Nokia (NOK)

Nokia Oyj engages in the provision of network infrastructure, technology, and software services. It operates through the following segments: Networks, Nokia Software, Nokia Technologies, and Group Common and Other. The Networks segment comprises mobile networks, services, fixed networks, and optical networks. The Nokia Software segment offers cloud core software portfolio. The Nokia Technologies segment focuses on the innovation and research and development in technologies used. The company was founded by Fredrik Idestam in 1865 and is headquartered in Espoo, Finland.

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Method for receiving inputs from user of electronic device
3 May 22
A method of receiving inputs by an electronic device comprising a user interface component is disclosed.
Method for receiving inputs from user of electronic device
19 Apr 22
A method of receiving inputs by an electronic device comprising a user interface component is disclosed.
Telecommunication Apparatus and Associated Methods
21 Oct 21
An apparatus comprising first and second circuit boards, and an antenna for transmitting and/or receiving electromagnetic signals, the first and second circuit boards each comprising an electrically conductive layer, and a capacitive element configured to be charged and discharged, the apparatus configured such that a chamber is defined between the first and second circuit boards with the capacitive elements contained therein and facing one another, the chamber containing an electrolyte, wherein the electrically conductive layer of the first circuit board is configured to serve as a reference ground for the antenna, and wherein discharge of the capacitive elements is configured to provide a flow of current to an amplifier configured to drive the antenna.
Method and apparatus for consent document management
22 Jun 21
An approach is provided for consent document management.
Method and system for obtaining services
4 Jan 21
A method for obtaining a service by a first terminal related to a network entity, the method comprising receiving information indicative of capabilities related to the network entity, and selecting one or more of the capabilities.