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Thomas A. Amato
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30 Apr 20
2 Jul 20
31 Dec 20


Company financial data Financial data

Quarter (USD) Mar 20 Dec 19 Sep 19 Jun 19
Revenue 182.79M 170.92M 188.41M 190.83M
Net income 13.12M 38.4M 19.11M 22.02M
Diluted EPS 0.3 0.85 0.42 0.48
Net profit margin 7.18% 22.47% 10.14% 11.54%
Operating income 19.83M 5.57M 28.69M 31.11M
Net change in cash 33.64M 114.53M 17.66M -44.13M
Cash on hand 206.11M 172.47M 57.94M 40.28M
Cost of revenue 136.42M 18.55M 175.59M 174.02M
Annual (USD) Dec 19 Dec 18 Dec 17 Dec 16
Revenue 723.53M 705.03M 656.16M 794.02M
Net income 98.62M 83.3M 30.96M -39.8M
Diluted EPS 2.16 1.8 0.67 -0.88
Net profit margin 13.63% 11.82% 4.72% -5.01%
Operating income 91.22M 108.81M 92.72M -41.93M
Net change in cash 64.32M 80.57M 6.87M 1.26M
Cash on hand 172.47M 108.15M 27.58M 20.71M
Cost of revenue 529.63M 504.92M 466.88M 583.22M

Financial data from Trimas earnings reports

Date Owner Security Transaction Code $Price #Shares $Value #Remaining
14 May 20 Boehne Holly M Common Stock Buy Aquire P 19.31 2,582 49.86K 6,952
13 May 20 Paul Swart Common Stock Grant Aquire A 19.39 1,500 29.09K 27,042
1 May 20 Joshua A Sherbin Common Stock Payment of exercise Dispose F 23.16 2,517 58.29K 62,425
1 May 20 Paul Swart Common Stock Payment of exercise Dispose F 23.16 557 12.9K 25,542
1 May 20 Thomas A Amato Common Stock Payment of exercise Dispose F 23.16 12,077 279.7K 162,003
96.6% owned by funds/institutions
13F holders
Current Prev Q Change
Total holders 129 145 -11.0%
Opened positions 11 23 -52.2%
Closed positions 27 18 +50.0%
Increased positions 45 39 +15.4%
Reduced positions 53 60 -11.7%
13F shares
Current Prev Q Change
Total value 2.21B 3B -26.3%
Total shares 41.92M 44.18M -5.1%
Total puts 12.2K 9.5K +28.4%
Total calls 7.4K 0 +Infinity%
Total put/call ratio 1.6 Infinity NaN%
Largest owners
Shares Value Change
Vanguard 4.16M $96.08M +4.8%
Wellington Management 3.52M $81.34M +2.6%
Fiduciary Management 3.51M $81.02M +12.2%
BLK BlackRock 3.22M $74.46M -1.6%
Dimensional Fund Advisors 2.53M $58.53M -0.1%
Champlain Investment Partners 2.09M $48.38M +29.0%
Victory Capital Management 2M $46.28M +4.4%
Advisory Research 1.55M $35.75M -18.5%
FRLG Goldman Sachs 1.51M $34.92M -31.5%
Massachusetts Financial Services 1.48M $34.21M +25.9%
Largest transactions
Shares Bought/sold Change
Norges Bank 0 -1.46M EXIT
FRLG Goldman Sachs 1.51M -694.41K -31.5%
PZN Pzena Investment Management 1.28M -479.41K -27.2%
Champlain Investment Partners 2.09M +470.22K +29.0%
RY Royal Bank of Canada 713.45K -399.62K -35.9%
WFC Wells Fargo & Co. 1.21M +383.23K +46.5%
Fiduciary Management 3.51M +382.13K +12.2%
Advisory Research 1.55M -351.5K -18.5%
Panagora Asset Management 104.36K -309.81K -74.8%
Massachusetts Financial Services 1.48M +304.74K +25.9%

Financial report summary

  • Our businesses depend upon general economic conditions and we serve some customers in highly cyclical industries; as such, we may be subject to the loss of sales and margins due to an economic downturn or recession.
  • Many of the markets we serve are highly competitive, which could limit sales volumes and reduce our operating margins.
  • We may be unable to successfully implement our business strategies and achieve our strategic and financial objectives.
  • We are dependent on our manufacturing facilities for the production of our highly engineered products, which subjects us to risks associated with disruptions and changing technology and manufacturing techniques that could place us at a competitive disadvantage.
  • Significant developments from the recent and potential changes in U.S. trade policies could have a material adverse effect on us and our financial condition and results of operations.
  • Increases in our raw material or energy costs or the loss of critical suppliers could adversely affect our profitability and other financial results.
  • A major failure of our information systems could harm our business; increased IT security threats and more sophisticated and targeted computer crime could pose a risk to our systems, networks, and products.
  • Our ability to deliver products that satisfy customer requirements is dependent on the performance of our subcontractors and suppliers, as well as on the availability of raw materials and other components.
  • We have significant goodwill and intangible assets, and future impairment of our goodwill and intangible assets could have a material negative impact on our financial results.
  • Compliance with and changes in tax laws, including tax reform legislation in the United States, could materially and adversely impact our financial condition, results of operations and cash flows.
  • We have debt principal and interest payment requirements that may restrict our future operations and impair our ability to meet our obligations.
  • Restrictions in our debt instruments limit our ability to take certain actions and breaches thereof could impair our liquidity.
  • We may face liability associated with the use of products for which patent ownership or other intellectual property rights are claimed.
  • We may be unable to adequately protect our intellectual property.
  • We may incur material losses and costs as a result of product liability, recall and warranty claims brought against us.
  • Our business may be materially and adversely affected by compliance obligations and liabilities under environmental laws and regulations.
  • Our borrowing costs may be impacted by our credit ratings developed by various rating agencies.
  • We have significant operating lease obligations and our failure to meet those obligations could adversely affect our financial condition.
  • Trends in oil and natural gas prices may affect the demand for, and profitability of, our energy-related products and services, which could have an adverse effect on our business, consolidated results of operations, and consolidated financial condition.
  • We may be subject to further unionization and work stoppages at our facilities or our customers may be subject to work stoppages, which could seriously impact the profitability of our business.
  • Healthcare costs for active employees may exceed projections and may negatively affect our financial results.
  • A growing portion of our sales may be derived from international sources, which exposes us to certain risks which may adversely affect our financial results and impact our ability to service debt.
  • We depend on the services of key individuals and relationships, the loss of which could materially harm us.
  • Economic conditions and regulatory changes following the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union could have a material adverse effect on our business and results of operations.
  • Our reputation, ability to do business, and results of operations may be impaired by legal compliance risks.
  • If the Cequent spin-off does not qualify as a tax-free transaction, the Company and its shareholders could be subject to substantial tax liabilities.
Management Discussion
  • Overall, net sales increased approximately $18.5 million, or approximately 2.6%, to $723.5 million in 2019, as compared to $705.0 million in 2018. The acquisitions of Taplast, in April 2019, and Plastic Srl, in January 2019, contributed approximately $35.3 million of sales in our Packaging segment. Organic sales overall, excluding the impact of currency exchange, decreased by approximately $11.0 million compared to 2018. We experienced approximately $12.2 million higher sales to the Packaging segment's health, beauty and home care end markets and $8.4 million higher sales within our Aerospace segment, both due to solid demand levels primarily in North America. These increases were more than offset by an approximate $19.8 million decline in sales of industrial-related products in our Specialty Products and Packaging segments, primarily as a result of end market conditions in North America, as well as approximately $11.8 million lower sales of products for food and beverage applications. Additionally, net sales were lower by approximately $5.8 million due to unfavorable currency exchange, as our reported results in U.S. dollars were negatively impacted as a result of the stronger U.S. dollar relative to foreign currencies.
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