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5 Jun 19
6 Dec 21
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End-to-end transparent clocks and methods of estimating skew in end-to-end transparent clocks
25 May 21
This invention relates to end-to-end transparent clocks and methods of estimating skew in end-to-end transparent clocks.
Peer-to-peer transparent clocks and methods of estimating skew in peer-to-peer transparent clocks
13 Apr 21
This invention relates to peer-to-peer transparent clocks and methods of estimating skew in peer-to-peer transparent clocks.
Fibre network proxy
30 Nov 20
In an FTTDP optical fibre network, Distribution point units are reverse powered by customer premises equipment and therefore liable to power failure.
Task dispatching system
23 Nov 20
An assignment system for allocating service providers to required services, comprising: a data processing unit; a data store storing a plurality of allocation processing routines each defining a respective algorithm for determining in respect of a service which of a series of potential providers of that service is/are preferred to provide the service; and an allocation mode selector configured to access a data store storing a list of required services and attributes of each required service, to select in dependence on the attributes of one of those services one of the allocation processing routines and to cause that allocation processing routine to be executed in respect of that one of the services by means of the data processing unit so determine which of a series of potential providers of the service is/are preferred to provide that service.
Pattern matching machine with mapping table
27 Apr 20
A computer implemented method for generating a pattern matching machine for identifying matches of a plurality of symbol patterns in a sequence of input symbols, the method comprising: providing a state machine of states and directed transitions between states corresponding to the plurality of patterns; applying an Aho-Corasick approach to identify one or more mappings between states in the event of a failure, of the state machine in a state and for an input symbol, to transition to a subsequent state based on the directed transitions of the state machine, characterised in that one of the symbol patterns includes a wildcard symbol, and a mapping for a state representing pattern symbols including the wildcard symbol is provided in a hash table referenced based on a key, the key being based on a unique identifier of the state and the input symbol to be received, by the pattern matching machine in use, to constitute the wildcard symbol.