CSAIL 2021-C20 Commercial Mortgage Trust

Filed: 15 Mar 21, 2:42pm


  REGISTRATION FILE NO.: 333-227081-06



At: 15-Mar-2021 12:14:19



JOINT BOOKRUNNERS : Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, UBS

CO-MANAGER : Academy Securities


A-1AAAsf/AAA(sf)/Aaa(sf)8.0883.421 - 6030.00040.214.8
A-2*AAAsf/AAA(sf)/Aaa(sf)195.6408.80100 - 10830.00040.214.8
A-3*AAAsf/AAA(sf)/Aaa(sf)227.6849.65108 - 12030.00040.214.8
A-SBAAAsf/AAA(sf)/Aaa(sf)13.7316.7160 - 10030.00040.214.8
A-SAAAsf/AAA(sf)/Aa3(sf)58.0279.96120 - 12020.87545.513.1
BAA-sf/AA-(sf)/NR27.8219.96120 - 12016.50048.012.4
CA-sf/A-(sf)/NR26.2319.96120 - 12012.37550.411.9

* Sizes, WALs and principal windows are subject to change as detailed in the attached Term Sheet.


* Expected Settle :3/30/21* Format :


* First Pay Date :4/16/21* Min Denoms :  $10k by $1
* Expected Ratings :  F/K/M* ERISA :Yes
* Ticker :CSAIL 2021-C20  * Timing :Pricing end of week



* 29 loans, 40 properties

* WA Mortgage Int. Rate:3.7674%
* WA Cut-Off LTV:57.5%
* WA UW NCF DSCR:2.51x
* WA UW NOI Debt Yield:10.4%
* WA Rem Term to Maturity:    114
* Ten Largest Loans:60.0%
* Loan Sellers:3650 REIT (61.4%), Column (15.4%), UBS AG (12.8%), GACC (10.4%)
* Top 3 States:NY (19.5%), FL (16.8%), CA (12.8%)
* Top 3 Property Types:MF (26.0%), RT (24.3%), OF (23.3%)


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Bloomberg CSAIL 2021-C20 21CSAIL20

Trepp CSAIL 2021-C20 21CSAIL20

Intex CSI21C20 ti85g5c818j54t42z



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