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Axa Uap

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End of quarter 30 Sep 21
$1.4B 9.89M
$1.26B 4.47M
$985.91M 300.12K
$681.02M 254.73K
$589.95M 221.35K
$498.27M 2.24M
$489.96M 1.44M
$432.86M 757.63K
$381.09M 19.95M
$354.62M 907.55K
$324.68M 563.95K
$307.94M 2.39M
$304.48M 1.46M
$296.02M 541.31K
$294.41M 1.09M
$286.98M 461.18K
$261.99M 583.05K
$253.71M 975.02K
$251.96M 1.22M
$247.42M 1.97M
$246.05M 838.66K
$240.58M 1.25M
$237.35M 1.6M
$232.86M 2.67M
$201.19M 1.96M
$195.73M 1.4M
$190.72M 1.75M
$188.62M 1.67M
$185.69M 651.15K
$183.76M 946.55K
$183.21M 2.44M
$175.29M 713.09K
$174.67M 1.15M
$174.64M 1.44M
$171.64M 536.5K
$170.59M 519.69K
$169.9M 279.29K
$168.89M 962.76K
$168.05M 395.51K
$166.37M 478.53K
$165.26M 542.84K
$161M 996.93K
$160.49M 1.44M
$158.9M 1.01M
$157.56M 1.26M
$157.07M 1.91M
$153.86M 1.06M
$151.78M 195.72K
$147.41M 726.64K
$145.83M 699.02K
Holdings list only includes long positions. Only includes long positions.


26 Mar 09
2 Dec 21
31 Dec 21

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XLAspen Insurance
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