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Filed: 14 Sep 21, 4:17pm

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The following communication was made to the public at the Bank of America Media, Communications & Entertainment Conference (Virtual) by the Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer of AT&T, Inc., Pascal Desroches, on September 14, 2021:


David Barden – BofA Securities, Research Division:

…The big change that’s coming at AT&T is going to be the WarnerMedia sale. Obviously, everyone is looking forward to that happening. What’s the latest update on that?

Pascal Desroches – AT&T Inc. –Senior EVP & CFO:

Couldn’t be more pleased with how the process is going. We are exactly where we thought we would be at this stage of the process, and we expect the transaction to close in the first half of 2022. So we’re really pleased with how that’s moving along.


Here is the reality. When you look at the rules around antitrust, there is no reason why this merger should not be approved. It’s — especially given the changes in competitive landscape and the participation by big tech companies in media. When you look at the traditional rules of antitrust,we feel really good about the ability of this to be approved. And as we — and we’ll make our way through the process and expect that in the first half, this thing will close.

David Barden – BofA Securities, Research Division:

There’s a lot that people don’t know yet about the transaction. The reverse Morris trust structure that you’ve created could be done as a dividend, could be done as an exchange offer, a blend of the 2. We don’t know what’s going to be done with the $43 billion you’re getting in cash as a function of the divestiture. When will we know?

Pascal Desroches – AT&T Inc. –Senior EVP & CFO:

Well, first, in terms of spin versus split or in exchange. It’s a decision that we are going to make as we get a little closer to the time of the separation. Our responsibility is to optimize shareholder returns. And that could be — if we believe that the remainco, the remaining connectivity business is undervalued, it may suggest that we should do a split. If on the other hand, we think that the media business is the new media company or our 70% of it is undervalued, it may lean more towards a spin. With that said, we’re going to look at all these factors as we get a little closer.

And look, you appropriately pointed out, we can do a combination of both, an exchange followed by a dividend of the balance. So all options are on the table, and we feel really good about using all those options to optimize value for shareholders. In terms of the cash we received, we’ve said, our intention is to delever our balance sheet and to get below 2.5x, 2.5x or below by the end of 2023. So you can take that to suggest what we will do with the cash.

David Barden – BofA Securities, Research Division:

Got it. And so another question related to this is AT&T was a dividend payer, grew its dividend for 35 years in a row, didn’t grow its dividend last year, and then with this split, effectively will reduce its dividend to a midpoint $8.5 billion relative to about the roughly $14.5 billion that it pays out today. The retail investment community that


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owns AT&T, that owns the majority of AT&T is pretty disappointed about this. What can you do to sell this idea that we’re creating value by doing a split, which I believe we are? What can you do to sell this idea that value is being created even though the dividend is being reduced to the noninstitutional investment community?

Pascal Desroches – AT&T Inc. –Senior EVP & CFO:

Dave, if you look at the components of our business and with the separation of WarnerMedia, if you — based on where Discovery is trading now, you can surmise what the value of the remaining — of the connectivity business is. And if you look at that in juxtaposition to the $8.5 billion of potential dividend, the yield would suggest somewhere in the 5.5% dividend yield, which is candidly better than all of our peers and better than most companies. So we feel that we are — we will still have a very attractive dividend post separation. And for those who want to participate, there is an opportunity to achieve growth through continuing to hold WarnerMedia. So there — or Warner Bros. Discovery stock. So there is an opportunity here to achieve an attractive yield and dividend plus really nice growth in value through appreciation of new media assets.



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