CTSH Cognizant Technology Solutions

Filed: 28 Jul 21, 4:08pm
Q2 2021 We delivered a strong second quarter. Through targeted investments, we’ve been shifting our portfolio to faster-growing market segments while extending our capabilities and partnerships to help clients build modern businesses. I see a stronger, more competitive Cognizant emerging, with growing commercial momentum. We are bullish on the industry and our prospects within it. Brian Humphries | Chief Executive Officer ” Revenue $4.6 billion Reported YoY 14.6% Constant Currency YoY 12.0% Digital revenue up ~20% year- over-year and now represents 44% of total revenue, up from 42% in prior year period GAAP and Adjusted Operating Margin | 15.2% GAAP Diluted EPS | $0.97 Adjusted Diluted EPS | $0.99 $3.4 $0.9 $0.3 Rest of World 25.7% Revenue by Geography ($ IN BILLIONS) Reported YoY | Constant Currency YoY Cash Flow Cash Flow From Operations $541M Free Cash Flow $466M Capital Return Q2 2021 Dividend $127M Q2 2021 Share Repurchases $320M $0.24/share Revenue by Segment ($ IN BILLIONS) Reported YoY | Constant Currency YoY Europe North America 19.1% $1.5 $1.3 $1.1 $0.7 Products & Resources Healthcare Financial Services Communications, Media & Technology 20.7% 10.2% 12.2% 11.8% 21.2% 17.9% 21.7% 17.8% 7.6% 4.8% 14.5% 13.4% Total Employees 301,200 Total Annualized Attrition 31% Voluntary Annualized Attrition 29% 2020 ESG Report: Living Our Purpose ” For non-GAAP financial reconciliations refer to Cognizant's 2021 second quarter earnings release issued on July 28, 2021, which accompanies this presentation and is available at Exhibit 99.2 We recognize that businesses are interdependent with the world’s social and environmental systems. In the medium and long run, social and environmental issues become financial issues. Businesses can thrive only if society prospers and the natural environment is protected. Brian Humphries, Chief Executive Officer ” ”