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On June 10, 2021, Solitario Zinc Corp. (“Solitario”) held its Annual Meeting of Shareholders at which holders of 28,025,417 shares of common stock or 48% of the total outstanding shares eligible to vote as of the record date were present in person or by proxy. The three matters identified below were submitted to a vote of the shareholders. Each proposal is more fully described in Solitario’s definitive proxy statement filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission dated April 28, 2021.


Election of Directors. Six directors were elected to serve until the next annual meeting of shareholders or until their successors are elected and qualified, with each director receiving the votes below:

Name For



Broker Non-Votes

Brian Labadie 15,633,598 801,395 230,060 11,360,364
John Labate 15,759,540 717,578 187,935 11,360,364
James Hesketh 14,731,336 824,704 1,109,013 11,360,364
Christopher E. Herald 15,420,769 148,397 1,095,887 11,360,364
Gil Atzmon 14,738,201 819,712 1,107,139 11,360,364
Joshua D. Crumb 14,655,364 814,657 1,195,032 11,360,364


Advisory Vote on Executive Compensation. The shareholders approved the compensation of Solitario’s named executive officers with 16,406,401 shares voting for (98.45% of shares voting), 258,651 shares voting against, and 11,360,364 broker non-votes.

“RESOLVED THAT: Solitario shareholders approve the compensation of Solitario’s named executive officers, as disclosed in the Company’s proxy statement, dated April 28, 2021, pursuant to the compensation disclosure rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission set forth in