Bemax (BMXC)

Filed: 10 Aug 21, 5:07pm

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1-A: Item 1. Issuer Information

Issuer Infomation

Exact name of issuer as specified in the issuer's charter

Bemax, Inc.

Jurisdiction of Incorporation / Organization


Year of Incorporation




Primary Standard Industrial Classification Code


I.R.S. Employer Identification Number


Total number of full-time employees


Total number of part-time employees


Contact Infomation

Address of Principal Executive Offices

Address 1

625 Silver Oak Dr

Address 2





Mailing Zip/ Postal Code




Provide the following information for the person the Securities and Exchange Commission's staff should call in connection with any pre-qualification review of the offering statement.


Carl Generes

Address 1

Address 2



Mailing Zip/ Postal Code


Provide up to two e-mail addresses to which the Securities and Exchange Commission's staff may send any comment letters relating to the offering statement. After qualification of the offering statement, such e-mail addresses are not required to remain active.

Financial Statements

Use the financial statements for the most recent period contained in this offering statement to provide the following information about the issuer. The following table does not include all of the line items from the financial statements. Long Term Debt would include notes payable, bonds, mortgages, and similar obligations. To determine "Total Revenues" for all companies selecting "Other" for their industry group, refer to Article 5-03(b)(1) of Regulation S-X. For companies selecting "Insurance", refer to Article 7-04 of Regulation S-X for calculation of "Total Revenues" and paragraphs 5 and 7 of Article 7-04 for "Costs and Expenses Applicable to Revenues".

Industry Group (select one) Radio button not checked Banking Radio button not checked Insurance Radio button checked Other

Balance Sheet Information

Cash and Cash Equivalents

$ 268.00

Investment Securities
$ 0.00
Total Investments


Accounts and Notes Receivable

$ 0.00



Property, Plant and Equipment (PP&E):

$ 0.00

Property and Equipment


Total Assets

$ 70578.00

Accounts Payable and Accrued Liabilities

$ 182045.00

Policy Liabilities and Accruals




Long Term Debt

$ 0.00

Total Liabilities

$ 916046.00

Total Stockholders' Equity

$ 0.00

Total Liabilities and Equity

$ 70578.00

Income Statement Information

Total Revenues

$ 75492.00

Total Interest Income


Costs and Expenses Applicable to Revenues

$ 67890.00

Total Interest Expenses


Depreciation and Amortization

$ 0.00

Net Income

$ -26405.00

Earnings Per Share - Basic

$ 0.00

Earnings Per Share - Diluted

$ 0.00

Name of Auditor (if any)

Outstanding Securities

Common Equity

Name of Class (if any) Common Equity

Common Equity

Common Equity Units Outstanding


Common Equity CUSIP (if any):


Common Equity Units Name of Trading Center or Quotation Medium (if any)


Preferred Equity

Preferred Equity Name of Class (if any)

Preferred Equity

Preferred Equity Units Outstanding


Preferred Equity CUSIP (if any)


Preferred Equity Name of Trading Center or Quotation Medium (if any)


Debt Securities

Debt Securities Name of Class (if any)


Debt Securities Units Outstanding


Debt Securities CUSIP (if any):


Debt Securities Name of Trading Center or Quotation Medium (if any)


1-A: Item 2. Issuer Eligibility

Issuer Eligibility

Check this box to certify that all of the following statements are true for the issuer(s)

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  • Organized under the laws of the United States or Canada, or any State, Province, Territory or possession thereof, or the District of Columbia.
  • Principal place of business is in the United States or Canada.
  • Not subject to section 13 or 15(d) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.
  • Not a development stage company that either (a) has no specific business plan or purpose, or (b) has indicated that its business plan is to merge with an unidentified company or companies.
  • Not an investment company registered or required to be registered under the Investment Company Act of 1940.
  • Not issuing fractional undivided interests in oil or gas rights, or a similar interest in other mineral rights.
  • Not issuing asset-backed securities as defined in Item 1101 (c) of Regulation AB.
  • Not, and has not been, subject to any order of the Commission entered pursuant to Section 12(j) of the Exchange Act (15 U.S.C. 78l(j)) within five years before the filing of this offering statement.
  • Has filed with the Commission all the reports it was required to file, if any, pursuant to Rule 257 during the two years immediately before the filing of the offering statement (or for such shorter period that the issuer was required to file such reports).

1-A: Item 3. Application of Rule 262

Application Rule 262

Check this box to certify that, as of the time of this filing, each person described in Rule 262 of Regulation A is either not disqualified under that rule or is disqualified but has received a waiver of such disqualification.

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Check this box if "bad actor" disclosure under Rule 262(d) is provided in Part II of the offering statement.

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1-A: Item 4. Summary Information Regarding the Offering and Other Current or Proposed Offerings

Summary Infomation

Check the appropriate box to indicate whether you are conducting a Tier 1 or Tier 2 offering Radio button checked Tier1 Radio button not checked Tier2
Check the appropriate box to indicate whether the financial statements have been audited Radio button checked Unaudited Radio button not checked Audited
Types of Securities Offered in this Offering Statement (select all that apply)
Checkbox checkedEquity (common or preferred stock)

The information called for by this item below may be omitted if undetermined at the time of filing or submission, except that if a price range has been included in the offering statement, the midpoint of that range must be used to respond. Please refer to Rule 251(a) for the definition of "aggregate offering price" or "aggregate sales" as used in this item. Please leave the field blank if undetermined at this time and include a zero if a particular item is not applicable to the offering.

Price per security
$ 0.0500
The portion of the aggregate offering price attributable to securities being offered on behalf of the issuer
$ 10000000.00
The portion of the aggregate offering price attributable to securities being offered on behalf of selling securityholders
$ 0.00
The portion of the aggregate offering price attributable to all the securities of the issuer sold pursuant to a qualified offering statement within the 12 months before the qualification of this offering statement
$ 0.00
The estimated portion of aggregate sales attributable to securities that may be sold pursuant to any other qualified offering statement concurrently with securities being sold under this offering statement
$ 0.00
Total (the sum of the aggregate offering price and aggregate sales in the four preceding paragraphs)
$ 10000000.00

Anticipated fees in connection with this offering and names of service providers

Underwriters - Name of Service Provider
Underwriters - Fees
Sales Commissions - Name of Service Provider
Sales Commissions - Fee
Finders' Fees - Name of Service Provider
Finders' Fees - Fees
Accounting or Audit - Name of Service Provider
Accounting or Audit - Fees
Legal - Name of Service Provider
Carl Generes
Legal - Fees
$ 70000.00
Promoters - Name of Service Provider
Promoters - Fees
Blue Sky Compliance - Name of Service Provider
Various States
Blue Sky Compliance - Fees
$ 5000.00
CRD Number of any broker or dealer listed:
Estimated net proceeds to the issuer
$ 9900000.00
Clarification of responses (if necessary)

1-A: Item 5. Jurisdictions in Which Securities are to be Offered

Jurisdictions in Which Securities are to be Offered

Using the list below, select the jurisdictions in which the issuer intends to offer the securities

Selected States and Jurisdictions


Using the list below, select the jurisdictions in which the securities are to be offered by underwriters, dealers or sales persons or check the appropriate box

None Checkbox checked
Same as the jurisdictions in which the issuer intends to offer the securities Checkbox not checked
Selected States and Jurisdictions

1-A: Item 6. Unregistered Securities Issued or Sold Within One Year

Unregistered Securities Issued or Sold Within One Year

None Checkbox checked

Unregistered Securities Act

(d) Indicate the section of the Securities Act or Commission rule or regulation relied upon for exemption from the registration requirements of such Act and state briefly the facts relied upon for such exemption