KEP Korea Electric Power

Korea Electric Power Corp. engages in the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. It operates through the following Businesses: Sale of Electric Power, Development of Electric Power Resources, Investment, and Real Estate. The company was founded on July 1, 1961 and is headquartered in Naju, South Korea.

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Jong Gap Kim
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3.8% owned by funds/institutions
13F holders
Current Prev Q Change
Total holders 79 79
Opened positions 11 14 -21.4%
Closed positions 11 12 -8.3%
Increased positions 28 28
Reduced positions 21 19 +10.5%
13F shares
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Total value 1.17B 586.12M +100.1%
Total shares 48.16M 47.78M +0.8%
Total puts 39.1K 0 NEW
Total calls 100 500 -80.0%
Total put/call ratio 391.0
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Shares Value Change
Silchester International Investors 28.11M $288.45M 0.0%
MS Morgan Stanley 3.61M $37.08M -3.4%
Donald Smith & Co. 2.22M $22.79M -1.7%
Vanguard 1.99M $20.43M +0.1%
Kopernik Global Investors 1.64M $16.84M +9.0%
Parametric Portfolio Associates 1.47M $15.12M +14.4%
NTRS Northern Trust 1.41M $14.46M -2.1%
BLK Blackrock 1.32M $13.52M +249.0%
Dimensional Fund Advisors 907.89K $9.31M -2.1%
GS Goldman Sachs 816.7K $8.38M -1.3%
Largest transactions
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Aperio 0 -962.42K EXIT
BLK Blackrock 1.32M +940K +249.0%
Thomas White International 347.1K +347.1K NEW
JPM JPMorgan Chase & Co. 763.04K -270.88K -26.2%
Renaissance Technologies 203.56K +186.88K +1120.4%
Parametric Portfolio Associates 1.47M +185.06K +14.4%
Kopernik Global Investors 1.64M +135.54K +9.0%
MS Morgan Stanley 3.61M -125.7K -3.4%
Healthcare Of Ontario Pension Plan Trust Fund 105.9K +105.9K NEW
Marshall Wace 124.15K +88.14K +244.8%
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Apparatus for controlling ESS according to transient stability state and method thereof
22 Jun 21
The present invention relates to an ESS control device based on transient stability state and a method thereof, the an ESS control device based on transient stability state according to an embodiment of the present invention including an input unit receiving phase angle information from a power system; a calculation unit calculating a change rate in the phase angle of the power system using the phase angle information; a determination unit determining the transient stability state of the power system by comparing the change rate of the phase angle with a predetermined threshold; and a control unit performing control so that an energy storage system (ESS) installed in a power generation stage is switched to a charging mode according to the determination result.
Ami System for Performing Phase Detection and Synchronization In Ami Communication Network Using Relay Communication Method, and Method Thereof
17 Jun 21
The present invention relates to a system for performing phase detection and synchronization in an AMI communication network using a relay communication, and a method thereof.
Apparatus and Method for Generating Data Quality Information of Electric Power Equipment
3 Jun 21
The present invention relates to an apparatus for generating data quality information of electric power equipment, the apparatus including a data collector configured to collect a piece of measured data of electric power equipment, a storage configured to store a previous value and a set value for the piece of measured data, and a quality value generator configured to generate a quality value for the piece of measured data by applying the piece of measured data, the previous value, and the set value to a predetermined logic circuit.
System and Method for Automatic Diagnosis of Power Generation Facility
13 May 21
Disclosed are a system and a method for automatic diagnosis of a power generation facility, and a system for automatic diagnosis of a power generation facility which include a data measuring unit for acquiring vibration data from a rotating body of a power facility, a signal processing unit for signal-processing acquired vibration data, and extracting and quantifying predetermined characteristic factors with respect to a time domain, a frequency domain, and a shape area, a characteristic pattern storage unit for storing a characteristic factor pattern classified for each failure type, and a failure diagnosis unit for diagnosing whether a power facility to be diagnosed has a failure and a failure type of the power facility, on the basis of a classified characteristic factor pattern.
System for detecting an abnormality in a carbon dioxide separation membrane plant
11 May 21
A carbon dioxide (CO2) separation membrane plant abnormality detection system includes: an entrance unit through which gas containing CO2 enters a plant including a CO2 separation membrane module; a separation membrane module; a permeation unit configured to discharge the gas with the relatively high CO2 concentration, which is discharged from the separation membrane module, to the outside of the plant; a residue unit configured to discharge the gas with the relatively low CO2 concentration, which is discharged from the separation membrane module, to the outside of the plant; a measurer configured to measure information; and a controller configured to determine the presence of an abnormality, wherein the controller determines whether the plant is in an abnormal situation.