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Filed: 13 Apr 21, 8:09am

Exhibit 99.10

Grab Southeast Asia’s Leading Superapp[1] Driving economic empowerment across Southeast Asia All-in-one platform for everyday needs and everyday entrepreneurs 1 1 2 3 2 3 4 1 Financial Services 1 Digital wallet & GrabPay Card 2 Deliveries: On-demand delivery for 2 Insurance, wealth management ready-to-eat meals, groceries and parcels and loans 3 Mobility: On-demand two, three and 3 PayLater four-wheel transport options 4 Remittance 1. Based on category leadership in online food delivery, ride-hailing and digital wallet payments, as determined by Euromonitor based on 2020 share of GMV across Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Grab’s scale at-a-glance[2] 1.9B 25M[3] 5M transactions monthly registered driver completed transacting users partners in 2020 2M 2M 400+ merchant partners GrabKios agents cities across 8 countries 2. MTUs, driver-, merchant and agent-partner numbers are as of December 2020. 3. Monthly Transacting Users (“MTUs”) are dened as number of monthly unique users who have successfully paid for any of our products.

The Southeast Asian Market Opportunity population, 6 in 10 people in Southeast Asia 670M 2x the size of the U.S. are unbanked or underbanked4 US$180B+ US$52B 2020 2025 Total Addressable Market (TAM)[4] across online food delivery, ride-hailing and digital wallet payments 4. Source: Euromonitor Nascent Stages of Digital Transformation[5] Southeast Asia China 43% 21% 15% 17% 11% 3% % 2020 % 2020 % 2020 online food delivery ride-hailing electronic transactions penetration[6] penetration[7] (volume) 5. Source: Euromonitor. Southeast Asia statistics here refer to Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines,Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam 6. Based on % of total consumer foodservice that is ordered online (including online ordering for dine-in and takeaway) 7. Based on % of total consumer expenditure on ride-hailing out of consumer expenditure on buses, coaches and taxis, and operation of personal transport equipment

Grab’s Superapp Success Story Cross platform synergies accelerate growth and deliver competitive edge #1 Category Leadership Across Southeast Asia[8] Online food delivery Digital wallet payments 8 countries Ride-hailing 8. Source: Euromonitor. Based on 2020 share of GMV in online food delivery and ride-hailing, and share of TPV for digital wallet payments, across Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam Higher engagement and retention 79% 5x 59% 1-yr retention rate increase since 2018 of 2-wheel driver-partners for users who use for % of MTUs that use service both GrabFood more than 3 services[9] more than 2 services and Mobility[10] 9. for all users active in Dec 2019 10. As of 4Q2020. Based on Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand driver-partner base.