Public Service Co of New Mexico (PNMXO)

PNMR is an investor-owned holding company with two regulated utilities providing electricity and electric services in New Mexico and Texas. PNMR’s electric utilities are PNM and TNMP. PNMR is focused on achieving three key strategic goals:

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Public Service Company • Texas-New Mexico Power Company • TNP Enterprises, Inc. ...
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31 Dec 22
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Financial report summary

  • The profitability of PNMR’s utilities depends on being able to recover their costs through regulated rates and earn a fair return on invested capital, including investments in its generating plants. Without timely cost recovery, including recovery of undepreciated investments and other costs associated with abandoning generation facilities, and the opportunity to earn a fair return on capital investments, PNMR’s liquidity and results of operations could be negatively impacted. Further, PNM and TNMP are in a period of significant capital expenditures. While increased capital investments and other costs are placing upward pressure on rates charged to customers, energy efficiency initiatives and other factors are placing downward pressure on customer usage. The combination of these matters could adversely affect the Company’s results of operations and cash flows.
  • PNMR has counterparty credit risk in connection with financial support that was provided to facilitate the coal supply arrangement for SJGS. Adverse developments from these factors could have a negative impact on the business, financial condition, results of operations, and cash flows of PNM and PNMR.
  • PNMR’s utilities are subject to numerous comprehensive federal, state, tribal, and local environmental laws and regulations, including those related to climate change, which may impose significant compliance costs and may significantly limit or affect their operations and financial results.
  • PNMR, PNM, and TNMP are subject to complex government regulation unrelated to the environment, which may have a negative impact on their businesses, financial position and results of operations.
  • Customer electricity usage could be reduced by increases in prices charged and other factors. This could result in underutilization of PNM’s generating capacity, as well as underutilization of the capacities of PNM’s and TNMP’s transmission and distribution systems. Should this occur, operating and capital costs might not be fully recovered, and financial performance could be negatively impacted.
  • Costs of decommissioning, remediation, and restoration of nuclear and fossil-fueled power plants, as well as reclamation of related coal mines, could exceed the estimates of PNMR and PNM as well as the amounts PNM recovers from its ratepayers, which could negatively impact results of operations and liquidity.
  • The financial performance of PNMR, PNM, and TNMP may be adversely affected if power plants and transmission and distribution systems do not operate reliably and efficiently.
  • PNMR, PNM, and TNMP are subject to information security breaches and risks of unauthorized access to their information and operational technology systems as well as physical threats to assets.
  • There are inherent risks in the ownership and operation of nuclear facilities.
  • Peak demand for power could exceed forecasted supply capacity, resulting in increased costs for purchasing capacity in the market or building additional generation facilities and/or battery storage facilities.
  • Difficulties in obtaining permits and rights-of-way could negatively impact PNM’s results of operations.
  • The outbreak of COVID-19 and its impact on business and economic conditions could negatively affect the Company's business, results of operations, financial condition, cash flows, and the trading value of PNMR's common stock and the Company's debt securities.
  • General economic conditions of the nation and/or specific areas can affect the Company’s customers and suppliers. Economic recession or downturn may result in decreased consumption by customers and increased bad debt expense, and could also negatively impact suppliers, all of which could negatively affect the Company.
  • The operating results of PNMR and its operating subsidiaries are seasonal and are affected by weather conditions, including regional drought.
  • The impact of wildfires could negatively affect PNM’s and TNMP’s results of operations.
  • The Merger Agreement contains provisions that prevent a potential alternative acquirer that might be willing to pay more to acquire PNMR.
  • PNMR may be unable to meet its ongoing and future financial obligations and to pay dividends on its common stock if its subsidiaries are unable to pay dividends or distributions to PNMR.
  • Disruption in the credit and capital markets may impact the Company’s strategy and ability to raise capital.
  • Reduction in credit ratings or changing rating agency requirements could materially and adversely affect the Company’s growth, strategy, business, financial position, results of operations, and liquidity.
  • Declines in values of marketable securities held in trust funds for pension and other postretirement benefits and in the NDT and coal mine reclamation trusts could result in sustained increases in costs and funding requirements for those obligations, which may affect operational results.
  • Impairments of goodwill and long-lived assets of PNMR, PNM, and TNMP could adversely affect the Company’s business, financial position, liquidity, and results of operations.
  • PNM’s PVNGS leases describe certain events, including “Events of Loss” and “Deemed Loss Events”, the occurrence of which could require PNM to take ownership of the underlying assets and pay the lessors for the assets.
  • Provisions of PNMR’s organizational documents, as well as several other statutory and regulatory factors, will limit another party’s ability to acquire PNMR and could deprive PNMR’s shareholders of the opportunity to receive a takeover premium for shares of PNMR’s common stock.

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