retroactive, retroactively, return, returned, Reunion, revenue, reversal, reverse, reversed, review, reviewed, reviewing, revocation, revoke, revoked, revolving, Rey, rheologic, Rhino, Richard, Richmond, Ridge, rift, rig, Rio, risen, River, road, roaster, Rob, Robert, Robertson, robust, rock, rockfill, Rockwell, Rodeo, Rodney, Rojo, role, rolling, Rosario, Roscoe, rose, rotating, Rothschild, roughly, rounding, route, routine, rowing, Royal, royalty, RPA, RRE, rugged, run, running, rupture, Rural, SA, sabotage, saddle, Sadler, safe, safeguard, safely, sage, Salaam, sale, salt, sample, sampling, San, Sanchez, sanction, sanctioning, sandstone, sanitary, Santa, Santiago, Santo, Saracen, SARL, Saskatchewan, satellite, satisfaction, satisfactory, satisfied, satisfy, saturated, Saturday, Saudi, Sayi, Sayid, scale, Scattered, schedule, scheduled, scheme, school, Schwarzman, Science, scientific, scope, scouting, Screamer, scrub, SDN, sea, season, seasonal, sec, Seca, secondary, sector, secure, security, sedar, sedimentary, seek, seeking, seepage, segment, segregation, seismic, seismically, select, selected, selection, sell, selling, Senegal, Senegalese, senior, sensitive, separate, separated, separately, separation, September, sequence, sequencing, sequential, Sernageomin, serve, served, Servicio, serving, Sessenge, session, set, setting, settle, settled, settlement, settling, shaft, shale, shallow, shallower, shallowly, Shandong, Shanghai, Shanta, shape, share, shared, sharing, shear, sheared, shelf, shell, Shield, shifting, shilling, shipped, short, shortage, shortfall, Shortly, shovel, show, showing, shown, shut, side, signatory, significance, significant, significantly, silica, siliciclastic, silicification, silicified, siliclastic, Silk, sill, siltstone, silty, Silurian, Silva, silver, similar, Similarly, Simon, simple, simplify, simultaneously, single, sinking, Sissedougou, sit, situated, situation, size, sized, skilled, SLA, slice, slightly, slope, slowdown, slurry, SMA, small, smaller, smallsub, SME, smelter, smelting, snow, social, socially, Society, socioeconomic, soft, software, soil, Sokalsky, SOKIMO, sol, solar, solid, solution, solvent, SOMILO, sought, sound, source, sourced, south, southeast, southeastern, southern, southward, southwest, Southwestern, sovereign, space, spaced, spacing, Spalding, Spanish, sparsely, speaker, specific, specifically, speculative, speed, spend, spent, sphalerite, spilite, spill, spillage, splay, split, Sponsoring, sporadic, sporadically, spot, spread, spring, square, SRL, stability, stabilization, stabilized, stable, stack, stacked, stage, staged, stake, staked, stakeholder, Star, state, stated, stating, station, statute, statutory, stay, stayed, steel, Steele, steeply, step, steppe, stepped, stepping, Steven, stewardship, stockpile, stockpiled, stone, stope, stoping, stopping, storage, store, stored, storm, strain, strategic, strategically, strategy, stratigraphic, stratigraphy, stream, streaming, streamline, streamlining, strength, stretching, strict, strife, strike, striking, stringent, stripping, striving, strong, strongly, struck, structural, structurally, structure, structured, studied, study, style, styled, subcommittee, subdivided, submergence, submicron, submission, subpart, subsequent, subsequently, subsidiary, substance, substantial, substantially, substantive, substitute, subsurface, subtropical, successful, successfully, successive, successor, Sudan, sudden, suddenly, suffer, sufficient, sufficiently, suggest, suitability, suitable, Suite, suited, sulfate, sulfidation, sulfide, sulphide, sulphidized, sum, summarized, summary, summer, Sun, sunk, Sunlight, Sunnyside, super, superfund, Superintendencia, Superior, supervision, supplement, Supplemental, supplementary, supplemented, supplied, supply, supplying, support, supported, supporting, supportive, suppressive, Supreme, surface, surfaced, Suriname, surrender, surveillance, survey, susceptibility, suspend, suspended, suspending, suspension, sustain, sustainability, sustainable, sustained, sustaining, SW, switching, Switzerland, Syama, symbol, system, table, tabular, tailored, tailoring, talent, Tanzania, Tanzanian, target, targeted, targeting, tariff, Task, Taskforce, taxable, taxation, TCC, TCCP, TCFD, TD, team, technical, technological, technology, tectonic, tectonism, temperature, temporally, temporarily, temporary, tender, tentative, Teranga, term, terminated, terminating, termination, terrain, terrane, terrorism, terrorist, test, tested, testing, Tethyan, theamparo, theCorruption, TheForeign, theft, thermal, thick, thickener, thickening, thin, Thomson, Thornton, thoughtful, thousand, threatened, throughput, thrust, tied, tier, time, timely, timetable, timing, Tin, toBBB, today, tolerance, toll, ton, Tongon, tonnage, tonne, top, Toronto, tourism, tourmaline, tourmalinized, Tower, town, TRA, track, trade, traded, trading, train, training, transaction, transected, transfer, transferred, transform, transitory, translation, transmission, transmitted, transparency, transport, transportation, transported, travel, Treadway, treasury, treat, treated, treatment, treaty, Tree, Trench, trenching, trend, trending, trial, Triassic, Tribunal, tropical, Tropicalia, truck, trucked, trucking, true, Trusler, trust, trustee, TS, TSF, Tsinghua, Tulawaka, Tungsten, tunnel, turn, turnover, turquoise, twelfth, twelve, Twiga, twin, type, typical, typically, TZ, Uganda, Ugandan, UK, ultimately, unable, unadjusted, unanticipated, unarmed, unavailability, unavoidably, uncemented, uncertain, uncertainty, unconditional, unconditionally, unconformably, undeclared, underexplored, undergo, undergraduate, underground, underlain, underlying, underpinning, understand, understanding, undertaken, undertook, underway, undetected, undeveloped, undiscounted, undrawn, undue, uneconomic, unexpected, unfavourable, unified, uniform, unifying, unilaterally, union, unionized, University, Univision, unknown, unlawful, unlimited, unpaid, unpatented, unpermitted, unprecedented, unpredictability, unprofitable, unproved, unrealized, unreasonable, unrecognized, unregistered, unrelated, unresolved, unrestricted, unsecured, unspecified, unstable, unsuccessful, untested, unusual, unwanted, upcoming, update, updated, upfront, upgrade, upgraded, upgrading, upheld, uphold, upholding, uplifted, upper, uppermost, upside, uranium, urgent, USA, USACE, usage, USD, Utah, utility, utilization, utilize, utilized, utilizing, vacant, vacated, valid, validating, validity, valley, Valmy, valuable, valuation, valve, Vancouver, vandalism, vaporize, variable, variably, varied, variety, vary, varying, vast, VAT, vegetation, vein, veining, Veladero, ventilation, venture, verging, verification, verified, verify, version, vertical, vertically, Vespucio, vessel, vested, viability, viable, Vice, vicinity, Viejo, view, viewed, vigorously, village, violated, violation, virtue, visibility, vision, visit, Vista, VLF, vocal, void, volatile, volatility, volcanic, volcaniclastic, volcanism, volume, voluntary, vote, voted, voting, VPSHR, vulnerable, Wangima, war, warm, warrant, Wartsila, washing, waste, water, Waterton, waterway, Watsa, weakened, weakening, weather, weathered, weathering, weighted, Wenban, west, western, wet, WGC, Wheaton, White, Whittle, wholly, wide, widely, wider, width, Wiesenthal, wildlife, Willem, Wilmington, Winnemucca, winter, withdrawal, withdrawn, withdrew, withholding, withstand, woman, Women, won, work, worked, worker, workforce, 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