NVLN Novelion Therapeutics

Novelion Therapeutics, Inc. engages in the development and commercialization of pharmaceuitical products. It focuses in providing new standards of care for individuals living with rare diseases. The company was founded on February 3, 1981 and is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.

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Benjamin J. Harshbarger
Fiscal year end
Former names
QLT Inc, QLT Photo Therapeutics Inc, QLT Phototherapeutics Inc, Quadra Logic Tech. Inc.

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31 Dec 21
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12 Dec 19 Stonepine Capital Common Stock Buy Aquire P No No 0.7 1,000 700 3,909,207
11 Dec 19 Stonepine Capital Common Stock Buy Aquire P No No 0.69 40 27.6 3,908,207
10 Dec 19 Stonepine Capital Common Stock Buy Aquire P No No 0.6916 5,202 3.6K 3,908,167
9 Dec 19 Stonepine Capital Common Stock Buy Aquire P No No 0.7 4,500 3.15K 3,902,965
6 Dec 19 Stonepine Capital Common Stock Buy Aquire P No No 0.7 40 28 3,898,465
5 Dec 19 Stonepine Capital Common Stock Buy Aquire P No No 0.7 5,160 3.61K 3,898,425
22 Nov 19 Stonepine Capital Common Stock Buy Aquire P No No 0.7461 89,845 67.03K 3,893,265

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Financial report summary

Management Discussion
  • Net revenues for the first quarter of 2019 were primarily generated from net product sales of metreleptin and lomitapide. Approximately 2% of net revenues were derived from royalties on sales of metreleptin and lomitapide made by our sublicensees in the EU and other territories.
  • We expect that in the near-term, our largest sources of revenues after the U.S., on a country-by-country basis, will be, revenue from Japan, mainly consisting of the upfront payment and milestone payment from the License Agreement with Recordati, and sales of MYALEPTA in Germany. We have had, and expect to continue to have, named patient sales of metreleptin in Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and a select number of other key markets, including France and Turkey. In the EU, we expect revenues for MYALEPTA from certain of these markets to convert to commercial sales if we receive pricing and reimbursement approvals in the countries in the EU. We also provide free product to a meaningful number of GL and PL patients in key EU markets and would expect to convert those patients to commercial patients if we receive pricing and reimbursement approvals in these markets. We expect net revenues from named patient sales to fluctuate significantly quarter-over-quarter given that named patient sales are derived from unsolicited requests from prescribers. In some countries, including Brazil, orders for named patient sales are for multiple months of therapy, which can lead to fluctuation in sales depending on the ordering pattern.
  • We generated revenues from net sales of metreleptin of approximately $18.0 million for the three months ended March 31, 2019, compared to $14.1 million for the three months ended March 31, 2018. The increase of $3.9 million was primarily attributable to a $1.6 million increase in the U.S., $2.7 million increase in Germany, $0.8 million increase in Israel and France, partially offset by a $1.2 million decrease in Brazil. Increased revenues in the U.S. was primarily due to a higher number of shipments during the first quarter of 2019, in addition to a price increase effective January 1, 2019. Revenues in Germany increased during the three months ended March 31, 2019 due to a higher number of orders during the period, specifically, attributable to the launch of MYALEPTA in November 2018. Revenues in France and Israel increased during the three months ended March 31, 2019 due to a higher number of orders during the period. During the three months ended March 31, 2019, there was no sales order in Brazil, as the order that was placed in the fourth quarter of 2018 provided product for patients’ treatment during the first half of 2019.
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