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On Monday, December 20, 2021, Prasad Gundumogula, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mondee Holdings II, Inc. (“Mondee”), participated in an interview with Oliver Renick of TD Ameritrade. The transcript of the interview is set forth below.



Monday, December 20, 2021


OLIVER RENICK: “Good news and maybe that is the ability to travel, work and some combination of both, which is the centerpiece of Mondee’s business, as I understand it. The CEO is joining us after announcing a SPAC deal. Prasad Gundumogula is here. Prasad, thanks for joining us here on the TD Ameritrade network.”


PRASAD GUNDUMOGULA (Mondee): “Hey Oliver, thanks for joining me here. Today is a big day for Mondee and I'm here to give you guys some details on the story.”


RENICK: “Yes. Am I describing it right? Does it like travel while you're working? Is this catering to the mobile worker?”


GUNDUMOGULA: “That’s right, so travel for gig economies.”


RENICK: “So, what do you guys do? Are you connecting like with the openings at hotels or Airbnbs, or what?”


GUNDUMOGULA: “So, we are connecting the travel workers on one side, on a gig economy side, to the traveler needs and providing the supplier needs, you know, having a marketplace to connect all the players together.”


RENICK: “And you do this via software?”


GUNDUMOGULA: “Yes, so we have a platform. We have a set of products out there and we provide them the tools and platforms to do the conversational commerce and the FinTech solutions. And doing with the market solutions in which that you know, the needs of travelers are being taken care of, such as travel experiences, curated content, conversational commerce, you know, using the new wallet solutions from the [inaudible] and be able to get that new experience through gig economy workers. So, we give all these tools to operate the overall ecosystem.”





RENICK: “And Prasad is this used by the businesses to help their employees? Is this like an alternative to me logging into Concur when I travel? Or is this if I'm an independent worker, I use this as an alternative to a booking website?”


GUNDUMOGULA: “This is primarily for the leisure travelers, and the gig economy workers, to help the leisure travelers to get what they need. So, but it also has an application of the small to medium businesses and to the corporate and leisure travel needs.”


RENICK: “Okay, so right now, where do you see most of the demand coming from? Is this a big pickup in demand from the last year? Is it just building over time, as we naturally gravitate away from being stuck in the office? How do you foresee the kind of post COVID or COVID emergence affecting your business?”


GUNDUMOGULA: “So, the leisure travel has recovered very well. And especially in the domestic markets, and there's lot of demand and the revenge travel out there. But the corporate travel is slowly recovering, it takes a little time probably, but it's been much better compared with last year and maybe another year. But leisure travel has really gone well and is recovering day by day.”


RENICK: “And in terms of revenue right now versus profitability. Walk us through some of the fundamentals. I know that you're early in the stages in your path towards a public, so whatever you can share. What do you see right now in terms of revenue? And is it making it to the bottom line? Are you making profits at this point?”


GUNDUMOGULA: “Yes, we did in 2019. We were doing $178 billion dollars, $2.6 million of EBITDA, or margins or 26%. It has been affected a little bit in 2020 and 2021. We are breakeven now, and we're expecting to be back to 2019 level, in the coming years. And you know, our revenue per ticket and margins are much higher with the better economics, with the suppliers at the same time, in the new ancillary products, and the new platform with dynamic pricing and also it all worked out well. And you know, we are seeing a great momentum and with a better cost structure I think the revenues and the EBITDA margins are much better than what we have in 2019.”


RENICK: “What do you want to do once you’re public? What's the timing do you think for seeing you trade publicly? And with the proceeds of the deal, where does that go?”


GUNDUMOGULA: “So, we’re expecting to begin our trading next in the first half of 2022 [inaudible] and the proceeds are going to come into feeding our growth plans that we have. We are in the process of making a big transformation in a $1 trillion market place and also, we have a history of acquiring, we maybe did 14 acquisitions so far and successfully integrated them into a platform and get three to 4x returns. And now we are proceeding with that and we have identified certain M&A targets and timing wise it's very apt for us to take them and connect them into our strategic [inaudible] with the right pricing. And we use some of our proceeds to acquire these companies and make the transformation quicker.”


RENICK: “Okay. Prasad, we're looking forward to following along and looking forward to updates as you go public. Congrats on the deal and thanks for being here.”





GUNDUMOGULA: “Thank you so much.”


RENICK: “You got it. Prasad Gundumogula the CEO at Mondee, SPAC deal announced and first half of next year we'll be watching and waiting. Mondee.”


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