Bartlett & Co.

Filed: 15 Oct 21, 4:21pm

The Securities and Exchange Commission has not necessarily reviewed the information in this filing and has not determined if it is accurate and complete.
The reader should not assume that the information is accurate and complete.

Washington, D.C. 20549


OMB Number:3235-0006
Expires:Oct 31, 2018
Estimated average burden
hours per response:23.8

Advent Convertible and IncomeETF00764C10914800SH SOLE 80000
BlackRock Core Bond CommonETF09249E10186652,319SH SOLE 48,91903,400
BlackRock Corp High Yld FundETF09255P107746,102SH SOLE 6,10200
BlackRock Credit Allocation InETF092508100151,019SH SOLE 1,01900
Blackrock Ltd Duration Inc TrETF09249W101321,900SH SOLE 001,900
Blackrock Mun Income Sh Ben InETF09248F109312,117SH SOLE 002,117
Blackrock Munivest FundETF09253R105414,303SH SOLE 4,30300
Blackrock Munivest Fund IIETF09253T101181,167SH SOLE 1,16700
Blackrock Muniyield Quality FdETF09254E103422,887SH SOLE 2,88700
Blackrock Quality Municipal TrETF09247D105291,700SH SOLE 1,70000
Cohen & Steers REIT PFDETF19247X1003,136122,250SH SOLE 121,7500500
Eaton Vance Limited Duration IETF27828H1053255SH SOLE 00255
Guggenheim BulletShares 2023 CETF18383M2418350SH SOLE 00350
Invesco Bulletshares 2022 CorpETF46138J8829400SH SOLE 00400
Invesco California AMT-Free MuETF46138E206401,430SH SOLE 1,43000
Invesco CEF Income Composite EETF46138E4046251SH SOLE 00251
Invesco Municipal TrustETF46131J1039664SH SOLE 66400
Invesco National AMT-Free MuniETF46138E537301,120SH SOLE 001,120
Invesco VRDO Tax-Free WeeklyETF46138G8625221SH SOLE 22100
iShares 0-5 Year High Yield CoETF46434V40710,636232,726SH SOLE 192,622040,104
iShares Barclays 1-3 Year TreaETF4642874572482,875SH SOLE 2,1250750
iShares Barclays 20 Plus YearETF464287432425SH SOLE 2500
iShares Barclays 7-10 Yr TreasETF46428744023200SH SOLE 20000
iShares Barclays MBS ETFETF4642885883,06728,366SH SOLE 28,0260340
iShares Barclays TIPS Bond ETFETF4642871762,58820,266SH SOLE 8,030012,236
iShares Core Total U.S. Bond METF46428722668,137593,373SH SOLE 575,754017,619
iShares Core Total USD Bond MaETF46434V613661,239SH SOLE 1,23900
iShares ESG 1-5 Yr USD Corp BoETF46435G2431,62562,537SH SOLE 61,22101,316
iShares ESG U.S. Aggregate BonETF46435U5493,20358,093SH SOLE 56,87901,214
iShares Floating Rate BondETF46429B6552,24544,149SH SOLE 35,39908,750
iShares iBoxx $ Investment GraETF4642872424543,415SH SOLE 2,9020513
iShares iBoxx High Yield CorpETF46428851379905SH SOLE 7550150
iShares Intermediate-Term CorpETF4642886381,26521,064SH SOLE 18,33002,734
iShares JPMorgan USD Emerg MarETF46428828125230SH SOLE 23000
iShares S&P National AMT-FreeETF4642884147,47964,378SH SOLE 62,36502,013
iShares S&P US Preferred StockETF4642886874,032103,900SH SOLE 99,70404,196
iShares Short-Term Corporate BETF46428864617,167314,185SH SOLE 235,823078,362
iShares Short-Term National MuETF46428815850466SH SOLE 46600
iShares US Treasury Bond ETFETF46429B267501,902SH SOLE 1,90200
JP Morgan Ultra Short Income FETF46641Q8376,932136,678SH SOLE 135,9280750
MFS Charter Income TrustETF552727109192,225SH SOLE 002,225
Neuberger Berman IntermediateETF64124P1011,29580,676SH SOLE 79,47601,200
Nuveen AMT-Free QLTY MunicipalETF670657105221,456SH SOLE 1,45600
Nuveen Arizona Quality MunicipETF67061W10480251,150SH SOLE 51,15000
Nuveen California Quality MuniETF67066Y10560438,500SH SOLE 38,50000
Nuveen Dividend Advantage MuniETF67070X1011368,108SH SOLE 1,08907,019
Nuveen Dividend Advantage MuniETF67066V1019600SH SOLE 60000
Nuveen Dividend Advantage MuniETF67071L1067435SH SOLE 43500
Nuveen Ohio Quality IncomeETF6709801014,893308,702SH SOLE 308,70200
Nuveen PA Invt QtyETF670972108151,000SH SOLE 1,00000
Nuveen Qty Pfd Inc Fd2ETF67072C105343,458SH SOLE 3,45800
PIMCO 0-5 Year Hi Yld Corp BonETF72201R7831291,300SH SOLE 001,300
PIMCO Active Bond ETFETF72201R7755204,703SH SOLE 4,70300
PIMCO Corporate & Income Opp FETF72201B101814,450SH SOLE 4,45000
PIMCO Enhanced Short MaturityETF72201R8338218,050SH SOLE 8,05000
PIMCO Intermediate Municipal BETF72201R86625450SH SOLE 45000
Putnam Premier IncomeETF746853100235,057SH SOLE 5,05700
Schwab Intermediate-Term US TrETF80852485446814SH SOLE 540760
Schwab Short-Term US TreasuryETF8085248623386,609SH SOLE 6,60900
Schwab U.S. Aggregate Bond ETFETF8085248396,432118,546SH SOLE 117,7610785
Schwab US TIPS ETFETF808524870352SH SOLE 5200
SPDR Barclays Capital High YieETF78468R6226485,927SH SOLE 4,07001,857
SPDR Barclays Conv SecuritiesETF78464A35943500SH SOLE 50000
SPDR Bloomberg Barclays 1-3 moETF78468R663221SH SOLE 2100
SPDR Nuveen Barclays Short-TerETF78468R73945915SH SOLE 91500
SPDR Nuveen Bloomberg BarclaysETF78468R721881,712SH SOLE 001,712
SPDR Portfolio Inter Term CorpETF78464A37517474SH SOLE 47400
SPDR Portfolio Short Term CorpETF78464A47430965SH SOLE 96500
SPDR Portfolio Short Term TreaETF78468R10110325SH SOLE 32500
TCW Strategic Incm FundETF872340104407,000SH SOLE 007,000
Vaneck Vectors AMT-Free InterETF92189H20111212SH SOLE 21200
VanEck Vectors AMT-Free Long METF92189F5362,02794,181SH SOLE 92,81101,370
Vaneck Vectors AMT-Free ShortETF92189F5283,671203,960SH SOLE 73,9190130,041
Vanguard Intermediate-term BETF9219378191431,595SH SOLE 7001,525
Vanguard Intermediate Term CorETF92206C87073,927783,046SH SOLE 695,042088,004
vanguard long-term bond indexETF921937793875SH SOLE 7500
Vanguard Mortgage-Backed SecurETF92206C77141,005769,465SH SOLE 746,235023,230
Vanguard Short-Term Bond ETFETF92193782732,475396,322SH SOLE 64,9770331,345
Vanguard Short-Term Corp BondETF92206C40972,572880,622SH SOLE 560,0970320,525
Vanguard Short-Term Inflation-ETF9220208052805,326SH SOLE 5,0510275
Vanguard Tax-Exempt Bond ETFETF9229077462,79651,048SH SOLE 51,04800
Vanguard Total Bond Market ETFETF9219378352,10824,671SH SOLE 22,09302,578
Vanguard Total International BETF92203J4072514,412SH SOLE 4,41200
Vanguard Ultra Short BondETF92203C3031,16223,175SH SOLE 23,17500
Western Asset Global High IncETF95766B10902SH SOLE 200
Western Asset Infl Linked OppsETF95766R1041279,540SH SOLE 9,54000
Western Asset Muni PrtfdETF95766P108181,120SH SOLE 001,120
1st Source CorporationCOM3369011031423,000SH SOLE 3,00000
3M CompanyCOM88579Y1017,22741,196SH SOLE 17,085024,111
Abbott LabsCOM002824100121,2141,026,108SH SOLE 770,8500255,258
Abbvie IncCOM00287Y10912,492115,802SH SOLE 99,784016,018
Abercrombie & Fitch CoCOM0028962076165SH SOLE 16500
Acadia Realty TrustCOM00423910910468SH SOLE 46800
Accenture PLC - Class ACOMG1151C10189,124278,583SH SOLE 187,828090,755
ACCO Brands CorpCOM00081T1082188SH SOLE 00188
Acushnet Holdings CorpCOM005098108368SH SOLE 6800
Addus HomeCare CorpCOM006739106801,000SH SOLE 1,00000
Adobe Systems Inc.COM00724F1011,0001,737SH SOLE 1,1390598
Adtalem Global Education IncCOM00737L1035132SH SOLE 00132
Advanced Micro Devices IncCOM007903107333SH SOLE 3300
AFLAC IncorporatedCOM001055102531,013SH SOLE 1,01300
AGCO CorpCOM0010841021231,000SH SOLE 1,00000
Agilent Technologies IncCOM00846U1013842,437SH SOLE 2,43700
Agree Realty CorpCOM008492100226SH SOLE 2600
Air Lease Corp Class ACOM00912X3021854,690SH SOLE 4,69000
Air Products and Chemicals IncCOM0091581062,3149,036SH SOLE 1,20907,827
Airbnb IncCOM0090661011483SH SOLE 0083
Albany Intl Corp Cl ACOM012348108222SH SOLE 2200
Alcon IncCOMH0130112840501SH SOLE 50100
Allete Inc.COM018522300230SH SOLE 3000
Alliant Energy CorporationCOM01880210818326SH SOLE 286040
Allscripts Healthcare SolutionCOM01988P1085350SH SOLE 00350
Allstate Corp.COM0200021018636,779SH SOLE 2,06604,713
Ally Financial IncCOM02005N1005105SH SOLE 10500
Alphabet Inc Class ACOM02079K30557,43321,482SH SOLE 18,17303,309
Alphabet Inc Class CCOM02079K107168,86363,356SH SOLE 45,239018,117
Altria Group Inc.COM02209S10357112,535SH SOLE 6,83305,702 Inc.COM02313510688,24926,864SH SOLE 20,00206,862
Amdocs LTDCOMG02602103340SH SOLE 4000
Ameren Corp.COM0236081021001,229SH SOLE 6230606
American Electric Power IncCOM0255371011722,114SH SOLE 1,8630251
American Express CompanyCOM02581610916,42298,025SH SOLE 53,182044,843
American Financial Group Inc.COM0259321041571,251SH SOLE 1,25100
American International GroupCOM026874784611,108SH SOLE 1,10800
American Tower REIT IncCOM03027X10085,579322,441SH SOLE 246,409076,032
American Water Works Co IncCOM0304201031,0206,034SH SOLE 43405,600
Ameriprise Financial IncorporaCOM03076C10664241SH SOLE 00241
Amerisourcebergen Corp.COM03073E10534286SH SOLE 860200
Amgen IncCOM03116210082,419387,583SH SOLE 282,8100104,773
Amphenol CorpCOM0320951011722,350SH SOLE 2,35000
Analog Devices IncCOM03265410562,170371,207SH SOLE 356,064015,143
Annaly Capital Mgmt Inc.COM0357104094459SH SOLE 45900
Anthem IncCOM036752103355951SH SOLE 6750276
Aon PLCCOMG0403H1089003,150SH SOLE 55002,600
Apollo Commercial Real EstateCOM03762U1052125SH SOLE 00125
Apple IncCOM037833100274,6891,941,263SH SOLE 1,473,4600467,803
Applied Materials Inc.COM0382221051481,150SH SOLE 5500600
Archer-Daniels-Midland Co.COM039483102751,256SH SOLE 6000656
Arconic CorpCOM03966V10712387SH SOLE 00387
Arthur J. Gallagher & CoCOM3635761092501,679SH SOLE 2501,654
Aspen Technology IncCOM045327103537SH SOLE 0037
Assured Guaranty LTDCOMG0585R106243SH SOLE 4300
AT&T IncCOM00206R1024,302159,279SH SOLE 138,815020,464
Atlantica Sustainable InfrastrCOMG0751N103351,000SH SOLE 1,00000
Atmos Energy CorporationCOM04956010544500SH SOLE 50000
Aurora Cannabis IncCOM05156X884020SH SOLE 2000
Autodesk IncCOM052769106264926SH SOLE 00926
Automatic Data ProcessingCOM05301510321,415107,117SH SOLE 100,44506,672
Avanos Medical IncCOM05350V10629928SH SOLE 916012
Avery Dennison CorpCOM053611109212SH SOLE 1200
Avista CorpCOM05379B107591,500SH SOLE 1,50000
Bank Montreal QueCOM0636711011331,330SH SOLE 001,330
Bank of America CorporationCOM06050510477518,262SH SOLE 6,046012,216
Bank of New York Mellon CorpCOM0640581001,02119,693SH SOLE 19,2180475
Bank OzkCOM06417N103482SH SOLE 8200
Barrick Gold CorpCOM067901108150SH SOLE 5000
Baxter International IncCOM07181310948,446602,336SH SOLE 570,354031,982
BCE IncCOM05534B760367SH SOLE 6700
Beam GlobalCOM07373B1093100SH SOLE 00100
Becton Dickinson & CoCOM07588710911,06645,017SH SOLE 4,680040,337
Berkshire Hathaway Inc - ClassCOM084670702112,443411,970SH SOLE 296,0350115,935
Berkshire Hathaway Inc. ClassCOM08467010830,44274SH SOLE 7202
Best Buy IncCOM08651610156531SH SOLE 53100
Beyond Meat IncCOM08862E109215SH SOLE 1500
Biglari Holdings Inc Class ACOM08986R40822SH SOLE 200
Biglari Holdings Inc Class BCOM08986R309425SH SOLE 2500
Biogen IncCOM09062X10340140SH SOLE 14000
Black Stone Minerals LPCOM09225M10139532,746SH SOLE 32,74600
BlackRock IncCOM09247X1012,0022,387SH SOLE 2,1850202
Block H & R Inc.COM09367110533013,200SH SOLE 10,00003,200
Bloom Energy CorpCOM093712107331,750SH SOLE 1,75000
bluebird bio IncCOM09609G1002100SH SOLE 00100
Boeing Co.COM0970231051,8898,590SH SOLE 6,39502,195
Booking Holdings IncCOM09857L108198SH SOLE 800
Booz Allen Hamilton Hl Cl ACOM09950210648,071605,808SH SOLE 405,3430200,465
Boston Beer Co Inc Cl ACOM1005571071733SH SOLE 3300
Boston Properties Inc.COM1011211013773,482SH SOLE 3,48200
Boston Scientific Corp.COM10113710714322SH SOLE 00322
Box IncCOM10316T104472,000SH SOLE 2,00000
Brighthouse Financial Inc.COM10922N10302SH SOLE 200
Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.COM11012210852,115880,760SH SOLE 694,2920186,468
Broadcom IncCOM11135F101179369SH SOLE 339030
Broadridge Financial SolutionsCOM11133T10382492SH SOLE 430062
Brookfield Asset Management InCOM1125851043817,114SH SOLE 6,7150399
Brookfield Asset Mgmt ReinsuraCOMG16169107345SH SOLE 4500
Brown Forman Corp Class BCOM1156372091,29619,336SH SOLE 18,6360700
Brunswick CorporationCOM117043109437SH SOLE 3700
C S X Corp.COM1264081031,83861,817SH SOLE 61,3880429
Cable One IncCOM12685J10521SH SOLE 100
Cabot Oil & Gas CorporationCOM1270971031386,320SH SOLE 6,32000
Camden Property Trust REITCOM13313110218SH SOLE 800
Campbell Soup Co.COM1344291099225SH SOLE 00225
Canadian National RailwayCOM13637510230260SH SOLE 26000
Canadian Natural Resource LtdCOM13638510133900SH SOLE 00900
Canadian Pacific Railway LtdCOM13645T100570SH SOLE 0070
Cardia IncCOM14140R10205,702SH SOLE 5,70200
Cardinal Health Inc.COM14149Y1082094,229SH SOLE 004,229
Carlisle Companies IncCOM14233910017SH SOLE 007
CarMax IncCOM14313010248375SH SOLE 37500
Carnival CorpCOM1436583003100SH SOLE 10000
Carrier Global CorpCOM14448C1041,93437,371SH SOLE 34,98402,387
Carter Validus Mission II ClasCOM146280102212,575SH SOLE 2,57500
Caterpillar Inc.COM1491231014882,540SH SOLE 72501,815
Cathay General BancorpCOM149150104249SH SOLE 4900
CBRE Group IncCOM12504L1092682,751SH SOLE 2,700051
CCF Holdings LLCCOM12509J20803,274SH SOLE 3,27400
CDK Global IncCOM12508E1011734,062SH SOLE 2,62801,434
CDW CorpCOM12514G10838,055209,070SH SOLE 159,683049,387
Cenovus Energy IncCOM15135U109202,000SH SOLE 2,00000
Centene CorpCOM15135B10128452SH SOLE 500402
Cerner CorpCOM15678210488612,560SH SOLE 12,56000
ChampionX CorpCOM15872M10410437SH SOLE 43700
Charles River Laboratories IntCOM159864107410SH SOLE 1000
Charles Schwab Corp.COM8085131052,26731,128SH SOLE 22,16808,960
Charter Communications, IncCOM16119P108210288SH SOLE 28800
Check Point Software Tech LTDCOMM2246510460530SH SOLE 53000
Chemed CorpCOM16359R103142305SH SOLE 30500
Chevron CorpCOM1667641007,40372,968SH SOLE 65,30807,660
Chewy IncCOM16679L10910150SH SOLE 00150
Chipotle Mexican Grill IncCOM169656105852469SH SOLE 3320137
Chubb LtdCOMH1467J10434,773200,445SH SOLE 186,475013,970
Church and Dwight IncCOM1713401021221,472SH SOLE 5520920
Cigna Corp.COM1255231002641,317SH SOLE 9940323
Cimarex Energy CoCOM17179810111122SH SOLE 12200
Cincinnati Financial CorpCOM1720621016,44656,439SH SOLE 56,43900
Cintas Corp.COM1729081053,90010,245SH SOLE 5,78204,463
Cisco Systems IncCOM17275R1023,59265,989SH SOLE 37,182028,807
CIT Group IncCOM125581801590SH SOLE 9000
Citigroup Inc.COM1729674241892,699SH SOLE 4202,657
Citrix Systems Inc.COM17737610064600SH SOLE 60000
Clorox Co.COM18905410975450SH SOLE 3000150
CME Group IncCOM12572Q10535180SH SOLE 00180
CNL Healthcare Properties IncCOM12612C10881,062SH SOLE 1,06200
Coca ColaCOM1912161008,528162,536SH SOLE 105,367057,169
Cognex CorpCOM19242210320250SH SOLE 00250
Cognizant Technology SolutionsCOM1924461021832,465SH SOLE 2,46500
Cohen & Steers IncCOM19247A1001301,556SH SOLE 1,55600
Colgate-Palmolive Co.COM1941621039,103120,446SH SOLE 43,277077,169
Comcast Corporation Class ACOM20030N10161,4331,098,389SH SOLE 775,5670322,822
Comfort Systems USA Ord ShsCOM199908104110SH SOLE 1000
Conagra Inc.COM20588710227800SH SOLE 80000
Conduent IncCOM206787103335,000SH SOLE 5,00000
Conmed CorpCOM207410101321SH SOLE 2100
ConocoPhillipsCOM20825C1041,17617,352SH SOLE 7,95209,400
Constellation Brands IncCOM21036P1086,13429,115SH SOLE 2,850026,265
Corning IncorporatedCOM21935010540110,999SH SOLE 9,29901,700
Corteva IncCOM22052L104551,317SH SOLE 3570960
Costco Wholesale CorpCOM22160K10569,998155,777SH SOLE 105,378050,399
Coty IncCOM2220702032200SH SOLE 20000
Crane CoCOM224399105218SH SOLE 1800
Credit Acceptance Corp MichCOM22531010190153SH SOLE 15300
Crowdstrike Hldgs Inc Cl ACOM22788C10527110SH SOLE 11000
Crown Castle International CorCOM22822V101136784SH SOLE 692092
Cullen Frost BankersCOM22989910913,729115,742SH SOLE 115,2200522
Cummins IncCOM23102110697430SH SOLE 43000
CVS Health CorpCOM1266501008139,583SH SOLE 3,88305,700
CyrusOne IncCOM23283R10018233SH SOLE 330200
Danaher CorpCOM23585110224,83781,584SH SOLE 9,596071,988
Darden Restaurants Inc.COM237194105146962SH SOLE 96200
Deere CoCOM24419910562,552186,682SH SOLE 181,01905,663
Dell Technologies IncCOM24703L202770SH SOLE 7000
Denali Therapeutics IncCOM24823R105761,500SH SOLE 1,50000
Dentsply Sirona Inc.COM24906P1091592,734SH SOLE 2,73400
Devon Energy Corp NewCOM25179M1034100SH SOLE 00100
Diamondback Energy IncCOM25278X109217SH SOLE 1700
Digital Realty Trust IncCOM25386810328193SH SOLE 00193
Discover Financial ServicesCOM25470910874600SH SOLE 00600
Discovery Inc - Class CCOM25470F302295SH SOLE 9500
Dish Network CorporationCOM25470M109611,401SH SOLE 1,40100
Disney (Walt) CoCOM254687106110,126650,976SH SOLE 434,0010216,975
DocuSign IncCOM25616310626100SH SOLE 00100
Dollar General CorporationCOM256677105837SH SOLE 3205
Dollar Tree IncCOM256746108444SH SOLE 4400
Dominion Energy Inc.COM25746U1095978,181SH SOLE 2,53305,648
Donaldson Inc.COM2576511091,10719,288SH SOLE 19,28800
Dover Corp.COM2600031088555,501SH SOLE 5,2740227
Dow IncCOM2605571031492,594SH SOLE 1,6340960
Doximity IncCOM26622P10720250SH SOLE 25000
Draftkings IncCOM26142R104240SH SOLE 4000
Duke Energy CorpCOM26441C20456,416578,096SH SOLE 472,4630105,633
Duke Realty CorporationCOM26441150525522SH SOLE 52200
DuPont De Nemours IncCOM26614N1023965,819SH SOLE 4,8590960
E.W. Scripps CompanyCOM8110544029523SH SOLE 00523
East West Bancorp IncCOM27579R104345SH SOLE 4500
Eastgroup Properties Inc. REITCOM277276101214SH SOLE 1400
Eaton Corp PLCCOMG291831037,22348,373SH SOLE 5,467042,906
eBay Inc.COM2786421031051,510SH SOLE 1,51000
EcolabCOM278865100208996SH SOLE 935061
Edwards Lifesciences CorpCOM28176E1087416,543SH SOLE 6,4080135
Elbit Systems LTDCOMM3760D1011451,000SH SOLE 1,00000
Electronic Arts IncCOM28551210930210SH SOLE 00210
Emerson Electric Co.COM29101110413,292141,107SH SOLE 110,956030,151
Enbridge IncCOM29250N10563,1601,586,935SH SOLE 1,113,5140473,421
Encompass Health CorpCOM29261A10015204SH SOLE 20400
Encorium Group IncCOM29257R208052SH SOLE 5200
Endeavour Mining CorpCOMG30CNT011552,449SH SOLE 2,44900
Energizer Holdings IncCOM29272W109401,036SH SOLE 1,03600
Energy Recovery IncCOM29270J100562,928SH SOLE 2,92800
Ennis Inc.COM293389102542,871SH SOLE 2,87100
Enpro Inds IncCOM29355X107111SH SOLE 1100
EOG Res IncCOM26875P1012723,392SH SOLE 3,39200
EPR PropertiesCOM26884U109114SH SOLE 1400
EQT CorporationCOM26884L1092112SH SOLE 11200
Equity ResidentialCOM29476L107981,206SH SOLE 1,0060200
Essential Utilities IncCOM29670G102571,231SH SOLE 20001,031
Estee Lauder CompaniesCOM5184391043751,249SH SOLE 20001,049
Everest Re Group LtdCOMG3223R1084681,865SH SOLE 12001,745
Eversource EnergyCOM30040W108971,183SH SOLE 4260757
Exelon CorpCOM30161N10120408SH SOLE 920316
Exxon Mobil CorpCOM30231G1028,624146,615SH SOLE 129,793016,822
Facebook Inc Class ACOM30303M10236,872108,641SH SOLE 104,64903,992
Fannie MaeCOM31358610911,000SH SOLE 1,00000
Fastenal Co.COM3119001042354,560SH SOLE 3,7120848
Federal Agricultural MortgageCOM313148306111SH SOLE 1100
Federal Realty Investment TrusCOM31374720635300SH SOLE 30000
Fedex CorpCOM31428X10639,175178,644SH SOLE 140,461038,183
Fidelity National Financial InCOM31620R30310216SH SOLE 21600
Fidelity National InformationCOM31620M10640,608333,727SH SOLE 286,381047,346
Fifth Third BancorpCOM3167731003,22275,912SH SOLE 75,6120300
First Citizens Bancshares IncCOM31946M103337400SH SOLE 00400
First Finl BancorpCOM320209109893,782SH SOLE 3,78200
First Interstate BancSystem InCOM32055Y201487SH SOLE 0087
First Republic BankCOM33616C10027142SH SOLE 00142
First Solar IncCOM3364331072242,350SH SOLE 2,35000
First Trust NASDAQ TechnologyCOM33738R11820347SH SOLE 34700
Fiserv Inc.COM3377381084884,498SH SOLE 3,6200878
Fiverr IntlCOMM4R82T10618100SH SOLE 10000
FleetCor Technologies IncCOM3390411051037SH SOLE 0037
FMC CorpCOM3024913035125,590SH SOLE 5,59000
Focus Financial PartnersCOM34417P1002,91855,711SH SOLE 55,71100
Ford Motor Co.COM3453708608550SH SOLE 3500200
Fortinet IncCOM34959E10988300SH SOLE 30000
Fortis IncCOM349553107494SH SOLE 0094
Fortive CorporationCOM34959J108821,162SH SOLE 2370925
Fortune Brands Home & SecurityCOM34964C1062843,175SH SOLE 1,35001,825
Four Corners Property TrustCOM35086T109145SH SOLE 4500
Franklin Resources IncCOM354613101011SH SOLE 1100
Freehold Royalties LTDCOM3565001087800SH SOLE 80000
Freeport-McMoRan IncCOM35671D857611,890SH SOLE 001,890
FS KKR Capital CorpCOM302635206441,978SH SOLE 1,97800
Gaming and Leisure PropertiesCOM36467J108370SH SOLE 7000
Garmin LtdCOMH2906T10954350SH SOLE 35000
Gartner Group Inc Cl ACOM36665110761202SH SOLE 00202
General Dynamics CorporationCOM36955010831,118158,742SH SOLE 138,156020,586
General Electric CoCOM3696043012822,734SH SOLE 99401,740
General Mills Inc.COM3703341043195,341SH SOLE 5,34100
General MotorsCOM37045V100531,000SH SOLE 001,000
Genpact LtdCOMG3922B107250SH SOLE 0050
Gentex Corp.COM3719011091253,800SH SOLE 3,80000
Genuine Parts Co.COM3724601053352,762SH SOLE 2,6540108
Gilead Sciences Inc.COM3755581033865,528SH SOLE 3,92801,600
Global Payments IncCOM37940X102120764SH SOLE 76400
Global X Robotics/Artificial ICOM37954Y7159250SH SOLE 25000
Goldman Sachs Group Inc.COM38141G104369976SH SOLE 6760300
Grainger WW Inc.COM3848021045211,325SH SOLE 3350990
GreenSky IncCOM39572G1003300SH SOLE 30000
Groupe DanoneCOMF1203313410150SH SOLE 15000
H B Fuller CoCOM35969410640614SH SOLE 61400
Hamilton Lane IncCOM407497106117SH SOLE 1700
Hanesbrands IncCOM410345102422,434SH SOLE 43402,000
Hannon Armstrong Sustainable ICOM41068X1001492,787SH SOLE 2,78700
Harley-Davidson Inc.COM412822108380SH SOLE 8000
Hartford Financial Services GrCOM416515104575SH SOLE 0075
Hasbro Inc.COM418056107222SH SOLE 2200
HCA Holdings IncCOM40412C101418SH SOLE 1800
Hecla Mining CoCOM42270410681,500SH SOLE 1,50000
Helmerich & PayneCOM42345210114500SH SOLE 50000
Henry Schein Inc.COM8064071021501,970SH SOLE 1,97000
Hershey CompanyCOM4278661086343,743SH SOLE 3,4430300
Hewlett Packard EnterpriseCOM42824C10919413,627SH SOLE 13,62700
Hill-Rom Holdings IncCOM431475102320SH SOLE 2000
Hillenbrand IncCOM4315711089200SH SOLE 20000
HollyFrontier CorpCOM436106108361,074SH SOLE 1340940
Home BancShares IncCOM436893200672,845SH SOLE 2,84500
Home Depot Inc.COM4370761029,86430,050SH SOLE 21,75808,292
Honeywell International Inc.COM4385161062,99814,125SH SOLE 8,43405,691
Horizon Therapeutics PLCCOMG461881011,20511,000SH SOLE 11,00000
Host Hotels & Resorts IncCOM44107P1049543SH SOLE 00543
Howmet Aerospace IncCOM443201108481,550SH SOLE 001,550
HP Inc.COM40434L10538414,027SH SOLE 14,02700
Hubbell IncCOM44351060792510SH SOLE 2100300
HubSpot IncCOM4435731006190SH SOLE 9000
Humana Inc.COM4448591022155SH SOLE 5500
Huntington Bancshares Inc.COM44615010465942,628SH SOLE 7,273035,355
Huntington Ingalls IndustriesCOM446413106420SH SOLE 2000
Huntsman CorpCOM447011107265SH SOLE 6500
Huron Consulting Group IncCOM44746210210200SH SOLE 00200
Hyatt Hotels CorpCOM4485791028100SH SOLE 10000
IAC/InterActive CorpCOM44891N208321SH SOLE 2100
Idacorp IncCOM451107106112SH SOLE 1200
Idex CorporationCOM45167R1046523,150SH SOLE 70002,450
Idexx LaboratoriesCOM45168D104124200SH SOLE 00200
iHeartMedia IncCOM45174J509341,340SH SOLE 1,34000
Illinois Tool WorksCOM45230810950,022242,083SH SOLE 116,1400125,944
Ingersoll-Rand PLC ShsCOM45687V10615300SH SOLE 30000
Ingredion IncCOM457187102223SH SOLE 2300
Inland Real Estate Income TrusCOM4574641054245SH SOLE 24500
Intel CorpCOM45814010016,443308,613SH SOLE 246,700061,913
Intercontinental Exchange IncCOM45866F10433284SH SOLE 200084
International Business MachineCOM4592001015,03936,267SH SOLE 34,45501,812
International Paper CompanyCOM460146103731,300SH SOLE 001,300
Interpublic Group CosCOM460690100131SH SOLE 3100
Intuit Inc.COM461202103405750SH SOLE 75000
Intuitive Surgical Inc NewCOM46120E6021,7541,764SH SOLE 001,764
InvenTrust Properties Corp REICOM46124J20120700SH SOLE 70000
IQVIA Holdings IncCOM46266C105415SH SOLE 1500
J.M. Smucker CompanyCOM8326964058657,208SH SOLE 5,86801,340
Jacobs Engineering Group IncCOM469814107106800SH SOLE 80000
James River Group Holdings LtdCOMG5005R107241SH SOLE 4100
Janus Henderson Group PLCCOMG4474Y2146144SH SOLE 00144
Jazz Pharmaceuticals PLCCOMG50871105215SH SOLE 1500
JBG Smith PropertiesCOM46590V1003115SH SOLE 11500
John Bean Technologies CorporaCOM47783910475532SH SOLE 53200
John Wiley and Sons IncCOM968223206114SH SOLE 1400
Johnson & JohnsonCOM47816010459,881370,778SH SOLE 263,9140106,865
Jones Lang LaSalle IncCOM48020Q1071560SH SOLE 0060
JPMorgan Chase & CoCOM46625H100110,765676,676SH SOLE 454,4540222,222
Kansas City Life Insurance InsCOM4848362001253,000SH SOLE 003,000
Kansas City SouthernCOM48517030232,779121,117SH SOLE 120,2750842
KBS Real Estate Inv Tr IIICOM48668L105918,448SH SOLE 8,44800
Kellogg CoCOM4878361085658,836SH SOLE 8,2360600
Keurig Dr Pepper IncCOM49271V100388SH SOLE 8800
Keycorp NewCOM493267108291,333SH SOLE 1,33300
Kimberly ClarkCOM4943681034,64035,035SH SOLE 26,78908,246
KLA-Tencor CorpCOM482480100413SH SOLE 0013
Knight Transportation IncCOM499049104631,237SH SOLE 1,23700
Knowles CorpCOM49926D10911600SH SOLE 60000
Kontoor Brands IncCOM50050N1035102SH SOLE 10200
Kornit Digital Ltd ShsCOMM6372Q11329200SH SOLE 20000
Kratos Defense and Security SoCOM50077B207271,200SH SOLE 001,200
Kroger Co.COM5010441011,80744,687SH SOLE 37,21207,475
L & L Energy IncCOM50162D1000179SH SOLE 17900
L3Harris TechnologiesCOM5024311097,11332,297SH SOLE 5,795026,502
Laboratory Corp Amer HldgsCOM50540R40946,100163,802SH SOLE 153,010010,792
Lam Research CorpCOM5128071085495SH SOLE 9500
LCI Industries Ord ShsCOM50189K103752SH SOLE 5200
LCNB CorpCOM50181P100603,400SH SOLE 3,40000
Learning Tree International InCOM5220151061315,340SH SOLE 15,34000
Leggett & Platt Inc.COM524660107125SH SOLE 2500
Leidos Holdings IncCOM525327102332SH SOLE 3200
Level One Bancorp IncCOM52730D20818596SH SOLE 59600
Liberty Braves Group CCOM531229888532,000SH SOLE 2,00000
Liberty Broadband Corp SeriesCOM530307305320SH SOLE 2000
Liberty Global PLC CCOMG5480U1201444,896SH SOLE 4,89600
Liberty Interactive Corp ACOM74915M100160SH SOLE 6000
Liberty Latin America Class ACOMG9001E102185SH SOLE 8500
Liberty SiriusXM Group CCOM53122960713267SH SOLE 850182
Lilly (Eli) & Co.COM5324571084,80420,791SH SOLE 13,21707,574
Lincoln Electric Holdings OrdCOM533900106217SH SOLE 1700
Lincoln National CorpCOM5341871091392,022SH SOLE 1,6220400
Linde AGCOMG5494J10364,694220,514SH SOLE 215,02405,490
Littelfuse IncCOM53700810430109SH SOLE 90100
LKQ CorpCOM5018892086129SH SOLE 12900
Lockheed Martin Corp.COM5398301096,15517,835SH SOLE 5,919011,916
Loews Corp.COM5404241082975,500SH SOLE 5,50000
Lowe's Companies IncCOM548661107120,435593,686SH SOLE 346,3220247,364
LTC Properties Reit Ord ShsCOM50217510215470SH SOLE 00470
Lululemon Athletica IncCOM550021109104258SH SOLE 580200
Lyft IncCOM55087P1045100SH SOLE 10000
M D U Resources Group Inc.COM552690109301,000SH SOLE 1,00000
M&T Bank CorporationCOM55261F1046234,170SH SOLE 4,17000
ManTech International CorpCOM56456310406SH SOLE 600
Manulife Finl CorpCOM56501R10682542,880SH SOLE 42,88000
Marathon Petroleum CorpCOM56585A1025278,531SH SOLE 008,531
MarketAxess Holdings IncCOM57060D10844105SH SOLE 10005
Marriott International Cl ACOM5719032025633,801SH SOLE 28603,515
Marriott Vacations WorldwideCOM57164Y10719119SH SOLE 00119
Marsh & McLennan Cos IncCOM5717481021,1407,525SH SOLE 7,438087
Martin Marietta MaterialsCOM5732841069982,921SH SOLE 2,8210100
MasTec IncCOM57632310926305SH SOLE 30500
Mastercard IncCOM57636Q104115,563332,382SH SOLE 323,65108,731
McCormick & CoCOM57978020628,076346,488SH SOLE 344,99801,490
McDonalds CorpCOM58013510142,231175,154SH SOLE 160,277014,877
McKesson CorporationCOM58155Q1032821,414SH SOLE 1,41400
MDC Holding Inc.COM552676108122SH SOLE 2200
Medical Properties Trust IncCOM58463J304542,673SH SOLE 7302,600
Medtronic plcCOMG5960L1033,74329,859SH SOLE 6,044023,815
Merck & Co. Inc.COM58933Y10512,057160,523SH SOLE 107,420053,103
Meridian Bioscience IncCOM589584101904,689SH SOLE 4,68900
Metlife IncCOM59156R10851820SH SOLE 82000
MGE Energy Inc ComCOM55277P10411150SH SOLE 00150
MGM Resorts InternationalCOM55295310131725SH SOLE 72500
Microchip Technology IncCOM5950171045983,899SH SOLE 30003,599
Micron Technology IncCOM5951121031041,472SH SOLE 1,47200
Microsoft CorpCOM594918104276,555980,969SH SOLE 733,1900247,779
Microstrategy IncCOM59497240887150SH SOLE 15000
Miller Herman Inc.COM600544100451,200SH SOLE 1,20000
MKS Instruments Ord ShsCOM55306N104321SH SOLE 2100
Molson Coors Brewing Co Cl BCOM60871R2096124SH SOLE 12202
Mondelez Intl Inc CL ACOM60920710510,500180,466SH SOLE 27,0520153,414
MongoDB IncCOM60937P10647100SH SOLE 00100
Monolithic Power Systems Inc.COM60983910524SH SOLE 400
Moodys CorpCOM6153691059062,550SH SOLE 002,550
Morgan StanleyCOM6174464483063,140SH SOLE 1,21301,927
Mosaic CoCOM61945C1035131SH SOLE 13100
Motorola Solutions IncCOM6200763073551,526SH SOLE 1,0660460
MSA Safety IncCOM553498106211SH SOLE 1100
NBT Bancorp IncCOM62877810210288SH SOLE 28800
NCR Corp.COM62886E108431,104SH SOLE 1,10400
Neogen CorpCOM640491106671,550SH SOLE 1,55000
Nestle SACOMH5731264917138SH SOLE 220116
Netapp IncCOM64110D1044044,500SH SOLE 004,500
Netflix Inc.COM64110L10678127SH SOLE 102025
New Relic IncCOM64829B10040554SH SOLE 55400
News Corp Class ACOM65249B10921879SH SOLE 87900
NextEra Energy IncCOM65339F10168,520872,647SH SOLE 699,9900172,657
NextEra Energy Partners, LPCOM65341B1061361,800SH SOLE 1,80000
Nike Inc.COM65410610349,335339,703SH SOLE 327,549012,154
Nisource Inc.COM65473P105421,736SH SOLE 1,5560180
Nordson Corp ComCOM65566310229SH SOLE 900
Nordstrom Inc.COM6556641003100SH SOLE 10000
Norfolk Southern Corp.COM65584410821,91091,576SH SOLE 89,33102,245
Northern Trust Corp.COM6658591042,85326,465SH SOLE 1,725024,740
Northrop Grumman Corp.COM66680710281225SH SOLE 00225
Northwest Natural Holding CompCOM66765N10521467SH SOLE 46700
NorthWestern CorpCOM6680743056102SH SOLE 10200
Nucor CorpCOM670346105776SH SOLE 7600
Nutrien LtdCOM67077M1081081,661SH SOLE 1,66100
nVent Electric PLCCOMG6700G107269SH SOLE 6900
Nvidia CorpCOM67066G10492444SH SOLE 1200324
NXP Semiconductor NVCOMN6596X1092531,290SH SOLE 1,29000
O' Reilly Automotive IncCOM67103H10798160SH SOLE 16000
Occidental Petroleum Corp.COM6745991056202SH SOLE 1000102
ODP CorpCOM88337F105244SH SOLE 4400
OGE Energy Corp.COM670837103882,674SH SOLE 2,67400
Omega Healthcare Investors IncCOM6819361001394,650SH SOLE 004,650
Omnicom Group IncCOM681919106225SH SOLE 2500
Oracle CorpCOM68389X1053,32438,147SH SOLE 26,717011,430
Organon & CoCOM68622V1061263,840SH SOLE 3,6500190
Otis Worldwide CorpCOM68902V1071,59419,368SH SOLE 18,17501,193
P G & E Corp.COM69331C1082200SH SOLE 00200
Paccar Inc.COM6937181086618,371SH SOLE 8,350021
Packaging Corp of AmericaCOM69515610936261SH SOLE 26100
Palantir Technologies IncCOM69608A1082100SH SOLE 00100
Papa Johns International IncCOM698813102111SH SOLE 1100
Parker Hannifin Corp.COM701094104312SH SOLE 1200
Paychex Inc.COM70432610791813SH SOLE 81300
Paylocity Holding CorpCOM70438V10642150SH SOLE 15000
PayPal Holdings IncCOM70450Y1031,4485,564SH SOLE 3,46002,104
Peloton Interactive IncCOM70614W100330SH SOLE 3000
Pepsico IncCOM71344810884,712563,210SH SOLE 460,5360102,674
PerkinElmer Inc ComCOM71404610985493SH SOLE 930400
Pfizer Inc.COM7170811038,343193,984SH SOLE 132,660061,324
Phibro Animal Health CorpCOM71742Q106021SH SOLE 2100
Philip Morris InternationalCOM7181721091,71418,078SH SOLE 10,43307,645
Phillips 66COM71854610497413,905SH SOLE 3,438010,467
Pinnacle West Cap CorpCOM72348410143600SH SOLE 5000100
Piper Sandler CosCOM7240781002852,055SH SOLE 2,05500
Plexus CorpCOM72913210030330SH SOLE 00330
PNC Financial Services GroupCOM6934751052,95315,093SH SOLE 15,043050
Post Holdings IncCOM737446104659SH SOLE 5900
PPG Industries Inc.COM6935061078255,771SH SOLE 4,17101,600
PPL CorporationCOM69351T10613469SH SOLE 690400
Principal Financial Group IncCOM74251V1021241,924SH SOLE 1,92400
Procter & Gamble CoCOM74271810987,043622,623SH SOLE 534,845087,778
Progressive Corp OhioCOM74331510311125SH SOLE 12500
Prologis Inc. REITCOM74340W103113897SH SOLE 847050
Prosperity Bancshares IncCOM743606105751,050SH SOLE 1,05000
Prudential Financial IncCOM74432010298928SH SOLE 92800
Public StorageCOM74460D1095171,739SH SOLE 6401,675
Qorvo IncCOM74736K10138228SH SOLE 22800
Qualcomm IncCOM7475251032,79221,645SH SOLE 20,7150930
Quest Diagnostics IncorporatedCOM74834L10059409SH SOLE 3000109
Raymond James Financial IncCOM754730109221SH SOLE 2100
Raytheon Technologies CorpCOM75513E10115,580181,245SH SOLE 158,763022,482
Realty Income CorpCOM7561091041942,995SH SOLE 83002,165
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals IncCOM75886F107208344SH SOLE 00344
Regional Health Properties IncCOM75903M1011161SH SOLE 16100
Regis CorpCOM7589321072565SH SOLE 56500
Resideo TechnologiesCOM76118Y10410400SH SOLE 40000
RINO International CorporationCOM7668831020100SH SOLE 10000
Rocket Companies, IncCOM77311W1018500SH SOLE 50000
Rockwell Automation CorporatioCOM77390310911,64439,600SH SOLE 3,935035,665
Roper Technologies, Inc.COM77669610658130SH SOLE 13000
Ross Stores incCOM7782961031351,240SH SOLE 1,24000
Royal Bk CanadaCOM78008710230300SH SOLE 30000
Royal Caribbean Cruises LtdCOMV7780T1039100SH SOLE 10000
RPM Inc. - OhioCOM74968510333420SH SOLE 200400
S&P Global IncCOM78409V10426,07961,378SH SOLE 53,21108,167
Safety Insurance Group IncCOM78648T10069875SH SOLE 00875
Salesforce ComCOM79466L30271,766264,604SH SOLE 178,825085,779
SBA Communications CorpCOM78410G10473222SH SOLE 00222
Schlumberger LtdCOM8068571081906,410SH SOLE 1,00005,410
Science Applications InternatiCOM808625107111SH SOLE 1100
Scotts Miracle- Gro CompanyCOM81018610659400SH SOLE 00400
Seagate Technology Holdings OrCOMG7997R1033544,285SH SOLE 4,28500
Sealed Air CorpCOM81211K100245SH SOLE 4500
SEI Investments CompanyCOM7841171038131SH SOLE 13100
Select Medical Holdings Ord ShCOM81619Q105128SH SOLE 2800
Sempra EnergyCOM81685110989706SH SOLE 619087
Sensient Technologies CorpCOM81725T100911,000SH SOLE 1,00000
ServisFirst Bancshares IncCOM81768T108231SH SOLE 3100
Sherwin Williams CorpCOM8243481063361,200SH SOLE 001,200
Shockwave Medical IncCOM82489T104103500SH SOLE 50000
Shopify IncCOM82509L107271200SH SOLE 20000
Signify NVCOMN8063K10713250SH SOLE 25000
Simon Property Group IncCOM82880610927207SH SOLE 20700
Sirius XM Holdings IncCOM82968B1032360SH SOLE 00360
Six Flags Entertainment CorpCOM83001A102380SH SOLE 8000
Skechers USA IncCOM8305661055121SH SOLE 12100
Skyworks Solutions IncCOM83088M1025253,185SH SOLE 20002,985
SM Energy CompanyCOM78454L100371,400SH SOLE 1,40000
Snap On IncCOM83303410154260SH SOLE 100250
Southern CompanyCOM8425871075649,093SH SOLE 3,84305,251
Southwest Airlines Co.COM844741108531,025SH SOLE 001,025
Sprout Social IncCOM85209W109326SH SOLE 2600
SS&C TechnologiesCOM78467J100343SH SOLE 4300
Stanley Black & Decker IncCOM8545021012571,468SH SOLE 1,46800
Starbucks Corp.COM85524410930,332274,967SH SOLE 28,8880246,079
State Street CorpCOM85747710313158SH SOLE 15800
Stericycle IncCOM85891210818260SH SOLE 26000
Steris PLCCOMG8473T100104507SH SOLE 50700
Sterling Construction CompanyCOM8592411015200SH SOLE 20000
STORE Capital CorpCOM862121100252SH SOLE 5200
Streamline Health Solutions InCOM86323X1061710,000SH SOLE 10,00000
Stryker Corp.COM8636671011,9227,287SH SOLE 6,23101,056
SUN CMNTYS INC COMCOM866674104111602SH SOLE 60200
SVB Financial GroupCOM78486Q101582900SH SOLE 90000
Synchrony FinancialCOM87165B1033767,700SH SOLE 3,00004,700
Synopsys IncCOM87160710745150SH SOLE 15000
Sysco Corp.COM8718291079,466120,585SH SOLE 53,266067,319
T Rowe Price Group Inc.COM74144T10847,892243,477SH SOLE 192,224051,253
Tandy Corp.COM87538210326325SH SOLE 32500
Tapestry IncCOM876030107260SH SOLE 6000
Targa Resources CorpCOM87612G101241SH SOLE 4100
Target CorpCOM87612E1066,84729,931SH SOLE 27,95501,976
TE Connectivity LtdCOMH8498910424175SH SOLE 100075
Teledyne Technologies IncCOM87936010512SH SOLE 200
Teleflex Inc.COM879369106365970SH SOLE 7700200
Telephone & Data Systems Inc.COM8794338291346,875SH SOLE 6,87500
Teradata CorpCOM88076W10346800SH SOLE 7000100
Terreno Realty REIT Ord ShsCOM88146M101225SH SOLE 2500
Tesla Motors Inc ComCOM88160R1012,0612,658SH SOLE 1,57301,085
Texas Instruments Inc.COM8825081047653,978SH SOLE 2,67101,307
Texas Pacific Land CorpCOM88262P1022,0261,675SH SOLE 001,675
Texas Roadhouse IncCOM88268110946500SH SOLE 50000
The Blackstone GroupCOM09260D1072572,211SH SOLE 2,0210190
The Kraft Heinz CoCOM50075410617449SH SOLE 414035
The Middleby CorpCOM59627810128167SH SOLE 00167
Thermo Fisher Scientific IncCOM88355610276,752134,339SH SOLE 72,471061,868
Tilray IncCOM88688T10011963SH SOLE 1250838
Timken CompanyCOM887389104121SH SOLE 2100
Titan Medical IncCOM88830X819033SH SOLE 3300
TJX Companies Inc.COM87254010973,5191,114,269SH SOLE 1,049,253065,016
Toronto-Dominion BankCOM891160509971,465SH SOLE 1,0000465
Townsquare Media IncCOM892231101262,000SH SOLE 2,00000
Tractor Supply CoCOM89235610668334SH SOLE 33400
Travel Leisure CoCOM89416410217317SH SOLE 31700
Travelers Cos IncCOM89417E1096,73544,309SH SOLE 3,523040,786
Triton Inernational Ltd ACOMG9078F107475SH SOLE 7500
Truist Finl CorpCOM89832Q10981813,943SH SOLE 8,71805,225
Twenty First Century Fox Inc CCOM35137L10521522SH SOLE 52200
Tyson FoodsCOM902494103114SH SOLE 1400
UGI CorpCOM9026811057163SH SOLE 16300
Ulta Beauty IncCOM90384S3031335SH SOLE 3500
Union Pacific CorpCOM90781810832,292164,749SH SOLE 46,7400118,009
United Bankshares IncCOM909907107581,600SH SOLE 001,600
United Natural Foods IncCOM911163103477SH SOLE 7700
United Parcel Service Inc.COM91131210620,109110,429SH SOLE 27,359083,070
United Therapeutics CorpCOM91307C102316SH SOLE 1600
UnitedHealth Group IncorporateCOM91324P10246,852119,906SH SOLE 108,937010,969
Unrivaled Brands IncCOM91532E1050134SH SOLE 00134
Unum GroupCOM91529Y10610392SH SOLE 39200
US BancorpCOM90297330434,497580,365SH SOLE 565,199015,166
V F Corp.COM9182041088,847132,061SH SOLE 122,98709,074
Valero Energy Corp NewCOM91913Y10051725SH SOLE 00725
Varex Imaging CorpCOM92214X1067240SH SOLE 24000
Vasamed IncCOM92834L102024,613SH SOLE 24,61300
Vaxart IncCOM92243A2002200SH SOLE 20000
Verisk Analytics IncCOM92345Y10623115SH SOLE 90025
Verizon Communications IncCOM92343V10457,2041,059,132SH SOLE 891,8480167,284
ViacomCBS IncCOM92556H206441,114SH SOLE 11401,000
Viatris IncCOM92556V1061087,997SH SOLE 6,08401,913
Vimeo IncCOM92719V100134SH SOLE 3400
Visa IncCOM92826C8393,32014,904SH SOLE 6,18408,720
VMware, Inc CL ACOM92856340237250SH SOLE 00250
Vontier CorpCOM928881101269SH SOLE 6900
Vulcan Materials CoCOM929160109955SH SOLE 0055
W P Carey IncCOM92936U109340SH SOLE 4000
WabtecCOM929740108672SH SOLE 7065
Walgreens Boots Alliance IncCOM9314271081,53732,661SH SOLE 22,530010,131
Walmart IncCOM93114210319,954143,163SH SOLE 12,4940130,669
Washington Federal Inc.COM9388241091373,993SH SOLE 3,99300
Washington Trust Bancorp IncCOM940610108118SH SOLE 1800
Waste Management Inc.COM94106L10945,564305,060SH SOLE 294,464010,596
Watsco IncCOM94262220026SH SOLE 600
WEC Energy Group Inc.COM92939U1068,934101,291SH SOLE 95,63505,656
Wells Fargo & CoCOM9497461011,29027,805SH SOLE 19,95607,849
Welltower IncCOM95040Q104450SH SOLE 5000
Wesbanco IncCOM95081010117495SH SOLE 00495
Western Union CoCOM95980210946523,000SH SOLE 0023,000
WestRock CoCOM96145D105861,722SH SOLE 1,72200
Weyerhaeuser Co.COM9621661042035,719SH SOLE 5,71900
Wheaton Precious Metals CorpCOM9628791028215SH SOLE 21500
Whirlpool CorpCOM96332010626126SH SOLE 101025
Wichita Develpoment CorpCOM9671081010333SH SOLE 33300
Williams Companies Inc.COM9694571006232SH SOLE 23200
Williams Sonoma Inc.COM96990410151289SH SOLE 28900
Willis Towers Watson Pub Ltd SCOMG96629103417SH SOLE 0017
Wingstop IncCOM97415510382500SH SOLE 50000
WR Berkley CorpCOM084423102340SH SOLE 4000
Wyndham Hotels & Resorts IncCOM98311A10524317SH SOLE 31700
Xcel Energy Inc.COM98389B10050800SH SOLE 80000
Xilinx Inc.COM9839191019406,225SH SOLE 6,22500
Yum China Holdings IncCOM98850P109641,105SH SOLE 3340771
Yum! Brands Inc.COM9884981012441,992SH SOLE 1,2850707
Zebra Technologies CorpCOM989207105145281SH SOLE 28100
Zimmer Biomet Holdings IncCOM98956P1023832,618SH SOLE 1,7980820
Zivo Bioscience IncCOM98978N20051,000SH SOLE 1,00000
Zoetis Inc Cl ACOM98978V10390464SH SOLE 3370127
Zoom Video Communications, IncCOM98980L101936SH SOLE 3600
Zynga Inc Class ACOM98986T10881,029SH SOLE 1,02900
ABB Ltd-Spon ADRADR00037520427820SH SOLE 82000
Aegon NV - ORDADR007924103255,000SH SOLE 005,000
Alibaba Group Holdings ADRADR01609W10254365SH SOLE 36500
America Movil S.A.B DE C.V.ADR02364W105955,400SH SOLE 5,40000
Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV ADRADR03524A10810170SH SOLE 700100
Astrazena PLC -Spons ADRADR04635310837623SH SOLE 1700453
Baidu IncADR056752108318SH SOLE 0018
BASF SE Sponsored ADRADR05526250513700SH SOLE 70000
BHP Billiton LtdADR08860610817310SH SOLE 31000
BP P.L.C Sponsored ADRADR055622104652,376SH SOLE 10102,275
Diageo P L C Spon ADRADR25243Q20523,071119,538SH SOLE 118,8580680
Fomento Economico Mexicano SABADR3444191061031,190SH SOLE 2300960
Glaxo Smithkline Sponsored PLCADR37733W105741,949SH SOLE 1,94900
Honda Motor LTD AMER SHSADR438128308250SH SOLE 5000
HSBC Holdings PLC Sponsored ADADR4042804067254SH SOLE 00254
Ing Groep NV Spons ADRADR456837103513,500SH SOLE 003,500
Koninklijke Philips N.V.ADR50047230333740SH SOLE 74000
Lee & Man Paper Mfg LTD ADRADR5233521024500SH SOLE 50000
Nestle SA Sponsored ADRADR64106940639,169325,837SH SOLE 67,9540257,883
Novartis AG-ADRADR66987V10918,067220,923SH SOLE 220,1290794
Novo-Nordisk A/S ADRADR6701002055,22854,449SH SOLE 53,19401,255
Porsche Automobile ADRADR73328P1063300SH SOLE 00300
Publicis Groupe SA ADRADR74463M10610619SH SOLE 2190400
Rio Tinto PLC Spnsrd ADRADR767204100901,345SH SOLE 1,34500
Royal Dutch Shell PLC ADR BADR78025910726578SH SOLE 00578
Royal Dutch Shell PLC Spons ADADR7802592062224,989SH SOLE 2,96302,026
Sanofi ADRADR80105N10524500SH SOLE 00500
Siemens AG ADRADR82619750127332SH SOLE 33200
Taiwan Semiconductor Co LTD SpADR874039100325SH SOLE 2500
Teva Pharmaceutical-SP ADRADR8816242095500SH SOLE 50000
Tomra Systems ASAADR8899052041563,000SH SOLE 3,00000
TotalEnergies SE ADRADR89151E1091062,210SH SOLE 2,21000
Toyota Motor CorporationADR89233130787490SH SOLE 49000
Unilever PLCADR9047677044187,703SH SOLE 2,18705,516
Vodafone Group PLC NewADR92857W308271,772SH SOLE 001,772
ALPS Alerian MLP ETFETF00162Q4529271SH SOLE 27100
ALPS Sector Dividend Dogs ETFETF00162Q8585100SH SOLE 10000
ARK Genomic Revolution ETFETF00214Q30233440SH SOLE 44000
ARK Innovation ETFETF00214Q10420180SH SOLE 18000
Arrow Dow Jones Global YieldETF04273H1043185SH SOLE 00185
BlackRock Science and TechnoloETF09258G104475SH SOLE 7500
Calamos Strategic Total ReturnETF1281251015270SH SOLE 00270
Cohen & Steers Quality IncomeETF19247L106453,000SH SOLE 003,000
Communication Services SelectETF81369Y8521591,980SH SOLE 1,4300550
Consumer Discretionary SelectETF81369Y4074,83826,959SH SOLE 26,7590200
Deutsche X-trackers MSCI EAFEETF23305120022579SH SOLE 57900
Dimensional International ValuETF25434V807742,248SH SOLE 002,248
Dimensional U S Core Equity 2ETF25434V70835213,248SH SOLE 13,24800
Dimensional U S Small Cap ETFETF25434V500951,645SH SOLE 1,64500
DNP Select Income FundETF23325P1041,791168,025SH SOLE 168,02500
Eaton Vance Risk-Mgd Divers EqETF27829G1062150SH SOLE 15000
Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Buy-WrETF27828Y1082150SH SOLE 15000
Eaton Vance Tax-Managed GlobalETF27829F1087750SH SOLE 00750
Energy Select Sector SPDRETF81369Y506235SH SOLE 3500
Fidelity Blue Chip Growth ETFETF31609235226800SH SOLE 80000
Fidelity MSCI Information TechETF31609280818148SH SOLE 00148
Financial Select Sector SPDRETF81369Y6053679,785SH SOLE 9,78500
First TR Clean Energy GreenETF33733E50013200SH SOLE 20000
First Trust Capital Strength EETF33733E104459SH SOLE 0059
First Trust Dow Jones InternetETF33733E30291387SH SOLE 1870200
First Trust Financials AlphaDEETF33734X135541,210SH SOLE 1,21000
First Trust Health Care AlphaDETF33734X14336300SH SOLE 30000
First Trust ISE WaterETF33733B10026300SH SOLE 30000
First Trust Large Cap Core AlpETF33734K10918215SH SOLE 21500
First Trust MLP & Energy Inc FETF33739B1043385SH SOLE 38500
FlexShares Morningstar GlobalETF33939L4075133SH SOLE 13300
Global X Cannabis ETFETF37954Y4267750SH SOLE 75000
Global X Lithium ETFETF37954Y85549600SH SOLE 60000
Goldman Sachs ActiveBeta IntlETF38143010716480SH SOLE 00480
Health Care Select Sector SPDRETF81369Y2092,55820,093SH SOLE 19,3830710
Horizon Kinetics Inflation BenETF53656F623411,400SH SOLE 1,40000
Industrial Select Sector SPDRETF81369Y7041191,218SH SOLE 1,21800
Invesco Buyback Achievers ETFETF46137V308550SH SOLE 5000
Invesco DWA Momentum ETFETF46137V8371701,900SH SOLE 1,90000
Invesco Dynamic PharmaceuticalETF46137V66248624SH SOLE 62400
Invesco FTSE RAFI US 1000 ETFETF46137V61333209SH SOLE 00209
Invesco Preferred EquityETF46138E5111177,780SH SOLE 7,78000
Invesco QQQ TrustETF46090E1036241,742SH SOLE 1,3820360
Invesco S&P 500 Low VolatilityETF46138E35461610,121SH SOLE 10,12100
Invesco S&P Global Water IndexETF46138E263242SH SOLE 4200
Invesco S&P SmallCap 600 PureETF46137V175853SH SOLE 0053
Invesco S&P SmallCap InformatiETF46138E115965SH SOLE 0065
Invesco Water Resources ETFETF46137V1421482,700SH SOLE 2,70000
Invesco WilderHill Clean EnergETF46137V13424310SH SOLE 31000
iShares Cohen & Steers REIT ETETF4642875641051,600SH SOLE 1,60000
iShares Core Dividend Growth EETF46434V6211893,767SH SOLE 1,07502,692
iShares Core MSCI EAFEETF46432F84254,460733,465SH SOLE 712,912020,553
iShares Core MSCI Emerging MarETF46434G10315,202246,145SH SOLE 238,44707,698
iShares Core S&P 500 ETFETF4642872007,24316,813SH SOLE 16,1160697
iShares Core S&P MidCap ETFETF4642875073,60513,703SH SOLE 10,45403,249
iShares Core S&P Small-Cap ETFETF46428780413,733125,770SH SOLE 107,914017,856
iShares Core S&P Total US StocETF4642871507938,057SH SOLE 5,55702,500
iShares Core S&P US Growth ETFETF46428767114137SH SOLE 13700
iShares Core S&P US Value ETFETF464287663575SH SOLE 7500
iShares DJ Select Dividend ETFETF4642871689448,225SH SOLE 3,76004,465
iShares Dow Jones Intl SelectETF464288448275SH SOLE 7500
iShares Dow Jones US Arspc DefETF46428876015148SH SOLE 50098
iShares Dow Jones US Basic MatETF4642878384753,810SH SOLE 3,715095
iShares Dow Jones US PharmaceuETF464288836530SH SOLE 3000
iShares Dow Jones US TechnologETF4642877211,57215,525SH SOLE 15,52500
iShares Edge MSCI USA MomentumETF46432F39630169SH SOLE 00169
iShares Edge MSCI USA QualityETF46432F339110838SH SOLE 5250313
iShares ESG Aware MSCI EAFE ETETF46435G5163194,064SH SOLE 3,7400324
iShares ESG Aware MSCI EM ETFETF46434G8631373,315SH SOLE 3,31500
iShares ESG Aware MSCI USA ETFETF46435G42516162SH SOLE 16200
iShares Global Clean Energy ETETF4642882245250SH SOLE 25000
iShares High Dividend ETFETF46429B66331325SH SOLE 233092
iShares Morningstar Small-CapETF4642885052023,600SH SOLE 3,60000
iShares Morningstar US EquityETF46428712711180SH SOLE 18000
iShares MSCI ACWI Low Carbon TETF46434V46435210SH SOLE 350175
iShares MSCI EAFE ETFETF46428746510,587135,717SH SOLE 83,017052,700
iShares MSCI EAFE Small-CapETF4642882737,43799,941SH SOLE 11,270088,671
iShares MSCI Emerging MarketsETF4642865334887,779SH SOLE 7,4490330
iShares MSCI Emerging Mkts ETFETF4642872341,60831,910SH SOLE 30,78501,125
iShares MSCI GrowthETF464288885872SH SOLE 0072
iShares MSCI Hong Kong ETFETF4642868714150SH SOLE 15000
iShares MSCI Japan ETFETF46434G8229125SH SOLE 12500
iShares MSCI KLD 400 Social ETETF4642885704225,073SH SOLE 75704,316
iShares MSCI Malaysia (Free) EETF46434G814125SH SOLE 2500
iShares MSCI Singapore CappedETF46434G780162SH SOLE 6200
iShares MSCI USA ESG SelectETF4642888022963,087SH SOLE 2,1370950
iShares MSCI USA Minimum VolatETF46429B69768928SH SOLE 00928
iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology EETF4642875561,5899,827SH SOLE 9,82700
iShares North American Tech ETETF4642875493075SH SOLE 7500
iShares Russell 1000 ETFETF4642876221,4716,085SH SOLE 2,04004,045
iShares Russell 1000 Growth ETETF4642876146602,410SH SOLE 2,1900220
iShares Russell 1000 Value ETFETF4642875981991,274SH SOLE 9960278
iShares Russell 2000 ETFETF4642876554,03918,462SH SOLE 12,75405,708
iShares Russell 2000 Growth InETF4642876483,17710,821SH SOLE 5,15305,668
iShares Russell 2000 Value ETFETF4642876303,53122,037SH SOLE 14,28707,750
iShares Russell 3000 ETFETF4642876893501,375SH SOLE 1,300075
iShares Russell Midcap ETFETF4642874996,93588,665SH SOLE 42,350046,315
iShares Russell Midcap GrowthETF46428748115,429137,674SH SOLE 123,569014,105
iShares Russell MidCap Value EETF4642874739,99088,214SH SOLE 85,47902,735
iShares S&P 500 Growth ETFETF4642873096478,758SH SOLE 8,2330525
iShares S&P 500 Value ETFETF4642874086,35443,692SH SOLE 42,32701,365
iShares S&P Small Cap 600 GrowETF46428788742320SH SOLE 32000
iShares S&P Small Cap 600 ValuETF4642878793103,082SH SOLE 3,08200
iShares US EnergyETF4642877961063,750SH SOLE 003,750
iShares US HealthcareETF4642877629263,355SH SOLE 3,35500
iShares US Home Construction EETF4642887527100SH SOLE 00100
iShares US Industrials ETFETF4642877542742,560SH SOLE 2,56000
iShares US Utilities ETFETF46428769732400SH SOLE 00400
Liberty All-Star Equity FundETF5301581045558SH SOLE 55800
Materials Select Sector SPDRETF81369Y1006027,615SH SOLE 7,61500
PowerShares S&P 500 High DividETF73937B654493SH SOLE 0093
ProShares Ultra Health CareETF74347R73587912SH SOLE 91200
Purefunds Cyber Security ETFETF26924G201580SH SOLE 8000
Real Estate Select Sector SPDRETF81369Y8607160SH SOLE 00160
Schwab Emerging Markets EquityETF8085247061,38645,467SH SOLE 45,0670400
Schwab Fundamental Emerg MktsETF8085247304125SH SOLE 12500
Schwab Fundamental US Large CoETF80852477113,252245,631SH SOLE 210,057035,574
Schwab International Equity ETETF8085248055,108132,002SH SOLE 132,00200
Schwab International Small-CapETF8085248881202,880SH SOLE 2,88000
Schwab U.S. Dividend Equity ETETF80852479793212,550SH SOLE 9,12303,428
Schwab U.S. Large-Cap ETFETF8085242014,63244,522SH SOLE 44,52200
Schwab US Broad Market ETFETF80852410223,220223,569SH SOLE 223,0330535
Schwab US Large-Cap Growth ETFETF8085243002,12914,376SH SOLE 14,37600
Schwab US Large-Cap Value ETFETF8085244093985,900SH SOLE 5,90000
Schwab US Mid-Cap ETFETF8085245081,53019,956SH SOLE 19,95600
Schwab US Small-Cap ETFETF8085246072,46324,604SH SOLE 24,60400
Simplify US Equity Plus ConvexETF82889N103351,145SH SOLE 1,14500
Simplify US Equity Plus DownETF82889N202351,145SH SOLE 1,14500
SPDR Dow Jones Industrial AvrgETF78467X10988260SH SOLE 00260
SPDR Mid Cap ETFETF78464A84713286SH SOLE 28600
SPDR MSCI ACWI ex-US ETFETF78463X84810331SH SOLE 33100
SPDR Portfolio Developed WorldETF78463X889852,351SH SOLE 2,35100
SPDR Portfolio S&P 500 Value EETF78464A50827700SH SOLE 70000
SPDR Portfolio Small Cap ETFETF78468R85311258SH SOLE 25800
SPDR Portfolio Total Stock MarETF78464A80514262SH SOLE 00262
SPDR S&P 400 Mid Cap Growth ETETF78464A82101SH SOLE 100
SPDR S&P 400 Mid Cap Value ETFETF78464A83901SH SOLE 100
SPDR S&P 500 ETF TrustETF78462F10311,38326,525SH SOLE 16,495010,030
SPDR S&P 500 GrowthETF78464A409821,275SH SOLE 1,27500
SPDR S&P 600 Small Cap Value EETF78464A30023286SH SOLE 28600
SPDR S&P Biotech ETFETF78464A8704963,945SH SOLE 3,94500
SPDR S&P Dividend ETFETF78464A7633743,178SH SOLE 3,17800
SPDR S&P MidCap 400 ETF TrustETF78467Y10726,57155,255SH SOLE 54,4250830
SPDR S&P Regional Banking ETFETF78464A69847696SH SOLE 69600
Tekla Healthcare InvestorsETF87911J103562,199SH SOLE 2,19900
Templeton Dragon Fund Inc.ETF88018T101824,550SH SOLE 4,2000350
United States Commodity IndexETF9117171064100SH SOLE 10000
US Technology Select SPDRETF81369Y8035,88439,406SH SOLE 37,40602,000
Utilities Select Sector SPDRETF81369Y88632500SH SOLE 00500
VanEck Merk Gold TrustETF921078101965,600SH SOLE 005,600
VanEck Vectors Semiconductor EETF92189F676141550SH SOLE 500050
Vaneck Vectors Vietnam ETFETF92189F8174200SH SOLE 20000
Vanguard Consumer Staples ETFETF92204A2072,46713,764SH SOLE 13,76400
Vanguard Dividend AppreciationETF9219088443,43522,365SH SOLE 13,23709,128
Vanguard ESG International StoETF92191072562010,050SH SOLE 50010,000
Vanguard ESG StockETF9219107335146,415SH SOLE 6,41500
Vanguard Extended Market VIPERETF92290865210,11655,470SH SOLE 55,1600310
Vanguard Financials ETFETF92204A4053,82341,268SH SOLE 41,26800
Vanguard FTSE All-Wld ex-US SmETF9220427183172,370SH SOLE 002,370
Vanguard FTSE All-World Ex-USETF92204277514,787242,567SH SOLE 193,385049,182
Vanguard FTSE Developed MarketETF9219438581,11722,125SH SOLE 20,83501,290
Vanguard FTSE Emerging MarketsETF9220428588,880177,566SH SOLE 169,82107,745
Vanguard Global ex-US Real EstETF922042676243SH SOLE 4300
Vanguard Growth VIPERsETF9229087361,8806,481SH SOLE 6,425056
Vanguard Health Care ETFETF92204A50464260SH SOLE 26000
Vanguard High Dividend Yield EETF9219464063,88537,590SH SOLE 36,6410949
Vanguard Industrials ETFETF92204A6032,25311,990SH SOLE 11,99000
Vanguard Information TechnologETF92204A7021,4833,695SH SOLE 3,69500
Vanguard Intl High Dividend YiETF9219467944,31465,319SH SOLE 65,31900
Vanguard Large-Cap VIPERsETF9229086374952,464SH SOLE 2,46400
Vanguard Mid-Cap ETFETF9229086295,47323,118SH SOLE 3,831019,287
Vanguard Mid-Cap Growth ETFETF922908538127536SH SOLE 53600
Vanguard Mid-Cap ValueETF9229085124503,220SH SOLE 3,22000
Vanguard REIT Index ETFETF9229085533233,172SH SOLE 2,8910281
Vanguard Russell 2000 Value ETETF92206C6493,37224,000SH SOLE 0024,000
Vanguard S&P 500 ETFETF92290836377,264195,903SH SOLE 191,71204,191
Vanguard S&P 500 Growth IndexETF9219325053461,297SH SOLE 1,0830214
Vanguard S&P Mid-Cap 400 IndexETF9219328851,0896,113SH SOLE 6,11300
Vanguard S&P Small-Cap 600ETF921932828163807SH SOLE 80700
Vanguard Small-Cap VIPERsETF9229087519,37542,873SH SOLE 11,269031,604
Vanguard Small Cap Growth VIPEETF92290859511,41840,756SH SOLE 3,961036,795
Vanguard Small Cap Value VIPERETF92290861114,36384,857SH SOLE 6,982077,875
Vanguard Total International SETF9219097681943,068SH SOLE 2,8660202
Vanguard Total Stock Market VIETF92290876925,590115,240SH SOLE 53,689061,551
Vanguard Total World Stock IndETF9220427421,31012,868SH SOLE 3,57809,290
Vanguard Utilities ETFETF92204A8765463,926SH SOLE 3,902024
Vanguard Value ETFETF922908744122902SH SOLE 7310171
Wisdom Tree U.S. ESG FundETF97717W5968165SH SOLE 16500
WisdomTree EM ex-State-Owned EETF97717X578390SH SOLE 9000
Wisdomtree Large Cap Div ExchETF97717W3071311,100SH SOLE 1,10000
WisdomTree MidCap DividendETF97717W50516393SH SOLE 39300
Key Energy Services Inc Exp 12WT49309J12908SH SOLE 800
Occidental Petroleum Corp WarrWT674599162023SH SOLE 2300
Preferred Apt Community WarranWT74063B3690100SH SOLE 10000
Brookfield Business Partners LLTDG16234109236SH SOLE 3600
Energy Transfer LPLTD29273V100202,126SH SOLE 2,12600
Enterprise Prods Partners L PLTD2937921071989,139SH SOLE 9,13900
Magellan Midstream Partners LPLTD5590801061954,274SH SOLE 4,27400