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James M. Loree
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Stanley Works
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1 May 20
9 Jul 20
28 Dec 20


Company financial data Financial data

Quarter (USD) Mar 20 Dec 19 Sep 19 Jun 19
Revenue 3.13B 3.71B 3.63B 3.76B
Net income 133.1M 199.1M 231.1M 357.4M
Diluted EPS 0.88 1.32 1.53 2.37
Net profit margin 4.25% 5.36% 6.36% 9.50%
Operating income 323.5M 511.1M 533.5M 573.1M
Net change in cash 689.4M -14M 1M 28.9M
Cash on hand 987.1M 297.7M 311.7M 310.7M
Cost of revenue 2.11B 2.55B 2.39B 2.46B
Annual (USD) Dec 19 Dec 18 Dec 17 Dec 16
Revenue 14.44B 13.98B 12.97B 11.59B
Net income 958M 605.8M 1.23B 967.6M
Diluted EPS 6.35 3.99 8.05 6.53
Net profit margin 6.63% 4.33% 9.46% 8.35%
Operating income 1.99B 1.88B 2B 1.83B
Net change in cash 9M -348.8M -539.7M 681M
Cash on hand 297.7M 288.7M 637.5M 1.18B
Cost of revenue 9.64B 9.13B 8.19B 7.33B

Financial data from company earnings reports

Date Owner Security Transaction Code 10b5-1 $Price #Shares $Value #Remaining
19 Jun 20 Ayers Andrea J. Common Stock (Dividend Equivalent Units) Grant Aquire A No 139.7 7.038 983.25 1,432.038
19 Jun 20 Tan Irving Common Stock (Dividend Equivalent Units) Grant Aquire A No 139.7 7.038 983.25 1,432.038
19 Jun 20 Dmitri L Stockton Common Stock (Dividend Equivalent Units) Grant Aquire A No 139.7 7.038 983.25 1,432.038
19 Jun 20 Buckley George W Common Stock (Dividend Equivalent Units) Grant Aquire A No 139.7 7.038 983.25 1,432.038
19 Jun 20 Hankin Michael David Common Stock (Dividend Equivalent Units) Grant Aquire A No 139.7 7.038 983.25 1,432.038
95.8% owned by funds/institutions
13F holders
Current Prev Q Change
Total holders 713 781 -8.7%
Opened positions 80 111 -27.9%
Closed positions 148 57 +159.6%
Increased positions 251 270 -7.0%
Reduced positions 269 251 +7.2%
13F shares
Current Prev Q Change
Total value 117.81B 145.77B -19.2%
Total shares 147.56M 134.55M +9.7%
Total puts 1.41M 934.6K +50.7%
Total calls 3.21M 2.18M +47.0%
Total put/call ratio 0.4 0.4 +2.5%
Largest owners
Shares Value Change
Vanguard 13.07M $1.31B +2.8%
BLK BlackRock 11.14M $1.08B +10.7%
JPM JPMorgan Chase & Co. 9.09M $901.5M +24.6%
Capital Research Global Investors 9.05M $856.23M +31.5%
Massachusetts Financial Services 7.55M $755.15M +1.0%
STT State Street 7.28M $717.9M +0.9%
WFC Wells Fargo & Company 6.22M $619.58M +7.1%
American Century Companies 3.15M $279.45M +104.5%
Amundi Pioneer Asset Management 3.09M $308.61M +0.0%
PZN Pzena Investment Management 2.71M $271.26M +19.6%
Largest transactions
Shares Bought/sold Change
Capital Research Global Investors 9.05M +2.17M +31.5%
FMR 2.27M +1.93M +563.2%
JPM JPMorgan Chase & Co. 9.09M +1.79M +24.6%
American Century Companies 3.15M +1.61M +104.5%
Norges Bank 0 -1.53M EXIT
Allianz Asset Management GmbH 1.84M +1.48M +417.0%
AMP Ameriprise Financial 1.82M +1.41M +346.1%
BLK BlackRock 11.14M +1.08M +10.7%
Putnam Investments 0 -1.06M EXIT
Fiduciary Management 0 -864.27K EXIT

Financial report summary

  • Changes in customer preferences, the inability to maintain mutually beneficial relationships with large customers, inventory reductions by customers, and the inability to penetrate new channels of distribution could adversely affect the Company’s business.
  • The Company faces active global competition and if it does not compete effectively, its business may suffer.
  • Customer consolidation could have a material adverse effect on the Company’s business.
  • Low demand for new products and the inability to develop and introduce new products at favorable margins could adversely impact the Company’s performance and prospects for future growth.
  • The Company’s brands are important assets of its businesses and violation of its trademark rights by imitators, or the failure of its licensees or vendors to comply with the Company’s product quality, manufacturing requirements, marketing standards, and other requirements could negatively impact revenues and brand reputation. Any inability to protect the Company's other intellectual property rights could also reduce the value of its products and services or diminish its competitiveness.
  • The pace of technological change continues to accelerate and the Company's ability to react effectively to such change may present significant competitive risks.
  • The Company has significant operations outside of the United States, which are subject to political, legal, economic and other risks arising from operating outside of the United States.
  • The Company’s business is subject to risks associated with sourcing and manufacturing overseas.
  • The Company’s success depends on its ability to improve productivity and streamline operations to control or reduce costs.
  • The Company is exposed to risks related to cybersecurity.
  • The performance of the Company may suffer from business disruptions or other costs associated with information technology, system implementations, or catastrophic losses affecting distribution centers and other infrastructure.
  • The Company’s results of operations could be negatively impacted by inflationary or deflationary economic conditions which could affect the ability to obtain raw materials, component parts, freight, energy, labor and sourced finished goods in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  • Uncertainty about the financial stability of economies outside the U.S. could have a significant adverse effect on the Company's business, results of operations and financial condition.
  • Continuing uncertainty associated with Brexit could adversely affect the Company’s business.
  • The Company is exposed to market risk from changes in foreign currency exchange rates which could negatively impact profitability.
  • The Company has incurred, and may incur in the future, significant indebtedness, and may in the future issue additional equity securities, in connection with mergers or acquisitions which may impact the manner in which it conducts business or the Company’s access to external sources of liquidity. The potential issuance of such securities may limit the Company’s ability to implement elements of its growth strategy and may have a dilutive effect on earnings.
  • The Company is exposed to counterparty risk in its hedging arrangements.
  • Tight capital and credit markets or the failure to maintain credit ratings could adversely affect the Company by limiting the Company’s ability to borrow or otherwise access liquidity.
  • The Company’s acquisitions, as well as general business reorganizations, may result in significant costs and certain risks for its business and operations.
  • Expansion of the Company's activity in emerging markets may result in risks due to differences in business practices and cultures.
  • Significant judgment and certain estimates are required in determining the Company’s worldwide provision for income taxes. Future tax law changes and audit results may materially increase the Company’s prospective income tax expense.
  • The Company’s failure to continue to successfully avoid, manage, defend, litigate and accrue for claims and litigation could negatively impact its results of operations or cash flows.
  • The Company’s products could be recalled.
  • The Company is exposed to credit risk on its accounts receivable.
  • If the Company were required to write-down all or part of its goodwill, indefinite-lived trade names, or other definite-lived intangible assets, its net income and net worth could be materially adversely affected.
  • If the investments in employee benefit plans do not perform as expected, the Company may have to contribute additional amounts to these plans, which would otherwise be available to cover operating expenses or other business purposes.
Management Discussion
  • Throughout this Management's Discussion and Analysis (“MD&A”), references to Notes refer to the "Notes To (Unaudited) Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements" in Part 1, Item 1 of this Form 10-Q, unless otherwise indicated.
  • The Company is a diversified global provider of hand tools, power tools and related accessories, engineered fastening systems and products, services and equipment for oil & gas and infrastructure applications, commercial electronic security and monitoring systems, healthcare solutions, and automatic doors. The Company continues to execute a growth and acquisition strategy over the long-term that involves industry, geographic and customer diversification to foster sustainable revenue, earnings and cash flow growth. The Company remains focused on leveraging its SBD Operating Model to deliver success in the 2020s and beyond. The latest evolution of the SBD Operating Model, formerly Stanley Fulfillment System ("SFS") 2.0, builds on the strength of the Company's past while embracing changes in the external environment to ensure the Company has the right skillsets, incorporates technology advances in all areas, maintains operational excellence, drives efficiency in business processes and resiliency into its culture, delivers extreme innovation and ensures the customer experience is world class. In addition, the Company continues to make strides towards achieving its 22/22 Vision, by becoming known as one of the world’s leading innovators, continuing to deliver top-quartile financial performance and elevating its commitment to social responsibility.
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