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Quarter (USD) May 20 Feb 20 Nov 19 Aug 19
Revenue 147.5M 239.88M 274.65M 268.22M
Net income -16.19M 3.48M 13.73M 11.83M
Diluted EPS -1.16 0.24 0.94 0.8
Net profit margin -10.98% 1.45% 5.00% 4.41%
Operating income -23.26M 4.78M 18.15M 15.67M
Net change in cash -48.82M 28.19M -3.75M 15.84M
Cash on hand 13.08M 61.9M 33.71M 37.46M
Cost of revenue 116.03M 169.98M 189.91M 186.13M
Annual (USD) Feb 20 Feb 19 Feb 18 Jan 17
Revenue 1.04B 1.03B 1.02B 1B
Net income 42.91M 38.14M 18.93M 23.52M
Diluted EPS 2.92 2.45 1.15 1.28
Net profit margin 4.14% 3.70% 1.86% 2.35%
Operating income 54.21M 49.76M 37.7M 37.91M
Net change in cash -5.12M 18.77M -14.69M -5.87M
Cash on hand 61.9M 67.02M 48.25M 62.94M
Cost of revenue 724.68M 720.66M 722.89M 711.87M

Financial data from company earnings reports

Date Owner Security Transaction Code $Price #Shares $Value #Remaining
18 Apr 20 Jackson W Kerry Common Stock Payment of exercise Dispose F 22.44 476 10.68K 120,797
18 Apr 20 Scibetta Carl N. Common Stock Payment of exercise Dispose F 22.44 558 12.52K 76,849
18 Apr 20 Sifford Clifton E Common Stock Payment of exercise Dispose F 22.44 835 18.74K 219,311
18 Apr 20 Baker Timothy T Common Stock Payment of exercise Dispose F 22.44 382 8.57K 120,462
31 Mar 20 Worden Mark J. Common Stock Payment of exercise Dispose F 24 2,597 62.33K 42,121
78.1% owned by funds/institutions
13F holders
Current Prev Q Change
Total holders 122 155 -21.3%
Opened positions 13 19 -31.6%
Closed positions 46 20 +130.0%
Increased positions 26 48 -45.8%
Reduced positions 61 62 -1.6%
13F shares
Current Prev Q Change
Total value 326.81M 647.73M -49.5%
Total shares 10.94M 12.88M -15.0%
Total puts 0 7.6K -100.0%
Total calls 300 249.6K -99.9%
Total put/call ratio 0.0
Largest owners
Shares Value Change
BLK BlackRock 1.45M $30.14M -7.2%
Dimensional Fund Advisors 1.17M $24.37M -4.1%
Royce & Associates 878.06K $18.24M -10.5%
Vanguard 740.4K $15.38M -4.0%
LSV Asset Management 685.81K $14.24M -5.9%
NTRS Northern Trust 676.11K $14.04M +0.5%
STT State Street 360.62K $7.49M +4.2%
Arrowstreet Capital, Limited Partnership 330.43K $6.86M -2.1%
Merian Global Investors 303.32K $6.3M -6.9%
Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co. 270.2K $5.61M -11.4%
Largest transactions
Shares Bought/sold Change
Intrinsic Edge Capital Management 0 -310.58K EXIT
GS Goldman Sachs 196.39K -263.24K -57.3%
Millennium Management 0 -164.46K EXIT
Squarepoint Ops 0 -160.21K EXIT
BLK BlackRock 1.45M -112.75K -7.2%
MS Morgan Stanley 151.27K +105.56K +230.9%
Royce & Associates 878.06K -103.28K -10.5%
Voya Investment Management 200.35K -95.32K -32.2%
Citadel Advisors 0 -69.02K EXIT
Oxford Asset Management 0 -61.38K EXIT

Financial report summary

Bakers Footwear
Management Discussion
  • Comparable store sales for the periods indicated include stores that have been open for 13 full months after such store’s grand opening prior to the beginning of the period, including those stores that have been relocated or remodeled. Therefore, stores opened or closed during the periods indicated are not included in comparable store sales. We include e-commerce sales in our comparable store sales. Due to our multi-channel retailer strategy, we view e-commerce sales as an extension of our physical stores.
  • We continue to closely monitor and manage the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the safety and well-being of our customers, employees and business partners remains our primary concern.  The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted and is expected to continue to impact our operations, supply chains, overall economic conditions and consumer spending for the foreseeable future.  As guidance and mandates from governments and health officials continue to evolve, closures of our stores may continue or increase, and sales, including e-commerce sales, may be reduced.  At this time, considerable uncertainty exists regarding how the COVID-19 pandemic may affect the back-to-school and Christmas peak shopping seasons.
  • In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, all of our stores were closed effective March 19, 2020 and substantially all of our stores were closed for approximately 50% of the first quarter.  Our website and mobile app continued to accept orders after March 19, 2020 and e-commerce sales increased significantly as customer buying habits shifted to our online channel.  As of June 4, 2020, approximately 97% of our stores have re-opened in states that have relaxed or cancelled stay-at-home orders. As stores have re-opened, we have experienced higher conversion ratios and higher per unit transactions, offset by reduced traffic, compared to historical trends.  Generally, since the re-opening of certain stores in late April, sales have exceeded our original fiscal 2020 plan, with some stores exceeding plan and other stores showing declines.  E-commerce sales continue to trend higher than in the prior fiscal year and above our original plan for fiscal 2020.  
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