American Church Mortgage (ACMC)

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Vote support at last AGM

On June 24, 2021, American Church Mortgage Company (the “Company”) held its 2021 annual meeting of shareholders (the “2021 Annual Meeting”). At the 2021 Annual Meeting, the matters voted upon, including the number or votes cast for, against or withheld, as well as the number of abstentions and broker–non-votes, as to each such matter were as follows:

Proposal 1: Two of the Company’s nominees for director as listed in the Company’s 2021 proxy statement were elected with the number of votes cast for each nominee as follows:

Shares Voted “FOR”Votes “WITHHELD”Non-VotesUncast
Philip J. Myers351,2357,194206,7430
Michael G. Holmquist352,3366,093206,7430

Proposal 2: The Company’s shareholders ratified the appointment of WIPFLI, LLP as the Company’s independent accounting firm for the year ended December 31, 2021.

Shares Voted
Shares Voted “AGAINST”Non-VotesShares “ABSTAINING”Uncast