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11 Sep 20
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Financial data from company earnings reports.

Date Owner Security Transaction Code 10b5-1 $Price #Shares $Value #Remaining
17 May 20 Calandra Jack Common Stock Payment of exercise Dispose F No 0.89 2,506 2.23K 63,445
17 May 20 Rhodes A Alexander Common Stock Payment of exercise Dispose F No 0.89 1,253 1.12K 51,919
17 May 20 Bragg James R Ii Common Stock Payment of exercise Dispose F No 0.89 826 735.14 31,625
13 Apr 20 Bragg James R Ii Common Stock Payment of exercise Dispose F No 1.87 416 777.92 32,451
37.9% owned by funds/institutions
13F holders
Current Prev Q Change
Total holders 94 127 -26.0%
Opened positions 24 13 +84.6%
Closed positions 57 41 +39.0%
Increased positions 17 45 -62.2%
Reduced positions 33 36 -8.3%
13F shares
Current Prev Q Change
Total value 111M 2.83B -96.1%
Total shares 18.53M 33.34M -44.4%
Total puts 1.3M 2.11M -38.2%
Total calls 1.51M 1.72M -12.2%
Total put/call ratio 0.9 1.2 -29.6%
Largest owners
Shares Value Change
Vanguard 2.34M $2.19M -28.3%
Millennium Management 2.33M $2.18M NEW
MS Morgan Stanley 1.31M $1.23M +416.5%
Squarepoint Ops 1.08M $1.01M NEW
BLK BlackRock 1.06M $996K -85.9%
Arrowstreet Capital, Limited Partnership 933.11K $875K +1204.2%
GS Goldman Sachs 840.51K $788K +187.3%
Jane Street 658.21K $617K +1765.3%
IVZ Invesco 633.92K $595K -45.3%
HRT Financial 505.32K $473K NEW
Largest transactions
Shares Bought/sold Change
BLK BlackRock 1.06M -6.47M -85.9%
Scion Asset Management 0 -4M EXIT
Millennium Management 2.33M +2.33M NEW
IPG Investment Advisors 0 -1.57M EXIT
STT State Street 40.64K -1.53M -97.4%
Squarepoint Ops 1.08M +1.08M NEW
MS Morgan Stanley 1.31M +1.06M +416.5%
Vanguard 2.34M -925.58K -28.3%
Dimensional Fund Advisors 377.24K -887.64K -70.2%
Arrowstreet Capital, Limited Partnership 933.11K +861.57K +1204.2%
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