Vale (VALE)

Vale SA engages in the production and exportation of iron ore, pellets, manganese, and iron alloys, which are raw materials needed for steelmaking. It operates through the following segments: Ferrous Minerals, Coal and Base Metals. The Ferrous Minerals segment includes the extraction of iron ore and the production of pellets, manganese ore, iron alloys, and coal and logistics services. The Coal segment comprises the extraction of coal and its logistic services. The Base Metals segment involves the production of non-ferrous minerals, which include nickel, copper and aluminium. The company was founded on June 1, 1942 and is headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Eduardo de Salles Bartolomeo
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Process of Disposal In Piles of Tailings Stemming from the Iron Ore Processing Method
18 Aug 22
The present invention discloses a process of disposal of tailings in piles stemming from the iron ore processing method, replacing dams, and comprising the steps of thickening the ultra-fine tailings, thickening the sandy tailings, mixing the tailings in the proportion of 80 to 90% by weight of sandy tailings and 10 to 20% by weight of ultra-fine tailings, addition of coagulant, addition of flocculant, filtering the mixture and piling the filtered tailings.
Process of Obtaining Powdered Sodium Silicate from Sand Tailings Originated from the Iron Ore Concentration Process
11 Aug 22
A process of obtaining powdered sodium silicate from sand tailings generated from iron ore processing addresses the production of raw materials used in the manufacturing of geopolymers to be employed mainly by the construction industry and in road paving.
Tracking and spatial location system of magnetic sensors and tracking and location method
14 Sep 21
The present aspects provide a tracking and spatial location system of magnetic sensors applied in extraction and transport processes in open pit mines or underground mines, allowing spatially locating one or more sensors that transmit magnetic signals through of one or more collectors that perform a reading and processing of these signals.
Control system and control method for rotary car dumpers
20 Jul 21
This invention relates to a control system and method for rotary car dumpers comprising a positioning car, silos and feeders.
Comminution Process of Iron Ore or Iron Ore Products at Natural Moisture
15 Jul 21
This invention relates to a process of comminution of iron ore or iron ore products (pellet feed, sinter feed, etc.) at natural moisture without the need to add water or to include a drying step in the process, that is technically and economically feasible.