Filed: 25 Jan 22, 9:58am

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OMB Number: 3235-0006
Expires: Oct 31, 2018
Estimated average burden
hours per response: 23.8

Report for the Calendar Year or Quarter Ended: 09-30-2021
Check here if Amendment X Amendment Number: 1
This Amendment (Check only one.): X is a restatement.
adds new holdings entries.
Institutional Investment Manager Filing this Report:
Name: Temasek Holdings (Private) Ltd
Address: 60B ORCHARD ROAD #06-18 TOWER 2
SINGAPORE, U0 238891
Form 13F File Number: 028-13088

The institutional investment manager filing this report and the person by whom it is signed hereby represent that the person signing the report is authorized to submit it, that all information contained herein is true, correct and complete, and that it is understood that all required items, statements, schedules, lists, and tables, are considered integral parts of this form.

Person Signing this Report on Behalf of Reporting Manager:
Name: Jason Norman Lee
Title: Authorised Signatory
Phone: 65-6828-6358
Signature, Place, and Date of Signing:
/s/ Jason Norman Lee Singapore, U0 01-25-2022
[Signature] [City, State] [Date]
This Amendment No. 1 restates the Form 13F Holdings Report filed by Temasek Holdings (Private) Ltd on November 15, 2021 (the "Original Report"). This Amendment No. 1 (I) corrects data in the Information Table relating to the reported position in IRONNET INC by (a) inserting 2,831,181 in Column 5 "SHRS AMOUNT" and Column 8 "VOTING AUTHORITY: SOLE" and (b) inserting 48,272 in Column 4 "VALUE" and (II) corrects the Report Summary by inserting 28,582,167 as the "Form 13F Information Table Values Total". There are no other differences between the position information reported in this Amendment No. 1 and the position information reported in the Original Report.
Report Type (Check only one.):
X 13F HOLDINGS REPORT. (Check here if all holdings of this reporting manager are reported in this report.)
13F NOTICE. (Check here if no holdings reported are in this report, and all holdings are reported by other reporting manager(s).)
13F COMBINATION REPORT. (Check here if a portion of the holdings for this reporting manager are reported in this report and a portion are reported by other reporting manager(s).)
Form 13F Summary Page
Report Summary:
Number of Other Included Managers: 31
Form 13F Information Table Entry Total: 92
Form 13F Information Table Value Total: 28,582,167
List of Other Included Managers:
Provide a numbered list of the name(s) and Form 13F file number(s) of all institutional investment managers with respect to which this report is filed, other than the manager filing this report.
[If there are no entries in this list, state “NONE” and omit the column headings and list entries.]
No. Form 13F File Number Name
1 028-17255 Aranda Investments Pte. Ltd.
2 028-19228 Bartley Investments Pte. Ltd.
3 028-13096 Baytree Investments (Mauritius) Pte. Ltd.
4 028-20817 Birchtree Fund Investments Private Limited
5 028-13098 Canhill Investments Pte. Ltd.
6 028-15196 Dahlia Investments Pte. Ltd.
7 028-14160 Dunearn Investments (Mauritius) Pte Ltd
8 028-19227 Ellington Investments Pte. Ltd.
9 028-15912 Esta Investments Pte. Ltd.
10 028-17259 Evans Investments Pte. Ltd.
11 028-19226 Everitt Investments Pte. Ltd.
12 028-13139 Fullerton (Private) Limited
13 028-15193 Fullerton Fund Investments Pte Ltd
14 028-13103 Fullerton Management Pte Ltd
15 028-15197 Havelock Fund Investments Pte Ltd
16 028-20818 Hotham Investments Pte. Ltd.
17 028-17256 Ixora Investments Pte. Ltd.
18 028-15904 Maxwell (Mauritius) Pte Ltd
19 028-19225 Napier Investments Pte. Ltd.
20 028-20819 Ossa Investments Pte. Ltd.
21 028-19224 Republic Technologies Pte Ltd
22 028-13095 Seletar Investments Pte Ltd
23 028-15194 Sennett Investments (Mauritius) Pte Ltd
24 028-14803 Sherwood Investments Pte. Ltd.
25 028-13090 Temasek Capital (Private) Ltd
26 028-15907 Temasek Life Sciences Private Ltd
27 028-14163 Tembusu Capital Pte. Ltd.
28 028-15195 Thomson Capital Pte. Ltd.
29 028-19223 TLS Beta Pte. Ltd.
30 028-19222 Venezio Investments Pte. Ltd.
31 028-15905 V-Sciences Investments Pte Ltd