Summit Trail Advisors

Filed: 15 Nov 21, 7:00pm

The Securities and Exchange Commission has not necessarily reviewed the information in this filing and has not determined if it is accurate and complete.
The reader should not assume that the information is accurate and complete.

Washington, D.C. 20549


OMB Number:3235-0006
Expires:Oct 31, 2018
Estimated average burden
hours per response:23.8

Aberdeen Standard PHYCL SilverPHYSCL SILVR SHS00326410847422,183SH SOLE 22,18300
Advanced MicroCOM0079031074484,351SH SOLE 4,35100
Airbnb Inc CL ACOM CL A0090661018,55851,019SH SOLE 51,01900
Alaska Air GroupCOM0116591092714,632SH SOLE 4,63200
Amazon Com IncCOM02313510616,8185,120SH SOLE 5,12000
Amgen Inc ComCOM0311621003661,720SH SOLE 1,72000
Analog Devices Inc ComCOM0326541052181,300SH SOLE 1,30000
Apple Inc ComCOM03783310022,800161,133SH SOLE 161,13300
Astrazeneca PLC Sponsored ADRSPONSORED ADR0463531082163,598SH SOLE 3,59800
Bank Amer Corp ComCOM0605051041,35731,958SH SOLE 31,95800
Berkshire Hathaway Inc-DelCL A0846701084111SH SOLE 100
Berkshire Hathaway Inc Del CL B NewCL B NEW0846707023,13411,482SH SOLE 11,48200
Bill.Com Holdings, Inc. CMNCOM09004310069,488260,302SH SOLE 260,30200
Brookdale SR Living Inc ComCOM1124631046310,000SH SOLE 10,00000
Butterfly Network Incorporated Com Class ACOM CL A12415510261258,638SH SOLE 58,63800
CVS Caremark CorpCOM1266501003544,170SH SOLE 4,17000
Caladrius Biosciences Inc Com NewCOM NEW1280582032217,730SH SOLE 17,73000
Chevron Corp New ComCOM1667641003263,215SH SOLE 3,21500
Citigroup Inc Com NewCOM NEW1729674245127,293SH SOLE 7,29300
Danaher Corp ComCOM2358511026962,283SH SOLE 2,28300
Disney Walt Co Disney ComCOM2546871069555,647SH SOLE 5,64700
Docusign IncCOM25616310625,31598,339SH SOLE 98,33900
Duck Creek Technologies IncSHS2641201068,178184,862SH SOLE 184,86200
EASTMAN KODAK COCOM NEW27746140614521,340SH SOLE 21,34000
Emerson Elec Co ComCOM2910111043203,395SH SOLE 3,39500
Enterprise Prods Partners L P Com UnitCOM29379210728213,024SH SOLE 13,02400
Expeditors Intl Wash IncCOM30213010942,562357,271SH SOLE 357,27100
Fidus Invt Corp ComCOM31650010739222,502SH SOLE 22,50200
First Midwest Bancorp Inc Del ComCOM32086710442822,375SH SOLE 22,37500
Gilead Sciences IncCOM3755581032393,420SH SOLE 3,42000
Graftech Intl LTD ComCOM38431350819418,814SH SOLE 18,81400
Green Brick PartnersCOM3927091011,14255,677SH SOLE 55,67700
Hims & Hers Health Inc Com CL ACOM CL A43300010614819,647SH SOLE 19,64700
Hirequest Inc ComCOM4335351011,21062,592SH SOLE 62,59200
Home Depot Inc ComCOM4370761026291,917SH SOLE 1,91700
Honeywell Intl Inc ComCOM4385161063321,564SH SOLE 1,56400
Intel Corp ComCOM45814010059111,098SH SOLE 11,09800
Intuit Incorporated ComCOM461202103279517SH SOLE 51700
iShares Gold ETFISHARES NEW46428520424,425731,059SH SOLE 731,05900
iShares Inc MSCI Brazil Capped Index FDMSCI BRAZIL ETF4642864002788,665SH SOLE 8,66500
iShares MSCI Emg Mrkts Asia ETF (EEMA)MSCI EM ASIA ETF4642864267,74291,708SH SOLE 91,70800
iShares TR Select Divid ETF FDSELECT DIVID ETF4642871683,37329,404SH SOLE 29,40400
iShares Core S&P 500CORE S&P500 ETF46428720054,746127,075SH SOLE 127,07500
iShares Core U S Aggregate BD ETF (AGG)CORE US AGGBD ET46428722612,523109,058SH SOLE 109,05800
iShares TR S&P 500 Growth ETFS&P 500 GRWT ETF4642873091,88225,464SH SOLE 25,46400
iShares MSCI EAFE ETF (EFA)MSCI EAFE ETF4642874657,44295,393SH SOLE 95,39300
iShares Russell Mid-Cap Growth ETFRUS MD CP GR ETF4642874812802,500SH SOLE 2,50000
iShares Russell Mid-Cap ETF (IWR)RUS MID CAP ETF4642874993884,957SH SOLE 4,95700
iShares Core S&P Mid CapCORE S&P MCP ETF4642875072,2988,737SH SOLE 8,73700
iShares N American Tech Soft (IGV)EXPANDED TECH46428751544,524111,550SH SOLE 111,55000
iShares TR Russell 1000 Value ETFRUS 1000 VAL ETF4642875981,1527,360SH SOLE 7,36000
iShares TR S&P Midcap 400 Growth ETFS&P MC 400GR ETF4642876061,84423,290SH SOLE 23,29000
iShares TR Russell 1000 Growth Index FD (IWF)RUS 1000 GRW ETF4642876143,03311,069SH SOLE 11,06900
iShares TR Russell 2000 Value Index FDRUS 2000 VAL ETF4642876305233,263SH SOLE 3,26300
iShares Russell 2000 Growth IndexRUS 2000 GRW ETF4642876481,2264,176SH SOLE 4,17600
iShares TR Russell 2000 Index ETF (IWM)RUSSELL 2000 ETF4642876559,47943,332SH SOLE 43,33200
iShares Core S&P Small CapCORE S&P SCP ETF4642878049248,460SH SOLE 8,46000
iShares TR MSCI Acwi ETFMSCI ACWI ETF4642882571,41814,191SH SOLE 14,19100
iShares TR S&P U S PFD STK Index FDPFD AND INCM SEC4642886873609,280SH SOLE 9,28000
iShares US Oil Gas Exl Prod ETFUS OIL GS EX ETF46428885180813,909SH SOLE 13,90900
iShares TR MSCI EAFE Value ETFEAFE VALUE ETF46428887762712,333SH SOLE 12,33300
iShares MSCI EAFE GrowthEAFE GRWTH ETF4642888857877,394SH SOLE 7,39400
iShares MSCI Europe Financials ETF (EUFN)MSCI EURO FL ETF46428918028,9511,475,589SH SOLE 1,475,58900
iShares Russell Top 200 Growth ETFRUS TP200 GR ETF4642894381,2197,984SH SOLE 7,98400
iShares TR Core Aggressive Allocation ETFAGGRES ALLOC ETF4642898592093,000SH SOLE 3,00000
Johnson & Johnson ComCOM4781601047044,362SH SOLE 4,36200
Kraneshares CSI China Internet ETFCSI CHI INTERNET5007673065,714120,758SH SOLE 120,75800
KraneShares Global Carbon ETF (KRBN)GLOBAL CARBON50076767815,725382,690SH SOLE 382,69000
Quadratic Intrst RT VLT And ETF IVQUADRTC INT RT50076773622,836819,393SH SOLE 819,39300
Lockheed Martin Corp ComCOM5398301098042,331SH SOLE 2,33100
Lowes Cos Inc ComCOM5486611073561,753SH SOLE 1,75300
McDonalds CorpCOM5801351012751,139SH SOLE 1,13900
Microsoft Corp ComCOM5949181048,63130,615SH SOLE 30,61500
Mondelez Intl Inc CL ACL A6092071052504,275SH SOLE 4,27500
Morgan Stanley Com NewCOM NEW6174464483553,651SH SOLE 3,65100
Nike Inc Class BCL B6541061032271,559SH SOLE 1,55900
Nokia Corp Sponsored ADRSPONSORED ADR6549022046011,000SH SOLE 11,00000
Nuveen AMT-Free Quality Municipal Income Fund (NEA)COM6706571051,40091,811SH SOLE 91,81100
Okta Inc CL ACL A6792951058,81737,148SH SOLE 37,14800
Ollies Bargain Outlet HLDGS Inc ComCOM6811161092,59643,059SH SOLE 43,05900
Pepsico Inc ComCOM7134481085033,343SH SOLE 3,34300
Pfizer Inc ComCOM7170811031,15126,752SH SOLE 26,75200
Philip Morris Intl Inc ComCOM7181721094574,758SH SOLE 4,75800
Procter & Gamble Co ComCOM7427181096914,943SH SOLE 4,94300
Qualcomm IncCOM7475251032642,046SH SOLE 2,04600
Qualtrics Intl Inc Com CL ACOM CL A7476012013227,538SH SOLE 7,53800
Schwab Short-Term U.S.SHT TM US TRES8085248621,50029,296SH SOLE 29,29600
Snowflake Inc CL ACL A83344510924,60481,355SH SOLE 81,35500
Southern Co ComCOM8425871073024,878SH SOLE 4,87800
SQUARE INC CLASS A COMCL A8522341032781,159SH SOLE 1,15900
Steel Connect Inc ComCOM858098106230113,296SH SOLE 113,29600
Taiwan Semiconductor MFG Co Sponsored ADRSPONSORED ADS8740391002532,259SH SOLE 2,25900
Texas Instruments IncCOM8825081042401,247SH SOLE 1,24700
Thermo Fisher Scientific IncCOM8835561027041,232SH SOLE 1,23200
Transdigm Group Inc ComCOM893641100345552SH SOLE 55200
Trinet Group Inc ComCOM89628810721,399226,249SH SOLE 226,24900
United Parcel SVC Inc CL BCL B9113121062391,312SH SOLE 1,31200
Vanguard Total (international Stock Index Fund)VG TL INTL STK F9219097681,44522,841SH SOLE 22,84100
Vanguard S&P 500 Growth ETF500 GRTH IDX F9219325054141,550SH SOLE 1,55000
Vanguard Tax-Managed Intl FD FTSE Developed MKTS ETFFTSE DEV MKT ETF9219438581,28225,392SH SOLE 25,39200
Vanguard Whitehall FDS High Dividend Yield ETF SHSHIGH DIV YLD9219464062312,233SH SOLE 2,23300
Vanguard Malvern FDS Short-Term Inflation Protected Secs Index FD ETF SHSSTRM INFPROIDX92202080572013,702SH SOLE 13,70200
Vanguard Intl Equity Index FDS Total World Stk Index (VT)TT WRLD ST ETF9220427421,83818,051SH SOLE 18,05100
Vanguard FTSE All-World Ex-US Index Fund ETFALLWRLD EX US9220427753535,798SH SOLE 5,79800
Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets ETF (VWO)FTSE EMR MKT ETF92204285861,2281,224,314SH SOLE 1,224,31400
Varonis SYS Inc ComCOM9222801022,14135,185SH SOLE 35,18500
Vanguard Index FDS S&P 500 ETF (VOO)S&P 500 ETF SHS922908363216,564547,306SH SOLE 547,30600
Vanguard Mid Cap Value ETFMCAP VL IDXVIP9229085125694,079SH SOLE 4,07900
Vanguard Index FDS Vanguard REIT ETF (VNQ)REAL ESTATE ETF9229085531,14611,259SH SOLE 11,25900
Vanguard Index FDS Vanguard Small-Cap Growth ETFSML CP GRW ETF9229085951,4145,047SH SOLE 5,04700
Vanguard Index FDS Vanguard Small-Cap Value ETFSM CP VAL ETF9229086115793,420SH SOLE 3,42000
Vanguard Mid-Cap ETFMID CAP ETF9229086292431,025SH SOLE 1,02500
Vanguard Index FDS (vanguard Large Cap Vipers Formerly Vanguard)LARGE CAP ETF9229086372731,357SH SOLE 1,35700
Vanguard Value ETF (VTV)VALUE ETF92290874438,813286,715SH SOLE 286,71500
Vanguard Index FDS Vanguard Total STK MKT ETFTOTAL STK MKT92290876920,97594,458SH SOLE 94,45800
Wells Fargo & Co New ComCOM9497461014128,872SH SOLE 8,87200
Invesco QQQ TR Unit Ser 1UNIT SER 104609E1035,46615,252SH SOLE 15,25200
Apollo Global MGMTCOM CL A03768E1052,79645,402SH SOLE 45,40200
Nuveen MassachusetsCOM67061E10453034,335SH SOLE 34,33500
Target Corp ComCOM87612E1064802,098SH SOLE 2,09800
Edwards Lifesciences Corp ComCOM28176E1082862,526SH SOLE 2,52600
Invesco Exch Traded (FD TR II S&P SMLCP Engy)S&P SMLCP ENGY46138E1649512,500SH SOLE 12,50000
AT&T Inc ComCOM00206R10244916,615SH SOLE 16,61500
Atn Intl Inc ComCOM00215F1072154,564SH SOLE 4,56400
Ast Spacemobile IncCOM CL A00217D10013216,117SH SOLE 16,11700
Abbvie Inc ComCOM00287Y1092592,403SH SOLE 2,40300
Adobe SYS Inc ComCOM00724F1017771,350SH SOLE 1,35000
Alibaba GRP SHS ADRSPONSORED ADS01609W1028555,777SH SOLE 5,77700
Alphabet Inc Cap STK CL CCAP STK CL C02079K10723,2518,724SH SOLE 8,72400
Alphabet Inc Cap STKCAP STK CL A02079K30519,1927,179SH SOLE 7,17900
Altria Group Inc ComCOM02209S1033487,496SH SOLE 7,49600
Avalara Inc ComCOM05338G1065433,109SH SOLE 3,10900
Bankwell Finl Group Inc ComCOM06654A1032,54987,370SH SOLE 87,37000
Biontech Se AdsSPONSORED ADS09075V102218800SH SOLE 80000
BlackRock Income Trust IncCOM09247F1008113,308SH SOLE 13,30800
BlackRock Inc ComCOM09247X101513611SH SOLE 61100
BlackRock Municipal Income Trust (BFK)SH BEN INT09248F10982255,295SH SOLE 55,29500
BlackRock MuniyieldCOM09254F10069142,492SH SOLE 42,49200
BlackRock MuniYield Quality Fund IIICOM09254F1001,14377,554SH SOLE 77,55400
BlackRock MuniHoldings Invt QualityCOM09254P10884357,867SH SOLE 57,86700
BlackRock Municipal 2030 Target Term TrustCOM SHS BEN IN09257P10580831,585SH SOLE 31,58500
Blackstone Group Inc CL ACOM09260D1071,61013,838SH SOLE 13,83800
Booking Holdings Inc CMNCOM09857L108406171SH SOLE 17100
Briacell Therapeutics Corp Registered SHSCOM NEW10778Y30228435,000SH SOLE 35,00000
Brighthouse Financial, Inc. CMNCOM10922N10364314,212SH SOLE 14,21200
Broadcom IncCOM11135F10131,97465,936SH SOLE 65,93600
Camber Energy Inc Com Par $0 001 2019 NewCOM13200M50813234,620SH SOLE 34,62000
Centennial Resource Dev Inc CL A ComCL A15136A10210115,000SH SOLE 15,00000
Charter Communications Inc New CL ACL A16119P108204281SH SOLE 28100
Cisco Systems IncCOM17275R1021,00418,441SH SOLE 18,44100
Clear Channel Outdoor HLDGS Inc New ComCOM18453H1062,7101,000,000SH SOLE 1,000,00000
Coinbase Global IncCOM CL A19260Q10716,70173,416SH SOLE 73,41600
Contextlogic Inc ComCOM CL A21077C10714426,383SH SOLE 26,38300
Costco Wholesale Corp New ComCOM22160K105222494SH SOLE 49400
Coupang, LLC CMNCL A22266T1092769,913SH SOLE 9,91300
Crowdstrike HLDGSCL A22788C1054,80919,567SH SOLE 19,56700
Davita Healthcare Partners IncCOM23918K1083,02926,052SH SOLE 26,05200
Doma HLDGS Inc WT Exp Exp*W EXP 07/28/20225703A112235166,666SH SOLE 166,66600
Doordash Inc CL ACL A25809K10523,002111,673SH SOLE 111,67300
Dropbox, Inc. CMN Class ACL A26210C1042,55987,582SH SOLE 87,58200
Eaton Vance Mun Income TR SH Ben IntSH BEN INT27826U10890765,569SH SOLE 65,56900
Eaton Vance Muni Bond FundCOM27827X1011,12183,790SH SOLE 83,79000
Ehealth Inc ComCOM28238P1091,44635,698SH SOLE 35,69800
Energy Transfer LPCOM UT LTD PTN29273V10010711,134SH SOLE 11,13400
Exxon Mobil Corp ComCOM30231G1022914,950SH SOLE 4,95000
Facebook Inc CL ACL A30303M1025,77817,026SH SOLE 17,02600
Fidelity Natl Information SVCS Inc ComCOM31620M1061,0618,723SH SOLE 8,72300
General MTRS Co ComCOM37045V1002935,552SH SOLE 5,55200
Global X FDS Nasdaq (100 Cover)NASDAQ 100 COVER37954Y48322110,000SH SOLE 10,00000
Goldman Sachs Group Inc ComCOM38141G1041,0932,892SH SOLE 2,89200
Graniteshares ETF TR Xout U S Large Cap ETFXOUT US LRG CP38747R6039,902242,038SH SOLE 242,03800
Guidewire SoftwareCOM40171V1002181,831SH SOLE 1,83100
Howard Hughes CorpCOM44267D1072673,035SH SOLE 3,03500
Intuitive Surgical Inc Com NewCOM NEW46120E602379381SH SOLE 38100
Invesco S&P 500 Equal Weight ETFS&P500 EQL WGT46137V35717,005113,501SH SOLE 113,50100
iShares MSCI India ETF (INDA)MSCI INDIA ETF46429B5982,96960,979SH SOLE 60,97900
iShares TR MSCI (china Etf)MSCI CHINA ETF46429B6714326,394SH SOLE 6,39400
iShares TR MSCI USA Minimum Volatility ETFMSCI USA MIN VOL46429B6971,69823,098SH SOLE 23,09800
iShares Inc Core MSCI Emerging Mkts ETFCORE MSCI EMKT46434G1033084,989SH SOLE 4,98900
iShares Inc MSCI Japan ETF NewMSCI JPN ETF NEW46434G8222603,705SH SOLE 3,70500
JP Morgan Chase & Co ComCOM46625H1002,39014,600SH SOLE 14,60000
JD Com Inc Spons ADR Repstg Com CL ASPON ADR CL A47215P10610,513145,533SH SOLE 145,53300
Kar Auction SVCS Inc ComCOM48238T10973845,000SH SOLE 45,00000
KnowBe4, Inc.CL A49926T1041,50468,490SH SOLE 68,49000
Kodiak Sciences IncCOM50015M10910,331107,633SH SOLE 107,63300
Live Oak Bancshares Inc ComCOM53803X1051,35221,250SH SOLE 21,25000
LYFT, Inc. CMN Class ACL A COM55087P1043,41563,723SH SOLE 63,72300
Mastercard Inc CL A ComCL A57636Q1041,0833,115SH SOLE 3,11500
Merck & Co Inc New ComCOM58933Y1056638,747SH SOLE 8,74700
Meridianlink Inc ComCOMMON STOCK58985J10536216,198SH SOLE 16,19800
Moderna Inc ComCOM60770K1074561,186SH SOLE 1,18600
Ncino IncCOM63947U10781411,454SH SOLE 11,45400
Netflix Inc ComCOM64110L106552905SH SOLE 90500
Neuberger Berman MLP Income Fund Inc.COM64129H1047114,471SH SOLE 14,47100
New Residential Invt Corp ComCOM NEW64828T20160755,164SH SOLE 55,16400
Nextera Energy Inc ComCOM65339F1012563,257SH SOLE 3,25700
Nvidia Corp ComCOM67066G1042,32111,205SH SOLE 11,20500
Nuveen Enhanced MunCOM SH BEN INT67070X1011,746104,014SH SOLE 104,01400
Nuveen Enhanced AmtCOM67071L1061,71899,782SH SOLE 99,78200
Oak STR Health IncCOM67181A1079,951233,980SH SOLE 233,98000
Oracle Corp ComCOM68389X1052372,721SH SOLE 2,72100
Palantir Technologies In Class ACL A69608A1089,108378,870SH SOLE 378,87000
Paypal HLDGS Inc ComCOM70450Y1034171,603SH SOLE 1,60300
Peloton InteractiveCL A COM70614W1009,488108,999SH SOLE 108,99900
Petco Health And Wellness Comp CMNCOM71601V1055,570264,000SH SOLE 264,00000
PIMCO Municipal Income Fund II (PML)COM72200W1061,719116,153SH SOLE 116,15300
PIMCO Municipal Income ICOM72201A10371757,059SH SOLE 57,05900
PIMCO Dynamic Income FD SHSSHS72201Y10131211,752SH SOLE 11,75200
Precigen Inc ComCOM74017N10521743,539SH SOLE 43,53900
Roku Inc Com CL ACOM CL A77543R102299953SH SOLE 95300
Sba Communications Corp New CL ACL A78410G1041,4424,361SH SOLE 4,36100
SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY)TR UNIT78462F10325,99960,385SH SOLE 60,38500
SPDR Gold TR Gold SHSGOLD SHS78463V1072,41114,683SH SOLE 14,68300
SPDR S&P Regional Bank ETF (KRE)S&P REGL BKG78464A6982593,826SH SOLE 3,82600
SPDR Ser TR S&P Divid ETFS&P DIVID ETF78464A7631,0078,566SH SOLE 8,56600
SPDR S&P BiotechS&P BIOTECH78464A8705,57444,344SH SOLE 44,34400
SPDR S&P Midcap 400 ETFUTSER1 S&PDCRP78467Y1071,0002,073SH SOLE 2,07300
S&P Oil & Gas Expl & Prodtn ETF NewS&P OILGAS EXP78468R5561,00710,407SH SOLE 10,40700
Salesforce.Com Inc Com StockCOM79466L3027,66428,258SH SOLE 28,25800
Consumer Staples Select Sector SPDR ETF (XLP)SBI CONS STPLS81369Y3088,820128,130SH SOLE 128,13000
Select Sector SPDR TR FinancialFINANCIAL81369Y60548612,944SH SOLE 12,94400
Utilities Select Sector SPDR ETF (XLU)SBI INT-UTILS81369Y8861,11817,508SH SOLE 17,50800
Servicenow Inc ComCOM81762P1022,6494,257SH SOLE 4,25700
Shopify Inc CMN Class ACL A82509L107573423SH SOLE 42300
Smartsheet IncCOM CL A83200N10386412,558SH SOLE 12,55800
Sofi Technologies Inc FCOM83406F1027,259457,127SH SOLE 457,12700
Sprott Physical Gold & STR UNIT85208R10125715,000SH SOLE 15,00000
Sumo Logic IncCOM86646P10324114,963SH SOLE 14,96300
Teladoc Inc ComCOM87918A1053732,940SH SOLE 2,94000
Tenable HLDGS IncCOM88025T10220,378441,664SH SOLE 441,66400
Tesla MTRS Inc ComCOM88160R10111,47914,802SH SOLE 14,80200
Twilio Inc CL ACL A90138F1021,4904,669SH SOLE 4,66900
Twitter Inc ComCOM90184L10263710,545SH SOLE 10,54500
Uber Technologies IncCOM90353T1005,014111,909SH SOLE 111,90900
Uipath Inc CL ACL A90364P1053,32163,118SH SOLE 63,11800
Utd STS Oil FD LP Units(post RUNITS91232N2071,37826,212SH SOLE 26,21200
Unitedhealth Group Inc ComCOM91324P1024131,058SH SOLE 1,05800
Unity Software IncCOM91332U1016014,760SH SOLE 4,76000
Unity Biotechnology Inc ComCOM91381U1014013,458SH SOLE 13,45800
Vaneck Vectors Semiconductor ETFSEMICONDUCTR ETF92189F6764361,700SH SOLE 1,70000
Vanguard World FDS Vanguard Health Care ETFHEALTH CAR ETF92204A5041,0164,095SH SOLE 4,09500
Vanguard Information Technology ETFINF TECH ETF92204A7022,4716,144SH SOLE 6,14400
Vanguard Scottsdale FDS Vanguard Short-Term Government BondSHORT TERM TREAS92206C10273511,976SH SOLE 11,97600
Verizon Communications ComCOM92343V10462511,575SH SOLE 11,57500
Visa Inc Com CL ACOM CL A92826C8391,5687,037SH SOLE 7,03700
Wheels Up Experience Inc CL ACOM CL A96328L106763115,793SH SOLE 115,79300
Wisdomtree TR (us Quality Divid Growth FD)US QTLY DIV GRT97717X6691,13519,287SH SOLE 19,28700
Xcel Brands IncCOM NEW98400M1012,1561,447,241SH SOLE 1,447,24100
Yext IncCOM98585N1062,371197,070SH SOLE 197,07000
Ziopharm Oncology Inc ComCOM98973P1015127,760SH SOLE 27,76000
Zoom Video Communications Inc CL ACL A98980L101245936SH SOLE 93600
Aon PLC Com Usd0.01SHS CL AG0403H108264925SH SOLE 92500
AtlassianCL AG062421048622,203SH SOLE 2,20300
Athene Holding LTDCL AG0684D1075,29076,812SH SOLE 76,81200
Accenture PLC Ireland Class SHSSHS CLASS AG1151C101266833SH SOLE 83300
Mimecast LimitedORD SHSG148381098,996141,440SH SOLE 141,44000
Dlocal LimitedCLASS A COMG290181013,53564,790SH SOLE 64,79000
Greenlight Capital Re LTD CL ACLASS AG4095J1093,026409,484SH SOLE 409,48400
Plum Acquisition Corp I WT Exp*W EXP 03/15/202G7134L1183645,000SH SOLE 45,00000
Plum Acquisition Corp I CL A Ord SHSCLASS A ORD SHSG7134L1261,810187,191SH SOLE 187,19100
Prothena Corp PLCSHSG728001082143,000SH SOLE 3,00000
Trane TechnologiesSHSG8994E1035513,191SH SOLE 3,19100
Spotify Technology SA Registered SHSSHSL8681T1025232,319SH SOLE 2,31900
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