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Nicholas T. Pinchuk
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Snap On Inc, Snap On Tools Corp
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17 Oct 19
23 Oct 19
28 Dec 19


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Quarter (USD) Sep 19 Jun 19 Mar 19 Dec 18
Revenue 985.9M 1.04B 1.01B 1.04B
Net income 164.6M 180.4M 177.9M 175M
Diluted EPS 2.96 3.22 3.16 3.09
Net profit margin 16.70% 17.42% 17.66% 16.90%
Operating income 228.7M 250.5M 249.5M 238.2M
Net change in cash 3.5M 7.6M 15.5M 18.7M
Cash on hand 167.5M 164M 156.4M 140.9M
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Management Discussion
  • Net sales in the third quarter of 2019 increased $3.7 million, or 0.4%, from 2018 levels, reflecting a $12.5 million, or 1.4%, increase in organic sales and $2.9 million of acquisition-related sales, partially offset by $11.7 million of unfavorable foreign currency translation. Snap-on has significant international operations and is subject to risks inherent with foreign operations, including foreign currency translation fluctuations.
  • Gross profit in the third quarter of 2019 decreased $5.8 million, or 1.3%, from 2018, including $7.5 million of unfavorable foreign currency effects. Gross margin (gross profit as a percentage of net sales) of 49.7% in the quarter declined 80 basis points (100 basis points (“bps”) equals 1.0 percent) from 50.5% last year primarily due to increased sales in lower gross margin businesses, 20 bps of unfavorable foreign currency effects, and higher material and other costs. These decreases in gross margin were partially offset by benefits from the company’s “Rapid Continuous Improvement” or “RCI” initiatives.
  • Snap-on’s RCI initiatives employ a structured set of tools and processes across multiple businesses and geographies intended to eliminate waste and improve operations. Savings from Snap-on’s RCI initiatives reflect benefits from a wide variety of ongoing efficiency, productivity and process improvements, including savings generated from product design cost reductions, improved manufacturing line set-up and change-over practices, lower-cost sourcing initiatives and facility optimization. Unless individually significant, it is not practicable to disclose each RCI activity that generated savings and/or segregate RCI savings embedded in sales volume increases.
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Method and system for generating vehicle service content based on multi-symptom rule
22 Oct 19
Methods and systems for using natural language processing and machine-learning algorithms to process vehicle-service data to generate metadata regarding the vehicle-service data are described herein.
System and Method for Indicating Torque
17 Oct 19
The present invention relates to torque application tools, such as a torque screwdriver and ratchet tools, with one or more light indicators disposed in a ring shape around the tool.
System and Method for Measuring Torque and Angle
17 Oct 19
The present invention relates to torque application tools, such as an electronic torque screwdriver, with a multiple axis gyroscope (such as a 3-axis gyroscope or other type of gyroscope) and torque sensor that allows for simultaneous or sequential measurement of torque and angle around the axis of the tool.
Wheel Aligner with Advanced Diagnostics and No-stop Positioning
17 Oct 19
A vehicle wheel alignment system has a plurality of cameras, each camera for viewing a respective target disposed at a respective wheel of the vehicle and capturing image data of the target as the wheel and target are continuously rotated a number of degrees of rotation without a pause.
Socket drive improvement
15 Oct 19
Sockets, for example, hexagon sockets, dodecagonal sockets, and splined sockets, that have inner surface geometries adapted to engage a flank of a fastener at a point away from a corner of the fastener.