Ecology & Environment (EEI)

E & E is a global network of innovators and problem solvers, dedicated professionals and industry leaders in scientific, engineering, and planning disciplines working collaboratively with clients to develop technically sound, science-based solutions to the leading environmental challenges of our time. The company is listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol EEI and the information in this release can be found online at www.ene.com.

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Fiscal year end
Ecology & Environment Engineering, Inc. • Gestión Ambiental Consultores S.A. • (a corporation • ecology and environment do brasil Ltda. • (a limited liability partnership • Walsh Environmental, LLC • (a limited liability company • Gustavson Associates, LLC • Walsh Peru, S.A. • (a) Listed percentage owned by Walsh Environmental, LLC. ...
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17 Dec 19
24 May 22
31 Jul 22
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Financial report summary

  • Changes in environmental laws and regulations, or fundamental changes in the operations of government agencies, could reduce demand or impact the timing for our services.
  • As a federal government contractor, we are subject to a number of procurement laws and regulations and government agency audits. Any violation of these laws could result in economic harm to our operations.
  • We depend on municipal, state and federal government work for a significant portion of our revenue. Inability to win or renew government contracts during procurement cycles could significantly reduce our revenue and profits.
  • Our commercial clients may be acquired by other entities or may elect to sell their interest in ongoing projects to other entities. These transactions would subject us to increased risk of contract terminations or renegotiations.
  • Failure to retain or renew significant contracts with certain government and key commercial clients.
  • Our South American operations are subject to a number of risks.
  • Failure to attract and retain key employees due to our current corporate reorganization and to our planned Merger with WSP could impair our ability to provide quality service to our clients.
  • Failure to appoint a permanent chief executive officer in a timely manner could have a detrimental impact on our corporate strategy and success.
  • Extraordinary events, including natural disasters and terrorist actions, could negatively impact the economies in which we operate or disrupt our operations.
  • Voting rights of certain directors could block or discourage a change in control.
Management Discussion
  • Selected financial information by operating segment is summarized in the following table.
  • Gross margin represents gross revenue less cost of professional services and other direct operating expenses and subcontract costs.  As a percentage of gross revenue, consolidated gross margin increased to 43.9% for fiscal year 2019 from 43.7% for the prior fiscal year.  Higher combined gross margin from our South American subsidiaries was offset by lower gross margin from U.S. operations.
  • U.S. Operations – Significant Activity and Transactions during Fiscal Year 2019

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