LLOY Lloyds Bank

Filed: 29 Oct 20, 2:11pm

Exhibit 99.1




The following table shows the Group’s capitalisation and indebtedness on a consolidated basis in accordance with IFRS as at 30 September 2020. In accordance with IFRS, certain preference shares are classified as debt and are included in subordinated liabilities in the table below.


  30 September
Shareholders’ equity  35,168 
Other equity instruments  5,935 
Non-controlling interests  82 
Total equity  41,185 
Subordinated liabilities  10,765 
Debt securities    
Debt securities in issue  60,841 
Liabilities held at fair value through profit or loss (debt securities)  7,110 
Total debt securities  67,951 
Total indebtedness  78,716 
Total capitalisation and indebtedness  119,901 


Excluding indebtedness issued under government-guaranteed funding programmes, none of the indebtedness set forth above is guaranteed by persons other than members of the Group. As of 30 September 2020, all indebtedness was unsecured except for £29.0 billion of securitisation notes and covered bonds and £1.8 billion of debt securities issued by the Group’s asset-backed conduits.


There have been no issuances or redemptions of subordinated liabilities since 30 September 2020.


There has been no material change in the information set forth in the table above since 30 September 2020.