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Search SEC EDGAR filings by keyword, phrase, company, filing type, date, or any combination. Quickly find the information you need to make better investment decisions and become an EDGAR Pro. Use it above right now.

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Filing search analysis by company and date on Docoh

Analyze results by company and date

Find out which companies mention a technology, material, ingredient, process or other term the most, and whether it’s trending more or less popular over time. Simply perform any filings search, then click the Results by company and date button to access the company and date analysis.

Get new search results emailed to your inbox

Stay up-to-date on the technologies, themes and other investment ideas that matter to you. With Docoh’s Favorite Search feature, you can save up to 100 different searches and get hourly email alerts for new SEC filings that match.

Filing search results email alerts

SEC company search

Search all 200,000 companies in the EDGAR database by name, stock ticker or 10-digit CIK. Exact matches automatically redirect to the company dashboard to save you time.

Remember your ideas

Docoh remembers and displays your search history so you don’t forget that great investment idea from yesterday. You can also favorite individual companies, filings, diffs and searches.

Powerful but simple

Search and filter millions of SEC filings without complex forms. Just type what you want to search for and Docoh will recognize what you mean, whether it’s a filing type, company ticker, date or keyword. Power users can even get down and dirty with advanced boolean queries like AND, OR, and NOT.

Catch the highlights

Search for a keyword and the results display filing extracts with the matched words highlighted. Click on a result to view the full filing, and matched keywords are automatically highlighted in the filing content.

Example searches

If all of that is too much to read, check out these example SEC filing searches to get an idea of what you can do. And remember, there’s more to Docoh than just the search.