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Toga Limited Unveils Yippi X, New Mobile Apps and Partnerships at the

Inaugural ASEAN New Tech Conference



PETALING JAYA, Malaysia, Jan. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Toga Limited (OTC: TOGL), unveiled “Yippi X,” the new version of its revolutionary flagship app Yippi, on January 5, 2021, at the inaugural ASEAN New Tech Conference (“ANTC”). The ANTC was held online this year and carried the theme “Together We Change the World”.


“Yippi X was developed by our team of experts to be the most powerful version of the Yippi app to date. It provides a more comprehensive user experience, as compared to Yippi’s 5th Generation, Yippi 5, released back in July 2019,” said Toga Limited’s Chief Executive Officer and founder, Mr. Michael Toh.


“Yippi X is a total upgrade in terms of its technical capabilities and is more refined compared to Yippi 5. What's interesting is that we have redefined Yippi in line with its tagline, ‘Let the World Know You’, focusing on users first, and bringing them closer in the virtual world through its newly enhanced social and messaging features,” said Toh.


Toh acknowledges that 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone. However, due to the diligence and perseverance of Toga’s employees and its executives, as well as the continuous support and commitment from its shareholders, Toga managed to weather the storm and emerge stronger than ever in its response to the pandemic crisis.


“Toga has helped more than 30,000 content creators in 10 countries across the globe to grow and diversify their income streams. It is good to note that Toga is one of the few technology companies that has achieved rapid growth in business development during these trying times”, said Toh.


Other new and updated mobile applications were also unveiled at the ANTC, including:



TogaGo 2.0, which is focused on becoming a one-stop travel solution. It offers an improved user-friendly design and an expanded range of useful functionalities. One of its key features ‘GO Cash’ allows users to enjoy a host of privileges when they purchase products and services on the platform. Users can redeem GO Cash points against future purchases and get discounts and exclusive deals.




E.Booster 2.0, which is aimed at creating a healthier lifestyle for its users. E-Booster 2.0 uses the unique energy resonance technology called ‘Toga Resonance Technology (T-RT)’, to maintain good health and a positive attitude towards life. It has more than 40 products which can be found under five basic categories of use, namely for Focus, Stress Relief, Protection, Meditation and Energize, covering the most comprehensive health care.




Red Box Karaoke’s Booking and Social Singing apps, which was developed through a partnership between Red Box and Toga. Red Box was looking into digitalization innovations to attain its vision of becoming South East Asia’s leader in the karaoke industry, and Toga came forward to provide them with IT infrastructure solutions, ranging from research and development to technology selection.






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