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Richard F. Pops
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1 Aug 11
10 Jul 20
31 Mar 21


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Quarter (USD) Jun 11 Mar 11 Dec 10 Sep 10
Revenue 61.88M 51.14M 43.98M 49.25M
Net income -13.24M -13.08M -11.38M -7.67M
Net profit margin -21.39% -25.58% -25.89% -15.57%
Operating income -13.88M -13.6M -11.91M -7.03M
Net change in cash -2.45M -468K 1.61M -52.74M
Cash on hand 35.95M 38.39M 38.86M 37.26M
Cost of revenue 16.22M 12.75M 12.86M 13.91M
Annual (USD) Mar 11 Mar 10 Mar 09
Revenue 186.64M 178.28M 326.84M
Net income -45.54M -39.63M 130.51M
Diluted EPS -0.48 -0.42 1.36
Net profit margin -24.40% -22.23% 39.93%
Operating income -45.63M -43.03M 134.96M
Net change in cash -40.93M -7.57M
Cash on hand 38.39M 79.32M 86.89M
Cost of revenue 52.19M 49.44M 43.4M

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