Volkswagen Auto Loan Enhanced Trust 2018-2

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Exhibit 33.2


Management of the Trust & Agency Services department of Deutsche Bank National Trust Company and Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas (collectively the “Company”) is responsible for assessing the servicing criteria set forth in Item 1122(d) of Regulation AB promulgated by the Securities and Exchange Commission to determine which criteria are applicable to the Company in respect of the servicing platform described below. Management has determined that the servicing criteria are applicable in regard to the servicing platform as of and for the period as follows:

Platform: Publicly-issued (i.e., transaction-level reporting required under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended) and certain privately-issued (i.e., for which transaction-level reporting is required pursuant to contractual obligation) residential mortgage-backed securities, commercial mortgage-backed securities and other asset-backed securities issued on or after January 1, 2006, for which the Company provides trustee, certificate administrator, securities administration, paying agent or custodian services, as defined in the transaction agreements, excluding publicly-issued securities sponsored or issued by any government sponsored entity (the “Platform”) (see Appendix A).

Applicable Servicing Criteria: All servicing criteria set forth in Item 1122(d), to the extent required by Item 1122(d) servicing criteria in regards to the activities performed by the Company with respect to the Platform as to any transaction, except for the following criteria: 1122(d)(4)(iv) – 1122(d)(4)(xiv), which management has determined are not applicable to the activities the Company performs with respect to the Platform (the “Applicable Servicing Criteria”). With respect to Applicable Servicing Criteria 1122(d)(1)(ii), 1122(d)(1)(iii), 1122(d)(2)(iii) and 1122(d)(4)(iii) there were no activities performed during the year ended December 31, 2020 with respect to the Platform, because there were no occurrences of events that would require the Company to perform such activities.

Period: Year ended December 31, 2020 (the “Period”).

Management’s interpretation of Applicable Servicing Criteria: The Company’s management has determined that servicing criterion 1122(d)(1)(iii) is applicable only with respect to its continuing obligation to act as, or locate a, successor servicer under the circumstances referred to in certain transaction agreements. It is management’s interpretation that the Company has no other active back-up servicing responsibilities in regards to servicing criterion 1122(d)(1)(iii) as of and for the Period. The Company’s management has determined that servicing criterion 1122(d)(1)(v) is applicable only to the activities the Company performs related to the mathematically accurate aggregation of information received from servicers and the accurate conveyance of such information within reports to investors. The Company’s management has determined that servicing criterion 1122(d)(4)(iii) is applicable to the activities the Company performs with respect to the Platform only as it relates to the Company’s obligation to report additions, removals or substitutions on reports to investors in accordance with the transaction agreements.

With respect to the Platform as of and for the Period, the Company’s management provides the following assertion of compliance with respect to the Applicable Servicing Criteria:



The Company’s management is responsible for assessing the Company’s compliance with the Applicable Servicing Criteria.



The Company’s management has assessed compliance with the Applicable Servicing Criteria. In making this assessment, management used the criteria set forth by the Securities and Exchange Commission in paragraph (d) of Item 1122 of Regulation AB.



Based on such assessment, the Company has complied, in all material respects with the Applicable Servicing Criteria.

Ernst & Young LLP, an independent registered public accounting firm, has issued an attestation report with respect to management’s assertion of compliance with the Applicable Servicing Criteria as of and for the Period.


/s/ David Co

 Name: David Co
 Its: Director

/s/ Matt Bowen

 Name: Matt Bowen
 Its: Managing Director

/s/ Christopher Corcoran

 Name: Christopher Corcoran
 Its: Director

/s/ David Co

 Name: David Co
 Its: Director

/s/ Christopher Corcoran

 Name: Christopher Corcoran
 Its: Director

Dated: February 26, 2021

Appendix A


Asset-Backed Transactions and Securities Constituting the Platform—MBS Deals

Deal ID


Deal Name



AA0601  Aames Mortgage Investment Trust  2006-1
AB07O1  Alliance Bancorp Trust  2007-OA1
AC0601  Accredited Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-1
AC0602  Accredited Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-2
AC0701  Accredited Mortgage Loan Trust  2007-1
AG0601  Aegis Asset Backed Securities Trust  2006-1
AH0601  American Home Mortgage Investment Trust  2006-1
AH0602  American Home Mortgage Investment Trust  2006-2
AH0603  American Home Mortgage Investment Trust  2006-3
AH06A1  American Home Mortgage Assets  2006-1
AH06A2  American Home Mortgage Assets Trust  2006-2
AH06A5  American Home Mortgage Assets  Series 2006-5
AH06A6  American Home Mortgage Assets  Series 2006-6
AH0701  American Home Mortgage Investment Trust  2007-1
AH0702  American Home Mortgage Investment Trust  2007-2
AH07A1  American Home Mortgage Assets Trust  2007-1
AH07A2  American Home Mortgage Assets  2007-2
AH07A3  American Home Mortgage Assets 2007-3  Series 2007-3
AH07A4  American Home Mortgage Assets  Series 2007-4
AH07A5  American Home Mortgage Assets  Series 2007-5
AQ0601  Ameriquest Mortgage Securities, Inc.  2006-R1
AQ0602  Ameriquest Mortgage Securities, Inc.  2006-R2
AQ06M3  Ameriquest Mortgage Securities, Inc.  2006-M3
AR0601  Argent Securities Inc.  2006-W1
AR0602  Argent Securities Inc.  2006-W2
AR0603  Argent Securities Inc.  2006-W3
AR0604  Argent Securities Inc.  2006-W4
AR0605  Argent Securities Inc.  2006-W5
AR06M1  Argent Securities Inc.  2006-M1
AR06M2  Argent Securities Inc.  2006-M2
BA15SK  SFAVE Commercial Mortgage Securities Trust  2015-5AVE
BC0601  Securitized Asset Backed Receivables LLC Trust  2006-WM3
BC06F4  Securitized Asset Backed Receivables LLC Trust  2006-FR4
BC06W4  Securitized Asset Backed Receivables LLC Trust  2006-WM4
BC0701  BCAP LLC Trust  2007-AA1
BC0702  BCAP LLC Trust  2007-AA2
BC0703  BCAP LLC Trust  2007-AA3
BC0704  BCAP LLC Trust  2007-AA4
BC0705  BCAP LLC Trust  2007-AB1
BC07B1  Securitized Asset Backed Receivables LLC Trust  2007-BR1
BC07B2  Securitized Asset Backed Receivables LLC Trust  2007-BR2

BC07B3  Securitized Asset Backed Receivables LLC Trust  2007-BR3
BC07B4  Securitized Asset Backed Receivables LLC Trust  2007-BR4
BC07B5  Securitized Asset Backed Receivables LLC Trust  2007-BR5
BC07C1  Securitized Asset Backed Receivables LLC Trust  2007-NC1
BC07C2  Securitized Asset Backed Receivables LLC Trust  2007-NC2
BC07E1  Equifirst Loan Securitization Trust  2007-1
BC07H1  Securitized Asset Backed Receivables LLC Trust  2007-HE1
CD07C5  CD  2007-CD5
CI1423  Citigroup Commercial Mortgage Trust  2014-GC23
CI1425  Citigroup Commercial Mortgage Trust  2014-GC25
CI14F1  CG-CCRE Commercial Mortgage Trust  2014-FL1
CI14F2  CG-CCRE Commercial Mortgage Trust  2014-FL2
CI1527  Citigroup Commercial Mortgage Trust  2015-GC27
CI1529  Citigroup Commercial Mortgage Trust  2015-GC29
CI1531  Citigroup Commercial Mortgage Trust  2015-GC31
CI1533  Citigroup Commercial Pass-Through Certificates  Series 2015-GC33
CI1535  Citigroup Commercial Pass-Through Certificates  Series 2015-GC35
CI15P1  Citigroup Commercial Mortgage Trust  2015-P1
CI15SM  CGBAM Commercial Mortgage Trust  2015-SMRT
CI1637  Citigroup Commercial Mortgage Trust  2016-GC37
CI16C1  Citigroup Commercial Mortgage Trust  2016-C1
CI16C2  Citigroup Commercial Mortgage Trust  2016-C2
CI16C3  Citigroup Commercial Mortgage Trust  2016-C3
CI16P4  Citigroup Commercial Mortgage Trust  2016-P4
CI16P5  Citigroup Commercial Mortgage Trust  2016-P5
CI16P6  Citigroup Commercial Mortgage Trust  2016-P6
CI17B1  Citigroup Commercial Mortgage Trust  2017-B1
CI17P7  Citigroup Commercial Mortgage Trust  2017-P7
DB06G1  Ace Securities Corp. Home Equity Loan Trust  2006-GP1
DB07C9  COMM  2007-C9
DB11L2  DBUBS  2011-LC2
DB12C3  COMM  2012-CCRE3
DB12L4  COMM  2012-LC4
DB12VT  VNDO  2012-6AVE
DB1311  COMM  2013-CCRE11
DB1313  COMM  2013-LC13
DB133P  COMM  2013-300P
DB13BW  BWAY  2013-1515
DB13C6  COMM  2013-CCRE6
DB13C8  COMM  2013-CCRE8
DB13C9  COMM  2013-CCRE9
DB13CC  COMM  2013-CCRE13
DB13SF  COMM  2013-SFS
DB1414  COMM  2014-CCRE14

DB1417  COMM  2014-CCRE17
DB14U2  COMM  2014-UBS2 Mortgage Trust
DB14U4  COMM  2014-UBS4
DB1521  COMM  2015-LC21
DB1522  COMM  2015-CCRE22
DB1525  COMM  2015-CCRE25
DB15LC  DBWF  2015-LCM
DB1678  COMM  2016-787S
DB1685  DBWF  2016-85T
DB16D2  COMM  2016-DC2
FF0603  FFMLT Trust  2006-FF3
FF0604  FFMLT Trust  2006-FF4
FF0606  FFMLT Trust  2006-FF6
FF0613  FFMLT Trust  2006-FF13
FF06F1  First Franklin Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-FF1
FF06F5  First Franklin Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-FF5
FF06F7  First Franklin Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-FF7
FF06FB  FFMLT Trust  2006-FF11
FF07S1  FFMLT Trust  2007-FFB-SS
GC0613  HarborView Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-13
GC0614  HarborView Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-14
GC06B1  HarborView Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-BU1
GC06D1  DSLA Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates  2006-AR1
GC06D2  DSLA Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates  2006-AR2
GC06E1  Soundview Home Loan Trust  2006-EQ1
GC06E2  Soundview Home Loan Trust  2006-EQ2
GC06F1  Fremont Home Loan Trust  2006-1
GC06F2  Fremont Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-2
GC06F3  Fremont Home Loan Trust  2006-3
GC06H2  HarborView Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-2
GC06H3  HarborView Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-3
GC06H5  HarborView Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-5
GC06H6  HarborView Mortgage Loan Trust  Series 2006-6
GC06H7  HarborView Mortgage Loan Trust  Series 2006-7
GC06H8  HarborView Mortgage Loan Trust  Series 2006-8
GC06H9  HarborView Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-9
GC06O1  Soundview Home Loan Trust  2006-OPT1
GC06O2  Soundview Home Loan Trust  2006-OPT2
GC06O3  Soundview Home Loan Trust  2006-OPT3
GC06O4  Soundview Home Loan Trust  2006-OPT4
GC06O5  Soundview Home Loan Trust  2006-OPT5
GC06S1  Soundview Home Loan Trust  2006-1
GC06S2  Soundview Home Loan Trust  2006-2

GC06S3  Soundview Home Loan Trust  2006-3
GC06SA  Soundview Home Loan Trust  2006-A
GC06W1  Soundview Home Loan Trust  2006-WF1
GC06W2  Soundview Home Loan Trust  2006-WF2
GC06X1  HarborView Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-SB1
GC06Z8  First Franklin Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-FF8
GC06ZA  First Franklin Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-FF16
GC070A  RBSGC Mortgage Loan Trust  2007-A
GC070B  RBSGC Mortgage Loan Trust  2007-B
GC071W  Soundview Home Loan Trust  2007-WMC1
GC07D1  DSLA Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates  2007-AR1
GC07H2  HarborView Mortgage Loan Trust  2007-2
GC07H4  HarborView Mortgage Loan Trust  Series 2007-4
GC07H5  HarborView Mortgage Loan Trust  Series 2007-5
GC07H6  HarborView Mortgage Loan Trust 2007-6  MBS 0
GC07H7  HarborView Mortgage Loan Trust 2007-7  MBS 0
GC07S1  Soundview Home Loan Trust  2007-1
GC07V1  Soundview Home Loan Trust  2007-NS1
GS0602  GSAA Trust  2006-2
GS0604  GSAA Trust  2006-4
GS0607  GSAA Trust  2006-7
GS0608  GSAA Trust  2006-8
GS0610  GSAA Trust  2006-10
GS0611  GSAA Trust  2006-11
GS0613  GSAA  2006-13
GS0615  GSAA  2006-15
GS0616  GSAA  2006-16
GS0617  GSAA Trust  2006-17
GS0618  GSAA Trust  2006-18
GS061S  GSAA Trust  2006-S1-1 (Group 1)
GS062S  GSAMP Trust  2006-S2
GS063S  GSAMP Trust  2006-S3
GS064S  GSAMP Trust  2006-S4
GS065S  GSAMP Trust  2006-S5
GS066S  GSAMP Trust  2006-S6
GS06C2  GSAMP Trust  2006-NC2
GS06F1  GSAMP Trust  2006-FM1
GS06F2  GSAMP Trust  2006-FM2
GS06F3  GSAMP Trust  2006-FM3
GS06G1  Greenpoint Mortgage Funding Trust  2006-OH1
GS06H1  GSAMP Trust  2006-HE1
GS06L1  GSAMP Trust  2006-S1
GS06O1  GSR Trust  2006-OA1
GS0702  GSAA Trust  2007-2
GS0704  GSAA Trust  2007-4

GS0705  GSAA Trust  2007-5
GS0706  GSAA Trust  2007-6
GS071H  GSAMP Trust  2007-HSBC1
GS071S  GSAA Trust  2007-S1
GS07A1  GSR  2007-AR1
GS07A2  GSR Trust  2007-AR2
GS07F1  GSAMP Trust  2007-FM1
GS07F2  GSAMP Trust  2007-FM2
GS07H1  GSR Trust  2007-HEL1
GS07O1  GSR Trust  2007-OA1
GS07O2  GSR  2007-OA2
GS07T1  STARM Mortgage Loan Trust  2007-1
GS07T4  STARM  2007-4
GS11C5  GS Mortgage Securities Trust  2011-GC5
GS12C7  GS Mortgage Securities Corporation II  2012-GCJ7
GS1312  GS Mortgage Securities Corporation II  2013-GCJ12
GS1314  GS Mortgage Securities Corporation II  2013-GCJ14
HB0601  HSI Asset Securitization Corporation Trust  2006-OPT1
HB0602  HSI Asset Securitization Corporation Trust  2006-OPT2
HB0603  HSI Asset Securitization Corporation Trust  2006-OPT3
HB0604  HSI Asset Securitization Corporation Trust  2006-OPT4
HB06C1  HSI Asset Securitization Corporation Trust  2006-NC1
HB06H1  HASCO  2006-HE1
HB06H2  HASCO  2006-HE2
HB06L2  HALO  2006-2
HB06W1  HSI Asset Securitization Corporation Trust  2006-WMC1
HB0701  HSI Asset Securitization Corporation Trust  2007-OPT1
HB07A1  HSI Asset Loan Obligation  2007-1
HB07A2  HSI Asset Loan Obligation  Series 2007-2
HB07C1  HSI Asset Securitization Corporation  2007-NC1
HB07F1  HSI ASSET Securitization Corporation  2007-WF1
HB07H1  HSI Asset Securitization Corporation Trust  2007-HE1
HB07H2  HSI Asset Securitization Corporation Trust  2007-HE2
HB07L1  HSI Asset Loan Obligation  2007-AR1
HB07L2  HSI Asset Loan Obligation  2007-AR2
HB07W1  HSI Asset Loan Obligation  2007-WF1
IM06S1  Impac Secured Assets Corp.  2006-1
IM06S2  Impac Secured Assets Corp.�� 2006-2
IM06S3  Impac Secured Assets Corp.  2006-3
IM06S4  Impac Secured Assets Corp.  2006-4
IM06S5  Impac Secured Assets Corp.  2006-5
IM07S1  Impac Secured Assets Corp.  2007-1
IM07S2  Impac Secured Assets Corp.  2007-2

IM07S3  Impac Secured Assets Corp.  2007-3
IN0601  IndyMac Residential Asset Securitization Trust  2006-A1
IN0602  IndyMac Residential Asset Securitization Trust  2006-A2
IN0603  IndyMac Residential Asset Securitization Trust  2006-A3CB
IN0605  IndyMac Residential Asset Securitization Trust  2006-A5CB
IN0606  IndyMac Residential Asset Securitization Trust  2006-A6
IN0607  IndyMac Residential Asset Securitization Trust  2006-A7CB
IN0608  IndyMac Residential Asset Securitization Trust  2006-A8
IN0609  IndyMac Residential Asset Securitization Trust  2006-A9CB
IN060A  IndyMac INDS Home Equity Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-A
IN0610  IndyMac Residential Asset Securitization Trust  2006-A10
IN0611  IndyMac Residential Asset Securitization Trust  2006-A11
IN0612  IndyMac Residential Asset Securitization Trust  2006-A12
IN0613  IndyMac Residential Asset Securitization Trust  2006-A13
IN0614  IndyMac Residential Asset Securitization Trust  2006-A14CB
IN0615  IndyMac Residential Asset Securitization Trust  2006-A15
IN0616  IndyMac Residential Asset Securitization Trust  2006-A16
IN06A2  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-AR2
IN06A3  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-AR3
IN06A4  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-AR4
IN06A5  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-AR5
IN06A6  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-AR6
IN06A7  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-AR7
IN06A8  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-AR8
IN06A9  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-AR9
IN06AB  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-AR11
IN06AC  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-AR12
IN06AD  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-AR13
IN06AE  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-AR14
IN06AF  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-AR15
IN06AJ  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-AR19
IN06AL  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-AR21
IN06AN  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-AR23
IN06AP  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-AR25
IN06AR  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-AR27
IN06AT  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-AR29
IN06AV  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-AR31
IN06AX  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-AR33
IN06AZ  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-AR35
IN06B1  IndyMac INDB Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-1
IN06D1  IndyMac INDA Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-AR1
IN06D2  IndyMac INDA Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-AR2
IN06D3  IndyMac INDA Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-AR3
IN06F1  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-FLX1
IN06G1  IndyMac INDS Home Equity Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-1

IN06G2  IndyMac INDS Home Equity Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-2B
IN06G3  IndyMac INDS Home Equity Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-3
IN06H1  IndyMac Home Equity Loan Trust  2006-H1
IN06H2  IndyMac Home Equity Loan Trust  2006-H2
IN06H3  IndyMac Home Equity Loan Trust  2006-H3
IN06H4  IndyMac Home Equity Loan Trust  2006-H4
IN06L1  IndyMac Residential Mortgage-Backed Trust  2006-L1
IN06L2  IndyMac Residential Mortgage-Backed Trust  2006-L2
IN06L3  IndyMac Residential Mortgage-Backed Trust  2006-L3
IN06L4  IndyMac Residential Mortgage-Backed Trust  2006-L4
IN06P4  IndyMac Residential Asset Securitization Trust  2006-A4
IN06R1  IndyMac Residential Asset Securitization Trust  2006-R1
IN06R2  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-R1
IN06S1  IndyMac INABS  2006-A
IN06S2  IndyMac INABS  2006-B
IN06S3  IndyMac INABS  2006-C
IN06S4  IndyMac INABS  2006-D
IN06S5  IndyMac INABS  2006-E
IN06Z1  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-AR37
IN06Z2  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-AR39
IN06Z3  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-AR41
IN0701  IndyMac Residential Asset Securitization Trust  2007-A1
IN0702  IndyMac Residential Asset Securitization Trust  2007-A2
IN0703  IndyMac Residential Asset Securitization Trust  2007-A3
IN0705  IndyMac Residential Asset Securitization Trust  2007-A5
IN0706  IndyMac Residential Asset Securitization Trust  2007-A6
IN0707  IndyMac Residential Asset Securitization Trust  2007-A7
IN0708  IndyMac Residential Asset Securitization Trust  2007-A8
IN0709  IndyMac Residential Asset Securitization Trust  2007-A9
IN07A1  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2007-AR1
IN07A5  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2007-AR5
IN07A7  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2007-AR7
IN07A9  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2007-AR9
IN07AB  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2007-AR11
IN07AD  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2007-AR13
IN07AF  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2007-AR15
IN07AH  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2007-AR17
IN07AJ  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2007-AR19
IN07AL  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2007-AR21IP
IN07C1  IndyMac IMSC Mortgage Loan Trust  2007-AR1
IN07D1  IndyMac INDA Mortgage Loan Trust  2007-AR1
IN07D2  IndyMac INDA Mortgage Loan Trust  2007-AR2
IN07D3  IndyMac INDA Mortgage Loan Trust  2007-AR3
IN07D4  IndyMac INDA Mortgage Loan Trust  2007-AR4
IN07D5  IndyMac INDA Mortgage Loan Trust  2007-AR5

IN07D6  IndyMac INDA Mortgage Loan Trust  2007-AR6
IN07D7  IndyMac INDA Mortgage Loan Trust  2007-AR7
IN07D8  IndyMac INDA Mortgage Loan Trust  2007-AR8
IN07D9  IndyMac INDA Mortgage Loan Trust  2007-AR9
IN07F1  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2007-FLX1
IN07F2  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2007-FLX2
IN07F3  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2007-FLX3
IN07F4  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2007-FLX4
IN07F5  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2007-FLX5
IN07F6  IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust  2007-FLX6
IN07J1  IndyMac IMJA Mortgage Loan Trust  2007-A1
IN07J2  IndyMac IMJA Mortgage Loan Trust  2007-A2
IN07J3  IndyMac IMJA Mortgage Loan Trust  2007-A3
IN07J4  IndyMac IMJA Mortgage Loan Trust  2007-A4
IN07L1  IndyMac Residential Mortgage-Backed Trust  2007-L1
IN07M1  IndyMac IMSC Mortgage Loan Trust  2007-F1
IN07M2  IndyMac IMSC Mortgage Loan Trust  2007-F2
IN07M3  IndyMac IMSC Mortgage Loan Trust  2007-AR2
IN07M4  IndyMac IMSC Mortgage Loan Trust  2007-F3
IN07MH  IndyMac IMSC Mortgage Loan Trust  2007-HOA-1
IN07R1  IndyMac Residential Asset Securitization Trust  2007-R1
IN07S1  IndyMac INABS  2007-A
IN07S2  IndyMac INABS  2007-B
IX0601  IXIS Real Estate Capital Trust  Series 2006-HE1
IX0602  IXIS Real Estate Capital Trust  2006-HE2
IX0603  IXIS Real Estate Capital Trust  Series 2006-HE3
IX0701  IXIS Real Estate Capital Trust  Series 2007-HE1
IX0702  IXIS Real Estate Capital Trust  2007-HE2
JP07C1  J.P. Morgan Mortgage Acquisition Trust  2007-CH1
JP07C2  J.P. Morgan Mortgage Acquisition Trust  2007-CH2
JP07C3  J.P. Morgan Mortgage Acquisition Trust  2007-CH3
JP07C4  J.P. Morgan Mortgage Acquisition Trust  2007-CH4
JP07C5  J.P. Morgan Mortgage Acquisition Trust  2007-CH5
JP07H1  J.P. Morgan Mortgage Acquisition Trust  2007-HE1
JP1317  JPMBB Commercial Mortgage Securities Trust  2013-C17
JP1420  JP Morgan Chase Commercial Mortgage Securities Trust  2014-C20
LB0601  Long Beach Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-1
LB0602  Long Beach Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-2
LB0603  Long Beach Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-3
LB0604  Long Beach Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-4
LB0605  Long Beach Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-5
LB0606  Long Beach Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-6
LB0607  Long Beach Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-7
LB0608  Long Beach Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-8
LB0609  Long Beach Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-9

LB060A  Long Beach Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-A
LB0610  Long Beach Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-10
LB0611  Long Beach Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-11
LB06W1  Long Beach Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-WL1
LB06W2  Long Beach Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-WL2
LB06W3  Long Beach Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-WL3
ML07M1  Merrill Lynch Mortgage Investors Trust  2007-MLN1
MS06C1  Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I Inc.  2006-NC1
MS06C2  Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I Inc.  2006-NC2
MS06C3  Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I Inc.  2006-NC3
MS06C4  Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I Inc.  2006-NC4
MS06C5  Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I Inc.  2006-NC5
MS06H2  Morgan Stanley Capital I Inc.  2006-HE2
MS06H3  Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I Inc.  2006-HE3
MS06H4  Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I Inc.  2006-HE4
MS06H5  Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I Inc.  2006-HE5
MS06H6  Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I Inc.  2006-HE6
MS06H7  Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I Inc.  2006-HE7
MS06H8  Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I Inc.  2006-HE8
MS06I1  Morgan Stanley IXIS Real Estate Capital  2006-1
MS06I2  Morgan Stanley IXIS Real Estate Capital  2006-2
MS06R2  IndyMac Residential Asset Securitization Trust  2006-R2
MS06W2  Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I Inc.  2006-WMC2
MS06X2  Morgan Stanley Home Equity Loan Trust  2006-2
MS06X3  Morgan Stanley Home Equity Loan Trust  2006-3
MS07B1  Morgan Stanley Structured Trust  2007-1
MS07C1  Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I Inc.  2007-NC1
MS07C2  Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I Inc.  2007-NC2
MS07C3  Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I Inc.  2007-NC3
MS07C4  Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I Inc.  2007-NC4
MS07H1  Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I Inc.  2007-HE1
MS07H2  Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I Inc.  2007-HE2
MS07H3  Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I Inc.  2007-HE3
MS07H5  Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I Inc.  2007-HE5
MS07H6  Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I Inc.  2007-HE6
MS07H7  Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I Inc.  2007-HE7
MS07X1  Morgan Stanley Home Equity Loan Trust  2007-1
MS07X2  Morgan Stanley Home Equity Loan Trust  2007-2
MS1311  Morgan Stanley Bank of America Merrill Lynch Trust  2013-C11
MS1415  MSBAM 2014-C15  2014-C15
NC0601  New Century Home Equity Loan Trust  2006-1
NC0602  New Century Home Equity Loan Trust  2006-2
NC06A1  New Century Alternative Mortgage Loan Trust  2006-ALT1
NC06S1  New Century Home Equity Loan Trust  2006-S1
NS0604  Novastar Mortgage Funding Trust  2006-4

NS0605  Novastar Mortgage Funding Trust  2006-5
NS0606  Novastar Mortgage Funding Trust  2006-6
NS0701  Novastar Mortgage Funding Trust  2007-1
NS0702  Novastar Mortgage Funding Trust  2007-2
PO0701  Popular ABS Mortgage Pass-Through Trust  2007-A
RB13GS  RBS Commerical Funding Inc.  2013-GSP Trust
RF06A1  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2006-QA1
RF06A3  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2006-QA3
RF06A4  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2006-QA4
RF06A5  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2006-QA5
RF06A6  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2006-QA6
RF06A7  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2006-QA7
RF06A8  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2006-QA8
RF06A9  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2006-QA9
RF06AA  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2006-QA10
RF06AB  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2006-QA11
RF06H1  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2006-QH1
RF06O1  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2006-QO1
RF06O3  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2006-QO3
RF06O4  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2006-QO4
RF06O5  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2006-QO5
RF06O6  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2006-QO6
RF06O7  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2006-QO7
RF06O8  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2006-QO8
RF06O9  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2006-QO9
RF06OA  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2006-QO10
RF06Q1  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2006-QS1
RF06Q3  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2006-QS3
RF06Q4  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2006-QS4
RF06Q5  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2006-QS5
RF06Q6  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2006-QS6
RF06Q7  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2006-QS7
RF06Q8  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2006-QS8
RF06Q9  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2006-QS9
RF06QA  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2006-QS10
RF06QB  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2006-QS11
RF06QC  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2006-QS12
RF06QD  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2006-QS13
RF06QE  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2006-QS14
RF06QF  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2006-QS15
RF06QG  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2006-QS16
RF06QH  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2006-QS17
RF06QI  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2006-QS18
RF07A1  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2007-QA1
RF07A2  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2007-QA2

RF07A3  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2007-QA3
RF07A4  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2007-QA4
RF07A5  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2007-QA5
RF07H1  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2007-QH1
RF07H2  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2007-QH2
RF07H3  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2007-QH3
RF07H4  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2007-QH4
RF07H5  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2007-QH5
RF07H6  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2007-QH6
RF07H7  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2007-QH7
RF07H8  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2007-QH8
RF07H9  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2007-QH9
RF07O1  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2007-QO1
RF07O2  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2007-QO2
RF07O3  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2007-QO3
RF07O4  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2007-QO4
RF07O5  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2007-QO5
RF07Q1  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2007-QS1
RF07Q2  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2007-QS2
RF07Q3  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2007-QS3
RF07Q4  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2007-QS4
RF07Q5  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2007-QS5
RF07Q6  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2007-QS6
RF07Q7  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2007-QS7
RF07Q8  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2007-QS8
RF07Q9  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2007-QS9
RF07QA  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2007-QS10
RF07QB  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2007-QS11
RF07S4  Residential Funding Mortgage Securities I, Inc.  2007-S4
RF07S5  Residential Funding Mortgage Securities I, Inc.  2007-S5
RF08R1  Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.  2008-QR1
SX0601  Saxon Asset Securities Trust  2006-1
SX0602  Saxon Asset Securities Trust  2006-2
SX0603  Saxon Asset Securities Trust  2006-3
SX0701  Saxon Asset Securities Trust  2007-1
SX0702  Saxon Asset Securities Trust  2007-2
SX0703  Saxon Asset Securities Trust  2007-3
UB11C1  UBS-Citigroup Commercial Mortgage Trust  2011-C1
UB12C1  UBS Commercial Mortgage Trust  2012-C1
UB12C3  UBS-Barclays Commercial Mortgage Trust  2012-C3
UB13C5  UBS-Barclays Commercial Mortgage Trust  2013-C5
WA06A1  WaMu Asset Acceptance Corp.  2006-AR1
WA06A3  WaMu Asset Acceptance Corp.  2006-AR3
WA06A4  Washington Mutual Mortgage Securities Corp.  2006-AR4
WA06A5  WaMu Asset Acceptance Corp.  2006-AR5

WA07H1  WaMu  2007-HE1
WF11C5  WF RBS Commercial Mortgage Trust  2011-C5
WF12C6  WF RBS Commercial Mortgage Trust  2012-C6
WF12C7  WF RBS Commercial Mortgage Trust  2012-C7
WF12C8  WF RBS Commercial Mortgage Trust  2012-C8
WF1318  WFRBS Commercial Mortgage Trust  2013-C18
WF13U1  WFRBS Commercial Mortgage Trust  2013-UBS1
WF1414  RBS Commercial Funding Inc.  2014-LC14
WF1419  RBS Commercial Funding Inc.  2014-C19
Asset-Backed Transactions and Securities Constituting the Platform—ABS Deals

Deal ID


Deal Name and Series

BW181T  Bank of the West Auto Trust 2018-1  
GM1703  Ally Auto Receivables Trust 2017-3  
MAEB15B  SMB Private Education Loan Trust 2015-B  
MAEB16B  SMB Private Education Loan Trust 2016-B  
MAEB17A  SMB Private Education Loan Trust 2017-A  
MAEB18B  SMB Private Education Loan Trust 2018-B  
MAEB18C  SMB Private Education Loan Trust 2018-C  
MAEN142  Navient Student Loan Trust 2014-2  
MAEN143  Navient Student Loan Trust 2014-3  
MAEN145  Navient Student Loan Trust 2014-5  
MAEN146  Navient Student Loan Trust 2014-6  
MAEN147  Navient Student Loan Trust 2014-7  
MAEN148  Navient Student Loan Trust 2014-8  
MAEN16A  Navient Private Education Loan Trust 2016-A  
SYNMN181  Synchrony Credit Card Master Note Trust Series 2018-1  
SYNMN182  Synchrony Credit Card Master Note Trust Series 2018-2  
SYNSFT15A  Synchrony Sales Finance Master Trust 2015-A  
SYNSFT16B  Synchrony Sales Finance Master Trust 2016-B  
TAOT16A  Toyota Auto Receivables 2016-A Owner Trust  
TAOT16C  Toyota Auto Receivables 2016-C Owner Trust  
VALET182  Volkswagen Auto Loan Enhanced Trust 2018-2  
CNH16B  CNH Equipment Trust 2016-B  
BW171T  Bank of the West Auto Trust 2017-1  
BW191T  Bank of the West Auto Trust 2019-1  

CCC7A3  Citibank Credit Card Issuance Trust 2007-A3  
CCC7A4  Citibank Credit Card Issuance Trust 2007-A4  
CCIT13A9  Citibank Credit Card Issuance Trust 2013-A9  
CCIT16A2  Citibank Credit Card Issuance Trust 2016-A2  
CCIT16A3  Citibank Credit Card Issuance Trust 2016-A3  
CCIT17A3  Citibank Credit Card Issuance Trust 2017-A3  
CCIT17A4  Citibank Credit Card Issuance Trust 2017-A4  
CCIT17A5  Citibank Credit Card Issuance Trust 2017-A5  
CCIT17A6  Citibank Credit Card Issuance Trust 2017-A6  
CCIT17A7  Citibank Credit Card Issuance Trust 2017 A7  
CCIT17A8  Citibank Credit Card Issuance Trust 2017 A8  
CCIT18A1  Citibank Credit Card Issuance Trust 2018 A1  
CCIT18A2  Citibank Credit Card Issuance Trust 2018 A2  
CCIT18A3  Citibank Credit Card Trust Issuance Trust 2018 A3  
CCIT18A4  Citibank Credit Card Trust Issuance Trust 2018 A4  
CCIT18A5  Citibank Credit Card Trust Issuance Trust 2018 A5  
CCIT18A6  Citibank Credit Card Issuance Trust 2018 A6  
CCIT18A7  Citibank Credit Card Trust Issuance Trust 2018 A7  
CCIT18B1  Citibank Credit Card Trust Issuance Trust 2018 B1  
CCIT18B2  Citibank Credit Card Trust Issuance Trust 2018 B2  
CCIT18C1  Citibank Credit Card Trust Issuance Trust 2018 C1  
CCIT18C2  Citibank Credit Card Trust Insuance Trust 2018 C2  
CCIT19B1  Citibank Credit Card Trust Issuance Trust 2019 B1  
CCIT19C1  Citibank Credit Card Trust Issuance Trust 2019 C1  
CCIT20B1  Citibank Credit Card Issuance Trust 2020-B1  
CCIT20B2  Citibank Credit Card Issuance Trust 2020-B2  
CCIT20C1  Citibank Credit Card Issuance Trust 2020-C1  
CCIT20C2  Citibank Credit Card Issuance Trust 2020-C2  
CCIT4A1  Citibank Credit Card Issuance Trust 2014-A1  
CCIT4A5  Citibank Credit Card Issuance Trust 2014-A5  
CFS07A  Chase Education Loan Trust 2007-A  
CLC061  College Loan Corporation Trust I Series 2006-1  
CLC071  College Loan Corp Trust II Series 2007-1  
CNH17B  CNH Equipment Trust 2017-B  
CPE081  CenterPoint Transition Bonds Co III, LLC Series 2008-1  
CPERB9  CenterPoint Energy Restoration Bond Company, LLC  
CTBCIV  CenterPoint Energy Transition Bond Company IV, LLC  
DRIVE15D  Drive Auto Receivables Trust 2015-D  
GEF152  WELLS FARGO Dealer Floorplan Master Note Trust Series 2015-2  
GEF201  Wells Fargo Dealer Floorplan Master Note Trust Series 2020-VFN-1  
GES12A  Synchrony Sales Finance Master Trust 2012-A  

GES12B  Synchrony Sales Finance Master Trust 2012-B  
GES12C  Synchrony Sales Finance Master Trust 2012-C  
GES12D  Synchrony Sales Finance Master Trust 2012-D  
GESFM14C  Synchrony Sales Finance Master Trust 2014-C  
GM15CT04  Capital Auto Receivables Asset Trust 2015-4  
GM1603  Ally Auto Receivables Trust 2016-3  
GM1701  Ally Auto Receivables Trust 2017-1  
GM1702  Ally Auto Receivables Trust 2017-2  
GM1704  Ally Auto Receivables Trust 2017-4  
GM1705  Ally Auto Receivables Trust 2017-5  
GMI110  Juniper Receivables 2019-1 DAC  
GMI110191  Juniper Receivables 2019-1 DAC  
GMI110192  Juniper Receivables 2019-2 DAC  
GMI110201  Juniper Receivables 2020-1 DAC  
KSL06A  Keycorp Student Loan Trust 2006-A  
MAE041  SLM Student Loan Trust 2004-1  
MAE061  SLM Student Loan Trust 2006-1  
MAE062  SLM Student Loan Trust 2006-2  
MAE063  SLM Student Loan Trust 2006-3  
MAE064  SLM Student Loan Trust 2006-4  
MAE065  SLM Student Loan Trust 2006-5  
MAE066  SLM Student Loan Trust 2006-6  
MAE067  SLM Student Loan Trust 2006-7  
MAE068  SLM Student Loan Trust 2006-8  
MAE069  SLM Student Loan Trust 2006-9  
MAE071  SLM Student Loan Trust 2007-1  
MAE072  SLM Student Loan Trust 2007-2  
MAE073  SLM Student Loan Trust 2007-3  
MAE074  SLM Student Loan Trust 2007-4  
MAE075  SLM Student Loan Trust 2007-5  
MAE076  SLM Student Loan Trust 2007-6  
MAE077  SLM Student Loan Trust 2007-7  
MAE078  SLM Student Loan Trust 2007-8  
MAE081  SLM Student Loan Trust 2008-1  
MAE082  SLM Student Loan Trust 2008-2  
MAE083  SLM Student Loan Trust 2008-3  

MAE084  SLM Student Loan Trust 2008-4  
MAE085  SLM Student Loan Trust 2008-5  
MAE086  SLM Student Loan Trust 2008-6  
MAE087  SLM Student Loan Trust 2008-7  
MAE088  SLM Student Loan Trust 2008-8  
MAE089  SLM Student Loan Trust 2008-9  
MAE101  SLM Student Loan Trust 2010-1  
MAE102  SLM Student Loan Trust 2010-2  
MAE111  SLM Student Loan Trust 2011-1  
MAE112  SLM Student Loan Trust 2011-2  
MAE113  SLM Student Loan Trust 2011-3  
MAE121  SLM Student Loan Trust 2012-1  
MAE122  SLM Student Loan Trust 2012-2  
MAE123  SLM Student Loan Trust 2012-3  
MAE124  SLM Student Loan Trust 2012-4  
MAE125  SLM Student Loan Trust 2012-5  
MAE126  SLM Student Loan Trust 2012-6  
MAE127  SLM Student Loan Trust 2012-7  
MAE128  SLM Student Loan Trust 2012-8  
MAE131  SLM Student Loan Trust 2013-1  
MAE132  SLM Student Loan Trust 2013-2  
MAE133  SLM Student Loan Trust 2013-3  
MAE134  SLM Student Loan Trust 2013-4  
MAE135  SLM Student Loan Trust 2013-5  
MAE136  SLM Student Loan Trust 2013-6  
MAE142  SLM Student Loan Trust 2014-2  
MAE610  SLM Student Loan Trust 2006-10  
MAE901  SLM Student Loan Trust 2009-1  
MAE902  SLM Student Loan Trust 2009-2  
MAEB14A  SMB Private Education Loan Trust 2014-A  
MAEB15A  SMB Private Education Loan Trust 2015-A  
MAEB15C  SMB Private Education Loan Trust 2015-C  
MAEB16A  SMB Private Education Loan Trust 2016-A  
MAEB16C  SMB Private Education Loan Trust 2016-C  
MAEN141  Navient Student Loan Trust 2014-1  
MAEN144  Navient Student Loan Trust 2014-4  
MAEN18D  Navient Student Loan Private Trust 2018-D  
MAEN19E  Navient Private Education Refi Loan Trust 2019-E  

MCITICCIT200  Citibank Credit Card Issuance Trust  
SLC061  SLC Student Loan Trust 2006-1  
SLC062  SLC Student Loan Trust 2006-2  
SLC071  SLC Student Loan Trust 2007-1  
SLC072  SLC Student Loan Trust 2007-2  
SLC081  SLC Student Loan Trust 2008-1  
SLC082  SLC Student Loan Trust 2008-2  
SLC091  SLC Student Loan Trust 2009-1  
SLC092  SLC Student Loan Trust 2009-2  
SLC093  SLC Student Loan Trust 2009-3  
SLC101  SLC Student Loan Trust 2010-1  
SYNMN19VF1  Synchrony Credit Card Master Note Trust Series Series 219-VFN1  
SYNMN20VF1  Synchrony Credit Card Master Note Trust Series 2020-VFN1  
SYNSFT15B  Synchrony Sales Finance Master Trust 2015-B  
TAOT16B  Toyota Auto Receivables 2016-B Owner Trust  
VALET201  Volkswagen Auto Loan Enhanced Trust 2020-1  
Asset-Backed Transactions and Securities Constituting the Platform - Document Custody Only Deals
Deal ID  Deal Name and Series  
AH066C  Citi/ Wells Fargo American Home Mortgage Assets 2006-4  
BC061C  Wells Fargo/ SABR 2006-NC2  
BC062C  Wells Fargo/ SABR 2006-NC3  
BC081C  BCAP 2008-IND1  
BC083C  BCAP 2008-IND2  
CA061C  Carrington 2006-NC1  
CA062C  Wells Fargo/ Carrington Mortgage Loan Trust 2006-NC2  
CA063C  Wells Fargo/ Carrington Mortgage Loan Trust 2006-NC3  
CA064C  Wells Fargo/ Carrington Mortgage Loan Trust 2006-NC4  
DB061C  ACE 2006-NC1  
DB061Z  DBALT 2006-AR6 Wells Fargo/ Deutsche Bank custody  
DB062Z  DBALT 2006-OA1 Wells Fargo/ Deutsche Bank custody  
DB063C  ACE 2006-SL1  
DB065C  DBALT 2006-AR1 HSBC/ Wells Fargo/Deutsche Bank  
DB066C  DB ACE 2006-HE1  
DB067C  Ace 2006-SD1 HSBC/ Wells Fargo/ Deutsche  
DB068C  DB Ace Securities Series 2006-ASAP2  
DB069C  DBALT Series 2006-AF1  
DB06AC  DB Ace Series 2006-SL2  

DB06CC  Ace 2006-HE2 HSBC/ Wells Fargo/ Deutsche Bank custody  
DB06DC  Ace 2006-ASL1 HSBC/ Wells Fargo/ Deutsche Bank custody  
DB06EC  DBALT 2006-AB2 HSBC/ Wells Fargo/ Deutsche Bank custody  
DB06FC  Ace 2006-ASAP3 HSBC/ Wells Fargo/ Deutsche Bank custody  
DB06HC  Ace 2006-HE3 HSBC/ Wells Fargo/ Deutsche Bank custody  
DB06JC  Ace 2006-SD2 HSBC/ Wells Fargo/ Deutsche Bank custody  
DB06LC  DBALT 2006-AB3 HSBC/ Wells Fargo/ Deutsche Bank custody  
DB06MC  DB ALT 2006-AR2 HSBC/ Wells Fargo/ Deutsche Bank custody  
DB06PC  ACE 2006-SL4 HSBC/ Wells Fargo/ Deutsche Bank custody  
DB06QC  ACE 2006-NC2 HSBC/ Wells Fargo/ Deutsche Bank custody  
DB06SC  DBALT 2006-AB4 HSBC/ Wells Fargo/ Deutsche Bank custody  
DB06TC  Ace 2006-ASAP5 HSBC/ Wells Fargo/ Deutsche Bank custody  
DB06UC  DBALT 2006-AR4 HSBC/ Wells Fargo/ Deutsche Bank custody  
DB06WC  DBALT 2006-AR5 Wells Fargo/ Deutsche Bank custody  
DB06XC  Ace 2006-NC3 Wells Fargo/ Deutsche Bank custody  
DB06YC  Ace 2006-ASAP6 Wells Fargo/ Deutsche Bank custody  
DB06ZC  Ace 2006-SD3 Wells Fargo/ Deutsche Bank custody  
DB071C  DBALT 2007-AR1Wells Fargo/ Deutsche Bank custody  
DB073C  Ace 2007-ASL1Wells Fargo/ Deutsche Bank custody  
DB074C  DBALT 2007-AR2 Wells Fargo/ Deutsche Bank custody  
DB075C  DBALT 2007-BAR1 Wells Fargo/ Deutsche Bank custody  
DB077C  ACE 2007-SL1 Wells Fargo/ Deutsche Bank custody  
DB078C  ACE 2007-HE2 Wells Fargo/ Deutsche Bank custody  
DB07AC  ACE 2007-ASAP1 Wells Fargo/ Deutsche Bank custody  
DB07CC  DBALT 2007-OA2 Wells Fargo/ Deutsche Bank custody  
DB07DC  DBALT 2007-AB1 Wells Fargo/ Deutsche Bank custody  
DB07EC  Ace 2007-HE4 Wells Fargo/ Deutsche Bank custody  
DB07FC  DBALT 2007-AR3 Wells Fargo/ Deutsche Bank custody  
DB07GC  ACE 2007-ASAP2 Wells Fargo/ Deutsche Bank custody  
DB07HC  Wells Fargo/ Deutsche Alt-A Securities 2007-OA3  
DB07JC  Ace 2007-HE5/ Wells Fargo  
DB07LC  DBALT 2007-OA4/ Wells Fargo  
DB07MC  DBALT 2007-1/ Wells Fargo  
DB07NC  DBALT 2007-OA5/ Wells Fargo  
DB07PC  Ace 2007-SL2/ Wells Fargo  
DB07QC  DBALT 2007-2/ Wells Fargo  
DB07TC  DBALT 2007-3/ Wells Fargo  
FB061C  ABSC 2006-AG1  
FB071C  CSMC 2007-5/Wells Fargo custody  
FB072C  CSMC 2007-NC1 custody  
FB073C  CSMC 2007-6 custody  
FB075C  CSMC 2007-7 custody  
GC069C  HarborView Mortgage Loan Trust 2006-10  
GC07AC  HarborView Mortgage Loan Trust 2007-3  
GS061C  US Bank/Wells Fargo GSR 2006-1F Custody  

GS063C  JP Morgan/ US Bank GSAA 2006-1 Custody  
GS066C  GSAA 2006-3  
GS067C  GSR 2006-2F  
GS068C  Wells Fargo/US BankGSR 2006-3F  
GS069C  JP Morgan/ US Bank GSAA 2006-5  
GS06AC  JP Morgan/ US Bank GSAA 2006-6 custody  
GS06BC  Wells Fargo/ US Bank GSR 2006-AR2 custody  
GS06CC  JP Morgan/ US Bank GSR 2006-4F custody  
GS06DC  Wells Fargo/ US Bank GSAMP 2006-HE3 custody  
GS06EC  JP Morgan/ US Bank GSAA 2006-9 custody  
GS06FC  Wells Fargo/ US Bank GSR 2006-5F custody  
GS06GC  Wells Fargo/ GSAMP 2006-HE4 custody  
GS06HC  Wells Fargo/ GSR 2006-6F custody  
GS06JC  Wells Fargo/ GSR 2006-7F custody  
GS06KC  Wells Fargo/ GSAA 2006-12 custody  
GS06LC  Wells Fargo/ GSAMP 2006-HE5 custody  
GS06MC  Wells Fargo/ GSR 2006-8F custody  
GS06OC  Wells Fargo/ GSAA 2006-14 custody  
GS06PC  Goldman Sachs/ US Bank/NCAMLT 2006-ALT2  
GS06QC  GSAMP 2006-HE7 Goldman Sachs/ LaSalle/ Wells Fargo  
GS06RC  GSR 2006-9F Goldman Sachs/ US Bank/ Wells Fargo  
GS06SC  GSAA 2006-19 Goldman Sachs/ US Bank/ Wells Fargo  
GS06TC  GSR 2006-10F Goldman Sachs/ US Bank/ Wells Fargo  
GS06UC  GSAA 2006-20 Goldman Sachs/ US Bank/ Wells Fargo  
GS06VC  GSAMP 2006-HE8 Goldman Sachs/ LaSalle/ Wells Fargo  
GS072C  GSAA 2007-1 Goldman Sachs/ US Bank/ Wells Fargo  
GS073C  GSAMP 2007-H1 Goldman Sachs/ LaSalle/Wells Fargo custody  
GS074C  GSR 2007-1F Goldman Sachs/ Wells Fargo custody  
GS075C  GSAMP 2007-NC1 Goldman Sachs/ Wells Fargo custody  
GS076C  GSAA 2007-3 Goldman Sachs/ Wells Fargo custody  
GS077C  GSAMP 2007-HE1 Goldman Sachs/ Wells Fargo custody  
GS078C  GSR 2007-2F Goldman Sachs/ Wells Fargo custody  
GS07AC  GSAMP 2007-HE2 Goldman Sachs/ Wells Fargo custody  
GS07BC  GSR 2007-3F Goldman Sachs/ Wells Fargo custody  
GS07DC  GSAA 2007-7/ Wells Fargo  
GS07EC  GSR 2007-4F/ Wells Fargo  
GS07FC  GSAA 2007-8/ Wells Fargo  
GS07GC  GSAA 2007-9/ Wells Fargo  
GS07HC  GSAA 2007-10/ Wells Fargo  
GS07KC  GSR 2007-5F/ Wells Fargo  
LH061Z  SASCO 2006-BC2 custody only  
LH062Z  LXS 2006-13 custody only  
LH063C  Lehman SAIL 2006-1  
LH063Z  SAIL 2006-BNC3 custody only  

LH064C  Lehman LXS 2006-2N  
LH064Z  LXS 2006-14N DB custody only  
LH065C  Lehman SARM 2006-1  
LH065Z  Lehman mortgage trust 2006-5 custody only  
LH066Z  Greenpoint 2006-HE1 DB custody only  
LH067C  Lehman SASCO 2006-BNC1  
LH067Z  LXS 2006-15 DB custody only  
LH068C  Lehman SARM 2006-2  
LH068Z  LXS 2006-16H DB custody only  
LH069C  Lehman SAIL 2006-2  
LH069Z  SARM 2006-9 DB custody only  
LH06AC  Lehman SARM 2006-3  
LH06AZ  BNC 2006-1 DB custody only  
LH06BC  Lehman LXS 2006-5  
LH06BZ  LMT 2006-6 DB custody only  
LH06CZ  SASCO 2006-BC3 DB custody only  
LH06DC  SAIL 2006-BNC2  
LH06DZ  LMT 2006-7 DB custody only  
LH06EC  SASCO 2006-BC1  
LH06FC  SASCO 2006-AM1  
LH06FZ  LXS 2006-17 DB custody only  
LH06GC  SARM 2006-4  
LH06GZ  BNC 2006-10 DB custody only  
LH06HC  LXS 2006-7  
LH06IZ  SASCO 2006-BC4 DB custody only  
LH06JZ  LXS 2006-19 custody only  
LH06KC  SAIL 2006-3 custody only  
LH06KZ  LXS 2006-18N  
LH06LC  LXS 2006-8 custody only  
LH06MC  SARM 2006-5 custody only  
LH06MZ  SASCO 2006-BC5 custody only  
LH06NC  SASCO 2006-NC1 custody only  
LH06NZ  LMT 2006-8 custody only  
LH06PC  SAIL 2006-4 custody only  
LH06QC  SASCO 2006-ARS1 custody only  
LH06QZ  SASCO 2006-BC6 custody only  
LH06RC  LXS 2006-10N custody only  
LH06RZ  LMT 2006-9 custody only  
LH06SC  LXS 2006-9 custody only  
LH06SZ  SARM 2006-12 custody only  
LH06UC  SARM 2006-7 custody only  
LH06UZ  LXS 2006-20 custody only  
LH06WC  LMT 2006-4 custody only  
LH06XC  LXS 2006-11 custody only  
LH06YC  LXS 2006-12N custody only  

LH06ZC  SARM 2006-8 custody only  
LH071C  SASCO 2007-BC1 custody only  
LH071Z  LXS 2007-18N custody only  
LH072Z  SARM 2007-10 custody only  
LH073C  LMT 2007-1 custody only  
LH074C  LXS 2007-2N custody only  
LH074Z  SASCO 2007-BNC1 custody only  
LH075C  LXS 2007-1 custody only  
LH075Z  LMT 2007-10 custody only  
LH076C  LMT 2007-2 custody only  
LH076Z  LXS 2007-20N custody only  
LH077C  BNC 2007-1 custody only  
LH077Z  SARM 2007-11 custody only  
LH078C  LXS 2007-3 custody only  
LH079C  LXS 2007-4 custody only  
LH079Z  SASCO 2007-BC4 custody only  
LH07AZ  BNC 2007-4 custody only  
LH07BC  SARM 2007-3 custody only  
LH07CC  LMT 2007-4  
LH07DC  LXS 2007-5H custody only  
LH07FC  BNC 2007-2 custody only  
LH07GC  LXS 2007-6 custody only  
LH07JC  LMT 2007-5 custody only  
LH07KC  SASCO 2007-BC3 custody only  
LH07LC  LXS 2007-9 custody only  
LH07MC  LXS 2007-8h custody only  
LH07NC  SASCO 2007-OS1 custody only  
LH07RC  LXS 2007-12N custody only  
LH07SC  LXS 2007-11 custody only  
LH07TC  BNC 2007-3 custody only  
LH07WC  LMT 2007-7 custody only  
LH07XC  LXS 2007-15N custody only  
LH07ZC  SARM 2007-8 custody only  
MG071C  MHL 2007-1/Wells custody only  
MG072C  MHL 2007-2/Wells custody only  
ML061C  MLMI 2006-AR1  
ML072C  MANA 2007-A3/Wells Fargo custody only  
ML073C  MANA 2007-AF1/Wells Fargo custody only  
MS064C  MSM 2006-11custody only  
SG071C  SG Mortgage Securities Trust 2007-NC1  
SU071C  STICS 2007-1/Wells Fargo custody only  
UB061C  UBS MASTR 2006-AM1  
UB062C  UBS MASTR 2006-NC1  
UB063C  Wells Fargo/ UBS MASTR 2006 HE-2  
UB064C  MABS 2006-AM2 custody only  

UB065C  Wells Fargo/ UBS MASTR 2006-NC2  
UB066C  Wells Fargo/ US Bank UBS MASTR 2006-AM3 custody only  
UB067C  Wells Fargo/ UBS MASTR 2006-NC3  
UB068C  Wells Fargo/ UBS MASTR 2006-HE5  
WA071C  WaMu 2007-HE2/ Citi custody  
WA072C  WaMu 2007-HE3/ Citi custody  
WA073C  WaMu 2007-HE4/ Citi custody