Credit Suisse (CS)

Filed: 16 May 22, 4:10pm

The Securities and Exchange Commission has not necessarily reviewed the information in this filing and has not determined if it is accurate and complete.
The reader should not assume that the information is accurate and complete.

Washington, D.C. 20549


OMB Number:3235-0006
Expires:Oct 31, 2018
Estimated average burden
hours per response:23.8

1-800-Flowers.Com IncCL A68243Q106241,862SH DFND 001,862
10X Genomics IncCL A COM88025U1091,06714,026SH DFND 0014,026
1Life Healthcare IncCOM68269G10750445,510SH DFND 0045,510
1st Source CorpCOM3369011031132,446SH DFND 002,446
23andMe Holding Co.CLASS A COM90138Q108153,984SH DFND 003,984
2Seventy Bio IncCOMMON STOCK901384107975,666SH DFND 005,666
2U IncCOM90214J10170853,335SH DFND 0053,335
360 DigiTech IncAMERICAN DEP88557W10128818,710SH DFND 0018,710
3D Systems CorpCOM NEW88554D20547928,698SH DFND 0028,698
3M CoCOM88579Y10136,263243,571SH DFND 900243,481
4D Molecular Therapeutics IncCOM35104E100251,661SH DFND 001,661
51job IncSPONSORED ADS3168271042,31339,498SH DFND 0039,498
8x8 IncCOM28291410023618,716SH DFND 0018,716
908 Devices Inc.COM65443P102201,039SH DFND 2701,012
A O Smith CorpCOM8318652091,91129,907SH DFND 0029,907
A-Mark Precious Metals IncCOM00181T10752675SH DFND 00675
A10 Networks IncCOM002121101523,748SH DFND 5303,695
AAR CorpCOM0003611051753,622SH DFND 003,622
ABIOMED IncCOM0036541007,40922,367SH DFND 0022,367
ABM Industries IncCOM00095710053011,506SH DFND 0011,506
ACADIA Pharmaceuticals IncCOM00422510853021,903SH DFND 0021,903
ACCO Brands CorpCOM00081T108567,014SH DFND 007,014
ACI Worldwide IncCOM00449810166020,973SH DFND 0020,973
ACM Research IncCOM CL A00108J109743,555SH DFND 003,555
ACV Auctions IncCOM CL A00091G1041288,667SH DFND 008,667
ADT IncCOM00090Q1038010,535SH DFND 0010,535
ADTRAN IncCOM00738A106713,826SH DFND 003,826
AECOMCOM00766T1001,15214,992SH DFND 0014,992
AES CorpCOM00130H1051,58861,708SH DFND 0061,708
AGCO CorpCOM0010841021,63211,174SH DFND 0011,174
AGNC Investment CorpCOM00123Q10437828,864SH DFND 0028,864
ALLETE IncCOM NEW0185223001101,640SH DFND 001,640
ALX Oncology Holdings IncCOM00166B10512724SH DFND 00724
AMC Entertainment Holdings IncCL A COM00165C1041,28051,934SH DFND 0051,934
AMC Networks IncCL A00164V1032666,538SH DFND 006,538
AMETEK IncCOM0311001006,19246,492SH DFND 0046,492
AMN Healthcare Services IncCOM0017441018498,136SH DFND 008,136
ANI Pharmaceuticals IncCOM00182C10322793SH DFND 00793
ANSYS IncCOM03662Q10510,37532,661SH DFND 0032,661
APA Corp (US)COM03743Q1083,36881,495SH DFND 0081,495
APi Group CorpCOM STK00187Y10061529,243SH DFND 0029,243
ARK Genomic Revolution ETFGENOMIC REV ETF00214Q3021,02922,400SH DFND 0022,400
ARK Innovation ETFINNOVATION ETF00214Q1048120SH DFND 00120
ARMOUR Residential REIT IncCOM NEW042315507586,924SH DFND 006,924
ASE Technology Holding Co LtdSPONSORED ADS00215W1001,025144,621SH DFND 00144,621
ASGN IncCOM00191U1021,35411,604SH DFND 0011,604
ASML Holding NVN Y REGISTRY SHSN0705921067101SH DFND 00101
AT&T IncCOM00206R10247,4402,007,607SH DFND 3,59002,004,017
ATN International IncCOM00215F10739969SH DFND 00969
AXIS Capital Holdings LtdSHSG0692U10979813,197SH DFND 0013,197
AZZ IncCOM0024741041533,178SH DFND 003,178
Aaon IncCOM PAR $0.0040003602064798,597SH DFND 008,597
Aaron's Company IncCOM00258W108442,208SH DFND 002,208
Abbott LaboratoriesCOM00282410038,057321,535SH DFND 00321,535
Abbvie IncCOM00287Y109175,8401,084,698SH DFND 12501,084,573
Abcellera Biologics IncCOM00288U10626727,351SH DFND 0027,351
Abercrombie & Fitch CoCL A00289620737711,776SH DFND 0011,776
Absolute Software CorpCOM00386B109303,527SH DFND 003,527
Academy Sports and Outdoors IncCOM00402L10758914,947SH DFND 0014,947
Acadia Healthcare Company IncCOM00404A1091,03015,711SH DFND 0015,711
Acadia Realty TrustCOM SH BEN INT00423910933115,271SH DFND 0015,271
Accel Entertainment IncCOM CL A100436Q106473,837SH DFND 003,837
Accelerate Diagnostics IncCOM00430H10221,472SH DFND 9201,380
Accenture PLCSHS CLASS AG1151C101100,252297,282SH DFND 00297,282
Accolade IncCOM00437E1021629,212SH DFND 009,212
Aclaris Therapeutics IncCOM00461U105533,097SH DFND 003,097
Activision Blizzard IncCOM00507V10933,522418,448SH DFND 00418,448
Acuity Brands IncCOM00508Y1021,1716,185SH DFND 006,185
Acushnet Holdings CorpCOM0050981081503,721SH DFND 003,721
Adapthealth CorpCOMMON STOCK00653Q102965,992SH DFND 005,992
Adaptive Biotechnologies CorpCOM00650F10932823,665SH DFND 0023,665
Addus Homecare CorpCOM0067391061091,168SH DFND 001,168
Adient PLCORD SHSG0084W10175518,507SH DFND 0018,507
Adobe IncCOM00724F101191,371420,023SH DFND 1200419,903
Adtalem Global Education IncCOM00737L1032779,314SH DFND 009,314
AdvanSix IncCOM00773T1011042,039SH DFND 002,039
Advance Auto Parts IncCOM00751Y1064,03019,472SH DFND 0019,472
Advanced Drainage Systems IncCOM00790R1041,1489,663SH DFND 009,663
Advanced Energy Industries IncCOM0079731006347,365SH DFND 007,365
Advanced Micro Devices IncCOM00790310739,238358,866SH DFND 00358,866
AerCap Holdings NVSHSN009851068,820175,426SH DFND 00175,426
Aerie Pharmaceuticals IncCOM00771V108273,015SH DFND 003,015
AeroVironment IncCOM0080731083093,283SH DFND 003,283
Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings IncCOM0078001052526,410SH DFND 006,410
Affiliated Managers Group IncCOM0082521089816,958SH DFND 006,958
Affirm Holdings IncCOM CL A00827B10663313,686SH DFND 0013,686
Aflac IncCOM00105510215,281237,317SH DFND 00237,317
Afya LtdCL A COMG0112510650435,000SH DFND 0035,000
Agenus IncCOM NEW00847G7053112,685SH DFND 0012,685
Agilent Technologies IncCOM00846U10113,446101,612SH DFND 00101,612
Agiliti IncCOM00848J104462,185SH DFND 002,185
Agilysys IncCOM00847J105731,821SH DFND 1801,803
Agios Pharmaceuticals IncCOM00847X10430910,623SH DFND 0010,623
Agnico Eagle Mines LtdCOM0084741089,760159,367SH DFND 00159,367
Agree Realty CorpCOM00849210076111,475SH DFND 0011,475
Air Lease CorpCL A00912X30296221,552SH DFND 0021,552
Air Products and Chemicals IncCOM00915810673,393293,678SH DFND 1500293,528
Air Transport Services Group IncCOM00922R105361,091SH DFND 001,091
Airbnb IncCOM CL A0090661015,10429,717SH DFND 0029,717
Akamai Technologies IncCOM00971T1017,34961,555SH DFND 0061,555
Akamai Technologies IncNOTE 0.375% 9/000971TAL52,9152,500,000PRN DFND 002,500,000
Akebia Therapeutics IncCOM00972D105811,671SH DFND 0011,671
Akero Therapeutics IncCOM00973Y108161,159SH DFND 001,159
Alamo Group IncCOM0113111071441,004SH DFND 001,004
Alamos Gold IncCOM CL A01153210849358,592SH DFND 7058,585
Alarm.com Holdings IncCOM0116421055788,698SH DFND 008,698
Alaska Air Group IncCOM01165910999317,120SH DFND 0017,120
Alaunos Therapeutics IncCOM98973P1011319,185SH DFND 0019,185
Albany International CorpCL A0123481084965,881SH DFND 005,881
Albemarle CorpCOM0126531013,96217,914SH DFND 0017,914
Albertsons Companies IncCOMMON STOCK0130911033309,919SH DFND 009,919
Albireo Pharma IncCOM01345P106361,196SH DFND 001,196
Alcoa CorpCOM0138721062,78330,907SH DFND 0030,907
Alcon AGORD SHSH01301128154,3731,945,963SH DFND 259,54501,686,418
Alector IncCOM014442107584,065SH DFND 004,065
Alexander & Baldwin Inc (Hawaii)COM01449110428512,305SH DFND 0012,305
Alexander's IncCOM01475210942164SH DFND 00164
Alexandria Real Estate Equities IncCOM0152711094,97724,729SH DFND 0024,729
Algonquin Power & Utilities CorpCOM0158571052,260145,632SH DFND 00145,632
Alibaba Group Holding LtdSPONSORED ADS01609W1027,46968,652SH DFND 0068,652
Alight IncCOM CL A01626W10131331,409SH DFND 0031,409
Align Technology IncCOM01625510121,33948,942SH DFND 0048,942
Alignment Healthcare IncCOM01625V104282,471SH DFND 002,471
Aligos Therapeutics IncCOM01626L10541,727SH DFND 001,727
Alkami Technology IncCOM01644J108171,161SH DFND 001,161
Alkermes PlcSHSG0176710571427,145SH DFND 0027,145
Allakos IncCOM01671P100356,170SH DFND 006,170
Alleghany CorpCOM0171751001,7712,091SH DFND 002,091
Allegheny Technologies IncCOM01741R10260022,372SH DFND 0022,372
Allegiance Bancshares IncCOM01748H107972,181SH DFND 002,181
Allegiant Travel CoCOM01748X10240245SH DFND 00245
Allegion PLCORD SHSG0176J1093,59532,750SH DFND 0032,750
Allegro Microsystems IncCOM01749D1051214,257SH DFND 004,257
Alliant Energy CorpCOM0188021082,31036,941SH DFND 0036,941
Allison Transmission Holdings IncCOM01973R10165916,796SH DFND 0016,796
Allogene Therapeutics IncCOM01977010613414,671SH DFND 0014,671
Allovir IncCOM019818103162,438SH DFND 002,438
Allscripts Healthcare Solutions IncCOM01988P10854924,389SH DFND 0024,389
Allstate CorpCOM02000210125,393183,330SH DFND 00183,330
Ally Financial IncCOM02005N10010,412239,456SH DFND 00239,456
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals IncCOM02043Q1072,08712,780SH DFND 0012,780
Alpha Metallurgical Resources IncCOM0207641062061,558SH DFND 001,558
Alpha and Omega Semiconductor LtdSHSG6331P104851,560SH DFND 001,560
Alphabet IncCAP STK CL A02079K305470,807169,273SH DFND 00169,273
Alphabet IncCAP STK CL C02079K107578,291207,051SH DFND 3570206,694
Alphatec Holdings IncCOM NEW02081G201524,497SH DFND 004,497
Alpine 4 Holdings IncCL A02083E1054745,000SH DFND 0045,000
Altair Engineering IncCOM CL A0213691035939,215SH DFND 009,215
Alteryx IncCOM CL A02156B1031,65223,096SH DFND 0023,096
Altice USA IncCL A02156K10363250,666SH DFND 0050,666
Altra Industrial Motion CorpCOM02208R10649312,663SH DFND 0012,663
Altria Group IncCOM02209S10317,048326,273SH DFND 00326,273
Amarin Corporation PLCSPONS ADR NEW0231112063711,367SH DFND 0011,367
Amazon.com IncCOM023135106595,273182,602SH DFND 00182,602
Ambac Financial Group IncCOM NEW023139884383,625SH DFND 003,625
Ambarella IncSHSG037AX1016576,262SH DFND 306,259
Ambev SASPONSORED ADR02319V103421130,318SH DFND 130,31800
Amcor PLCORDG0250X1075,352472,371SH DFND 00472,371
Amdocs LtdSHSG0260210388310,744SH DFND 0010,744
Amedisys IncCOM0234361081,2527,267SH DFND 007,267
Amerant Bancorp IncCL A023576101672,106SH DFND 002,106
AmercoCOM0235861003,0795,158SH DFND 005,158
Ameren CorpCOM0236081023,53337,684SH DFND 0037,684
Ameresco IncCL A02361E1083444,331SH DFND 004,331
America's CAR-MART IncCOM03062T10537463SH DFND 00463
American Airlines Group IncCOM02376R1021,38075,625SH DFND 0075,625
American Assets Trust IncCOM0240131043439,062SH DFND 009,062
American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings IncCOM024061103678,688SH DFND 008,688
American Campus Communities IncCOM0248351001,29923,203SH DFND 0023,203
American Eagle Outfitters IncCOM02553E10648829,069SH DFND 0029,069
American Eagle Outfitters IncNOTE 3.750% 4/102553EAB2775200,000PRN DFND 00200,000
American Electric Power Company IncCOM0255371019,71197,330SH DFND 0097,330
American Equity Investment Life Holding CoCOM02567620662215,578SH DFND 0015,578
American Express CoCOM02581610955,618297,425SH DFND 00297,425
American Financial Group IncCOM0259321042,03113,946SH DFND 0013,946
American Homes 4 RentCL A02665T3061,95348,776SH DFND 0048,776
American International Group IncCOM NEW02687478417,376276,816SH DFND 00276,816
American National Group IncCOM NEW02772A1093341,768SH DFND 001,768
American Public Education IncCOM02913V103281,308SH DFND 001,308
American Software IncCL A029683109432,051SH DFND 002,051
American States Water CoCOM0298991016957,811SH DFND 007,811
American Tower CorpCOM03027X10033,864134,797SH DFND 00134,797
American Vanguard CorpCOM030371108703,423SH DFND 003,423
American Water Works Company IncCOM0304201039,23655,795SH DFND 0055,795
American Well CorpCL A03044L1056715,906SH DFND 11,74404,162
American Woodmark CorpCOM0305061091032,094SH DFND 002,094
Americold Realty TrustCOM03064D1081,23844,392SH DFND 0044,392
Ameriprise Financial IncCOM03076C10610,22734,049SH DFND 0034,049
Ameris BancorpCOM03076K10858313,296SH DFND 0013,296
Amerisafe IncCOM03071H100781,567SH DFND 001,567
Amerisourcebergen CorpCOM03073E10510,92770,629SH DFND 0070,629
Amgen IncCOM03116210045,271187,208SH DFND 00187,208
Amicus Therapeutics IncCOM03152W10947049,667SH DFND 0049,667
Amkor Technology IncCOM0316521002169,946SH DFND 009,946
Ammo IncCOM00175J107285,920SH DFND 005,920
Amneal Pharmaceuticals IncCOM STK CL A03168L105296,854SH DFND 006,854
Amphastar Pharmaceuticals IncCOM03209R1031373,825SH DFND 003,825
Amphenol CorpCL A03209510118,185241,335SH DFND 00241,335
Amyris IncCOM NEW03236M20012829,323SH DFND 0029,323
Analog Devices IncCOM03265410513,91084,213SH DFND 0084,213
Anaplan IncCOM03272L1081,57124,147SH DFND 0024,147
AnaptysBio IncCOM032724106291,189SH DFND 001,189
Anavex Life Sciences CorpCOM NEW032797300685,508SH DFND 005,508
Andersons IncCOM0341641031242,467SH DFND 002,467
Angi IncCOM CL A NEW00183L102274,821SH DFND 004,821
AngioDynamics IncCOM03475V101653,039SH DFND 003,039
Anheuser Busch Inbev SASPONSORED ADR03524A108961,600SH DFND 001,600
Anika Therapeutics IncCOM035255108261,021SH DFND 001,021
Annaly Capital Management IncCOM0357104091,749248,372SH DFND 00248,372
Annexon IncCOM03589W10241,567SH DFND 001,567
Antares Pharma IncCOM0366421064210,266SH DFND 0010,266
Anterix IncCOM03676C10048837SH DFND 00837
Antero Midstream CorpCOM03676B10252348,089SH DFND 0048,089
Antero Resources CorpCOM03674X1061,18338,742SH DFND 0038,742
Anthem IncCOM03675210325,48851,888SH DFND 0051,888
Aon PLCSHS CL AG0403H10839,042119,896SH DFND 8980118,998
Apartment Income REIT CorpCOM03750L1091,38225,853SH DFND 0025,853
Apartment Investment and Management CoCL A03748R74716121,967SH DFND 0021,967
Apellis Pharmaceuticals IncCOM03753U10673614,486SH DFND 0014,486
Apogee Enterprises IncCOM037598109982,064SH DFND 002,064
Apollo Commercial Real Estate Finance IncCOM03762U10515511,102SH DFND 0011,102
Apollo Global Management IncCOM03769M1062,80545,245SH DFND 0045,245
Apollo Medical Holdings IncCOM NEW03763A2072234,595SH DFND 004,595
Appfolio IncCOM CL A03783C1004173,681SH DFND 003,681
Appian CorpCL A03782L1014116,751SH DFND 006,751
Apple Hospitality REIT IncCOM NEW03784Y20066236,831SH DFND 0036,831
Apple IncCOM0378331001,010,9125,789,542SH DFND 005,789,542
Applied Industrial Technologies IncCOM03820C1058007,788SH DFND 007,788
Applied Materials IncCOM03822210581,392617,544SH DFND 2,6370614,907
Applied Therapeutics IncCOM03828A1011694SH DFND 00694
Applovin CorpCOM CL A03831W1084147,524SH DFND 007,524
Aptargroup IncCOM0383361031,28210,908SH DFND 0010,908
Aptiv PLCSHSG6095L10912,862107,440SH DFND 00107,440
AramarkCOM03852U1061,28834,256SH DFND 0034,256
Arbe Robotics LtdORDINARY SHARESM1R95N10013920,000SH DFND 0020,000
Arbor Realty Trust IncCOM03892310823013,465SH DFND 0013,465
ArcBest CorpCOM03937C1051852,295SH DFND 002,295
ArcelorMittal SANY REGISTRY SH03938L203361,123SH DFND 5001,073
Arch Capital Group LtdORDG0450A1054,930101,815SH DFND 00101,815
Archer-Daniels-Midland CoCOM03948310282,993919,489SH DFND 5,0000914,489
Archrock IncCOM03957W10612613,683SH DFND 0013,683
Arco Platform LtdCOM CL AG0455310663330,000SH DFND 0030,000
Arconic Corp (PITTSBURGH)COM03966V10744117,230SH DFND 0017,230
Arcosa IncCOM03965310058910,289SH DFND 0010,289
Arcturus Therapeutics Holdings IncCOM03969T109391,429SH DFND 2001,409
Arcus Biosciences IncCOM03969F109932,947SH DFND 002,947
Arcutis Biotherapeutics IncCOM03969K108341,790SH DFND 001,790
Ares Capital CorpCOM04010L1031135,400SH DFND 005,400
Ares Capital CorpNOTE 4.625% 3/004010LAW31,3001,300,000PRN DFND 001,300,000
Ares Commercial Real Estate CorpCOM04013V108483,119SH DFND 003,119
Ares Management CorpCL A COM STK03990B1014,63657,076SH DFND 0057,076
Argan IncCOM04010E109471,167SH DFND 001,167
Argo Group International Holdings LtdCOMG0464B1072586,261SH DFND 006,261
Arista Networks IncCOM0404131067,50453,990SH DFND 0053,990
Arko Corp.COM041242108515,582SH DFND 005,582
Armada Hoffler Properties IncCOM04208T1081349,189SH DFND 009,189
Armstrong World Industries IncCOM04247X1027318,126SH DFND 008,126
Array Technologies IncCOM SHS04271T10022319,809SH DFND 0019,809
Arrival SASHSL0423Q1085615,075SH DFND 0015,075
Arrow Electronics IncCOM0427351001,43612,105SH DFND 0012,105
Arrow Financial CorpCOM042744102391,212SH DFND 001,212
Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals IncCOM04280A1001,06223,102SH DFND 0023,102
Arthur J Gallagher & CoCOM36357610931,112178,192SH DFND 00178,192
Artisan Partners Asset Management IncCL A04316A10854413,821SH DFND 0013,821
Artivion IncCOM228903100592,750SH DFND 002,750
Arvinas IncCOM04335A1054236,279SH DFND 006,279
Asana IncCL A04342Y1042596,478SH DFND 906,469
Asbury Automotive Group IncCOM0434361046203,872SH DFND 003,872
Asensus Surgical IncCOM04367G1030556SH DFND 55600
Ashland Global Holdings IncCOM0441861048528,659SH DFND 008,659
Aspen Aerogels IncCOM04523Y105702,029SH DFND 002,029
Aspen Technology IncCOM0453271031,91911,607SH DFND 0011,607
Aspira Women's Health IncCOM04537Y10922,175SH DFND 002,175
AssetMark Financial Holdings IncCOM04546L106301,353SH DFND 001,353
Associated Banc-CorpCOM04548710563027,675SH DFND 0027,675
Assurant IncCOM04621X1083,60719,839SH DFND 0019,839
Assured Guaranty LtdCOMG0585R10680312,618SH DFND 0012,618
Astec Industries IncCOM046224101701,639SH DFND 001,639
Astra Space IncCOM CL A04634X103338,600SH DFND 008,600
Atara Biotherapeutics IncCOM046513107525,544SH DFND 005,544
Atea Pharmaceuticals IncCOM04683R1065698SH DFND 00698
Atkore IncCOM0476491088238,359SH DFND 008,359
Atlantic Union Bankshares CorpCOM04911A10759616,240SH DFND 0016,240
Atlanticus Holdings CorpCOM04914Y10228542SH DFND 00542
Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings IncCOM NEW04916420522259SH DFND 00259
Atlas CorpSHARESY0436Q109865,848SH DFND 005,848
Atlassian Corporation PLCCL AG062421043,20710,915SH DFND 0010,915
Atmos Energy CorpCOM0495601054,54338,021SH DFND 0038,021
AtriCure IncCOM04963C20972511,042SH DFND 0011,042
Atrion CorpCOM0499041056895SH DFND 0095
AudioCodes LtdORDM15342104542,098SH DFND 002,098
Aurinia Pharmaceuticals IncCOM05156V10223318,834SH DFND 0018,834
Aurora Cannabis IncCOM05156X8846215,442SH DFND 0015,442
AutoNation IncCOM05329W10299710,012SH DFND 0010,012
Autodesk IncCOM05276910615,08170,356SH DFND 0070,356
Autohome IncSP ADS RP CL A05278C10748115,819SH DFND 0015,819
Autoliv IncCOM0528001091,78023,285SH DFND 0023,285
Automatic Data Processing IncCOM05301510341,062180,142SH DFND 00180,142
Autozone IncCOM05333210211,4995,624SH DFND 005,624
Avalara IncCOM05338G1069829,865SH DFND 009,865
Avalonbay Communities IncCOM0534841017,78131,329SH DFND 0031,329
Avangrid IncCOM05351W1031563,335SH DFND 003,335
Avanos Medical IncCOM05350V1063018,974SH DFND 008,974
Avantor IncCOM05352A1001,97258,315SH DFND 0058,315
Avaya Holdings CorpCOM05351X101826,433SH DFND 006,433
AvePoint IncCOM CL A053604104305,782SH DFND 005,782
Aveanna Healthcare Holdings IncCOM05356F105123,416SH DFND 003,416
Avery Dennison CorpCOM0536111093,23018,569SH DFND 0018,569
Avid Bioservices IncCOM05368M106944,637SH DFND 004,637
Avid Technology IncCOM05367P100922,637SH DFND 002,637
Avidity Biosciences IncCOM05370A108512,744SH DFND 002,744
Avient CorpCOM05368V10684217,548SH DFND 0017,548
Avis Budget Group IncCOM0537741051,9187,284SH DFND 25007,034
Avista CorpCOM05379B10747410,500SH DFND 0010,500
Avnet IncCOM05380710392322,737SH DFND 0022,737
Axalta Coating Systems LtdCOMG0750C1082,04383,120SH DFND 0083,120
Axcelis Technologies IncCOM NEW0545402082373,144SH DFND 003,144
AxoGen IncCOM05463X106182,237SH DFND 002,237
Axon Enterprise IncCOM05464C1011,56111,334SH DFND 0011,334
Axonics IncCOM05465P1011,11117,750SH DFND 0017,750
Axos Financial IncCOM05465C1004158,938SH DFND 008,938
Axsome Therapeutics IncCOM05464T104691,656SH DFND 001,656
Azek Company IncCL A05478C10543617,565SH DFND 0017,565
Azenta IncCOM1143401021,12513,578SH DFND 0013,578
Azul SASPONSR ADR PFD05501U1063167SH DFND 16700
B Riley Financial IncCOM05580M108721,023SH DFND 001,023
B&G Foods IncCOM05508R10627310,122SH DFND 0010,122
B2Gold CorpCOM11777Q209719156,560SH DFND 00156,560
BCE IncCOM NEW05534B76013,444242,401SH DFND 2,2500240,151
BGC Partners IncCL A05541T10126660,532SH DFND 0060,532
BJ's Restaurants IncCOM09180C106441,563SH DFND 001,563
BJ's Wholesale Club Holdings IncCOM05550J1011,78126,343SH DFND 0026,343
BOK Financial CorpCOM NEW05561Q2015065,388SH DFND 005,388
BP PLCSPONSORED ADR0556221043,102105,500SH DFND 00105,500
BRF SASPONSORED ADR10552T10724361,133SH DFND 61,13300
BRP Group IncCOM CL A05589G1022599,668SH DFND 009,668
BRP IncCOM SUN VTG05577W2005997,324SH DFND 007,324
BWX Technologies IncCOM05605H1004748,798SH DFND 008,798
Badger Meter IncCOM0565251085795,808SH DFND 005,808
Baidu IncSPON ADR REP A0567521087,69258,139SH DFND 0058,139
Baker Hughes CoCL A05722G10013,859380,528SH DFND 00380,528
Balchem CorpCOM0576652007935,798SH DFND 005,798
Ball CorpCOM0584981067,46282,907SH DFND 0082,907
Ballard Power Systems IncCOM05858610855247,404SH DFND 0047,404
Banc of California IncCOM05990K106834,298SH DFND 004,298
BancFirst CorpCOM05945F1031161,390SH DFND 001,390
Banco Bradesco SASP ADR PFD NEW0594603039,8632,125,728SH DFND 2,125,72800
Bancorp IncCOM05969A1051123,943SH DFND 003,943
Bandwidth IncCOM CL A05988J1031604,930SH DFND 004,930
Bandwidth IncNOTE 0.250% 3/005988JAB9293400,000PRN DFND 00400,000
Bank First CorpCOM06211J10031436SH DFND 00436
Bank OzkCOM06417N10386220,176SH DFND 0020,176
Bank of America CorpCOM06050510473,6561,786,888SH DFND 6,05101,780,837
Bank of Hawaii CorpCOM0625401092,55330,423SH DFND 0030,423
Bank of Marin BancorpCOM063425102381,092SH DFND 001,092
Bank of MontrealCOM06367110126,496224,602SH DFND 00224,602
Bank of N T Butterfield & Son LtdSHS NEWG0772R2081965,464SH DFND 005,464
Bank of New York Mellon CorpCOM06405810012,906260,035SH DFND 00260,035
Bank of Nova ScotiaCOM06414910724,724344,727SH DFND 00344,727
BankUnited IncCOM06652K10374716,988SH DFND 0016,988
Banner CorpCOM NEW06652V2084928,404SH DFND 008,404
Bar Harbor BanksharesCOM066849100301,039SH DFND 001,039
Barnes Group IncCOM0678061093909,711SH DFND 009,711
Barrett Business Services IncCOM06846310844570SH DFND 00570
Barrick Gold CorpCOM0679011089,342380,835SH DFND 10380,834
Bausch Health Companies IncCOM0717341071,61170,513SH DFND 0070,513
Baxter International IncCOM07181310914,526187,341SH DFND 00187,341
Beacon Roofing Supply IncCOM07368510964510,879SH DFND 0010,879
Beam Therapeutics IncCOM07373V1054467,789SH DFND 007,789
Beauty Health CoCOM CL A88331L10829117,249SH DFND 0017,249
Becton Dickinson and CoCOM07588710915,49058,234SH DFND 35058,199
Bed Bath & Beyond IncCOM07589610044419,713SH DFND 0019,713
Beigene LtdSPONSORED ADR07725L1021,8489,797SH DFND 009,797
Belden IncCOM0774541065309,570SH DFND 009,570
Bellring Brands IncCOMMON STOCK07831C10336115,633SH DFND 0015,633
Benchmark Electronics IncCOM08160H101702,791SH DFND 002,791
Benefitfocus IncCOM08180D106292,298SH DFND 002,298
Bentley Systems IncCOM CL B08265T2081,36330,841SH DFND 0030,841
Berkshire Grey IncCOM CL A084656107103,407SH DFND 003,407
Berkshire Hathaway IncCL A0846701086,34712SH DFND 0012
Berkshire Hathaway IncCL B NEW084670702108,013306,063SH DFND 2,1240303,939
Berkshire Hills Bancorp IncCOM0846801071113,819SH DFND 003,819
Berry Corporation (Bry)COM08579X101272,653SH DFND 002,653
Berry Global Group IncCOM08579W1031,34823,254SH DFND 0023,254
Best Buy Co IncCOM0865161018,06888,752SH DFND 0088,752
Beyond Meat IncCOM08862E10949710,294SH DFND 0010,294
Big Lots IncCOM0893021032336,740SH DFND 006,740
Bigcommerce Holdings IncCOM SER 108975P1081848,380SH DFND 1908,361
Bilibili IncNOTE 1.250% 6/1090040AD82,4832,300,000PRN DFND 002,300,000
Bilibili IncSPONS ADS REP Z0900401061,13944,510SH DFND 0044,510
Bill.com Holdings IncCOM0900431002,0128,873SH DFND 008,873
Bio Rad Laboratories IncCL A0905722073,0315,382SH DFND 005,382
Bio-Techne CorpCOM09073M1045,18011,963SH DFND 0011,963
BioCryst Pharmaceuticals IncCOM09058V10345828,179SH DFND 0028,179
BioLife Solutions IncCOM NEW09062W2041185,192SH DFND 005,192
BioNTech SESPONSORED ADS09075V102147860SH DFND 00860
BioXcel Therapeutics IncCOM09075P105341,625SH DFND 001,625
Bioatla IncCOM09077B10461,133SH DFND 001,133
Biogen IncCOM09062X10311,75555,817SH DFND 0055,817
Biohaven Pharmaceutical Holding Company LtdCOMG111961051,1449,649SH DFND 009,649
Biomarin Pharmaceutical IncCOM09061G1016,61185,741SH DFND 0085,741
Bionano Genomics IncCOM09075F1075621,739SH DFND 0021,739
Black Hills CorpCOM0921131092963,849SH DFND 003,849
Black Knight IncCOM09215C1053,85166,407SH DFND 0066,407
BlackBerry LtdCOM09228F10372797,475SH DFND 0097,475
BlackRock IncCOM09247X101214,664280,911SH DFND 00280,911
Blackbaud IncCOM09227Q1005358,934SH DFND 008,934
Blackline IncCOM09239B10975610,330SH DFND 0010,330
Blackline IncNOTE 3/109239BAD11,5001,500,000PRN DFND 001,500,000
Blackstone IncCOM09260D10717,710139,517SH DFND 00139,517
Blackstone Mortgage Trust IncCOM CL A09257W10044113,875SH DFND 0013,875
Blink Charging CoCOM09354A100813,044SH DFND 003,044
Block IncCL A8522341037,81857,656SH DFND 0057,656
Block IncNOTE 0.125% 3/0852234AF01,7041,500,000PRN DFND 001,500,000
Block IncNOTE 0.500% 5/1852234AD5500200,000PRN DFND 00200,000
Bloom Energy CorpCOM CL A09371210710,840448,863SH DFND 388,198060,665
Bloomin' Brands IncCOM0942351081386,280SH DFND 006,280
Blucora IncCOM095229100693,552SH DFND 003,552
Blue Bird CorpCOM095306106241,272SH DFND 001,272
Blue Owl Capital IncCOM CL A09581B10347637,564SH DFND 0037,564
Blueprint Medicines CorpCOM09627Y10965510,260SH DFND 0010,260
Boeing CoCOM0970231053,25717,008SH DFND 0017,008
Boise Cascade CoCOM09739D1004606,625SH DFND 006,625
Bolt Biotherapeutics IncCOM0977021042557SH DFND 00557
Booking Holdings IncCOM09857L10886,29636,746SH DFND 0036,746
Boot Barn Holdings IncCOM0994061004354,590SH DFND 004,590
Booz Allen Hamilton Holding CorpCL A0995021064,52051,456SH DFND 0051,456
Borgwarner IncCOM0997241063,15781,144SH DFND 0081,144
Boston Beer Company IncCL A1005571076381,642SH DFND 001,642
Boston Omaha CorpCL A COM STK101044105291,162SH DFND 001,162
Boston Properties IncCOM1011211015,78244,888SH DFND 0044,888
Boston Scientific CorpCOM10113710714,765333,381SH DFND 00333,381
Bottomline Technologies IncCOM1013881065018,846SH DFND 008,846
Box IncCL A10316T10477226,577SH DFND 0026,577
Boyd Gaming CorpCOM1033041011,00315,247SH DFND 0015,247
Brady CorpCL A1046741063597,757SH DFND 007,757
Brandywine Realty TrustSH BEN INT NEW10536820342029,721SH DFND 0029,721
Bread Financial Holdings IncCOM0185811084898,716SH DFND 008,716
BridgeBio Pharma IncCOM10806X10215515,304SH DFND 0015,304
BridgeBio Pharma IncNOTE 2.500% 3/110806XAB8493400,000PRN DFND 00400,000
Brigham Minerals IncCL A COM10918L1031295,038SH DFND 005,038
Bright Horizons Family Solutions IncCOM1091941001,36910,315SH DFND 0010,315
Brightcove IncCOM10921T101202,627SH DFND 002,627
Brighthouse Financial IncCOM10922N10393318,056SH DFND 0018,056
Brightsphere Investment Group IncCOM10948W1031114,581SH DFND 004,581
Brightspire Capital IncCOM CL A10949T109576,201SH DFND 006,201
Brightview Holdings IncCOM10948C107423,055SH DFND 003,055
Brinker International IncCOM1096411003318,665SH DFND 008,665
Brinks CoCOM1096961046369,351SH DFND 009,351
Bristol-Myers Squibb CoCOM11012210856,412772,454SH DFND 1,3800771,074
Bristow Group IncCOM11040G10324652SH DFND 00652
Brixmor Property Group IncCOM11120U1051,28549,769SH DFND 0049,769
Broadcom IncCOM11135F10149,78379,061SH DFND 160078,901
Broadmark Realty Capital IncCOM11135B100819,389SH DFND 009,389
Broadridge Financial Solutions IncCOM11133T1036,07138,989SH DFND 0038,989
Broadstone Net Lease IncCOM11135E20357626,438SH DFND 0026,438
Brookdale Senior Living IncCOM11246310410114,306SH DFND 0014,306
Brookfield Asset Management IncCL A LTD VT SH11258510417,129302,800SH DFND 00302,800
Brookfield Asset Management Reinsurance Partners LtdCL A EXCH LT VTGG1616910738661SH DFND 00661
Brookfield Infrastructure CorpCOM SB VTG SHS A11275Q10779510,533SH DFND 0010,533
Brookfield Infrastructure Partners LPLP INT UNITG162521013565,369SH DFND 5,36900
Brookfield Renewable CorpCL A SUB VTG11284V1051,40932,165SH DFND 0032,165
Brookline Bancorp IncCOM11373M107996,268SH DFND 006,268
Brown & Brown IncCOM1152361017,00196,878SH DFND 9,030087,848
Brown-Forman CorpCL B1156372092,78741,587SH DFND 0041,587
Bruker CorpCOM1167941081,22619,062SH DFND 0019,062
Brunswick CorpCOM1170431091,08113,369SH DFND 0013,369
Buckle IncCOM118440106752,266SH DFND 002,266
Builders FirstSource IncCOM12008R1072,24434,770SH DFND 0034,770
Bumble IncCOM CL A12047B10537612,976SH DFND 140012,836
Bunge LtdCOMG169621056,52058,836SH DFND 0058,836
Burford Capital LtdORD SHSG1797711057,29382,555SH DFND 0082,555
Burlington Stores IncCOM1220171062,76515,179SH DFND 0015,179
Burlington Stores IncNOTE 2.250% 4/1122017AB2740500,000PRN DFND 00500,000
Byline Bancorp IncCOM124411109461,718SH DFND 001,718
C3.ai IncCL A12468P1042249,874SH DFND 2409,850
C4 Therapeutics IncCOM STK12529R10718749SH DFND 00749
CACI International IncCL A1271903046212,061SH DFND 002,061
CAE IncCOM1247651082,18883,882SH DFND 0083,882
CBIZ IncCOM1248051021974,691SH DFND 004,691
CBRE Group IncCL A12504L10911,555126,260SH DFND 00126,260
CBTX IncCOM12481V104361,176SH DFND 001,176
CDK Global IncCOM12508E1011,06421,853SH DFND 0021,853
CDW CorpCOM12514G1087,30240,821SH DFND 0040,821
CEL-SCI CorpCOM PAR NEW150837607112,924SH DFND 002,924
CEVA IncCOM157210105621,537SH DFND 001,537
CF Finance Acquisition III CorpCL A COM008183105376,798SH DFND 006,798
CF Industries Holdings IncCOM1252691003,92938,126SH DFND 4,300033,826
CGI IncCL A SUB VTG12532H1048,118101,692SH DFND 5,565096,127
CH Robinson Worldwide IncCOM NEW12541W20910,16294,348SH DFND 0094,348
CI Financial CorpCOM12549110062639,346SH DFND 0039,346
CLARIVATE PLCORD SHSG2181010974044,180SH DFND 0044,180
CMC Materials IncCOM12571T1009705,234SH DFND 005,234
CME Group IncCOM12572Q10541,880175,848SH DFND 80175,840
CMS Energy CorpCOM1258961003,88055,481SH DFND 0055,481
CNH Industrial NVSHSN2094410934,4732,173,573SH DFND 23,05502,150,518
CNO Financial Group IncCOM12621E10356322,449SH DFND 0022,449
CNX Resources CorpCOM12653C10859028,479SH DFND 0028,479
CNX Resources CorpNOTE 2.250% 5/012653CAG31,3601,000,000PRN DFND 001,000,000
CRA International IncCOM12618T10546542SH DFND 00542
CRISPR Therapeutics AGNAMEN AKTH171821085879,351SH DFND 009,351
CSG Systems International IncCOM1263491091612,528SH DFND 002,528
CSW Industrials IncCOM1264021063412,900SH DFND 002,900
CSX CorpCOM12640810389,5462,391,081SH DFND 002,391,081
CTS CorpCOM126501105782,200SH DFND 002,200
CURO Group Holdings CorpCOM23131L107161,189SH DFND 001,189
CVB Financial CorpCOM12660010557224,647SH DFND 0024,647
CVR Energy IncCOM12662P108672,628SH DFND 002,628
CVS Lease-Backed Pass-Through Certificates Series 2006COM12665010072,721718,516SH DFND 8200717,696
Cable One IncCOM12685J1051,8431,259SH DFND 001,259
Cabot CorpCOM1270551015768,415SH DFND 008,415
Cactus IncCL A12720310776013,401SH DFND 0013,401
Cadence BankCOM12740C1031,07236,631SH DFND 0036,631
Cadence Design Systems IncCOM12738710818,517112,590SH DFND 00112,590
Caesars Entertainment IncCOM12769G1002,21628,645SH DFND 0028,645
Caesarstone LtdORD SHSM205981045428SH DFND 00428
Cal-Maine Foods IncCOM NEW1280302021602,903SH DFND 002,903
Calavo Growers IncCOM128246105431,185SH DFND 001,185
Caleres IncCOM129500104673,450SH DFND 003,450
California Resources CorpCOM STOCK13057Q3053337,450SH DFND 007,450
California Water Service GroupCOM13078810266011,132SH DFND 0011,132
Calix IncCOM13100M5093678,560SH DFND 008,560
Callaway Golf CoCOM13119310457624,598SH DFND 0024,598
Callon Petroleum CoCOM13123X5081973,333SH DFND 003,333
Camden National CorpCOM133034108501,055SH DFND 001,055
Camden Property TrustSH BEN INT1331311021,82210,961SH DFND 0010,961
Cameco CorpCOM13321L1084,860167,014SH DFND 00167,014
Campbell Soup CoCOM1344291094,15093,113SH DFND 0093,113
Camping World Holdings IncCL A13462K109863,092SH DFND 003,092
Camtek LtdORDM20791105632,078SH DFND 002,078
Canaan IncSPONSORED ADS1347481021125SH DFND 12500
Canada Goose Holdings IncSHS SUB VTG1350861062539,595SH DFND 009,595
Canadian Imperial Bank of CommerceCOM13606910115,616128,329SH DFND 00128,329
Canadian National Railway CoCOM13637510222,620168,628SH DFND 00168,628
Canadian Natural Resources LtdCOM13638510112,892208,007SH DFND 00208,007
Canadian Pacific Railway LtdCOM13645T10014,354173,898SH DFND 00173,898
Canadian Solar IncCOM13663510940511,465SH DFND 0011,465
Cannae Holdings IncCOM13765N10738115,939SH DFND 0015,939
Cano Health IncCOM CL A13781Y1038613,605SH DFND 0013,605
Canopy Growth CorpCOM13803510035947,353SH DFND 0047,353
Cantaloupe IncCOM138103106243,578SH DFND 003,578
Capital City Bank Group IncCOM13967410526985SH DFND 00985
Capital One Financial CorpCOM14040H10511,81389,979SH DFND 0089,979
Capitol Federal Financial IncCOM14057J10129026,689SH DFND 0026,689
Capri Holdings LtdSHSG1890L1071,35126,288SH DFND 0026,288
CarGurus IncCOM CL A14178810970216,539SH DFND 0016,539
Cara Therapeutics IncCOM140755109332,721SH DFND 002,721
Cardinal Health IncCOM14149Y1087,237127,645SH DFND 00127,645
Cardiovascular Systems IncCOM141619106994,364SH DFND 004,364
Cardlytics IncCOM14161W1053346,082SH DFND 006,082
CareDx IncCOM14167L10343811,845SH DFND 0011,845
CareTrust REIT IncCOM14174T10728314,648SH DFND 0014,648
Caribou Biosciences IncCOM142038108151,653SH DFND 001,653
Carlisle Companies IncCOM1423391002,1538,756SH DFND 008,756
Carlotz IncCOM CL A142552108118,090SH DFND 008,090
Carlyle Group IncCOM14316J1081,94639,778SH DFND 0039,778
Carmax IncCOM1431301024,75649,297SH DFND 0049,297
Carnival CorpCOMMON STOCK1436583002,813139,106SH DFND 00139,106
Carparts.Com IncCOM14427M107182,652SH DFND 002,652
Carpenter Technology CorpCOM1442851031754,159SH DFND 004,159
Carriage Services IncCOM143905107621,167SH DFND 001,167
Carrier Global CorpCOM14448C10479,9501,742,969SH DFND 001,742,969
Cars.com IncCOM14575E105704,837SH DFND 004,837
Carter's IncCOM1462291096977,580SH DFND 007,580
Carvana CoCL A1468691029788,202SH DFND 008,202
Casa Systems IncCOM14713L10271,485SH DFND 001,485
Casella Waste Systems IncCL A1474481045916,746SH DFND 006,746
Caseys General Stores IncCOM1475281031,2856,483SH DFND 006,483
Cass Information Systems IncCOM14808P10935936SH DFND 00936
Cassava Sciences IncCOM14817C1072045,486SH DFND 005,486
Castle Biosciences IncCOM14843C105992,217SH DFND 002,217
Catalent IncCOM1488061025,17846,691SH DFND 0046,691
Catalyst Pharmaceuticals IncCOM14888U101546,498SH DFND 006,498
CatchMark Timber Trust IncCL A14912Y202749,003SH DFND 009,003
Caterpillar IncCOM14912310165,646294,616SH DFND 00294,616
Cathay General BancorpCOM14915010450311,240SH DFND 0011,240
Cavco Industries IncCOM1495681074301,786SH DFND 001,786
Cazoo Group LtdCOMG2007L10503SH DFND 300
Cboe Global Markets IncCOM12503M10813,676119,412SH DFND 00119,412
Celanese CorpCOM1508701033,53024,709SH DFND 0024,709
Celestica IncSUB VTG SHS15101Q10813111,010SH DFND 0011,010
Celldex Therapeutics IncCOM NEW15117B202962,822SH DFND 002,822
Cellebrite DI LtdORDINARY SHARESM2197Q107203,078SH DFND 003,078
Celsius Holdings IncCOM NEW15118V2073245,873SH DFND 005,873
Cenovus Energy IncCOM15135U1093,967237,839SH DFND 00237,839
Centene CorpCOM15135B10117,869212,251SH DFND 00212,251
Centennial Resource Development IncCL A15136A10210913,510SH DFND 0013,510
CenterPoint Energy IncCOM15189T1072,00965,571SH DFND 0065,571
Centerra Gold IncCOM15200610220220,482SH DFND 0020,482
CenterspaceCOM15202L1072052,085SH DFND 002,085
Central Garden & Pet CoCL A NON-VTG1535272051253,060SH DFND 003,060
Central Garden & Pet CoCOM15352710629666SH DFND 00666
Central Pacific Financial CorpCOM NEW154760409993,550SH DFND 003,550
Centrus Energy CorpCL A15643U10401SH DFND 100
Century Aluminum CoCOM1564311081033,898SH DFND 003,898
Century Communities IncCOM1565043002594,834SH DFND 004,834
Cerence IncCOM1567271092055,687SH DFND 005,687
Cerevel Therapeutics Holdings IncCOM15678U1282938,383SH DFND 008,383
Ceridian HCM Holding IncCOM15677J1081,38820,302SH DFND 0020,302
Cerner CorpCOM1567821049,456101,068SH DFND 00101,068
Certara IncCOM15687V10936316,912SH DFND 0016,912
Cerus CorpCOM1570851017413,445SH DFND 0013,445
ChampionX CorpCOM15872M10495939,186SH DFND 0039,186
Change Healthcare IncCOM15912K10086139,502SH DFND 0039,502
ChannelAdvisor CorpCOM159179100321,919SH DFND 001,919
Charles River Laboratories International IncCOM1598641072,6899,469SH DFND 1,33708,132
Charles Schwab CorpCOM80851310539,702470,907SH DFND 00470,907
Chart Industries IncCOM16115Q3081,1606,755SH DFND 006,755
Charter Communications IncCL A16119P10816,30929,896SH DFND 0029,896
Chase CorpCOM16150R10441471SH DFND 00471
Chatham Lodging TrustCOM16208T102473,435SH DFND 003,435
Check Point Software Technologies LtdORDM224651044,34131,399SH DFND 0031,399
Cheesecake Factory IncCOM1630721013468,684SH DFND 008,684
Chefs' Warehouse IncCOM1630861011153,542SH DFND 003,542
Chegg IncCOM1630921091,62244,713SH DFND 0044,713
Chegg IncNOTE 0.125% 3/1163092AD1301300,000PRN DFND 00300,000
Chemed CorpCOM16359R1031,3942,751SH DFND 002,751
ChemoCentryx IncCOM16383L1061857,375SH DFND 007,375
Chemours CoCOM16385110881325,816SH DFND 0025,816
Cheniere Energy IncCOM NEW16411R20823,118166,739SH DFND 00166,739
Chesapeake Energy CorpCOM1651677351,07912,404SH DFND 0012,404
Chesapeake Utilities CorpCOM1653031083892,826SH DFND 002,826
Chevron CorpCOM166764100221,6611,361,305SH DFND 001,361,305
Chewy IncCL A16679L1093237,920SH DFND 007,920
Children's Place IncCOM168905107521,057SH DFND 001,057
Chimera Investment CorpCOM NEW16934Q20825120,835SH DFND 0020,835
Chimerix IncCOM16934W106235,018SH DFND 005,018
Chindata Group Holdings LtdADS16955F10714923,570SH DFND 0023,570
Chipotle Mexican Grill IncCOM1696561056,5784,158SH DFND 004,158
Choice Hotels International IncCOM1699051068966,321SH DFND 006,321
Chubb LtdCOMH1467J10429,264136,813SH DFND 00136,813
Church & Dwight Co IncCOM1713401028,45785,093SH DFND 0085,093
Churchill Downs IncCOM1714841081,2725,735SH DFND 005,735
Chuy's Holdings IncCOM171604101361,328SH DFND 001,328
Ciena CorpCOM NEW1717793091,55725,673SH DFND 0025,673
Cigna CorpCOM12552310027,891116,400SH DFND 3900116,010
Cimpress PLCSHS EUROG2143T103801,252SH DFND 001,252
Cincinnati Financial CorpCOM1720621013,95529,087SH DFND 0029,087
Cinedigm CorpCOM NEW1724062094150,000SH DFND 0050,000
Cinemark Holdings IncCOM17243V10228416,416SH DFND 0016,416
Cinemark Holdings IncNOTE 4.500% 8/117243VAB8386250,000PRN DFND 00250,000
Cintas CorpCOM1729081058,01518,842SH DFND 0018,842
Cipher Mining IncCOM17253J106123,419SH DFND 003,419
Circor International IncCOM17273K109381,409SH DFND 001,409
Cirrus Logic IncCOM1727551008309,794SH DFND 009,794
Cisco Systems IncCOM17275R102134,1782,406,353SH DFND 1,61002,404,743
Citi Trends IncCOM17306X10218589SH DFND 00589
Citigroup IncCOM NEW17296742444,526833,823SH DFND 5,9090827,914
Citizens Financial Group IncCOM1746101058,230181,566SH DFND 00181,566
Citrix Systems IncCOM1773761009,58194,958SH DFND 0094,958
City Holding CoCOM177835105841,061SH DFND 001,061
City Office REIT IncCOM178587101502,858SH DFND 002,858
Civitas Resources IncCOM NEW17888H1032243,753SH DFND 003,753
Clarus CorpCOM18270P109803,490SH DFND 003,490
Clean Energy Fuels CorpCOM18449910110713,507SH DFND 0013,507
Clean Harbors IncCOM1844961072,77624,866SH DFND 0024,866
Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings IncCOM18453H10610931,366SH DFND 0031,366
Clear Secure IncCOM CL A18467V109792,930SH DFND 002,930
Clearfield IncCOM18482P10353810SH DFND 00810
Clearwater Paper CorpCOM18538R10326937SH DFND 00937
Clearway Energy IncCL A18539C105902,687SH DFND 002,687
Clearway Energy IncCL C18539C20445512,456SH DFND 0012,456
Cleveland-Cliffs IncCOM1858991011,34841,851SH DFND 0041,851
Clorox CoCOM1890541099,11565,564SH DFND 0065,564
Cloudflare IncCL A COM18915M1073,13326,174SH DFND 0026,174
Clover Health Investments CorpCOM CL A18914F1038122,891SH DFND 0022,891
Clovis Oncology IncCOM189464100178,253SH DFND 008,253
CoStar Group IncCOM22160N1092,78041,742SH DFND 0041,742
Coca-Cola CoCOM191216100247,8763,997,994SH DFND 18503,997,809
Coca-Cola Consolidated IncCOM191098102406817SH DFND 00817
Coca-Cola Europacific Partners PLCSHSG2583910422,583464,283SH DFND 00464,283
Codexis IncCOM19200510623311,300SH DFND 0011,300
Coeur Mining IncCOM NEW1921085048719,563SH DFND 0019,563
Cogent Communications Holdings IncCOM NEW19239V3025628,464SH DFND 008,464
Cognex CorpCOM1924221034,93263,933SH DFND 0063,933
Cognizant Technology Solutions CorpCL A19244610212,137135,354SH DFND 00135,354
Cognyte Software LtdORD SHSM2513310537433,033SH DFND 0033,033
Cohen & Steers IncCOM19247A1004425,144SH DFND 005,144
Coherent IncCOM1924791031,1964,377SH DFND 004,377
Coherus BioSciences IncCOM19249H103624,839SH DFND 004,839
Cohu IncCOM1925761061113,746SH DFND 003,746
Coinbase Global IncCOM CL A19260Q1072,79414,714SH DFND 0014,714
Colfax CorpCOM19401410693623,512SH DFND 0023,512
Colgate-Palmolive CoCOM19416210348,062633,808SH DFND 00633,808
Collegium Pharmaceutical IncCOM19459J104422,057SH DFND 002,057
Colliers International Group IncSUB VTG SHS1946931074143,178SH DFND 003,178
Columbia Banking System IncCOM19723610244113,654SH DFND 0013,654
Columbia Financial IncCOM197641103944,373SH DFND 004,373
Columbia India Consumer ETFINDIA CONSMR ETF19762B7074058,163SH DFND 008,163
Columbia Sportswear CoCOM1985161064845,345SH DFND 005,345
Columbus McKinnon CorpCOM199333105992,327SH DFND 002,327
Comcast CorpCL A20030N10191,0551,944,781SH DFND 15,19901,929,582
Comerica IncCOM2003401072,88931,949SH DFND 0031,949
Comfort Systems USA IncCOM1999081045065,684SH DFND 005,684
CommScope Holding Company IncCOM20337X10926333,399SH DFND 0033,399
Commerce Bancshares IncCOM2005251031,36619,075SH DFND 0019,075
Commercial Metals CoCOM20172310378618,883SH DFND 0018,883
Communication Services Select Sector SPDR FundCOMMUNICATION81369Y8529131SH DFND 00131
Community Bank System IncCOM2036071066278,943SH DFND 008,943
Community Health Systems IncCOM203668108998,312SH DFND 008,312
Community Healthcare Trust IncCOM20369C1061924,539SH DFND 004,539
Community Trust Bancorp IncCOM204149108521,261SH DFND 001,261
Commvault Systems IncCOM2041661025458,209SH DFND 008,209
Companhia Brasileira de DistribuicaoSPONSORED ADR20440T30036472,296SH DFND 72,29600
Companhia Energetica de Minas Gerais CEMIGSP ADR N-V PFD2044096012,358732,283SH DFND 381,9990350,284
Companhia Siderurgica NacionalSPONSORED ADR20440W10520838,464SH DFND 38,46400
Companhia de Saneamento Basico do Estado de Sao Paulo SABESPSPONSORED ADR20441A1021,031104,800SH DFND 104,80000
Compania de Minas Buenaventura SAASPONSORED ADR20444810442141,834SH DFND 0041,834
Compass IncCL A20464U10016220,592SH DFND 0020,592
Compass Minerals International IncCOM20451N1014407,002SH DFND 007,002
Compugen LtdORDM25722105195,855SH DFND 005,855
Computer Programs and Systems IncCOM205306103351,025SH DFND 001,025
Comstock Resources IncCOM205768302695,266SH DFND 005,266
Comtech Telecommunications CorpCOM NEW205826209281,767SH DFND 001,767
Conagra Brands IncCOM2058871025,106152,097SH DFND 00152,097
Concentrix CorpCOM20602D1011,2647,591SH DFND 007,591
Conduent IncCOM2067871035911,422SH DFND 0011,422
Conmed CorpCOM2074101018745,884SH DFND 005,884
Conmed CorpNOTE 2.625% 2/0207410AF8406250,000PRN DFND 00250,000
ConnectOne Bancorp IncCOM20786W107922,884SH DFND 002,884
ConocophillipsCOM20825C10421,151211,505SH DFND 00211,505
Consensus Cloud Solutions IncCOM20848V105601,006SH DFND 001,006
Consolidated Communications Holdings IncCOM209034107315,176SH DFND 005,176
Consolidated Edison IncCOM20911510422,876241,614SH DFND 00241,614
Constellation Brands IncCL A21036P1086,10326,500SH DFND 0026,500
Constellation Energy CorpCOM21037T1092,05036,438SH DFND 0036,438
Constellium SECL A SHSF211071011448,007SH DFND 008,007
Construction Partners IncCOM CL A21044C107582,231SH DFND 002,231
Consumer Discretionary Select Sector SPDR FundSBI CONS DISCR81369Y40756300SH DFND 00300
Consumer Staples Select Sector SPDRSBI CONS STPLS81369Y3081,90925,149SH DFND 0025,149
Container Store Group IncCOM210751103192,310SH DFND 002,310
ContextLogic IncCOM CL A21077C10716573,244SH DFND 0073,244
Continental Resources IncCOM2120151013075,009SH DFND 005,009
Conyers Park II Acquisition CorpCOM CL A00791N102294,521SH DFND 004,521
Cooper Companies IncCOM NEW2166484026,15214,731SH DFND 0014,731
Copa Holdings SACL AP310761052002,387SH DFND 002,387
Copa Holdings SANOTE 4.500% 4/121720AAB8400400,000PRN DFND 00400,000
Copart IncCOM2172041068,79670,105SH DFND 0070,105
CorVel CorpCOM221006109120714SH DFND 00714
Corcept Therapeutics IncCOM21835210237416,613SH DFND 0016,613
Core & Main IncCL A21874C1021576,488SH DFND 006,488
Core Laboratories NVCOMN227171072527,974SH DFND 007,974
CoreCivic IncCOM21871N1011019,084SH DFND 009,084
Cornerstone Building Brands IncCOM21925D109863,554SH DFND 003,554
Corning IncCOM2193501056,450174,750SH DFND 00174,750
Corporate Office Properties TrustSH BEN INT22002T10853518,752SH DFND 0018,752
Corsair Gaming IncCOM22041X102401,875SH DFND 001,875
Corteva IncCOM22052L1047,801135,720SH DFND 7,9850127,735
Cortexyme IncCOM22053A1075804SH DFND 00804
Costco Wholesale CorpCOM22160K10568,486118,930SH DFND 900118,840
Coterra Energy IncCOM1270971034,971184,315SH DFND 00184,315
Coty IncCOM CL A22207020354560,647SH DFND 0060,647
Coupa Software IncCOM22266L1068148,008SH DFND 008,008
Coupa Software IncNOTE 0.125% 6/122266LAC09801,000,000PRN DFND 001,000,000
Coupang IncCL A22266T10986448,876SH DFND 0048,876
Coursera IncCOM22266M10499543,203SH DFND 0043,203
Cousins Properties IncCOM NEW22279550299224,629SH DFND 0024,629
Covetrus IncCOM22304C10035321,020SH DFND 0021,020
Cowen IncCL A NEW223622606521,930SH DFND 001,930
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store IncCOM22410J1064493,781SH DFND 003,781
Crane CoCOM2243991051,0389,585SH DFND 009,585
Credicorp LtdCOMG2519Y1082,41614,057SH DFND 0014,057
Credit Acceptance CorpCOM2253101017611,383SH DFND 001,383
Crescent Energy CoCL A COM44952J104211,232SH DFND 001,232
Crescent Point Energy CorpCOM22576C101755104,189SH DFND 00104,189
Cresud SACIF y ASPONSORED ADR22640610651362,500SH DFND 0062,500
Crinetics Pharmaceuticals IncCOM22663K107472,141SH DFND 002,141
Crocs IncCOM2270461091,74122,785SH DFND 0022,785
Cronos Group IncCOM22717L10111629,884SH DFND 0029,884
Cross Country Healthcare IncCOM227483104532,451SH DFND 002,451
Crossfirst Bankshares IncCOM22766M109462,943SH DFND 002,943
CrowdStrike Holdings IncCL A22788C1054,82021,224SH DFND 0021,224
Crown Castle International CorpCOM22822V10120,784112,592SH DFND 00112,592
Crown Holdings IncCOM22836810632,123256,803SH DFND 00256,803
Cryoport IncCOM PAR $0.0012290503071845,278SH DFND 005,278
CubeSmartCOM2296631091,89436,409SH DFND 0036,409
Cue Biopharma IncCOM22978P106101,973SH DFND 001,973
Cullen/Frost Bankers IncCOM2298991091,39610,089SH DFND 0010,089
Cullinan Oncology IncCOM230031106121,138SH DFND 001,138
Cummins IncCOM23102110623,005112,157SH DFND 1,3000110,857
CureVac NVCOMN2451R1051105,600SH DFND 005,600
Curis IncCOM NEW231269200125,032SH DFND 005,032
Curtiss-Wright CorpCOM2315611011,0106,728SH DFND 006,728
Cushman & Wakefield PLCSHSG2717B10825112,257SH DFND 0012,257
Customers Bancorp IncCOM23204G1001512,892SH DFND 002,892
Cutera IncCOM232109108711,034SH DFND 001,034
Cyberark Software LtdNOTE 11/123248VAB1586500,000PRN DFND 00500,000
Cyberark Software LtdSHSM2682V1081,91811,368SH DFND 0011,368
Cytokinetics IncCOM NEW23282W60552814,339SH DFND 0014,339
D R Horton IncCOM23331A1095,61175,311SH DFND 0075,311
DENTSPLY SIRONA IncCOM24906P1093,55572,220SH DFND 0072,220
DICK'S Sporting Goods IncCOM2533931021,10611,054SH DFND 0011,054
DICK'S Sporting Goods IncNOTE 3.250% 4/1253393AD42,474800,000PRN DFND 00800,000
DISH Network CorpCL A25470M1091,43445,294SH DFND 0045,294
DMC Global IncCOM23291C103501,653SH DFND 001,653
DT Midstream IncCOMMON STOCK23345M1071,07019,724SH DFND 0019,724
DTE Energy CoCOM2333311072,72020,571SH DFND 0020,571
DXC Technology CoCOM23355L1061,98660,870SH DFND 0060,870
DXP Enterprises IncCOM NEW233377407371,363SH DFND 001,363
DaVita IncCOM23918K1082,64323,366SH DFND 0023,366
Dada Nexus LtdADS23344D10812413,636SH DFND 0013,636
Dana IncCOM23582520547727,154SH DFND 0027,154
Danaher CorpCOM235851102233,771796,954SH DFND 2360796,718
Daqo New Energy CorpSPNSRD ADS NEW23703Q20350612,251SH DFND 0012,251
Darden Restaurants IncCOM23719410514,149106,427SH DFND 00106,427
Darling Ingredients IncCOM2372661014,84660,288SH DFND 5,800054,488
Datadog IncCL A COM23804L1033,24021,389SH DFND 0021,389
Dave & Buster's Entertainment IncCOM2383371091472,996SH DFND 002,996
Deciphera Pharmaceuticals IncCOM24344T101849,088SH DFND 009,088
Deckers Outdoor CorpCOM2435371071,2904,711SH DFND 004,711
Deere & CoCOM24419910538,93693,718SH DFND 1,600092,118
Delek US Holdings IncCOM24665A1031255,871SH DFND 005,871
Dell Technologies IncCL C24703L2022,07541,335SH DFND 0041,335
Delta Air Lines IncCOM NEW2473617023,80396,113SH DFND 0096,113
Deluxe CorpCOM2480191012267,465SH DFND 007,465
Denali Therapeutics IncCOM24823R10559218,398SH DFND 0018,398
Denbury IncCOM24790A1014876,198SH DFND 006,198
Denison Mines CorpCOM2483561070122SH DFND 12200
Denny's CorpCOM24869P104815,632SH DFND 005,632
DermTech IncCOM24984K105221,527SH DFND 001,527
Descartes Systems Group IncCOM2499061081,50120,484SH DFND 0020,484
Designer Brands IncCL A250565108564,126SH DFND 004,126
Deutsche Bank AGNAMEN AKTD1819089836,9912,924,183SH DFND 3,75002,920,433
Devon Energy CorpCOM25179M10310,098170,784SH DFND 00170,784
Dexcom IncCOM25213110716,56932,386SH DFND 0032,386
Dexcom IncNOTE 0.250%11/1252131AK34,0383,500,000PRN DFND 003,500,000
DiDi Global IncSPONSORED ADS23292E10821786,915SH DFND 0086,915
Diamond Hill Investment Group IncCOM NEW25264R20740212SH DFND 00212
Diamondback Energy IncCOM25278X1098,48961,930SH DFND 700061,230
Diamondrock Hospitality CoCOM25278430135935,520SH DFND 0035,520
Diebold Nixdorf IncCOM STK25365110330244,840SH DFND 0044,840
Digi International IncCOM253798102502,318SH DFND 002,318
Digital Realty Trust IncCOM2538681036,41145,215SH DFND 0045,215
Digital Turbine IncCOM NEW25400W10268615,669SH DFND 0015,669
DigitalBridge Group IncCL A COM25401T10859782,967SH DFND 0082,967
DigitalOcean Holdings IncCOM25402D1023706,404SH DFND 006,404
Dillard's IncCL A254067101249928SH DFND 00928
Dime Community Bancshares IncCOM25432X102972,815SH DFND 002,815
Dine Brands Global IncCOM2544231061351,726SH DFND 001,726
Diodes IncCOM2545431016367,309SH DFND 007,309
Direxion Daily FTSE China Bull 3x SharesDL FTSE BLL 3X25459W771316,700SH DFND 006,700
Discover Financial ServicesCOM25470910818,438167,329SH DFND 00167,329
Discovery IncCOM SER A25470F1041,91076,637SH DFND 0076,637
Discovery IncCOM SER C25470F3022,809112,493SH DFND 00112,493
Diversified Healthcare TrustCOM SH BEN INT25525P10710332,181SH DFND 0032,181
Dlocal LtdCLASS A COMG290181012237,135SH DFND 007,135
Docebo IncCOM25609L10560611,688SH DFND 0011,688
DocuSign IncCOM2561631062,16420,205SH DFND 0020,205
Dolby Laboratories IncCOM CL A25659T10795412,200SH DFND 0012,200
Dollar General CorpCOM25667710575,462338,955SH DFND 00338,955
Dollar Tree IncCOM2567461087,77248,532SH DFND 0048,532
Doma Holdings IncCOMMON STOCK25703A104177,708SH DFND 007,708
Dominion Energy IncCOM25746U10915,208178,980SH DFND 00178,980
Domino's Pizza IncCOM25754A2018,69121,353SH DFND 0021,353
Domo IncCOM CL B2575541056,194122,491SH DFND 118,60103,890
Donaldson Company IncCOM2576511091,15122,159SH DFND 0022,159
Donegal Group IncCL A257701201241,790SH DFND 001,790
Donnelley Financial Solutions IncCOM25787G100792,365SH DFND 002,365
DoorDash IncCL A25809K1051,81015,447SH DFND 0015,447
Dorian LPG LtdSHS USDY2106R1107457SH DFND 00457
Dorman Products IncCOM2582781005145,406SH DFND 005,406
Douglas Dynamics IncCOM25960R105641,840SH DFND 001,840
Douglas Elliman IncCOM25961D1057410,121SH DFND 0010,121
Douglas Emmett IncCOM25960P10996228,796SH DFND 0028,796
Dover CorpCOM2600031087,46347,566SH DFND 0047,566
Dow IncCOM2605571039,529149,542SH DFND 00149,542
Doximity IncCL A26622P10764912,450SH DFND 0012,450
Dr Reddy's Laboratories LtdADR2561352034888,755SH DFND 8,75500
DraftKings IncCOM CL A26142R10448925,141SH DFND 0025,141
Dream Finders Homes IncCOM CL A26154D100241,391SH DFND 001,391
Dril-Quip IncCOM2620371041293,457SH DFND 003,457
Driven Brands Holdings IncCOM26210V1021053,988SH DFND 003,988
Dropbox IncCL A26210C10467328,954SH DFND 32028,922
Duck Creek Technologies IncSHS2641201061918,621SH DFND 008,621
Duckhorn Portfolio IncCOM26414D106341,889SH DFND 001,889
Ducommun IncCOM2641471091011,931SH DFND 001,931
Duke Energy CorpCOM NEW26441C20434,224306,504SH DFND 00306,504
Duke Realty CorpCOM NEW2644115053,48359,985SH DFND 0059,985
Duluth Holdings IncCOM CL B26443V101211,737SH DFND 001,737
Dun & Bradstreet Holdings IncCOM26484T10654831,252SH DFND 0031,252
Duolingo IncCL A COM26603R1065165,423SH DFND 005,423
Dupont De Nemours IncCOM26614N10211,794160,288SH DFND 00160,288
Dycom Industries IncCOM2674751015335,590SH DFND 005,590
Dynatrace IncCOM NEW2681501091,03321,938SH DFND 0021,938
Dynavax Technologies CorpCOM NEW26815820123521,711SH DFND 0021,711
Dyne Therapeutics IncCOM26818M108161,706SH DFND 001,706
Dynex Capital IncCOM26817Q886472,880SH DFND 002,880
E W Scripps CoCL A NEW8110544021175,604SH DFND 005,604
E2open Parent Holdings IncCOM CL A29788T10362470,885SH DFND 0070,885
EMCOR Group IncCOM29084Q1001,1169,905SH DFND 009,905
EOG Resources IncCOM26875P10123,195194,542SH DFND 00194,542
EPR PropertiesCOM SH BEN INT26884U10969512,704SH DFND 0012,704
EQT CorpCOM26884L1091,66548,382SH DFND 0048,382
ESCO Technologies IncCOM2963151044206,008SH DFND 006,008
ESSA Pharma IncCOM NEW29668H708111,709SH DFND 001,709
ETSY IncCOM29786A1063,15425,380SH DFND 0025,380
ETSY IncNOTE 0.125% 9/029786AAL02,1762,000,000PRN DFND 002,000,000
EVO Payments IncCL A COM26927E104763,281SH DFND 003,281
Eagle Bancorp IncCOM2689481061793,137SH DFND 003,137
Eagle Materials IncCOM26969P1086104,751SH DFND 004,751
Eagle Pharmaceuticals IncCOM26979610839791SH DFND 00791
East West Bancorp IncCOM27579R1041,96924,921SH DFND 0024,921
Easterly Government Properties IncCOM27616P10328213,347SH DFND 0013,347
Eastern Bankshares IncCOM27627N10554625,346SH DFND 0025,346
Eastgroup Properties IncCOM2772761011,3426,604SH DFND 006,604
Eastman Chemical CoCOM2774321002,67423,866SH DFND 0023,866
Eastman Kodak CoCOM NEW277461406111,678SH DFND 001,678
Eaton Corporation PLCSHSG2918310363,006415,166SH DFND 00415,166
Ebix IncCOM NEW278715206581,761SH DFND 001,761
EchoStar CorpCL A278768106642,639SH DFND 002,639
Ecolab IncCOM27886510014,77983,704SH DFND 0083,704
Ecovyst IncCOM27923Q109121,069SH DFND 001,069
Edgewell Personal Care CoCOM28035Q1023158,595SH DFND 008,595
Edison InternationalCOM2810201077,829111,682SH DFND 00111,682
Editas Medicine IncCOM28106W10321111,112SH DFND 0011,112
Edwards Lifesciences CorpCOM28176E10844,160375,128SH DFND 00375,128
El Pollo Loco Holdings IncCOM26860310710859SH DFND 00859
Elanco Animal Health IncCOM28414H1031,41954,407SH DFND 395054,012
Elastic NVORD SHSN145061041,11812,568SH DFND 0012,568
Eldorado Gold CorpCOM28490250919417,350SH DFND 0017,350
Electronic Arts IncCOM28551210917,595139,082SH DFND 00139,082
Element Solutions IncCOM28618M10691441,729SH DFND 0041,729
Eli Lilly and CoCOM53245710895,237332,566SH DFND 00332,566
Ellington Financial IncCOM28852N109663,712SH DFND 003,712
Emergent BioSolutions IncCOM29089Q1053398,246SH DFND 008,246
Emerson Electric CoCOM29101110444,725456,146SH DFND 00456,146
Empire State Realty Trust IncCL A29210410655,7725,679,427SH DFND 005,679,427
Employers Holdings IncCOM292218104852,060SH DFND 002,060
EnLink Midstream LLCCOM UNIT REP LTD29336T10024325,133SH DFND 0025,133
EnPro Industries IncCOM29355X1073343,413SH DFND 003,413
Enanta Pharmaceuticals IncCOM29251M106981,377SH DFND 001,377
Enbridge IncCOM29250N10522,729493,134SH DFND 00493,134
Encompass Health CorpCOM29261A1001,20716,975SH DFND 0016,975
Encore Capital Group IncCOM2925541021442,295SH DFND 002,295
Encore Wire CorpCOM2925621053943,450SH DFND 003,450
Endeavor Group Holdings IncCL A COM29260Y10936012,194SH DFND 0012,194
Endeavour Silver CorpCOM29258Y1035411,670SH DFND 0011,670
Endo International PLCSHSG304011064117,677SH DFND 0017,677
EnerSysCOM29275Y1026228,345SH DFND 008,345
Energizer Holdings IncCOM29272W10935011,391SH DFND 0011,391
Energy Fuels IncCOM NEW292671708576,216SH DFND 006,216
Energy Recovery IncCOM29270J100512,544SH DFND 3602,508
Energy Select Sector SPDR FundENERGY81369Y50680310,500SH DFND 0010,500
Enerpac Tool Group CorpCL A COM29276510425211,498SH DFND 0011,498
Enerplus CorpCOM29276610266652,468SH DFND 0052,468
Ennis IncCOM293389102402,184SH DFND 002,184
Enova International IncCOM29357K1031022,682SH DFND 002,682
Enovix CorpCOM29359410721114,821SH DFND 0014,821
Enphase Energy IncCOM29355A1074,03119,978SH DFND 0019,978
Ensign Group IncCOM29358P10195810,646SH DFND 0010,646
Enstar Group LtdSHSG3075P1016232,387SH DFND 002,387
Entegris IncCOM29362U10430,043228,881SH DFND 00228,881
Entercom Communications CorpCL A05070N103289,545SH DFND 009,545
Entergy CorpCOM29364G1039,86684,504SH DFND 0084,504
Enterprise Financial Services CorpCOM2937121053968,362SH DFND 008,362
Enthusiast Gaming Holdings IncCOM29385B109404133,830SH DFND 00133,830
Envestnet IncCOM29404K10680010,748SH DFND 0010,748
Envestnet IncNOTE 1.750% 6/029404KAB2400400,000PRN DFND 00400,000
Envista Holdings CorpCOM29415F1041,33927,488SH DFND 0027,488
Envista Holdings CorpNOTE 2.375% 6/029415FAB0250250,000PRN DFND 00250,000
Epam Systems IncCOM29414B1042,5248,508SH DFND 008,508
Epizyme IncCOM29428V10497,571SH DFND 007,571
Equifax IncCOM2944291056,66128,092SH DFND 0028,092
Equinix IncCOM29444U70019,78326,676SH DFND 0026,676
Equinox Gold CorpCOM29446Y50235542,885SH DFND 0042,885
Equitable Holdings IncCOM29452E1013,161102,278SH DFND 00102,278
Equitrans Midstream CorpCOM29460010148857,832SH DFND 0057,832
Equity CommonwealthCOM SH BEN INT29462810253418,937SH DFND 0018,937
Equity LifeStyle Properties IncCOM29472R1081,34817,630SH DFND 0017,630
Equity ResidentialSH BEN INT29476L1079,412104,671SH DFND 00104,671
Erasca IncCOM29479A108141,681SH DFND 001,681
Erie Indemnity CoCL A29530P1023,09217,557SH DFND 0017,557
Ero Copper CorpCOM2960061091097,428SH DFND 007,428
Essent Group LtdCOMG3198U10270517,109SH DFND 0017,109
Essential Properties Realty Trust IncCOM29670E10753421,126SH DFND 0021,126
Essential Utilities IncCOM29670G1022,61451,120SH DFND 0051,120
Essex Property Trust IncCOM2971781053,72410,778SH DFND 0010,778
Establishment Labs Holdings IncCOMG31249108991,471SH DFND 001,471
Estee Lauder Companies IncCL A51843910423,21285,237SH DFND 0085,237
Ethan Allen Interiors IncCOM297602104421,595SH DFND 001,595
Euronav NVSHSB385641081,418134,107SH DFND 230134,084
Euronet Worldwide IncCOM2987361091,2049,251SH DFND 009,251
Euronet Worldwide IncNOTE 0.750% 3/1298736AL3449400,000PRN DFND 00400,000
European Wax Center IncCLASS A COM29882P106321,085SH DFND 001,085
Evelo Biosciences IncCOM2997341035115,000SH DFND 0015,000
Eventbrite IncCOM CL A29975E10916811,379SH DFND 0011,379
EverQuote IncCOM CL A30041R108251,534SH DFND 001,534
Everbridge IncCOM29978A1043006,881SH DFND 006,881
Evercore IncCLASS A29977A1058457,595SH DFND 007,595
Everest Re Group LtdCOMG3223R1082,3907,931SH DFND 007,931
Evergy IncCOM30034W1062,96543,379SH DFND 0043,379
Everi Holdings IncCOM30034T10336217,233SH DFND 0017,233
Eversource EnergyCOM30040W10813,909157,716SH DFND 00157,716
Evertec IncCOM30040P10352912,932SH DFND 0012,932
Evolent Health IncCL A30050B10194929,378SH DFND 0029,378
Evolv Technologies Holdings IncCOM CL A30049H102134,751SH DFND 004,751
Evoqua Water Technologies CorpCOM30057T10596020,440SH DFND 0020,440
Exact Sciences CorpCOM30063P1051,59622,821SH DFND 0022,821
Exact Sciences CorpNOTE 1.000% 1/130063PAA3907500,000PRN DFND 00500,000
Exelixis IncCOM30161Q1041,26955,994SH DFND 0055,994
Exelon CorpCOM30161N10114,703308,691SH DFND 00308,691
Exlservice Holdings IncCOM3020811049986,969SH DFND 006,969
Expedia Group IncCOM NEW30212P3035,02625,687SH DFND 0025,687
Expeditors International of Washington IncCOM30213010912,347119,688SH DFND 00119,688
Exponent IncCOM30214U1021,08310,025SH DFND 0010,025
Expro Group Holdings NVCOMN3144W1051307,316SH DFND 007,316
Extra Space Storage IncCOM30225T1024,08519,871SH DFND 0019,871
Extreme Networks IncCOM30226D10612210,028SH DFND 0010,028
Exxon Mobil CorpCOM30231G10277,025932,617SH DFND 900932,527
F45 Training Holdings IncCOM30322L101161,535SH DFND 001,535
F5 IncCOM3156161025,56726,641SH DFND 0026,641
FARO Technologies IncCOM3116421021122,157SH DFND 002,157
FB Financial CorpCOM30257X1041463,285SH DFND 003,285
FLEX LNG LtdSHSG359472022227,779SH DFND 007,779
FMC CorpCOM NEW3024913032,86521,779SH DFND 0021,779
FNB CorpCOM30252010183967,410SH DFND 0067,410
FREYR Battery SASHSL4135L10013310,873SH DFND 0010,873
FRP Holdings IncCOM30292L10729508SH DFND 00508
FTI Consulting IncCOM3029411099796,228SH DFND 006,228
FabrinetSHSG3323L1003583,408SH DFND 003,408
Factset Research Systems IncCOM3030751055,47912,619SH DFND 0012,619
Fair Isaac CorpCOM3032501044,3649,355SH DFND 009,355
Farfetch LtdNOTE 3.750% 5/030744WAD9258200,000PRN DFND 00200,000
Fastenal CoCOM31190010411,852199,533SH DFND 00199,533
Fastly IncCL A31188V10034119,605SH DFND 0019,605
Fate Therapeutics IncCOM31189P10266117,049SH DFND 0017,049
FedEx CorpCOM31428X10619,53784,432SH DFND 0084,432
Federal Agricultural Mortgage CorpCL C31314830681749SH DFND 00749
Federal Realty Investment TrustSH BEN INT NEW3137451011,93915,888SH DFND 0015,888
Federal Signal CorpCOM31385510837010,950SH DFND 0010,950
Federated Hermes IncCL B31421110357016,730SH DFND 0016,730
Ferguson PLCSHSG3421J10637,061276,325SH DFND 40,7050235,620
Ferrari NVCOMN3167Y10347,014215,572SH DFND 00215,572
Ferro CorpCOM3154051001265,811SH DFND 005,811
FibroGen IncCOM31572Q808968,016SH DFND 008,016
Fidelity National Financial IncFNF GROUP COM31620R3032,51751,533SH DFND 0051,533
Fidelity National Information Services IncCOM31620M10614,934148,713SH DFND 00148,713
Fifth Third BancorpCOM3167731005,736133,264SH DFND 00133,264
Figs IncCL A30260D1031577,306SH DFND 007,306
Financial Select Sector SPDR FundFINANCIAL81369Y60549612,942SH DFND 0012,942
First Advantage CorpCOM31846B1081155,675SH DFND 005,675
First American Financial CorpCOM31847R1021,28919,881SH DFND 0019,881
First BancorpCOM NEW31867270654341,372SH DFND 5,645035,727
First Bancorp (North Carolina)COM3189101063217,687SH DFND 007,687
First Bancshares Inc (Mississippi)COM318916103912,698SH DFND 002,698
First Busey CorpCOM NEW3193832041505,914SH DFND 005,914
First Citizens BancShares Inc (Delaware)CL A31946M1037031,056SH DFND 001,056
First Commonwealth Financial CorpCOM3198291071157,562SH DFND 007,562
First Community Bankshares IncCOM31983A103321,132SH DFND 001,132
First Financial BancorpCOM32020910952022,574SH DFND 0022,574
First Financial Bankshares IncCOM32020R1091,10825,124SH DFND 0025,124
First Financial CorpCOM32021810036834SH DFND 00834
First Foundation IncCOM32026V1041164,777SH DFND 004,777
First Hawaiian IncCOM32051X10867024,006SH DFND 0024,006
First Horizon CorpCOM3205171052,471105,175SH DFND 00105,175
First Industrial Realty Trust IncCOM32054K1031,32621,413SH DFND 0021,413
First Interstate BancSystem IncCOM CL A32055Y20164617,566SH DFND 0017,566
First Majestic Silver CorpCOM32076V10353640,764SH DFND 0040,764
First Merchants CorpCOM32081710949911,991SH DFND 0011,991
First Mid Bancshares IncCOM320866106391,019SH DFND 001,019
First Republic BankCOM33616C1008,82354,428SH DFND 0054,428
First Solar IncCOM3364331071,27315,205SH DFND 0015,205
First Trust North American Energy InfrastructureNO AMER ENERGY33738D1011,24645,000SH DFND 0045,000
First of Long Island CorpCOM320734106331,683SH DFND 001,683
FirstEnergy CorpCOM3379321072,72759,459SH DFND 0059,459
FirstService CorpCOM33767E2026354,386SH DFND 004,386
Firstcash Holdings IncCOM33768G1074586,517SH DFND 006,517
Fiserv IncCOM33773810812,891127,129SH DFND 00127,129
Five Below IncCOM33829M1011,4689,272SH DFND 009,272
Five Point Holdings LLCCOM CL A33833Q106294,751SH DFND 004,751
Five9 IncCOM3383071011,34812,207SH DFND 0012,207
Fiverr International LtdORD SHSM4R82T1066408,410SH DFND 008,410
Flagstar Bancorp IncCOM PAR .0013379307053518,289SH DFND 008,289
Fleetcor Technologies IncCOM3390411053,34613,435SH DFND 0013,435
Flex LtdORDY2573F1021,82098,096SH DFND 0098,096
Floor & Decor Holdings IncCL A3397501011,49318,430SH DFND 0018,430
Flowers Foods IncCOM34349810190535,181SH DFND 0035,181
Flowserve CorpCOM34354P10584623,565SH DFND 0023,565
Fluidigm CorpCOM34385P108195,377SH DFND 005,377
Fluor CorpCOM34341210253118,499SH DFND 0018,499
Flushing Financial CorpCOM343873105431,940SH DFND 001,940
Focus Financial Partners IncCOM CL A34417P1004369,530SH DFND 009,530
Fomento Economico Mexicano SAB de CVSPON ADR UNITS3444191064315,200SH DFND 005,200
Foot Locker IncCOM34484910452917,834SH DFND 0017,834
Ford Motor CoCOM34537086013,686809,368SH DFND 00809,368
Forest Road Acquisition CorpCOM CL A073463101167,045SH DFND 007,045
Forestar Group IncCOM346232101382,151SH DFND 002,151
FormFactor IncCOM34637510862414,853SH DFND 0014,853
Forma Therapeutics Holdings IncSHS34633R104121,318SH DFND 001,318
Forrester Research IncCOM34656310945805SH DFND 00805
Fortinet IncCOM34959E10925,20373,750SH DFND 0073,750
Fortis IncCOM3495531075,000101,017SH DFND 00101,017
Fortive CorpCOM34959J10816,466270,244SH DFND 00270,244
Fortuna Silver Mines IncCOM3499151087820,528SH DFND 0020,528
Fortune Brands Home & Security IncCOM34964C1064,73463,738SH DFND 0063,738
Forum Merger III CorpCLASS A COM28489L10463,857SH DFND 003,857
Forward Air CorpCOM3498531014304,397SH DFND 004,397
Four Corners Property Trust IncCOM35086T10935413,076SH DFND 0013,076
Fox CorpCL A COM35137L1052,75569,833SH DFND 0069,833
Fox CorpCL B COM35137L2043,635100,182SH DFND 00100,182
Fox Factory Holding CorpCOM35138V1026887,025SH DFND 007,025
Franchise Group IncCOM35180X105681,645SH DFND 001,645
Franco-Nevada CorpCOM35185810525,493159,810SH DFND 00159,810
Franklin BSP Realty Trust IncCOMMON STOCK35243J101352,492SH DFND 002,492
Franklin Electric Co IncCOM3535141025516,630SH DFND 006,630
Franklin Resources IncCOM3546131012,72297,508SH DFND 0097,508
Franklin Street Properties CorpCOM35471R106345,793SH DFND 005,793
Freedom Holding CorpCOM3563901041031,736SH DFND 15201,584
Freeport-McMoRan IncCL B35671D8571,02420,585SH DFND 0020,585
Fresh Del Monte Produce IncORDG36738105562,150SH DFND 002,150
Freshpet IncCOM3580391057447,246SH DFND 007,246
Frontdoor IncCOM35905A10950116,770SH DFND 0016,770
Frontier Communications Parent IncCOM35909D1091,01036,513SH DFND 0036,513
Frontier Group Holdings IncCOM35909R108413,580SH DFND 003,580
Frontline LtdSHS NEWG3682E19215817,997SH DFND 0017,997
Fubotv IncCOM35953D1047611,622SH DFND 0011,622
Fuelcell Energy IncCOM35952H60139568,511SH DFND 0068,511
Fulcrum Therapeutics IncCOM359616109421,788SH DFND 001,788
Fulgent Genetics IncCOM359664109901,440SH DFND 001,440
Fulton Financial CorpCOM36027110055033,093SH DFND 0033,093
Funko IncCOM CL A361008105271,587SH DFND 001,587
Futu Holdings LtdSPON ADS CL A36118L106862,628SH DFND 002,628
FutureFuel CorpCOM36116M106585,955SH DFND 005,955
G-III Apparel Group LtdCOM36237H1012418,915SH DFND 008,915
G1 Therapeutics IncCOM3621LQ109162,068SH DFND 002,068
GATX CorpCOM3614481035744,654SH DFND 004,654
GCP Applied Technologies IncCOM36164Y1011193,797SH DFND 003,797
GDS Holdings LtdSPONSORED ADS36165L10873718,774SH DFND 0018,774
GFL Environmental IncSUB VTG SHS36168Q10477123,705SH DFND 0023,705
GMS IncCOM36251C1032785,584SH DFND 005,584
GXO Logistics IncCOMMON STOCK36262G1011,11915,688SH DFND 0015,688
GameStop CorpCL A36467W1091,75210,519SH DFND 0010,519
Gaming and Leisure Properties IncCOM36467J1081,80938,546SH DFND 0038,546
Gan LtdSHSG3728V109112,287SH DFND 002,287
Gannett Co IncCOM36472T109419,059SH DFND 009,059
Gap IncCOM36476010871450,692SH DFND 0050,692
Garmin LtdSHSH2906T10960,473509,845SH DFND 00509,845
Gartner IncCOM3666511074,94616,626SH DFND 0016,626
Gates Industrial Corporation PLCORD SHSG39108108593,920SH DFND 003,920
Gatos Silver IncCOM368036109143,192SH DFND 003,192
Genco Shipping & Trading LtdSHSY2685T13115615SH DFND 00615
Generac Holdings IncCOM36873610411,55338,864SH DFND 0038,864
General Dynamics CorpCOM3695501087873,265SH DFND 9503,170
General Electric CoCOM NEW36960430119,658214,841SH DFND 00214,841
General Mills IncCOM37033410429,734439,072SH DFND 00439,072
General Motors CoCOM37045V10026,039595,308SH DFND 1,7500593,558
Generation Bio CoCOM37148K100192,532SH DFND 002,532
Genesco IncCOM371532102991,564SH DFND 001,564
Genpact LtdSHSG3922B10764214,759SH DFND 0014,759
Gentex CorpCOM3719011092,82196,717SH DFND 0096,717
Gentherm IncCOM37253A1033504,788SH DFND 004,788
Genuine Parts CoCOM3724601056,03747,906SH DFND 0047,906
Genworth Financial IncCOM CL A37247D10631282,460SH DFND 0082,460
Geo Group IncCOM36162J106548,129SH DFND 008,129
Gerdau SASPON ADR REP PFD373737105910141,501SH DFND 100,001041,500
German American Bancorp IncCOM373865104641,695SH DFND 001,695
Geron CorpCOM3741631032417,354SH DFND 0017,354
Getty Realty CorpCOM3742971092087,285SH DFND 007,285
Gevo IncCOM PAR3743964069921,101SH DFND 0021,101
Gibraltar Industries IncCOM3746891071964,571SH DFND 004,571
Gilat Satellite Networks LtdSHS NEWM51474118374,167SH DFND 004,167
Gildan Activewear IncCOM3759161031,61843,176SH DFND 0043,176
Gilead Sciences IncCOM37555810341,332695,241SH DFND 00695,241
Ginkgo Bioworks Holdings IncCL A SHS37611X100755187,414SH DFND 00187,414
Glacier Bancorp IncCOM37637Q10586517,202SH DFND 0017,202
Gladstone Commercial CorpCOM376536108632,842SH DFND 002,842
Gladstone Land CorpCOM376549101792,176SH DFND 002,176
Glatfelter CorpCOM377320106332,659SH DFND 002,659
Glaukos CorpCOM3773221025018,672SH DFND 008,672
GlaxoSmithKline PLCSPONSORED ADR37733W10579318,200SH DFND 0018,200
Global Blood Therapeutics IncCOM37890U10838811,187SH DFND 0011,187
Global Industrial CoCOM37892E10231950SH DFND 00950
Global Medical REIT IncCOM NEW37954A204774,740SH DFND 004,740
Global Net Lease IncCOM NEW37937820125716,327SH DFND 0016,327
Global Payments IncCOM37940X1028,09259,137SH DFND 0059,137
Global X Robotics and Artificial Intelligence ETFRBTCS ARTFL INTE37954Y71525875SH DFND 00875
Globalstar IncCOM3789734087450,012SH DFND 0050,012
Globant SACOML443851097943,030SH DFND 003,030
Globe Life IncCOM37959E1022,31222,987SH DFND 0022,987
Globus Medical IncCL A3795772081,03313,997SH DFND 0013,997
GoDaddy IncCL A3802371071,57418,802SH DFND 0018,802
GoPro IncCL A38268T103789,114SH DFND 009,114
Gogo IncCOM38046C109663,454SH DFND 003,454
Gohealth IncCOM CL A38046W10565,151SH DFND 005,151
Golden Entertainment IncCOM381013101731,259SH DFND 001,259
Golden Ocean Group LtdSHS NEWG396372051,586128,084SH DFND 00128,084
Goldman Sachs Group IncCOM38141G10439,184118,702SH DFND 00118,702
Goodrx Holdings IncCOM CL A38246G1081176,074SH DFND 006,074
Goodyear Tire & Rubber CoCOM38255010184859,358SH DFND 0059,358
Goosehead Insurance IncCOM CL A38267D1092002,551SH DFND 002,551
Gorman-Rupp CoCOM383082104511,426SH DFND 001,426
Gossamer Bio IncCOM38341P102303,431SH DFND 003,431
Grab Holdings LtdCLASS A ORDG4124C1099126,090SH DFND 0026,090
Graco IncCOM3841091042,00028,689SH DFND 0028,689
GrafTech International LtdCOM38431350829430,520SH DFND 0030,520
Graham Holdings CoCOM CL B3846371046161,007SH DFND 001,007
Grand Canyon Education IncCOM38526M1066917,116SH DFND 007,116
Granite Construction IncCOM38732810749615,112SH DFND 0015,112
Granite Point Mortgage Trust IncCOM STK38741L107443,949SH DFND 003,949
Granite Real Estate Investment TrustUNIT 99/99/99993874371146027,802SH DFND 007,802
Graphic Packaging Holding CoCOM3886891011,02551,132SH DFND 0051,132
Gray Television IncCOM38937510631314,182SH DFND 0014,182
Great Lakes Dredge & Dock CorpCOM390607109735,212SH DFND 005,212
Great Southern Bancorp IncCOM39090510755938SH DFND 00938
Green Brick Partners IncCOM392709101492,503SH DFND 002,503
Green Dot CorpCL A39304D10228410,330SH DFND 0010,330
Green Plains IncCOM3932221041474,749SH DFND 004,749
Greenbrier Companies IncCOM3936571011312,536SH DFND 002,536
Greif IncCL A3976241071582,436SH DFND 002,436
Greif IncCL B39762420624378SH DFND 00378
Grid Dynamics Holdings IncCL A39813G109423,008SH DFND 003,008
Griffon CorpCOM398433102773,865SH DFND 003,865
Grifols SASP ADR REP B NVT3984384081,674143,300SH DFND 00143,300
Grocery Outlet Holding CorpCOM39874R10147814,595SH DFND 0014,595
Group 1 Automotive IncCOM3989051094622,751SH DFND 002,751
Groupon IncCOM NEW399473206351,839SH DFND 001,839
GrowGeneration CorpCOM39986L109303,265SH DFND 003,265
Guardant Health IncCOM40131M1091,24618,805SH DFND 0018,805
Guardant Health IncNOTE 11/140131MAB5569700,000PRN DFND 00700,000
Guess IncCOM401617105944,306SH DFND 004,306
Guess IncNOTE 2.000% 4/1401617AD7874800,000PRN DFND 00800,000
Guidewire Software IncCOM40171V1008488,958SH DFND 008,958
Guidewire Software IncNOTE 1.250% 3/140171VAA8256250,000PRN DFND 00250,000
Gulfport Energy CorpCOMMON SHARES4026355021021,134SH DFND 001,134
H & R Block IncCOM09367110587833,734SH DFND 0033,734
H&E Equipment Services IncCOM4040301081172,684SH DFND 002,684
HB Fuller CoCOM3596941066589,965SH DFND 009,965
HCA Healthcare IncCOM40412C10125,247100,737SH DFND 00100,737
HDFC Bank LtdSPONSORED ADS40415F10113,029212,439SH DFND 00212,439
HEICO CorpCL A4228062081,53712,119SH DFND 0012,119
HEICO CorpCOM4228061092,87318,712SH DFND 0018,712
HF Sinclair CorpCOM4039491001,37834,584SH DFND 0034,584
HNI CorpCOM4042511003218,651SH DFND 008,651
HP IncCOM40434L10517,939494,197SH DFND 2,5000491,697
HUTCHMED (China) LtdSPONSORED ADS44842L1032,278120,424SH DFND 00120,424
Hackett Group IncCOM404609109401,733SH DFND 001,733
Haemonetics CorpCOM4050241005518,723SH DFND 008,723
Hain Celestial Group IncCOM40521710058617,040SH DFND 0017,040
Halliburton CoCOM4062161015,873155,090SH DFND 00155,090
Halozyme Therapeutics IncCOM40637H1091,01625,471SH DFND 0025,471
Hamilton Lane IncCL A4074971064455,752SH DFND 005,752
Hancock Whitney CorpCOM41012010987416,766SH DFND 0016,766
HanesBrands IncCOM41034510286558,099SH DFND 0058,099
Hanger IncCOM NEW41043F208472,585SH DFND 002,585
Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure Capital IncCOM41068X1003657,697SH DFND 007,697
Hanover Insurance Group IncCOM4108671059556,385SH DFND 006,385
HarborOne Bancorp IncCOM NEW41165Y100735,209SH DFND 005,209
Harley-Davidson IncCOM4128221081,15229,234SH DFND 0029,234
Harmonic IncCOM413160102737,904SH DFND 007,904
Harmony Biosciences Holdings IncCOM413197104561,153SH DFND 001,153
Harsco CorpCOM415864107735,960SH DFND 005,960
Harte Hanks IncCOM4161962028411,122SH DFND 0011,122
Hartford Financial Services Group IncCOM4165151048,029111,809SH DFND 00111,809
Hasbro IncCOM4180561073,31640,483SH DFND 0040,483
Haverty Furniture Companies IncCOM419596101281,035SH DFND 001,035
Hawaiian Electric Industries IncCOM41987010063414,986SH DFND 0014,986
Hawkins IncCOM420261109791,721SH DFND 001,721
Hayward Holdings IncCOM42129810028216,959SH DFND 0016,959
Hci Group IncCOM40416E10333483SH DFND 00483
HeadHunter Group PLCSPONSORED ADS42207L10622515,000SH DFND 0015,000
Health Care Select Sector SPDRSBI HEALTHCARE81369Y2093,68126,872SH DFND 0026,872
Health Catalyst IncCOM42225T10729311,195SH DFND 0011,195
HealthStream IncCOM42222N103341,688SH DFND 001,688
Healthcare Realty Trust IncCOM42194610465323,778SH DFND 0023,778
Healthcare Services Group IncCOM4219061081045,605SH DFND 005,605
Healthcare Trust Of America IncCL A NEW42225P5011,14436,518SH DFND 0036,518
Healthequity IncCOM42226A10793113,803SH DFND 0013,803
Healthpeak Properties IncCOM42250P1035,757167,701SH DFND 00167,701
Heartland Express IncCOM422347104493,448SH DFND 003,448
Heartland Financial USA IncCOM42234Q1024739,898SH DFND 009,898
Hecla Mining CoCOM42270410660792,402SH DFND 0092,402
Heidrick & Struggles International IncCOM422819102932,350SH DFND 002,350
Helen of Troy LtdCOMG4388N1068344,261SH DFND 004,261
Helios Technologies IncCOM42328H1093824,754SH DFND 004,754
Helix Energy Solutions Group IncCOM42330P1076413,290SH DFND 0013,290
Helmerich and Payne IncCOM42345210178918,445SH DFND 0018,445
Hemisphere Media Group IncCL A42365Q10371,501SH DFND 001,501
Hennessy Capital Acquisition Corp IVCOM CL A13803R102458,230SH DFND 008,230
Henry Schein IncCOM8064071023,16936,346SH DFND 0036,346
Herbalife Nutrition LtdCOM SHSG4412G10152817,399SH DFND 0017,399
Herc Holdings IncCOM42704L1046573,931SH DFND 003,931
Heritage Commerce CorpCOM426927109453,964SH DFND 003,964
Heritage Financial CorpCOM42722X106622,488SH DFND 002,488
Heritage-Crystal Clean IncCOM42726M1063113SH DFND 00113
Heron Therapeutics IncCOM4277461026611,473SH DFND 0011,473
Hershey CoCOM42786610816,01073,907SH DFND 0073,907
Hertz Global Holdings Inc*W EXP 06/30/20542806J14801SH DFND 100
Heska CorpCOM RESTRC NEW42805E3061961,416SH DFND 001,416
Hess CorpCOM42809H1074,01237,484SH DFND 0037,484
Hess Midstream LPCL A SHS4281031051033,427SH DFND 003,427
Hewlett Packard Enterprise CoCOM42824C1098,121485,983SH DFND 5,5700480,413
Hexcel CorpCOM42829110886314,512SH DFND 0014,512
Hexo CorpCOM NEW428304307914,916SH DFND 0014,916
Hibbett IncCOM428567101541,226SH DFND 001,226
Highwoods Properties IncCOM43128410880817,659SH DFND 0017,659
Hillenbrand IncCOM43157110864014,496SH DFND 0014,496
Hillman Solutions CorpCOM431636109847,046SH DFND 007,046
Hilltop Holdings IncCOM43274810134211,647SH DFND 0011,647
Hilton Grand Vacations IncCOM43283X1054388,419SH DFND 008,419
Hilton Worldwide Holdings IncCOM43300A20315,879104,644SH DFND 00104,644
Hims & Hers Health IncCOM CL A433000106305,552SH DFND 005,552
Hingham Institution For SavingsCOM4333231023293SH DFND 0093
Hippo Holdings IncCOMMON STOCK43353910312763,571SH DFND 0063,571
Holley IncCOM43538H103433,065SH DFND 003,065
Hologic IncCOM4364401016,70987,332SH DFND 0087,332
Home BancShares IncCOM43689320060026,545SH DFND 0026,545
Home Depot IncCOM437076102130,029434,401SH DFND 00434,401
HomeStreet IncCOM43785V102671,406SH DFND 001,406
Homology Medicines IncCOM43808310751,540SH DFND 001,540
Honest Company IncCOM438333106101,920SH DFND 001,920
Honeywell International IncCOM43851610613,10267,268SH DFND 0067,268
Hope Bancorp IncCOM43940T10940725,283SH DFND 0025,283
Horace Mann Educators CorpCOM4403271043347,992SH DFND 007,992
Horizon Bancorp IncCOM440407104472,505SH DFND 002,505
Horizon Therapeutics PLCSHSG461881018,92984,865SH DFND 0084,865
Hormel Foods CorpCOM4404521005,631109,258SH DFND 00109,258
Host Hotels & Resorts IncCOM44107P1044,168214,502SH DFND 00214,502
Hostess Brands IncCL A44109J10653124,182SH DFND 0024,182
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt CoCOM44157R10924011,414SH DFND 0011,414
Houlihan Lokey IncCL A4415931007878,961SH DFND 008,961
Hovnanian Enterprises IncCL A NEW44248740121357SH DFND 00357
Howard Hughes CorpCOM44267D1074053,908SH DFND 003,908
Howmet Aerospace IncCOM4432011084,812133,895SH DFND 00133,895
Huazhu Group LtdSPONSORED ADS44332N1062,64180,060SH DFND 0080,060
Hub Group IncCL A4433201062453,173SH DFND 003,173
HubSpot IncCOM4435731002,4205,095SH DFND 005,095
HubSpot IncNOTE 0.375% 6/0443573AD2552250,000PRN DFND 00250,000
Hubbell IncCOM4435106071,7339,429SH DFND 009,429
Hudbay Minerals IncCOM44362810217422,182SH DFND 0022,182
Hudson Pacific Properties IncCOM44409710972626,159SH DFND 0026,159
Humacyte IncCOM44486Q103253,558SH DFND 003,558
Humana IncCOM44485910218,18141,780SH DFND 0041,780
Humanigen IncCOM NEW444863203103,382SH DFND 003,382
Huntington Bancshares IncCOM44615010416,8811,154,656SH DFND 001,154,656
Huntington Ingalls Industries IncCOM4464131062841,425SH DFND 001,425
Huntsman CorpCOM4470111071,37236,581SH DFND 0036,581
Huron Consulting Group IncCOM44746210253211,620SH DFND 0011,620
Hut 8 Mining CorpCOM44812T10214025,432SH DFND 0025,432
Hyatt Hotels CorpCOM CL A4485791028508,906SH DFND 008,906
Hydrofarm Holdings Group IncCOM44888K209271,776SH DFND 001,776
Hyliion Holdings CorpCOMMON STOCK449109107306,660SH DFND 006,660
Hyster-Yale Materials Handling IncCL A44917210519579SH DFND 00579
Hyzon Motors IncCOM CL A44951Y102335,105SH DFND 005,105
I-MabSPONSORED ADS44975P1031267,771SH DFND 007,771
I3 Verticals IncCOM CL A46571Y107501,804SH DFND 001,804
IAA IncCOM44925310390823,732SH DFND 0023,732
IAC/InteractivecorpCOM NEW44891N2088438,411SH DFND 008,411
IAMGOLD CorpCOM45091310814842,465SH DFND 0042,465
ICF International IncCOM44925C1031811,924SH DFND 001,924
ICICI Bank LtdADR45104G10424,5951,298,555SH DFND 934,1830364,372
ICL Group LtdSHSM53213100927,633SH DFND 007,633
ICON PLCSHSG4705A1002,0588,463SH DFND 008,463
ICU Medical IncCOM44930G1078153,659SH DFND 003,659
IDEAYA Biosciences IncCOM45166A102201,799SH DFND 001,799
IDEX CorpCOM45167R1045,96031,086SH DFND 0031,086
IDEXX Laboratories IncCOM45168D10419,39935,461SH DFND 0035,461
IDT CorpCL B NEW448947507702,068SH DFND 002,068
IES Holdings IncCOM44951W10631759SH DFND 00759
II-VI IncCOM9021041081,26517,446SH DFND 0017,446
II-VI IncNOTE 0.250% 9/0902104AB4560400,000PRN DFND 00400,000
INTERDIGITAL WIRELESS INCNOTE 2.000% 6/045867GAB7827800,000PRN DFND 00800,000
IPG Photonics CorpCOM44980X1096866,252SH DFND 006,252
IQVIA Holdings IncCOM46266C1057,24531,336SH DFND 0031,336
ITT IncCOM45073V1081,10214,654SH DFND 0014,654
Ichor Holdings LtdSHSG4740B105792,214SH DFND 002,214
Idacorp IncCOM4511071062982,583SH DFND 002,583
Ideanomics IncCOM45166V1063329,137SH DFND 0029,137
Illinois Tool Works IncCOM45230810932,572155,550SH DFND 00155,550
Illumina IncCOM45232710916,92948,453SH DFND 0048,453
Illumina IncNOTE 8/1452327AK51,1461,000,000PRN DFND 001,000,000
Imax CorpCOM45245E109774,047SH DFND 004,047
ImmunoGen IncCOM45253H1017615,908SH DFND 0015,908
Immunovant IncCOM45258J102152,812SH DFND 002,812
Imperial Oil LtdCOM NEW4530384082,22746,088SH DFND 0046,088
Impinj IncCOM453204109901,410SH DFND 001,410
Inari Medical IncCOM45332Y1096086,708SH DFND 006,708
Incyte CorpCOM45337C1025,40368,033SH DFND 0068,033
Independence Realty Trust IncCOM45378A10671827,158SH DFND 0027,158
Independent Bank Corp (Massachusetts)COM4538361085947,266SH DFND 007,266
Independent Bank Corp (Michigan)COM NEW453838609381,720SH DFND 001,720
Independent Bank Group IncCOM45384B1065677,963SH DFND 007,963
Industrial Logistics Properties TrustCOM SHS BEN INT4562371062249,881SH DFND 009,881
Industrial Select Sector SPDR FundSBI INT-INDS81369Y7044003,880SH DFND 003,880
Infinera CorpCOM45667G10312013,876SH DFND 0013,876
Infosys LtdSPONSORED ADR45678810855,1092,214,090SH DFND 766,27501,447,815
Ingersoll Rand IncCOM45687V1063,40567,634SH DFND 0067,634
Ingevity CorpCOM45688C1074637,230SH DFND 007,230
Ingles Markets IncCL A457030104911,017SH DFND 001,017
Ingredion IncCOM4571871021,00911,575SH DFND 0011,575
Inmode LtdSHSM5425M1031674,516SH DFND 004,516
Innospec IncCOM45768S1054074,396SH DFND 004,396
Innovative Industrial Properties IncCOM45781V1018414,095SH DFND 004,095
Innoviva IncCOM45781M101814,199SH DFND 004,199
Inogen IncCOM45780L104401,247SH DFND 001,247
Inovio Pharmaceuticals IncCOM NEW45773H2015816,205SH DFND 119016,086
Inseego CorpCOM45782B104225,451SH DFND 005,451
Insight Enterprises IncCOM45765U1036025,608SH DFND 005,608
Insmed IncCOM PAR $.0145766930757124,289SH DFND 0024,289
Insmed IncNOTE 0.750% 6/0457669AB5365400,000PRN DFND 00400,000
Insperity IncCOM45778Q1076666,631SH DFND 006,631
Inspire Medical Systems IncCOM4577301091,8667,269SH DFND 007,269
Installed Building Products IncCOM45780R1013724,408SH DFND 004,408
Insteel Industries IncCOM45774W108601,615SH DFND 001,615
Instructure Holdings IncCOM45779010320110,000SH DFND 0010,000
Insulet CorpCOM45784P1014,48416,833SH DFND 0016,833
Insulet CorpNOTE 0.375% 9/045784PAK71,025800,000PRN DFND 00800,000
Intapp IncCOM45827U10922910SH DFND 00910
Integer Holdings CorpCOM45826H1094735,869SH DFND 005,869
Integra Lifesciences Holdings CorpCOM NEW45798520883813,041SH DFND 0013,041
Integra Lifesciences Holdings CorpNOTE 0.500% 8/1457985AM1853800,000PRN DFND 00800,000
Intel CorpCOM458140100108,6692,192,679SH DFND 1,90502,190,774
Intellia Therapeutics IncCOM45826J10586711,935SH DFND 0011,935
Inter Parfums IncCOM4583341091191,353SH DFND 001,353
InterDigital IncCOM45867G1013305,172SH DFND 005,172
InterPrivate Acquisition CorpCOM00835Q103286,581SH DFND 8206,499
Interactive Brokers Group IncCOM CL A45841N10799315,072SH DFND 0015,072
Intercept Pharmaceuticals IncCOM45845P108321,979SH DFND 001,979
Intercontinental Exchange IncCOM45866F10468,931521,733SH DFND 00521,733
Interface IncCOM458665304564,151SH DFND 004,151
International Bancshares CorpCOM45904410353012,555SH DFND 0012,555
International Business Machines CorpCOM45920010170,016538,500SH DFND 2,7560535,744
International Flavors & Fragrances IncCOM45950610110,92683,192SH DFND 0083,192
International Game Technology PLCSHS USDG4863A1082028,179SH DFND 008,179
International Money Express IncCOM46005L101422,050SH DFND 002,050
International Paper CoCOM4601461035,646122,337SH DFND 00122,337
International Seaways IncCOMY41053102915,026SH DFND 005,026
Interpublic Group of Companies IncCOM4606901009,677272,985SH DFND 00272,985
Intersect Ent IncCOM46071F103802,843SH DFND 002,843
Intra-Cellular Therapies IncCOM46116X10185513,980SH DFND 0013,980
Intuit IncCOM46120210354,628113,609SH DFND 00113,609
Intuitive Surgical IncCOM NEW46120E60248,195159,756SH DFND 00159,756
Inventrust Properties CorpCOM NEW46124J2011635,283SH DFND 005,283
Invesco India ETFINDIA ETF46137R10955121,301SH DFND 0021,301
Invesco LtdSHSG491BT1082,938127,419SH DFND 00127,419
Invesco Mortgage Capital IncCOM46131B1004419,509SH DFND 0019,509
Invesco QQQ Trust Series 1UNIT SER 146090E1039932,740SH DFND 1,43001,310
Investors Bancorp IncCOM46146L10166944,803SH DFND 0044,803
Invitae CorpCOM46185L10330237,852SH DFND 0037,852
Invitation Homes IncCOM46187W1072,59164,493SH DFND 0064,493
Ionis Pharmaceuticals IncCOM46222210088623,932SH DFND 0023,932
Iovance Biotherapeutics IncCOM46226010054832,912SH DFND 0032,912
Iridium Communications IncCOM46269C10282120,369SH DFND 0020,369
Iron Mountain IncCOM46284V1011,74631,515SH DFND 0031,515
Ironsource LtdCL A ORD SHSM5R75Y10114530,149SH DFND 0030,149
Ironwood Pharmaceuticals IncCOM CL A46333X10845636,219SH DFND 0036,219
Ishares Barclays Short Treasury Bond FundSHORT TREAS BD46428867910,01690,844SH DFND 0090,844
Ishares Gold TrustISHARES NEW46428520462817,039SH DFND 11,23905,800
Ishares S&P 500CORE S&P500 ETF4642872005,66912,484SH DFND 0012,484
Ishares S&P Global Financials Sector Index FundGLOBAL FINLS ETF4642873331752,200SH DFND 002,200
Ishares S&P Global Infrastructure Index FundGLB INFRASTR ETF46428837255911,000SH DFND 0011,000
Ishares S&P Midcap 400 Index FundCORE S&P MCP ETF4642875074671,742SH DFND 15401,588
Ishares Trust S & P GlobalGLOBAL ENERG ETF46428734148813,500SH DFND 0013,500
Ishares Trust S & P GlobalGLOB HLTHCRE ETF46428732518207SH DFND 00207
Itau Unibanco Holding SASPON ADR REP PFD4655621061,674293,118SH DFND 293,11800
Iteos Therapeutics IncCOM46565G10431956SH DFND 00956
Itron IncCOM4657411064588,699SH DFND 008,699
Ituran Location and Control LtdSHSM6158M104743,214SH DFND 003,214
Iveric Bio IncCOM46583P102955,644SH DFND 005,644
J & J Snack Foods CorpCOM4660321094332,792SH DFND 002,792
J B Hunt Transport Services IncCOM4456581072,98814,882SH DFND 0014,882
J M Smucker CoCOM NEW8326964056,59848,728SH DFND 0048,728
JAZZ INVESTMENTS I LTDNOTE 2.000% 6/1472145AF81,2191,000,000PRN DFND 001,000,000
JBG SMITH PropertiesCOM46590V10059720,437SH DFND 0020,437
JD.Com IncSPON ADR CL A47215P1062,92950,616SH DFND 37,525013,091
JELD-WEN Holding IncCOM47580P10332015,800SH DFND 0015,800
JOYY IncADS REPSTG COM A46591M10976320,779SH DFND 100020,679
JOYY IncNOTE 0.750% 6/198426TAD8489547,000PRN DFND 547,00000
JOYY IncNOTE 1.375% 6/198426TAF34,3214,646,000PRN DFND 4,646,00000
JPMorgan Chase & CoCOM46625H100367,8492,698,420SH DFND 002,698,420
Jabil IncCOM4663131031,79129,017SH DFND 0029,017
Jack Henry & Associates IncCOM4262811017,71839,167SH DFND 0039,167
Jack in the Box IncCOM4663671093583,837SH DFND 003,837
Jackson Financial IncCOM CL A46817M1073938,884SH DFND 008,884
Jacobs Engineering Group IncCOM4698141075614,073SH DFND 004,073
James River Group Holdings LtdCOMG5005R107642,583SH DFND 002,583
Jamf Holding CorpCOM47074L1053018,635SH DFND 008,635
Janus Henderson Group PLCORD SHSG4474Y21492626,435SH DFND 0026,435
Janus International Group IncCOMMON STOCK47103N106515,707SH DFND 005,707
Jazz Pharmaceuticals PLCSHS USDG508711052,39415,380SH DFND 0015,380
Jefferies Financial Group IncCOM47233W1091,55047,193SH DFND 0047,193
JetBlue Airways CorpCOM47714310137625,150SH DFND 0025,150
Jfrog LtdORD SHSM6191J100823,027SH DFND 003,027
JinkoSolar Holding Co LtdSPONSORED ADR47759T1003777,812SH DFND 007,812
Joby Aviation IncCOMMON STOCKG6516310020631,162SH DFND 0031,162
John B Sanfilippo & Son IncCOM80042210756671SH DFND 00671
John Bean Technologies CorpCOM4778391046995,898SH DFND 005,898
John Wiley & Sons IncCL A9682232064688,828SH DFND 008,828
Johnson & JohnsonCOM478160104435,0662,454,811SH DFND 1,58202,453,229
Johnson Controls International PLCSHSG5150210522,518343,423SH DFND 4,0700339,353
Johnson Outdoors IncCL A47916710873944SH DFND 00944
Joint CorpCOM47973J102391,089SH DFND 001,089
Jones Lang LaSalle IncCOM48020Q1071,2675,291SH DFND 005,291
Jumia Technologies AGSPONSORED ADS48138M105121,250SH DFND 001,250
Juniper Networks IncCOM48203R1044,798129,110SH DFND 250129,085
KAR Auction Services IncCOM48238T10936720,328SH DFND 0020,328
KB Financial Group IncSPONSORED ADR48241A10510,814221,461SH DFND 00221,461
KB HomeCOM48666K10952516,199SH DFND 0016,199
KBR IncCOM48242W1061,73631,725SH DFND 0031,725
KKR & Co IncCOM48251W1043,89666,639SH DFND 0066,639
KKR Real Estate Finance Trust IncCOM48251K100602,903SH DFND 002,903
KLA CorpCOM NEW48248010024,90168,025SH DFND 0068,025
KT CorpSPONSORED ADR48268K101138SH DFND 3800
Kadant IncCOM48282T1043151,620SH DFND 001,620
Kaiser Aluminum CorpCOM PAR $0.014830077041251,327SH DFND 001,327
Kaman CorpCOM483548103821,880SH DFND 001,880
Kanzhun LtdSPONSORED ADS48553T10640216,155SH DFND 0016,155
Karuna Therapeutics IncCOM48576A1005304,183SH DFND 004,183
Karyopharm Therapeutics IncCOM48576U106354,711SH DFND 004,711
Ke Holdings IncSPONSORED ADS4824971042,597209,927SH DFND 135,797074,130
Kearny Financial CorpCOM48716P1081118,648SH DFND 008,648
Kellogg CoCOM4878361088,981139,257SH DFND 00139,257
Kelly Services IncCL A488152208592,743SH DFND 002,743
Kemper CorpCOM48840110066511,755SH DFND 0011,755
Kennametal IncCOM48917010044215,439SH DFND 0015,439
Kennedy-Wilson Holdings IncCOM48939810753822,064SH DFND 0022,064
Keros Therapeutics IncCOM49232710146849SH DFND 00849
Keurig Dr Pepper IncCOM49271V1006,917182,496SH DFND 00182,496
KeyCorpCOM4932671087,524336,181SH DFND 00336,181
Keysight Technologies IncCOM49338L10318,223115,357SH DFND 00115,357
Kforce IncCOM4937321011111,504SH DFND 001,504
Kilroy Realty CorpCOM49427F1081,41218,481SH DFND 0018,481
Kimball Electronics IncCOM49428J109331,635SH DFND 001,635
Kimball International IncCL B494274103677,928SH DFND 007,928
Kimberly-Clark CorpCOM49436810325,487206,941SH DFND 00206,941
Kimco Realty CorpCOM49446R1092,09784,897SH DFND 0084,897
Kinder Morgan IncCOM49456B1016,915365,681SH DFND 00365,681
Kingsoft Cloud Holdings LtdADS49639K10135057,670SH DFND 35,990021,680
Kiniksa Pharmaceuticals LtdCOM CL AG5269C101191,911SH DFND 001,911
Kinross Gold CorpCOM4969024041,932328,575SH DFND 00328,575
Kinsale Capital Group IncCOM49714P1088253,616SH DFND 003,616
Kirby CorpCOM4972661063705,121SH DFND 005,121
Kite Realty Group TrustCOM NEW49803T30083636,706SH DFND 0036,706
Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings IncCL A49904910475314,931SH DFND 0014,931
Knowbe4 IncCL A49926T104492,149SH DFND 002,149
Knowles CorpCOM49926D1091527,055SH DFND 007,055
Kodiak Sciences IncCOM50015M109384,904SH DFND 004,904
Kohls CorpCOM5002551041,89931,404SH DFND 0031,404
Kontoor Brands IncCOM50050N1033849,278SH DFND 009,278
Koppers Holdings IncCOM50060P106421,525SH DFND 001,525
Korn FerryCOM NEW5006432006499,998SH DFND 009,998
Kornit Digital LtdSHSM6372Q11312145SH DFND 00145
Kosmos Energy LtdCOM50068810630642,523SH DFND 0042,523
Kraft Heinz CoCOM5007541065,883149,361SH DFND 2,4000146,961
KraneShares CSI China Internet ETFCSI CHI INTERNET5007673062428,491SH DFND 008,491
Kratos Defense and Security Solutions IncCOM NEW50077B20746022,477SH DFND 0022,477
Krispy Kreme IncCOM50101L106815,440SH DFND 005,440
Kroger CoCOM50104410129,774518,989SH DFND 00518,989
Kronos Bio IncCOM50107A1045704SH DFND 00704
Kronos Worldwide IncCOM50105F105372,363SH DFND 002,363
Krystal Biotech IncCOM501147102931,397SH DFND 001,397
Kulicke and Soffa Industries IncCOM50124210158010,345SH DFND 0010,345
Kura Oncology IncCOM50127T109986,074SH DFND 006,074
Kymera Therapeutics IncCOM5015751041924,537SH DFND 004,537
Kyndryl Holdings IncCOMMON STOCK50155Q10060245,884SH DFND 0045,884
L Brands IncCOM0708301042,18445,696SH DFND 0045,696
LCI IndustriesCOM50189K1035445,236SH DFND 005,236
LCI IndustriesNOTE 1.125% 5/1501812AB7906800,000PRN DFND 00800,000
LGI Homes IncCOM50187T1063903,996SH DFND 003,996
LHC Group IncCOM50187A1079115,402SH DFND 005,402
LKQ CorpCOM5018892084,02888,694SH DFND 0088,694
LL Flooring Holdings IncCOM55003T107282,004SH DFND 002,004
LPL Financial Holdings IncCOM50212V1004,71425,806SH DFND 0025,806
LTC Properties IncCOM5021751022346,079SH DFND 006,079
LXP Industrial TrustCOM52904310172846,377SH DFND 0046,377
La-Z-Boy IncCOM5053361071234,646SH DFND 004,646
Laboratory Corporation of America HoldingsCOM NEW50540R40914,16653,729SH DFND 0053,729
Ladder Capital CorpCL A5057431041079,039SH DFND 009,039
Lakeland Bancorp IncCOM5116371001116,628SH DFND 006,628
Lakeland Financial CorpCOM5116561004015,495SH DFND 005,495
Lam Research CorpCOM51280710827,18450,564SH DFND 0050,564
Lamar Advertising CoCL A5128161099127,846SH DFND 007,846
Lamb Weston Holdings IncCOM5132721042,03133,901SH DFND 0033,901
Lancaster Colony CorpCOM5138471035793,882SH DFND 003,882
Landcadia Holdings II IncCOM CL A38113L107202,749SH DFND 002,749
Lands End IncCOM51509F105171,012SH DFND 001,012
Landstar System IncCOM5150981018445,598SH DFND 005,598
Lantheus Holdings IncCOM5165441033466,257SH DFND 006,257
Laredo Petroleum IncCOM5168062051081,362SH DFND 001,362
Largo Resources LtdCOM517097101302,378SH DFND 002,378
Las Vegas Sands CorpCOM5178341072,43162,531SH DFND 0062,531
Latham Group IncCOM51819L107614,627SH DFND 004,627
Lattice Semiconductor CorpCOM5184151041,43523,544SH DFND 900022,644
Laureate Education IncCOMMON STOCK518613203998,364SH DFND 008,364
LeMaitre Vascular IncCOM525558201932,011SH DFND 002,011
Lear CorpCOM NEW5218652041,57011,008SH DFND 9010,999
Legend Biotech CorpSPONSORED ADS52490G10278021,472SH DFND 0021,472
Leggett & Platt IncCOM5246601074,593131,976SH DFND 00131,976
Leidos Holdings IncCOM5253271022,78925,822SH DFND 0025,822
Lemonade IncCOM52567D1072077,837SH DFND 007,837
LendingClub CorpCOM NEW52603A20826716,897SH DFND 25016,872
Lendingtree IncCOM52603B107109910SH DFND 00910
Lennar CorpCL A5260571045,79871,434SH DFND 0071,434
Lennox International IncCOM5261071072,0688,021SH DFND 008,021
Leslie's IncCOM52706410950626,133SH DFND 0026,133
Levi Strauss & CoCL A COM STK52736R10230815,575SH DFND 0015,575
Lexicon Pharmaceuticals IncCOM NEW528872302104,792SH DFND 204,790
Li Auto IncSPONSORED ADS50202M10218,417713,577SH DFND 00713,577
Liberty Broadband CorpCOM SER A5303071073352,554SH DFND 002,554
Liberty Broadband CorpCOM SER C5303073057,61056,238SH DFND 0056,238
Liberty Global PLCSHS CL AG5480U1042449,547SH DFND 009,547
Liberty Global PLCSHS CL CG5480U12083832,356SH DFND 0032,356
Liberty Latin America LtdCOM CL AG9001E102363,721SH DFND 003,721
Liberty Latin America LtdCOM CL CG9001E12822923,897SH DFND 0023,897
Liberty Media CorpCOM A BRAVES GRP53122970620708SH DFND 00708
Liberty Media CorpCOM A SIRIUSXM53122940950511,042SH DFND 0011,042
Liberty Media CorpCOM C BRAVES GRP531229888792,822SH DFND 002,822
Liberty Media CorpCOM C SIRIUSXM53122960790119,694SH DFND 0019,694
Liberty Media CorpCOM SER C FRMLA5312298541,52221,796SH DFND 0021,796
Liberty Media CorpNOTE 1.000% 1/3531229AF9467300,000PRN DFND 00300,000
Liberty Oilfield Services IncCOM CL A53115L1041087,305SH DFND 007,305
Life Storage IncCOM53223X1071,91313,622SH DFND 0013,622
Ligand Pharmaceuticals IncCOM NEW53220K5042712,410SH DFND 002,410
Lightspeed POS IncSUB VTG SHS53229C10767021,995SH DFND 0021,995
Limelight Networks IncCOM53261M104479,017SH DFND 009,017
Lincoln Electric Holdings IncCOM5339001061,3479,772SH DFND 009,772
Lincoln National CorpCOM5341871094,07662,362SH DFND 0062,362
Lindblad Expeditions Holdings IncCOM535219109161,037SH DFND 001,037
Linde PLCSHSG5494J103164,675515,529SH DFND 00515,529
Lindsay CorpCOM535555106136868SH DFND 00868
Lion Electric CoCOMMON STOCK536221104283,359SH DFND 003,359
Lions Gate Entertainment CorpCL A VTG535919401613,765SH DFND 003,765
Lions Gate Entertainment CorpCL B NON VTG53591950039726,443SH DFND 0026,443
Liquidity Services IncCOM53635B107331,899SH DFND 001,899
Lithia Motors IncCOM5367971031,4934,975SH DFND 004,975
Lithium Americas CorpCOM NEW53680Q20771318,512SH DFND 0018,512
Littelfuse IncCOM5370081041,0594,248SH DFND 004,248
LivaNova PLCSHSG5509L1017719,425SH DFND 009,425
Live Nation Entertainment IncCOM5380341092,92324,845SH DFND 0024,845
Live Oak Acquisition CorpCOM CL A236272100345,842SH DFND 005,842
Live Oak Bancshares IncCOM53803X1052875,643SH DFND 005,643
LivePerson IncCOM53814610185034,798SH DFND 0034,798
Livent CorpCOM53814L10867825,997SH DFND 0025,997
Liveramp Holdings IncCOM53815P10846612,470SH DFND 0012,470
Livongo Health IncNOTE 0.875% 6/0539183AA1791800,000PRN DFND 00800,000
Loews CorpCOM5404241084,22965,244SH DFND 0065,244
Logitech International SASHSH50430232168,9502,289,911SH DFND 243,68902,046,222
Longview Acquisition CorpCOM CL A124155102357,438SH DFND 10107,337
Lordstown Motors CorpCOM CL A54405Q100277,936SH DFND 007,936
Louisiana-Pacific CorpCOM5463471058,619138,744SH DFND 00138,744
Lovesac CoCOM54738L10946857SH DFND 00857
Lowe's Companies IncCOM54866110743,315214,229SH DFND 00214,229
Loyalty Ventures IncCOMMON STOCK54911Q107513,070SH DFND 003,070
Lucid Group IncCOM5494981037,703303,287SH DFND 233,468069,819
Lufax Holding LtdADS REP SHS CL A54975P1021,068191,785SH DFND 00191,785
Lululemon Athletica IncCOM55002110912,41033,979SH DFND 0033,979
Lumen Technologies IncCOM5502411033,029268,751SH DFND 20268,749
Lumentum Holdings IncCOM55024U1091,31213,441SH DFND 0013,441
Lumentum Holdings IncNOTE 0.500%12/155024UAD11,1641,000,000PRN DFND 001,000,000
Luminar Technologies IncCOM CL A55042410554534,853SH DFND 49034,804
Luther Burbank CorpCOM550550107463,497SH DFND 003,497
Luxfer Holdings PLCSHSG5698W116321,880SH DFND 001,880
Lyft IncCL A COM55087P1041,01226,354SH DFND 0026,354
Lyft IncNOTE 1.500% 5/155087PAB0625500,000PRN DFND 00500,000
LyondellBasell Industries NVSHS - A -N5374510032,025311,462SH DFND 30311,459
M&T Bank CorpCOM55261F1047,74545,692SH DFND 0045,692
M/I Homes IncCOM55305B1011022,298SH DFND 002,298
MACOM Technology Solutions Holdings IncCOM55405Y1004547,577SH DFND 007,577
MAG Silver CorpCOM55903Q1041378,462SH DFND 008,462
MBIA IncCOM55262C100613,987SH DFND 003,987
MDC Holdings IncCOM55267610847712,616SH DFND 0012,616
MDU Resources Group IncCOM55269010943816,446SH DFND 0016,446
MEDNAX IncCOM58502B10633014,057SH DFND 0014,057
MFA Financial IncCOM55272X10212130,049SH DFND 0030,049
MGE Energy IncCOM55277P1043143,933SH DFND 003,933
MGIC Investment CorpCOM55284810379658,724SH DFND 0058,724
MGM Growth Properties LLCCL A COM55303A10555114,244SH DFND 0014,244
MGM Resorts InternationalCOM5529531012,68063,909SH DFND 0063,909
MGP Ingredients IncCOM55303J10676892SH DFND 00892
MKS Instruments IncCOM55306N1041,4659,768SH DFND 009,768
MP Materials CorpCOM CL A55336810183114,501SH DFND 0014,501
MRC Global IncCOM55345K103685,689SH DFND 005,689
MSA Safety IncCOM5534981069006,785SH DFND 006,785
MSC Industrial Direct Co IncCL A5535301066787,953SH DFND 007,953
MSCI IncCOM55354G10013,77127,385SH DFND 0027,385
MYR Group IncCOM55405W1041691,798SH DFND 001,798
Macerich CoCOM55438210155135,234SH DFND 0035,234
MacroGenics IncCOM556099109293,294SH DFND 003,294
Macy's IncCOM55616P1041,51262,059SH DFND 0062,059
Madison Square Garden Entertainment CorpCL A55826T1023544,253SH DFND 004,253
Madison Square Garden Sports CorpCL A55825T1035853,264SH DFND 003,264
Madrigal Pharmaceuticals IncCOM55886810564653SH DFND 00653
Magic Software Enterprises LtdORD559166103311,822SH DFND 001,822
Magna International IncCOM5592224014,80274,668SH DFND 0074,668
MagnaChip Semiconductor CorpCOM55933J203422,464SH DFND 002,464
Magnite IncCOM55955D10026520,047SH DFND 0020,047
Magnolia Oil & Gas CorpCL A55966310931713,420SH DFND 0013,420
Malibu Boats IncCOM CL A56117J1001282,209SH DFND 002,209
ManTech International CorpCL A5645631041762,044SH DFND 002,044
Mandiant IncCOM5626621061,71076,649SH DFND 0076,649
Manhattan Associates IncCOM5627501091,93913,981SH DFND 0013,981
Manitowoc Company IncCOM NEW563571405372,458SH DFND 002,458
MannKind CorpCOM NEW56400P7065916,031SH DFND 0016,031
ManpowerGroup IncCOM56418H10095910,212SH DFND 0010,212
Manulife Financial CorpCOM56501R10618,084847,046SH DFND 14,0000833,046
Marathon Digital Holdings IncCOM56578810642115,063SH DFND 0015,063
Marathon Oil CorpCOM5658491064,332172,540SH DFND 00172,540
Marathon Petroleum CorpCOM56585A10216,884197,478SH DFND 00197,478
Maravai LifeSciences Holdings IncCOM CL A56600D10769919,815SH DFND 0019,815
Marcus & Millichap IncCOM566324109991,884SH DFND 001,884
Marcus CorpCOM566330106271,526SH DFND 001,526
MarineMax IncCOM567908108671,667SH DFND 001,667
Markel CorpCOM5705351042,9021,967SH DFND 001,967
Marketaxess Holdings IncCOM57060D1085,34815,720SH DFND 0015,720
Markforged Holding CorpCOM57064N102163,905SH DFND 003,905
Marriott International IncCL A5719032029,00351,178SH DFND 0051,178
Marriott Vacations Worldwide CorpCOM57164Y1071,0836,867SH DFND 006,867
Marsh & McLennan Companies IncCOM57174810236,130212,003SH DFND 00212,003
Marten Transport LtdCOM573075108774,358SH DFND 004,358
Martin Marietta Materials IncCOM5732841065,24213,620SH DFND 0013,620
Marvell Technology IncCOM57387410411,493160,276SH DFND 00160,276
MasTec IncCOM5763231091,10712,706SH DFND 0012,706
Masco CorpCOM5745991063,63271,206SH DFND 0071,206
Masimo CorpCOM5747951002,05814,143SH DFND 0014,143
Masonite International CorpCOM5753851093043,420SH DFND 003,420
Mastercard IncCL A57636Q104127,702357,329SH DFND 550357,274
Matador Resources CoCOM57648520579915,078SH DFND 0015,078
Match Group IncCOM57667L1074,25539,127SH DFND 45039,082
Materials Select Sector SPDRSBI MATERIALS81369Y1001361,545SH DFND 001,545
Materion CorpCOM5766901011311,532SH DFND 001,532
Matson IncCOM57686G1054613,822SH DFND 003,822
Mattel IncCOM5770811021,57871,041SH DFND 0071,041
Matterport IncCOM CL A57709610013016,022SH DFND 0016,022
Matthews International CorpCL A577128101852,614SH DFND 002,614
Maverix Metals IncCOM NEW57776F40591,913SH DFND 001,913
MaxCyte IncCOM57777K106294,143SH DFND 004,143
Maxar Technologies IncCOM57778K1053919,903SH DFND 009,903
Maxeon Solar Technologies LtdSHSY58473102453,079SH DFND 003,079
Maximus IncCOM57793310488011,745SH DFND 0011,745
Maxlinear IncCOM57776J10065611,237SH DFND 0011,237
McCormick & Company IncCOM NON VTG57978020639,112391,905SH DFND 00391,905
McDonald's CorpCOM580135101108,074437,051SH DFND 00437,051
McEwen Mining IncCOM58039P1072630,892SH DFND 91030,801
McGrath RentCorpCOM5805891091641,925SH DFND 001,925
Mckesson CorpCOM58155Q10321,61770,615SH DFND 0070,615
Medical Properties Trust IncCOM58463J3041,50371,104SH DFND 0071,104
Medifast IncCOM58470H1012711,584SH DFND 001,584
Medpace Holdings IncCOM58506Q1098585,247SH DFND 005,247
Medtronic PLCSHSG5960L10333,340300,498SH DFND 00300,498
MeiraGTx Holdings PLCCOMG59665102312,218SH DFND 002,218
Melco Resorts & Entertainment LtdADR58546410012816,803SH DFND 5,400011,403
Membership Collective Group IncCOM CL A586001109172,248SH DFND 002,248
Mercadolibre IncCOM58733R10217,64414,833SH DFND 0014,833
Mercantile Bank CorpCOM587376104401,138SH DFND 001,138
Mercer International IncCOM588056101392,761SH DFND 002,761
Merchants BancorpCOM58844R108281,024SH DFND 001,024
Merck & Co IncCOM58933Y105183,3362,234,445SH DFND 002,234,445
Mercury General CorpCOM5894001001112,012SH DFND 002,012
Mercury Systems IncCOM5893781086349,836SH DFND 009,836
Meridian Bioscience IncCOM589584101742,862SH DFND 002,862
Meridianlink IncCOMMON STOCK58985J105281,530SH DFND 001,530
Merit Medical Systems IncCOM58988910468910,364SH DFND 0010,364
Meritage Homes CorpCOM59001A1025536,975SH DFND 006,975
Meritor IncCOM59001K10054215,235SH DFND 0015,235
Mersana Therapeutics IncCOM59045L106163,949SH DFND 003,949
Merus NVCOMN5749R100511,917SH DFND 001,917
Mesa Laboratories IncCOM59064R109133522SH DFND 00522
MetLife IncCOM59156R108116,8521,662,664SH DFND 1,35001,661,314
Meta Financial Group IncCOM59100U1081252,277SH DFND 002,277
Meta Materials IncCOM59134N1042213,239SH DFND 0013,239
Meta Platforms IncCL A30303M102184,397829,273SH DFND 2,4720826,801
Methanex CorpCOM59151K10857910,621SH DFND 0010,621
Methode Electronics IncCOM5915202001683,876SH DFND 003,876
Metromile IncCOM591697107107,224SH DFND 007,224
Metropolitan Bank Holding CorpCOM59177410488860SH DFND 00860
Mettler-Toledo International IncCOM59268810511,6028,449SH DFND 008,449
MiMedx Group IncCOM602496101234,982SH DFND 004,982
MicroVision IncCOM NEW5949603045912,686SH DFND 109012,577
Microchip Technology IncCOM5950171046,67288,798SH DFND 0088,798
Micron Technology IncCOM59511210341,260529,647SH DFND 1,1000528,547
Microsoft CorpCOM5949181041,254,0394,067,461SH DFND 88004,066,581
Microstrategy IncCL A NEW5949724086611,359SH DFND 001,359
Mid-America Apartment Communities IncCOM59522J1035,94128,362SH DFND 0028,362
Middleby CorpCOM5962781011,6149,843SH DFND 009,843
Middleby CorpNOTE 1.000% 9/0596278AB7697500,000PRN DFND 00500,000
Middlesex Water CoCOM5966801081691,604SH DFND 001,604
Midland States Bancorp IncCOM597742105652,248SH DFND 002,248
Midwestone Financial Group Inc (IOWA)COM598511103341,041SH DFND 001,041
MillerKnoll IncCOM60054410053215,391SH DFND 0015,391
Mimecast LtdORD SHSG1483810989011,187SH DFND 0011,187
Mind Medicine (MindMed) IncCOM SUB VTG60255C1092724,273SH DFND 0024,273
Minerals Technologies IncCOM6031581064596,946SH DFND 006,946
Mirati Therapeutics IncCOM60468T1056137,451SH DFND 007,451
Mission Produce IncCOM60510V1088630SH DFND 00630
Mister Car Wash IncCOM60646V1051147,709SH DFND 007,709
Mitek Systems IncCOM NEW606710200432,950SH DFND 002,950
Mobil'nye Telesistemy PAOSPONSORED ADR6074091093,717675,827SH DFND 00675,827
Model N IncCOM6075251021073,985SH DFND 003,985
Moderna IncCOM60770K10714,69385,297SH DFND 0085,297
Modine Manufacturing CoCOM607828100303,328SH DFND 003,328
ModivCare IncCOM60783X104110953SH DFND 00953
Moelis & CoCL A60786M10556912,122SH DFND 0012,122
Mohawk Industries IncCOM6081901042,19517,675SH DFND 0017,675
Molina Healthcare IncCOM60855R1003,60010,793SH DFND 0010,793
Molson Coors Beverage CoCL B60871R2092,01637,767SH DFND 0037,767
Momo IncADS42340310419834,298SH DFND 0034,298
Momo IncNOTE 1.250% 7/060879BAB37280,000PRN DFND 80,00000
Monarch Casino & Resort IncCOM609027107951,087SH DFND 001,087
Mondelez International IncCL A60920710518,056287,608SH DFND 1600287,448
MoneyGram International IncCOM NEW60935Y208575,411SH DFND 005,411
MongoDB IncCL A60937P1062,8056,324SH DFND 006,324
MongoDB IncNOTE 0.250% 1/160937PAD81,440600,000PRN DFND 00600,000
Monolithic Power Systems IncCOM6098391054,0158,267SH DFND 008,267
Monro IncCOM6102361012415,432SH DFND 005,432
Monster Beverage CorpCOM61174X1097,82997,981SH DFND 0097,981
Montrose Environmental Group IncCOM615111101901,703SH DFND 001,703
Moody's CorpCOM61536910515,37645,571SH DFND 0045,571
Moog IncCL A6153942022713,086SH DFND 003,086
Morgan StanleyCOM NEW61744644872,812833,090SH DFND 2060832,884
Morningstar IncCOM6177001091,1964,377SH DFND 004,377
Morphic Holding IncCOM61775R105481,188SH DFND 001,188
Mosaic CoCOM61945C1037,542113,421SH DFND 500113,371
Motorola Solutions IncCOM NEW62007630722,20791,688SH DFND 0091,688
Movado Group IncCOM624580106401,035SH DFND 001,035
Mr Cooper Group IncCOM62482R10751411,258SH DFND 65011,193
Mueller Industries IncCOM6247561024758,760SH DFND 008,760
Mueller Water Products IncCOM SER A62475810837228,802SH DFND 0028,802
Multiplan CorpCOM62548M10021846,688SH DFND 0046,688
Murphy Oil CorpCOM62671710298224,318SH DFND 0024,318
Murphy Usa IncCOM6267551028824,413SH DFND 004,413
Myers Industries IncCOM628464109472,159SH DFND 002,159
Myovant Sciences LtdCOMG637AM102342,572SH DFND 002,572
Myriad Genetics IncCOM62855J10441416,413SH DFND 0016,413
N-Able IncCOMMON STOCK62878D100293,211SH DFND 003,211
NAPCO Security Technologies IncCOM630402105411,998SH DFND 001,998
NBT Bancorp IncCOM6287781022767,652SH DFND 007,652
NCR CorpCOM62886E10891122,678SH DFND 0022,678
NETGEAR IncCOM64111Q104502,028SH DFND 002,028
NGM Biopharmaceuticals IncCOM62921N105312,050SH DFND 002,050
NIO IncSPON ADS62914V10635,0871,666,057SH DFND 001,666,057
NMI Holdings IncCL A62920930525212,239SH DFND 0012,239
NOW IncCOM67011P100827,442SH DFND 007,442
NRG Energy IncCOM NEW6293775081,54940,379SH DFND 0040,379
NU Skin Enterprises IncCL A67018T10547910,000SH DFND 0010,000
NV5 Global IncCOM62945V1091361,024SH DFND 001,024
NVIDIA CorpCOM67066G104408,6831,497,774SH DFND 001,497,774
NVR IncCOM62944T1057,0361,575SH DFND 001,575
NXP Semiconductors NVCOMN6596X1099,19049,653SH DFND 0049,653
Nabors Industries LtdSHSG6359F1375913,867SH DFND 003,867
Nano Dimension LtdSPONSORD ADS NEW63008G2037220,149SH DFND 169019,980
Nano-X Imaging LtdORD SHSM70700105252,261SH DFND 002,261
NanoString Technologies IncCOM63009R1093479,994SH DFND 009,994
NantKwest IncCOM45256X103335,873SH DFND 12505,748
Nasdaq IncCOM63110310818,689104,875SH DFND 00104,875
Natera IncCOM63230710470917,430SH DFND 0017,430
National Bank Holdings CorpCL A633707104942,325SH DFND 002,325
National Beverage CorpCOM635017106671,541SH DFND 001,541
National Fuel Gas CoCOM6361801011,00014,549SH DFND 0014,549
National Health Investors IncCOM63633D1044457,546SH DFND 007,546
National Healthcare CorpCOM63590610065928SH DFND 00928
National Instruments CorpCOM6365181021,06126,139SH DFND 0026,139
National Presto Industries IncCOM63721510424306SH DFND 00306
National Research CorpCOM NEW637372202401,005SH DFND 001,005
National Retail Properties IncCOM6374171061,32029,362SH DFND 0029,362
National Storage Affiliates TrustCOM SHS BEN IN63787010688514,106SH DFND 0014,106
National Vision Holdings IncCOM63845R10763014,465SH DFND 0014,465
National Western Life Group IncCL A63851710239184SH DFND 00184
Natus Medical IncCOM639050103973,703SH DFND 003,703
Natuzzi SpASPON ADS63905A20015414,000SH DFND 0014,000
Navient CorpCOM63938C10855932,781SH DFND 0032,781
Necessity Retail REIT IncCOM CLASS A02607T10918423,216SH DFND 0023,216
Neenah IncCOM640079109461,159SH DFND 001,159
Nektar TherapeuticsCOM64026810820738,455SH DFND 0038,455
Nelnet IncCL A64031N108981,156SH DFND 001,156
NeoPhotonics CorpCOM64051T100503,305SH DFND 003,305
Neogen CorpCOM64049110667021,711SH DFND 0021,711
Neogenomics IncCOM NEW64049M20927722,823SH DFND 0022,823
Nerdy IncCL A COM64081V10920440,000SH DFND 0040,000
NetApp IncCOM64110D1045,52866,598SH DFND 0066,598
NetEase IncSPONSORED ADS64110W1021,12512,541SH DFND 0012,541
Netflix IncCOM64110L10633,26988,814SH DFND 0088,814
Netscout Systems IncCOM64115T10443713,620SH DFND 26013,594
Netstreit CorpCOM64119V303652,893SH DFND 002,893
Neurocrine Biosciences IncCOM64125C1092,89630,892SH DFND 0030,892
Neurocrine Biosciences IncNOTE 2.250% 5/164125CAD1371300,000PRN DFND 00300,000
Nevro CorpCOM64157F1036128,460SH DFND 008,460
New Fortress Energy IncCOM CL A6443931002916,831SH DFND 006,831
New Gold IncCOM6445351067943,979SH DFND 0043,979
New Jersey Resources CorpCOM64602510680217,487SH DFND 0017,487
New Oriental Education & Technology Group IncSPON ADR647581107805699,624SH DFND 00699,624
New Pacific Metals CorpCOM64782A107113,367SH DFND 003,367
New Relic IncCOM64829B10071610,709SH DFND 0010,709
New Residential Investment CorpCOM NEW64828T20160354,926SH DFND 0054,926
New York Community Bancorp IncCOM64944510394588,193SH DFND 0088,193
New York Mortgage Trust IncCOM PAR $.0264960450110629,105SH DFND 0029,105
New York Times CoCL A6501111071,28728,080SH DFND 0028,080
NewMarket CorpCOM6515871074891,509SH DFND 001,509
Newell Brands IncCOM6512291062,348109,682SH DFND 00109,682
Newmark Group IncCL A65158N10228317,791SH DFND 0017,791
Newmont CorporationCOM65163910663,817803,231SH DFND 00803,231
News CorpCL A65249B1091,48166,874SH DFND 0066,874
News CorpCL B65249B20857225,383SH DFND 0025,383
NexPoint Residential Trust IncCOM65341D1023093,427SH DFND 003,427
Nexstar Media Group IncCL A65336K1031,4547,715SH DFND 007,715
NextGen Healthcare IncCOM65343C1021165,535SH DFND 005,535
Nextera Energy IncCOM65339F101155,4531,835,124SH DFND 001,835,124
Nextera Energy Partners LPCOM UNIT PART IN65341B10699511,934SH DFND 0011,934
Nextier Oilfield Solutions IncCOM65290C10512513,558SH DFND 0013,558
NiSource IncCOM65473P1052,17068,242SH DFND 0068,242
Nice LtdSPONSORED ADR6536561081,4456,600SH DFND 006,600
Nicolet Bankshares IncCOM65406E10293993SH DFND 00993
Nielsen Holdings PLCSHS EURG6518L1082,47290,748SH DFND 0090,748
Nike IncCL B654106103233,7751,737,330SH DFND 1,62001,735,710
Noah Holdings LtdSPON ADS CL A65487X1021807,642SH DFND 007,642
Noble Corp (Cayman Island)SHSG6610J2091343,820SH DFND 003,820
Nomad Foods LtdUSD ORD SHSG6564A10538116,875SH DFND 0016,875
Nordson CorpCOM6556631022,28810,074SH DFND 0010,074
Nordstrom IncCOM65566410064623,846SH DFND 0023,846
Norfolk Southern CorpCOM65584410819,54068,507SH DFND 0068,507
NorthWestern CorpCOM NEW6680743054327,142SH DFND 007,142
Northern Oil and Gas IncCOM6655313071716,069SH DFND 006,069
Northern Star Acquisition CorpCOM68622E104164,283SH DFND 004,283
Northern Trust CorpCOM6658591047,29262,620SH DFND 0062,620
Northfield Bancorp IncCOM66611T108503,511SH DFND 003,511
Northwest Bancshares IncCOM66734010336527,020SH DFND 0027,020
Northwest Natural Holding CoCOM66765N1051873,610SH DFND 003,610
NortonLifeLock IncCOM6687711084,436167,217SH DFND 00167,217
NortonLifeLock IncNOTE 2.000% 8/1668771AB4475350,000PRN DFND 00350,000
Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings LtdSHSG667211041,86085,027SH DFND 0085,027
Nov IncCOM62955J1031,32367,463SH DFND 0067,463
Nova LtdCOMM7516K1032912,673SH DFND 002,673
NovaGold Resources IncCOM NEW66987E20638649,907SH DFND 7049,900
Novanta IncCOM67000B1041,1738,242SH DFND 308,239
Novavax IncCOM NEW6700024015717,752SH DFND 007,752
Novocure LtdORD SHSG6674U1081,83322,126SH DFND 65022,061
Novus Capital CorpCOM03783T103244,473SH DFND 004,473
NuVasive IncCOM6707041055259,255SH DFND 009,255
Nucor CorpCOM6703461058,48257,058SH DFND 0057,058
Nurix Therapeutics IncCOM67080M103191,349SH DFND 001,349
Nutanix IncCL A67059N1081,03338,498SH DFND 0038,498
Nutrien LtdCOM67077M10813,370128,574SH DFND 5,0100123,564
Nuvei CorpSUB VTG SHS67079A10287511,607SH DFND 0011,607
O'Reilly Automotive IncCOM67103H1079,71014,176SH DFND 0014,176
O-I Glass IncCOM67098H10467551,201SH DFND 0051,201
ODP CorpCOM88337F1053848,379SH DFND 008,379
OFG BancorpCOM67103X1021616,029SH DFND 1,84004,189
OGE Energy CorpCOM6708371031,01124,787SH DFND 0024,787
ON Semiconductor CorpCOM6821891053,24251,775SH DFND 0051,775
ON24 IncCOM68339B104141,073SH DFND 001,073
ONE Gas IncCOM68235P1088779,941SH DFND 009,941
ONEOK IncCOM6826801038,967126,952SH DFND 00126,952
OPKO Health IncCOM68375N10328482,441SH DFND 1,991080,450
OPTIMIZERx CorpCOM NEW68401U2041143,021SH DFND 003,021
OSI Systems IncCOM6710441051,02212,011SH DFND 0012,011
OUTFRONT Media IncCOM69007J10639313,840SH DFND 0013,840
Oak Street Health IncCOM67181A10752119,396SH DFND 0019,396
Oaktree Specialty Lending CorpCOM67401P108010SH DFND 1000
Oasis Petroleum IncCOM NEW6742152072531,728SH DFND 001,728
Oatly Group ABSPONSORED ADS67421J10814328,546SH DFND 0028,546
Obseva SACOMH5861P1039059,511SH DFND 0059,511
Occidental Petroleum Corp*W EXP 08/03/202674599162621,750SH DFND 001,750
Occidental Petroleum CorpCOM6745991057,310128,830SH DFND 00128,830
OceanFirst Financial CorpCOM675234108964,774SH DFND 004,774
Oceaneering International IncCOM6752321021167,634SH DFND 007,634
Ocugen IncCOM67577C1055115,576SH DFND 0015,576
Ocular Therapeutix IncCOM67576A100244,831SH DFND 004,831
Office Properties Income TrustCOM SHS BEN INT67623C1091967,629SH DFND 007,629
Okta IncCL A6792951055,67637,600SH DFND 0037,600
Old Dominion Freight Line IncCOM6795801005,99920,084SH DFND 0020,084
Old National BancorpCOM68003310797859,681SH DFND 0059,681
Old Republic International CorpCOM6802231041,49357,709SH DFND 0057,709
Olin CorpCOM PAR $16806652051,19422,840SH DFND 0022,840
Ollie's Bargain Outlet Holdings IncCOM6811161094299,984SH DFND 009,984
Olo IncCL A68134L109735,544SH DFND 005,544
Omega Flex IncCOM68209510428214SH DFND 00214
Omega Healthcare Investors IncCOM6819361001,24940,089SH DFND 0040,089
Omeros CorpCOM682143102254,210SH DFND 004,210
Omnicell IncCOM68213N1091,82314,076SH DFND 0014,076
Omnicell IncNOTE 0.250% 9/168213NAD1676500,000PRN DFND 00500,000
Omnicom Group IncCOM6819191066,62478,041SH DFND 0078,041
On Holding AGNAMEN AKT AH5919C1041265,000SH DFND 005,000
One Liberty Properties IncCOM682406103391,252SH DFND 001,252
OneConnect Financial Technology Co LtdSPONSORED ADS68248T1050311SH DFND 31100
OneMain Holdings IncCOM68268W10385518,039SH DFND 0018,039
OneSpan IncCOM68287N100322,182SH DFND 002,182
Onespaworld Holdings LtdCOMP73684113868,436SH DFND 008,436
Onto Innovation IncCOM6833441057959,145SH DFND 009,145
Open Lending CorpCOM CL A68373J10434017,959SH DFND 0017,959
Open Text CorpCOM6837151062,31154,504SH DFND 0054,504
Opendoor Technologies IncCOM68371210339946,112SH DFND 0046,112
Oportun Financial CorpCOM68376D104151,046SH DFND 001,046
Option Care Health IncCOM NEW68404L20169024,157SH DFND 0024,157
OraSure Technologies IncCOM68554V108375,529SH DFND 005,529
Oracle CorpCOM68389X10547,570574,998SH DFND 2,5200572,478
Oramed Pharmaceuticals IncCOM NEW68403P203171,944SH DFND 001,944
OrganiGram Holdings IncCOM68620P1012917,228SH DFND 0017,228
Organogenesis Holdings IncCOM68621F102192,502SH DFND 002,502
Organon & CoCOMMON STOCK68622V1062,28265,340SH DFND 0065,340
Oric Pharmaceuticals IncCOM68622P10991,746SH DFND 001,746
Origin Bancorp IncCOM68621T102751,769SH DFND 001,769
Origin Materials IncCOM68622D106538,034SH DFND 008,034
Orion Engineered Carbons SACOML72967109493,076SH DFND 003,076
Orion Office Reit IncCOM68629Y10315210,851SH DFND 0010,851
Orla Mining LtdCOM68634K106459,465SH DFND 009,465
Ormat Technologies IncCOM6866881026017,347SH DFND 007,347
Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Holdings PLCORD SHSG6829J10742622,841SH DFND 0022,841
OrthoPediatrics CorpCOM68752L10047877SH DFND 00877
Orthofix Medical IncCOM68752M108792,430SH DFND 002,430
Oscar Health IncCL A687793109303,021SH DFND 003,021
Oshkosh CorpCOM6882392011,18011,724SH DFND 0011,724
Osisko Gold Royalties LtdCOM68827L10143633,035SH DFND 0033,035
Otis Worldwide CorpCOM68902V107119,6271,554,612SH DFND 3,00001,551,612
Otter Tail CorpCOM68964810326413SH DFND 00413
Outset Medical IncCOM6901451074099,009SH DFND 009,009
Overstock.com IncCOM6903701013568,086SH DFND 008,086
Ovintiv IncCOM69047Q1021,99336,867SH DFND 0036,867
Owens & Minor IncCOM69073210248711,052SH DFND 0011,052
Owens CorningCOM6907421012,52327,575SH DFND 0027,575
Oxford Industries IncCOM6914973091181,300SH DFND 001,300
Ozon Holdings PLCSPONSORED ADS69269L10413711,768SH DFND 0011,768
PAR Technology CorpCOM6988841031162,883SH DFND 002,883
PBF Energy IncCL A69318G10635914,717SH DFND 0014,717
PC Connection IncCOM69318J10040770SH DFND 00770
PDC Energy IncCOM69327R1011,17116,114SH DFND 0016,114
PDF Solutions IncCOM693282105541,946SH DFND 001,946
PG&E CorpCOM69331C1082,357197,395SH DFND 00197,395
PGT Innovations IncCOM69336V101864,805SH DFND 004,805
PIMCO 0-5 Year High Yield Corporate Bond Index ETF0-5 HIGH YIELD72201R7831,48215,400SH DFND 0015,400
PJT Partners IncCOM CL A69343T1071612,546SH DFND 002,546
PNC Financial Services Group IncCOM69347510524,252131,483SH DFND 00131,483
PNM Resources IncCOM69349H1074168,729SH DFND 008,729
POINT Biopharma Global IncCOM730541109212,697SH DFND 002,697
PPG Industries IncCOM69350610710,98283,787SH DFND 0083,787
PPL CorpCOM69351T1062,64692,662SH DFND 0092,662
PRA Group IncCOM69354N1061603,540SH DFND 003,540
PROG Holdings IncCOM NPV74319R10129410,204SH DFND 0010,204
PS Business Parks IncCOM69360J1075623,346SH DFND 003,346
PTC IncCOM69370C1002,29021,260SH DFND 0021,260
PTC Therapeutics IncCOM69366J20046112,345SH DFND 0012,345
PVH CorpCOM6936561001,27616,653SH DFND 0016,653
PacWest BancorpCOM69526310396522,379SH DFND 0022,379
Paccar IncCOM6937181089,504107,917SH DFND 00107,917
Pacific Biosciences of California IncCOM69404D10833937,234SH DFND 0037,234
Pacific Ethanol IncCOM021513106365,239SH DFND 905,230
Pacific Premier Bancorp IncCOM69478X10556315,924SH DFND 0015,924
Pacira Biosciences IncCOM6951271007159,362SH DFND 009,362
Pacira Biosciences IncNOTE 0.750% 8/0695127AF7599500,000PRN DFND 00500,000
Packaging Corp of AmericaCOM6951561092,51016,081SH DFND 0016,081
Pactiv Evergreen IncCOM69526K105222,193SH DFND 002,193
PagerDuty IncCOM69553P10050114,664SH DFND 0014,664
Palantir Technologies IncCL A69608A1082,253164,082SH DFND 00164,082
Palo Alto Networks IncCOM6974351059,71015,594SH DFND 0015,594
Palo Alto Networks IncNOTE 0.375% 6/0697435AF25,1312,500,000PRN DFND 002,500,000
Palomar Holdings IncCOM69753M1052694,210SH DFND 004,210
Pan American Silver CorpCOM69790010860922,293SH DFND 0022,293
Panacea Acquisition CorpCOM CL A67080N101397,442SH DFND 007,442
Papa John's International IncCOM6988131025485,208SH DFND 005,208
Par Pacific Holdings IncCOM NEW69888T207544,182SH DFND 004,182
Paramount Group IncCOM69924R10830527,913SH DFND 0027,913
Park Hotels & Resorts IncCOM7005171051,12257,469SH DFND 0057,469
Park National CorpCOM7006581073872,947SH DFND 002,947
Parker-Hannifin CorpCOM70109410413,37047,119SH DFND 0047,119
Parsons CorpCOM70202L102691,781SH DFND 001,781
Parsons CorpNOTE 0.250% 8/170202LAB8400400,000PRN DFND 00400,000
Party City Holdco IncCOM702149105267,247SH DFND 007,247
Passage Bio IncCOM70271210092,778SH DFND 002,778
Patrick Industries IncCOM7033431031041,731SH DFND 001,731
Patterson Companies IncCOM70339510345414,032SH DFND 0014,032
Patterson-UTI Energy IncCOM70348110130219,523SH DFND 0019,523
PayPal Holdings IncCOM70450Y10334,044294,373SH DFND 00294,373
Paya Holdings IncCOM CL A70434P103325,439SH DFND 005,439
Paychex IncCOM70432610739,864292,109SH DFND 00292,109
Paycom Software IncCOM70432V1023,47810,040SH DFND 0010,040
Paylocity Holding CorpCOM70438V1061,3906,755SH DFND 006,755
Payoneer Global IncCOM70451X10427261,037SH DFND 0061,037
Paysafe LtdORDG6964L10712937,917SH DFND 0037,917
Peapack-Gladstone Financial CorpCOM704699107862,483SH DFND 002,483
Pebblebrook Hotel TrustCOM70509V10054822,373SH DFND 0022,373
Pegasystems IncCOM7055731035737,101SH DFND 007,101
Peloton Interactive IncCL A COM70614W10095236,023SH DFND 110035,913
Pembina Pipeline CorpCOM7063271034,874129,633SH DFND 10129,632
Penn National Gaming IncCOM7075691091,49435,221SH DFND 0035,221
Penn National Gaming IncNOTE 2.750% 5/1707569AU3486200,000PRN DFND 00200,000
Pennant Group IncCOM70805E109331,756SH DFND 001,756
PennyMac Financial Services IncCOM70932M1074328,115SH DFND 008,115
PennyMac Mortgage Investment TrustCOM70931T1031307,720SH DFND 007,720
Penske Automotive Group IncCOM70959W1034805,120SH DFND 005,120
Pentair PLCSHSG7S00T1042,66849,208SH DFND 0049,208
Penumbra IncCOM70975L1071,3295,984SH DFND 005,984
People's United Financial IncCOM7127041052,165108,326SH DFND 00108,326
Peoples Bancorp IncCOM709789101591,893SH DFND 001,893
PepsiCo IncCOM713448108104,101621,795SH DFND 00621,795
Perdoceo Education CorpCOM71363P10618416,017SH DFND 0016,017
Perella Weinberg PartnersCLASS A COM71367G102555,873SH DFND 005,873
Perficient IncCOM71375U1015765,236SH DFND 005,236
Performance Food Group CoCOM71377A1031,47929,048SH DFND 0029,048
Perion Network LtdSHS NEWM78673114723,190SH DFND 003,190
PerkinElmer IncCOM7140461094,38525,136SH DFND 0025,136
Perrigo Company PLCSHSG9782210391423,784SH DFND 0023,784
Pershing Square Tontine Holdings LtdCOM CL A71531R10944222,219SH DFND 0022,219
Personalis IncCOM71535D106202,434SH DFND 002,434
PetIQ IncCOM CL A71639T106411,678SH DFND 001,678
Petco Health and Wellness Company IncCOM71601V1051779,032SH DFND 009,032
Petmed Express IncCOM716382106351,350SH DFND 001,350
Petroleo Brasileiro SA PetrobrasSPONSORED ADR71654V40826617,990SH DFND 7,275010,715
Pfizer IncCOM71708110383,8921,620,475SH DFND 2,29701,618,178
Phibro Animal Health CorpCL A COM71742Q106291,437SH DFND 001,437
Philip Morris International IncCOM71817210924,062256,147SH DFND 10256,146
Phillips 66COM71854610412,638146,293SH DFND 00146,293
Phillips Edison & Co IncCOMMON STOCK71844V201541,561SH DFND 001,561
Photronics IncCOM719405102714,170SH DFND 004,170
Phreesia IncCOM71944F10643816,599SH DFND 0016,599
Physicians Realty TrustCOM71943U10459834,075SH DFND 0034,075
Piedmont Lithium IncCOM72016P105761,038SH DFND 001,038
Piedmont Office Realty Trust IncCOM CL A72019020636921,420SH DFND 0021,420
Pilgrims Pride CorpCOM72147K108903,591SH DFND 003,591
Pinduoduo IncSPONSORED ADS7223041023,93998,198SH DFND 0098,198
Ping Identity Holding CorpCOM72341T1031495,423SH DFND 005,423
Pinnacle Financial Partners IncCOM72346Q1041,19412,971SH DFND 0012,971
Pinnacle West Capital CorpCOM7234841011,81323,218SH DFND 0023,218
Pinterest IncCL A72352L1061,37555,870SH DFND 0055,870
Pioneer Natural Resources CoCOM7237871079,81139,238SH DFND 0039,238
Pioneer Natural Resources CoNOTE 0.250% 5/1723787AP24,1191,700,000PRN DFND 001,700,000
Piper Sandler CompaniesCOM7240781003742,850SH DFND 002,850
Pitney Bowes IncCOM7244791006913,334SH DFND 0013,334
Plains GP Holdings LPLTD PARTNR INT A72651A20722819,739SH DFND 0019,739
Planet Fitness IncCL A72703H1011,23714,647SH DFND 0014,647
Plantronics IncCOM7274931081082,730SH DFND 002,730
Playa Hotels & Resorts NVSHSN705441069010,403SH DFND 0010,403
Playtika Holding CorpCOM72815L10728114,548SH DFND 0014,548
Plby Group IncCOM72814P109191,481SH DFND 001,481
Plexus CorpCOM7291321003213,929SH DFND 003,929
Plug Power IncCOM NEW72919P2023,175110,966SH DFND 00110,966
Plymouth Industrial REIT IncCOM7296401021043,851SH DFND 003,851
Polaris IncCOM7310681021,11210,555SH DFND 0010,555
Pool CorpCOM73278L1057,11516,826SH DFND 0016,826
Popular IncCOM NEW7331747001,25315,326SH DFND 1,425013,901
Portland General Electric CoCOM NEW7365088475069,180SH DFND 009,180
Posco Holdings IncSPONSORED ADR69348310938641SH DFND 20639
Poshmark IncCOM CL A73739W104241,901SH DFND 001,901
Post Holdings IncCOM73744610469910,088SH DFND 0010,088
Potlatchdeltic CorpCOM7376301033135,940SH DFND 005,940
Power Integrations IncCOM7392761039229,953SH DFND 009,953
PowerSchool Holdings IncCOM CL A73939C10638423,244SH DFND 0023,244
Praxis Precision Medicines IncCOM74006W108161,559SH DFND 001,559
Precigen IncCOM74017N105146,688SH DFND 006,688
Precision BioSciences IncCOM74019P108103,339SH DFND 003,339
Preferred BankCOM NEW740367404961,293SH DFND 001,293
Premier Financial Corp (OHIO)COM74052F108902,958SH DFND 002,958
Premier IncCL A74051N10272920,476SH DFND 0020,476
Prestige Consumer Healthcare IncCOM74112D1014558,587SH DFND 008,587
PriceSmart IncCOM7415111091972,493SH DFND 002,493
Primerica IncCOM74164M1081,0497,670SH DFND 007,670
Primo Water CorpCOM74167P10839627,763SH DFND 0027,763
Primoris Services CorpCOM74164F1031134,732SH DFND 004,732
Principal Financial Group IncCOM74251V10214,344195,003SH DFND 00195,003
Privia Health Group IncCOM74276R10240615,175SH DFND 0015,175
ProAssurance CorpCOM74267C1062559,499SH DFND 009,499
ProPetro Holding CorpCOM74347M108876,265SH DFND 006,265
ProShares Short Oil & GasPSHS SHT OIL&GAS74347R2223283SH DFND 28300
ProShares UltraShort 20 Year TreasuryPSHS ULTSH 20YRS74347B20120510,000SH DFND 0010,000
Procter & Gamble CoCOM742718109246,0361,610,182SH DFND 001,610,182
Progress Software CorpCOM7433121003777,996SH DFND 007,996
Progressive CorpCOM74331510328,255247,876SH DFND 00247,876
Progyny IncCOM74340E10356510,999SH DFND 0010,999
Prologis IncCOM74340W10398,642610,862SH DFND 00610,862
Prometheus Biosciences IncCOM74349U10830805SH DFND 00805
PropTech Acquisition CorpCOM733245104436,238SH DFND 006,238
Property Solutions Acquisition CorpCOM30735910919639,295SH DFND 0039,295
Pros Holdings IncCOM74346Y1031073,204SH DFND 003,204
Prosperity Bancshares IncCOM7436061051,04315,032SH DFND 0015,032
Protagonist Therapeutics IncCOM74366E102783,273SH DFND 003,273
Proterra IncCOM74374T10928137,313SH DFND 0037,313
Prothena Corporation PLCSHSG72800108882,404SH DFND 002,404
Proto Labs IncCOM7437131092504,725SH DFND 004,725
Provention Bio IncCOM74374N102212,895SH DFND 002,895
Provident Financial Services IncCOM74386T10544819,148SH DFND 0019,148
Prudential Financial IncCOM74432010228,291239,410SH DFND 00239,410
PubMatic IncCOM CL A74467Q103712,705SH DFND 002,705
Public Service Enterprise Group IncCOM74457310613,692195,607SH DFND 00195,607
Public StorageCOM74460D10922,04156,475SH DFND 0056,475
Pulmonx CorpCOM745848101783,132SH DFND 003,132
Pultegroup IncCOM7458671012,67963,935SH DFND 0063,935
Pure Storage IncCL A74624M1021,76149,863SH DFND 0049,863
Purecycle Technologies IncCOM74623V103394,924SH DFND 004,924
Purple Innovation IncCOM74640Y106244,073SH DFND 004,073
Pyrogenesis Canada IncCOM74734T104197,573SH DFND 007,573
Q2 Holdings IncCOM74736L1096079,854SH DFND 009,854
Q2 Holdings IncNOTE 0.750% 6/074736LAD1538500,000PRN DFND 00500,000
QCR Holdings IncCOM74727A1041021,804SH DFND 001,804
Qiagen NVSHS NEWN7248212319,615400,304SH DFND 00400,304
Qorvo IncCOM74736K1012,46119,827SH DFND 690019,137
Quaker Chemical CorpCOM7473161074522,613SH DFND 002,613
Qualcomm IncCOM74752510377,031504,061SH DFND 00504,061
Qualtrics International IncCOM CL A7476012011726,035SH DFND 006,035
Qualys IncCOM74758T3032,52217,707SH DFND 0017,707
Quanex Building Products CorpCOM747619104532,520SH DFND 002,520
Quanta Services IncCOM74762E10220,117152,855SH DFND 00152,855
Quanterix CorpCOM74766Q101672,301SH DFND 002,301
Quantum-Si IncCOM CL A74765K105255,408SH DFND 005,408
Quantumscape CorpCOM CL A74767V10940920,452SH DFND 0020,452
Quest Diagnostics IncCOM74834L1007,42554,249SH DFND 0054,249
Quidel CorpCOM74838J1016695,949SH DFND 005,949
Quinstreet IncCOM74874Q100403,467SH DFND 003,467
Quotient Technology IncCOM749119103355,540SH DFND 005,540
Qurate Retail IncCOM SER A74915M10038480,691SH DFND 0080,691
R1 RCM IncCOM74939710568025,402SH DFND 0025,402
RBC Bearings IncCOM75524B1049765,035SH DFND 005,035
REV Group IncCOM749527107282,083SH DFND 002,083
REX American Resources CorpCOM76162410563632SH DFND 00632
RHCOM74967X1039662,962SH DFND 002,962
RLJ Lodging TrustCOM74965L10140728,901SH DFND 0028,901
RLX Technology IncSPONSORED ADS74969N103210117,543SH DFND 00117,543
RMR Group IncCL A74967R106371,178SH DFND 001,178
ROBO Global Robotics and Automation Index ETFROBO GLB ETF3015057071873,200SH DFND 003,200
RPC IncCOM749660106726,709SH DFND 006,709
RPM International IncCOM7496851031,18914,603SH DFND 0014,603
RPT RealtySH BEN INT74971D10117612,792SH DFND 0012,792
Rackspace Technology IncCOM750102105322,909SH DFND 002,909
RadNet IncCOM750491102773,454SH DFND 003,454
Radian Group IncCOM75023610161627,729SH DFND 0027,729
Radius Global Infrastructure IncCOM CL A750481103725,013SH DFND 005,013
Radius Health IncCOM NEW750469207242,772SH DFND 002,772
Radware LtdORDM8187310757117,870SH DFND 0017,870
Ralph Lauren CorpCL A7512121011,16010,223SH DFND 0010,223
Rambus IncCOM75091710659618,685SH DFND 0018,685
Range Resources CorpCOM75281A1091,05634,773SH DFND 0034,773
Ranpak Holdings CorpCOM CL A75321W103643,123SH DFND 003,123
Rapid7 IncCOM7534221042,38821,471SH DFND 0021,471
Rapt Therapeutics IncCOM75382E109301,361SH DFND 001,361
Raymond James Financial IncCOM7547301096,09055,413SH DFND 0055,413
Rayonier Advanced Materials IncCOM75508B10443966,750SH DFND 0066,750
Rayonier IncCOM75490710352912,855SH DFND 0012,855
Raytheon Technologies CorpCOM75513E1014,33943,801SH DFND 0043,801
Re/Max Holdings IncCL A75524W108451,624SH DFND 001,624
Ready Capital CorpCOM75574U101624,139SH DFND 004,139
Real Estate Select Sector SPDR FundRL EST SEL SEC81369Y86043893SH DFND 00893
RealReal IncCOM88339P101395,397SH DFND 005,397
Realogy Holdings CorpCOM75605Y1061408,903SH DFND 008,903
Realty Income CorpCOM7561091046,43592,859SH DFND 0092,859
Reata Pharmaceuticals IncCL A75615P1031634,990SH DFND 004,990
Recursion Pharmaceuticals IncCL A75629V104557,729SH DFND 3907,690
Red Rock Resorts IncCL A75700L10849110,105SH DFND 0010,105
Redfin CorpCOM75737F1081679,266SH DFND 009,266
Redwood Trust IncCOM758075402918,649SH DFND 008,649
Regal Rexnord CorpCOM7587501031,82812,287SH DFND 0012,287
Regency Centers CorpCOM7588491032,09229,318SH DFND 0029,318
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals IncCOM75886F10729,20141,810SH DFND 140041,670
Regenxbio IncCOM75901B1071133,414SH DFND 003,414
Regions Financial CorpCOM7591EP1007,216324,186SH DFND 00324,186
Reinsurance Group of America IncCOM NEW7593516041,40612,846SH DFND 0012,846
Rekor Systems IncCOM759419104153,182SH DFND 003,182
Relay Therapeutics IncCOM75943R1021003,334SH DFND 003,334
Reliance Steel & Aluminum CoCOM7595091022,13911,668SH DFND 0011,668
Relmada Therapeutics IncCOM75955J402622,279SH DFND 002,279
Renaissancere Holdings LtdCOMG7496G1031,3198,319SH DFND 008,319
Renasant CorpCOM75970E10741912,512SH DFND 0012,512
Renew Energy Global PLCCL A SHSG7500M1048210,000SH DFND 0010,000
Renewable Energy Group IncCOM NEW75972A3015689,359SH DFND 009,359
Rent-A-Center IncCOM76009N10027410,881SH DFND 0010,881
Repare Therapeutics IncCOM760273102171,171SH DFND 001,171
Repay Holdings CorpCOM CL A76029L1001006,747SH DFND 006,747
Repligen CorpCOM7599161091,6848,951SH DFND 008,951
Replimune Group IncCOM76029N106241,418SH DFND 001,418
Republic Bancorp IncCL A76028120435778SH DFND 00778
Republic Services IncCOM76075910013,17399,422SH DFND 0099,422
Resideo Technologies IncCOM76118Y10459524,970SH DFND 0024,970
Resmed IncCOM76115210712,17950,220SH DFND 0050,220
Resources Connection IncCOM76122Q105412,390SH DFND 002,390
Restaurant Brands International IncCOM76131D10336,523625,503SH DFND 00625,503
Retail Opportunity Investments CorpCOM76131N10140020,619SH DFND 0020,619
Revance Therapeutics IncCOM761330109904,615SH DFND 004,615
Revolution Medicines IncCOM76155X10030011,748SH DFND 0011,748
Revolve Group IncCL A76156B1073987,418SH DFND 007,418
Rexford Industrial Realty IncCOM76169C1001,93725,970SH DFND 0025,970
Reynolds Consumer Products IncCOM76171L1061013,448SH DFND 003,448
Rhythm Pharmaceuticals IncCOM76243J105302,606SH DFND 002,606
Ribbon Communications IncCOM762544104216,650SH DFND 006,650
Rigel Pharmaceuticals IncCOM NEW7665596033411,259SH DFND 0011,259
Rimini Street IncCOM76674Q10791,475SH DFND 001,475
RingCentral IncCL A76680R2061,0188,688SH DFND 008,688
Rio Tinto PLCSPONSORED ADR7672041002,24927,972SH DFND 0027,972
Riot Blockchain IncCOM76729210535016,520SH DFND 2016,518
Riskified LtdSHS CL AM8216R10991,452SH DFND 001,452
Ritchie Bros Auctioneers IncCOM7677441051,30922,182SH DFND 0022,182
Rite Aid CorpCOM76775487210511,978SH DFND 0011,978
Rivian Automotive IncCOM CL A76954A1032795,544SH DFND 005,544
Rli CorpCOM7496071078377,568SH DFND 007,568
Robert Half International IncCOM7703231034,58540,152SH DFND 0040,152
Robinhood Markets IncCOM CL A77070010217212,700SH DFND 0012,700
Roblox CorpCL A7710491031,48632,144SH DFND 0032,144
Rocket Companies IncCOM CL A77311W10122920,623SH DFND 0020,623
Rocket Lab USA IncCOM77312210627734,407SH DFND 0034,407
Rocket Pharmaceuticals IncCOM77313F106402,547SH DFND 002,547
Rockley Photonics Holdings LtdORDINARY SHARESG7614L109225,555SH DFND 005,555
Rockwell Automation IncCOM77390310915,29754,626SH DFND 0054,626
Rogers Communications IncCL B7751092006,516114,813SH DFND 00114,813
Rogers CorpCOM7751331018313,057SH DFND 003,057
Roivant Sciences LtdSHSG7627910126052,542SH DFND 0052,542
Roku IncCOM CL A77543R1021,51412,087SH DFND 0012,087
Rollins IncCOM7757111042,09259,682SH DFND 0059,682
Romeo Power IncCOM776153108117,295SH DFND 18907,106
Root IncCOM CL A77664L10894,542SH DFND 004,542
Roper Technologies IncCOM77669610616,43734,807SH DFND 0034,807
Ross Stores IncCOM7782961036,79275,082SH DFND 0075,082
Rover Group IncCOM CL A77936F103315,357SH DFND 005,357
Royal Bank of CanadaCOM78008710236,491330,920SH DFND 00330,920
Royal Caribbean Cruises LtdCOMV7780T1032,22626,574SH DFND 0026,574
Royal Caribbean Cruises LtdNOTE 2.875%11/1780153BF83,6913,000,000PRN DFND 003,000,000
Royal Gold IncCOM7802871081,43010,124SH DFND 0010,124
Royalty Pharma PLCSHS CLASS AG7709Q1041,49138,262SH DFND 0038,262
Rubius Therapeutics IncCOM78116T103152,734SH DFND 002,734
Rush Enterprises IncCL A7818462093727,313SH DFND 007,313
Ruth's Hospitality Group IncCOM783332109542,374SH DFND 002,374
Ryan Specialty Group Holdings IncCL A78351F10753813,874SH DFND 0013,874
Ryder System IncCOM78354910887311,004SH DFND 0011,004
Ryerson Holding CorpCOM783754104511,463SH DFND 001,463
Ryman Hospitality Properties IncCOM78377T1078318,959SH DFND 008,959
S&P Global IncCOM78409V10475,429183,893SH DFND 00183,893
S&T Bancorp IncCOM783859101943,172SH DFND 003,172
SABRE GLBL INCNOTE 4.000% 4/178573NAE2428300,000PRN DFND 00300,000
SAGE Therapeutics IncCOM78667J1083259,832SH DFND 009,832
SBA Communications CorpCL A78410G1044,15912,086SH DFND 0012,086
SEI Investments CoCOM7841171031,08217,974SH DFND 0017,974
SI-BONE IncCOM825704109401,754SH DFND 001,754
SIGA Technologies IncCOM826917106243,383SH DFND 003,383
SJW GroupCOM7843051042643,791SH DFND 003,791
SK Telecom Co LtdSPONSORED ADR78440P3061,19546,642SH DFND 6046,636
SL Green Realty CorpCOM78440X8871,04912,918SH DFND 1012,917
SLM CorpCOM78442P10697052,825SH DFND 0052,825
SM Energy CoCOM78454L10064916,653SH DFND 0016,653
SMART Global Holdings Inc.SHSG8232Y101853,302SH DFND 003,302
SP Plus CorpCOM78469C103521,659SH DFND 001,659
SPDR Blackstone Senior Loan ETFBLACKSTONE SENR78467V6083056,777SH DFND 006,777
SPDR Gold SharesGOLD SHS78463V1074152,295SH DFND 002,295
SPDR KBW Bank EtfS&P BK ETF78464A7971412,700SH DFND 002,700
SPDR Portfolio Intermediate Term Corporate Bd ETFPORTFOLIO INTRMD78464A37542012,310SH DFND 0012,310
SPDR S&P 500 ETF TrustTR UNIT78462F10352,783116,870SH DFND 40116,866
SPDR S&P Metals & Mining ETFS&P METALS MNG78464A7551,05317,180SH DFND 0017,180
SPS Commerce IncCOM78463M1071,33310,161SH DFND 0010,161
SPX CorpCOM7846351044679,457SH DFND 009,457
SPX FLOW IncCOM78469X1077528,717SH DFND 008,717
SS&C Technologies Holdings IncCOM78467J1002,18429,117SH DFND 1,150027,967
SSR Mining IncCOM78473010384138,685SH DFND 0038,685
SSR Mining IncNOTE 2.500% 4/0784730AB91,4711,200,000PRN DFND 001,200,000
STAAR Surgical CoCOM PAR $0.018523123056327,907SH DFND 007,907
STAG Industrial IncCOM85254J1021,20829,213SH DFND 0029,213
STERIS plcSHS USDG8473T1009,24138,222SH DFND 0038,222
STORE Capital CorpCOM8621211001,20441,201SH DFND 0041,201
SVB Financial GroupCOM78486Q10110,83819,372SH DFND 0019,372
SVMK IncCOM60878Y10843226,553SH DFND 0026,553
Sabra Health Care REIT IncCOM78573L10657738,773SH DFND 0038,773
Sabre CorpCOM78573M10467358,867SH DFND 0058,867
Safehold IncCOM78645L1001432,572SH DFND 002,572
Safety Insurance Group IncCOM78648T1001091,199SH DFND 001,199
Saia IncCOM78709Y1058733,580SH DFND 003,580
SailPoint Technologies Holdings IncCOM78781P1052,59950,779SH DFND 0050,779
Salesforce.Com IncCOM79466L30287,156410,495SH DFND 00410,495
Sally Beauty Holdings IncCOM79546E10428418,178SH DFND 0018,178
Sana Biotechnology IncCOM799566104212,491SH DFND 002,491
Sanderson Farms IncCOM8000131046813,630SH DFND 003,630
Sandstorm Gold LtdCOM NEW80013R20625131,043SH DFND 0031,043
Sandy Spring Bancorp IncCOM80036310350211,174SH DFND 0011,174
Sangamo Therapeutics IncCOM800677106488,284SH DFND 008,284
Sanmina CorpCOM8010561023949,737SH DFND 009,737
Sanofi SASPONSORED ADR80105N1053236,300SH DFND 006,300
Sapiens International Corporation NVSHSG7T16G103582,300SH DFND 002,300
Sarepta Therapeutics IncCOM8036071001,32116,907SH DFND 0016,907
Sarepta Therapeutics IncDBCV 1.500%11/1803607AB6420300,000PRN DFND 00300,000
Saul Centers IncCOM804395101541,017SH DFND 001,017
Scansource IncCOM806037107611,758SH DFND 001,758
Schlumberger NVCOM STK80685710835,348855,686SH DFND 00855,686
Schneider National IncCL B80689H1021034,035SH DFND 004,035
Schnitzer Steel Industries IncCL A8068821061052,030SH DFND 002,030
Scholar Rock Holding CorpCOM80706P103191,488SH DFND 001,488
Scholastic CorpCOM8070661051112,757SH DFND 002,757
Schrodinger IncCOM80810D10347513,928SH DFND 0013,928
Schwab Emerging Markets Equity ETFEMRG MKTEQ ETF8085247061,98671,504SH DFND 0071,504
Schweitzer-Mauduit International IncCOM80854110628110,220SH DFND 0010,220
Science Applications International CorpCOM80862510793410,135SH DFND 0010,135
Scientific Games CorpCOM80874P10985314,515SH DFND 0014,515
Scotts Miracle-Gro CoCL A8101861068857,196SH DFND 007,196
Sea LtdNOTE 0.250% 9/181141RAG52,5593,200,000PRN DFND 003,200,000
Sea LtdNOTE 2.375%12/081141RAF7913600,000PRN DFND 00600,000
Sea LtdSPONSORD ADS81141R1001,51912,683SH DFND 0012,683
SeaWorld Entertainment IncCOM81282V1005937,964SH DFND 007,964
Seaboard CorpCOM81154310710926SH DFND 0026
Seabridge Gold IncCOM811916105874,698SH DFND 004,698
Seacoast Banking Corporation of FloridaCOM NEW8117078013429,772SH DFND 009,772
Seagate Technology Holdings PLCORD SHSG7997R1033,39137,718SH DFND 0037,718
Seagen IncCOM81181C1046,09742,328SH DFND 0042,328
Sealed Air CorpCOM81211K1001,93628,918SH DFND 0028,918
Seer IncCOM CL A81578P106322,118SH DFND 002,118
Select Energy Services IncCL A COM81617J301435,001SH DFND 005,001
Select Medical Holdings CorpCOM81619Q10549920,807SH DFND 0020,807
SelectQuote IncCOM8163073004114,537SH DFND 0014,537
Selective Insurance Group IncCOM81630010796410,792SH DFND 0010,792
Sema4 Holdings CorpCOM CL A81663L101237,594SH DFND 007,594
Sempra EnergyCOM81685110917,722105,415SH DFND 00105,415
Semtech CorpCOM81685010173510,607SH DFND 0010,607
Sendas Distribuidora SASPON ADS81689T10444325,777SH DFND 25,77700
Sensata Technologies Holding PLCSHSG8060N1021,04620,573SH DFND 0020,573
Senseonics Holdings IncCOM81727U1055729,130SH DFND 0029,130
Sensient Technologies CorpCOM81725T1006337,544SH DFND 007,544
SentinelOne IncCL A81730H1091824,698SH DFND 004,698
Seres Therapeutics IncCOM81750R102344,716SH DFND 004,716
Seritage Growth PropertiesCL A81752R100342,698SH DFND 002,698
Service Corporation InternationalCOM8175651041,75226,623SH DFND 0026,623
Service Properties TrustCOM SH BEN INT81761L10226530,027SH DFND 0030,027
ServiceNow IncCOM81762P10220,50736,825SH DFND 0036,825
ServisFirst Bancshares IncCOM81768T1089389,841SH DFND 009,841
Shake Shack IncCL A8190471015127,535SH DFND 007,535
Sharecare IncCOM CL A81948W1045321,429SH DFND 0021,429
Shattuck Labs IncCOM82024L1033614SH DFND 00614
Shaw Communications IncCL B CONV82028K2002,96595,516SH DFND 0095,516
Shell PLCSPON ADS780259305841,535SH DFND 001,535
Shenandoah Telecommunications CoCOM82312B10627211,556SH DFND 0011,556
Sherwin-Williams CoCOM82434810622,28289,263SH DFND 0089,263
Shift4 Payments IncCL A82452J1095438,771SH DFND 008,771
Shoals Technologies Group IncCL A82489W10723413,754SH DFND 0013,754
Shockwave Medical IncCOM82489T1041,7528,448SH DFND 008,448
Shoe Carnival IncCOM824889109341,182SH DFND 001,182
Shopify IncCL A82509L10717,46925,843SH DFND 0025,843
Shutterstock IncCOM8256901003393,637SH DFND 003,637
Shyft Group IncCOM825698103862,389SH DFND 002,389
SiTime CorpCOM82982T1064741,914SH DFND 001,914
Sierra Wireless IncCOM826516106532,912SH DFND 002,912
Signature BankCOM82669G1042,6198,925SH DFND 008,925
Signet Jewelers LtdSHSG812761006348,727SH DFND 008,727
Signify Health IncCL A COM82671G100261,460SH DFND 001,460
Silgan Holdings IncCOM82704810960813,151SH DFND 0013,151
Silicon Laboratories IncCOM8269191021,0837,211SH DFND 307,208
Silicon Laboratories IncNOTE 0.625% 6/1826919AD4644400,000PRN DFND 00400,000
Silk Road Medical IncCOM82710M1001052,545SH DFND 002,545
Silvercorp Metals IncCOM82835P1034412,074SH DFND 0012,074
Silvercrest Metals IncCOM82836310111512,895SH DFND 1012,894
Silvergate Capital CorpCL A82837P4087124,731SH DFND 004,731
Simmons First National CorpCL A $1 PAR82873020054320,711SH DFND 0020,711
Simon Property Group IncCOM8288061097,27355,281SH DFND 0055,281
Simply Good Foods CoCOM82900L10261216,115SH DFND 0016,115
Simpson Manufacturing Co IncCOM8290731058908,165SH DFND 008,165
Simulations Plus IncCOM829214105541,057SH DFND 001,057
Sinclair Broadcast Group IncCL A8292261091344,790SH DFND 004,790
Sirius XM Holdings IncCOM82968B1031,472222,415SH DFND 00222,415
Site Centers CorpCOM82981J10948328,887SH DFND 0028,887
SiteOne Landscape Supply IncCOM82982L1031,2167,522SH DFND 007,522
Six Flags Entertainment CorpCOM83001A10269415,945SH DFND 0015,945
Skechers USA IncCL A83056610589621,974SH DFND 230021,744
Skillsoft CorpCL A83066P200284,688SH DFND 004,688
Skillz IncCOM83067L1098728,916SH DFND 0028,916
SkyWest IncCOM8308791025181SH DFND 00181
Skyline Champion CorpCOM8308301054568,302SH DFND 008,302
Skyworks Solutions IncCOM83088M1024,91936,904SH DFND 0036,904
Sleep Number CorpCOM83125X1032204,342SH DFND 004,342
Smartsheet IncCOM CL A83200N1031,25022,817SH DFND 0022,817
SmileDirectClub IncCL A COM83192H106207,718SH DFND 007,718
Smith & Wesson Brands IncCOM831754106513,381SH DFND 003,381
Snap IncCL A83304A1064,643129,010SH DFND 1090128,901
Snap IncNOTE 0.750% 8/083304AAB22,2001,000,000PRN DFND 001,000,000
Snap One Holdings CorpCOM83303Y105181,210SH DFND 001,210
Snap-On IncCOM8330341013,91819,066SH DFND 0019,066
Snowflake Inc.CL A8334451095,82625,427SH DFND 0025,427
SoFi Technologies IncCOM83406F10247249,899SH DFND 0049,899
Software Acquisition Group IncCOM CL A23130Q10741,244SH DFND 001,244
SolarWinds CorpCOM NEW83417Q204372,763SH DFND 002,763
Solaredge Technologies IncCOM83417M1042,4717,664SH DFND 007,664
Sonic Automotive IncCL A83545G102651,526SH DFND 001,526
Sonoco Products CoCOM8354951028,352133,507SH DFND 00133,507
Sonos IncCOM83570H10865223,110SH DFND 0023,110
Sony Group CorpSPONSORED ADR8356993077,14669,572SH DFND 0069,572
Sophia Genetics SAORDINARY SHARESH82027105628,000SH DFND 008,000
Sorrento Therapeutics IncCOM NEW83587F2029138,990SH DFND 0038,990
Sos LtdSPNSORD ADS NEW83587W106040SH DFND 4000
Sotera Health CoCOM83601L10239818,364SH DFND 0018,364
South Jersey Industries IncCOM83851810872621,000SH DFND 0021,000
South Mountain Merger CorpCOM CL 111778X104374,994SH DFND 004,994
SouthState CorpCOM84044110994911,634SH DFND 0011,634
Southern CoCOM84258710721,922302,326SH DFND 00302,326
Southern Copper CorpCOM84265V1051,59621,026SH DFND 0021,026
Southside Bancshares IncCOM84470P1092866,995SH DFND 006,995
Southwest Airlines CoCOM8447411082,94264,231SH DFND 0064,231
Southwest Airlines CoNOTE 1.250% 5/0844741BG23,8412,800,000PRN DFND 002,800,000
Southwest Gas Holdings IncCOM84489510278710,049SH DFND 0010,049
Southwestern Energy CoCOM845467109787109,800SH DFND 00109,800
Spartan Energy Acquisition CorpCL A COM STK33813J10626320,409SH DFND 0020,409
SpartanNash CoCOM84721510049114,876SH DFND 0014,876
Spdr Kbw Regional Banking (Etf)S&P REGL BKG78464A6983765,450SH DFND 005,450
Spdr S&P Oil & Gas Exploration & Production EtfS&P OILGAS EXP78468R55620150SH DFND 00150
Spectrum Brands Holdings IncCOM84790A1057548,502SH DFND 008,502
Spire Global IncCOM CL A84856010894,053SH DFND 004,053
Spire IncCOM84857L1016438,963SH DFND 008,963
Spirit AeroSystems Holdings IncCOM CL A84857410996119,648SH DFND 0019,648
Spirit Airlines IncCOM8485771021938,811SH DFND 008,811
Spirit Realty Capital IncCOM NEW84860W30097521,187SH DFND 0021,187
Splunk IncCOM8486371045,28935,588SH DFND 0035,588
Splunk IncNOTE 1.125% 9/1848637AD61,6721,500,000PRN DFND 001,500,000
Sportsmans Warehouse Holdings IncCOM84920Y106312,879SH DFND 002,879
Spotify Technology SASHSL8681T1021,52210,081SH DFND 0010,081
SpringWorks Therapeutics IncCOM85205L1072885,102SH DFND 005,102
Sprinklr IncCL A85208T1071199,992SH DFND 009,992
Sprott IncCOM NEW852066208851,696SH DFND 001,696
Sprout Social IncCOM CL A85209W1094856,059SH DFND 006,059
Sprouts Farmers Market IncCOM85208M10269921,852SH DFND 0021,852
St Joe CoCOM7901481001452,440SH DFND 002,440
Stable Road Acquisition CorpCOM CL A60879E101103,217SH DFND 003,217
Stagwell IncCOM CL A85256A10918024,797SH DFND 0024,797
Standard Motor Products IncCOM853666105671,554SH DFND 001,554
Standex International CorpCOM85423110786865SH DFND 00865
Stanley Black & Decker IncCOM8545021018,34459,688SH DFND 0059,688
Stantec IncCOM85472N1091,05621,054SH DFND 0021,054
Star Group LPUNIT LTD PARTNR85512C105877,801SH DFND 007,801
Starbucks CorpCOM85524410938,647424,833SH DFND 00424,833
Starwood Property Trust IncCOM85571B10574430,764SH DFND 0030,764
State Street CorpCOM85747710310,309118,333SH DFND 00118,333
Steel Dynamics IncCOM8581191004,90858,827SH DFND 0058,827
Steelcase IncCL A85815520312010,033SH DFND 0010,033
Stellantis NVSHSN8240510649,0003,011,689SH DFND 003,011,689
Stem IncCOM85859N10220118,276SH DFND 39018,237
StepStone Group IncCOM CL A85914M1072708,169SH DFND 008,169
Stepan CoCOM8585861003994,040SH DFND 004,040
Stericycle IncCOM8589121081,88832,043SH DFND 0032,043
Sterling Construction Company IncCOM859241101562,092SH DFND 002,092
Steven Madden LtdCOM55626910857014,747SH DFND 0014,747
Stewart Information Services CorpCOM8603721013155,189SH DFND 005,189
Stifel Financial CorpCOM8606301024,78970,527SH DFND 0070,527
Stitch Fix IncCOM CL A86089710711811,755SH DFND 0011,755
Stock Yards Bancorp IncCOM8610251041021,934SH DFND 001,934
Stoneridge IncCOM86183P102391,858SH DFND 001,858
Stonex Group IncCOM861896108931,259SH DFND 001,259
Strategic Education IncCOM86272C1032684,036SH DFND 004,036
Stride IncCOM86333M10880422,143SH DFND 0022,143
Stryker CorpCOM863667101112,591421,136SH DFND 00421,136
Sturm Ruger & Company IncCOM864159108961,380SH DFND 001,380
Summit Hotel Properties IncCOM86608210018718,763SH DFND 0018,763
Summit Materials IncCL A86614U10062520,121SH DFND 0020,121
Sun Communities IncCOM8666741042,19512,523SH DFND 0012,523
Sun Country Airlines Holdings IncCOM866683105431,657SH DFND 001,657
Sun Life Financial IncCOM8667961058,256147,884SH DFND 00147,884
SunCoke Energy IncCOM86722A103283,126SH DFND 003,126
SunPower CorpCOM86765240630414,137SH DFND 0014,137
Suncor Energy IncCOM86722410711,227344,489SH DFND 00344,489
Sunnova Energy International IncCOM86745K10425210,912SH DFND 0010,912
Sunopta IncCOM8676EP108305,952SH DFND 005,952
Sunrun IncCOM86771W10550916,750SH DFND 0016,750
Sunstone Hotel Investors IncCOM86789210145238,384SH DFND 0038,384
Super Micro Computer IncCOM86800U1041183,096SH DFND 003,096
Supernus Pharmaceuticals IncCOM86845910841112,732SH DFND 0012,732
Surgery Partners IncCOM86881A1001813,287SH DFND 003,287
Surmodics IncCOM86887310041902SH DFND 00902
Sutro Biopharma IncCOM869367102182,238SH DFND 002,238
Switch IncCL A87105L10458118,845SH DFND 0018,845
Switchback Energy Acquisition CorpCOM CL A15961R10561831,111SH DFND 37031,074
Sylvamo CorpCOMMON STOCK8713321021073,213SH DFND 003,213
Synaptics IncCOM87157D1091,3156,590SH DFND 006,590
Synchrony FinancialCOM87165B1036,881197,673SH DFND 00197,673
Syndax Pharmaceuticals IncCOM87164F105462,641SH DFND 002,641
Syneos Health IncCL A87166B1021,51918,768SH DFND 0018,768
Synopsys IncCOM87160710710,42631,284SH DFND 0031,284
Synovus Financial CorpCOM NEW87161C5011,32727,075SH DFND 0027,075
Sysco CorpCOM8718291077,61793,291SH DFND 0093,291
T Rowe Price Group IncCOM74144T10812,26181,095SH DFND 0081,095
T-Mobile US IncCOM87259010425,171196,054SH DFND 00196,054
TAL Education GroupSPONSORED ADS874080104633210,176SH DFND 00210,176
TC Energy CorpCOM87807B10722,180393,116SH DFND 00393,116
TD Synnex CorpCOM87162W1007627,382SH DFND 007,382
TE Connectivity LtdSHSH8498910420,425155,940SH DFND 90,000065,940
TFI International IncCOM87241L1091,51614,234SH DFND 0014,234
TFS Financial CorpCOM87240R107643,883SH DFND 003,883
TG Therapeutics IncCOM88322Q10818919,912SH DFND 0019,912
TJX Companies IncCOM87254010932,070529,387SH DFND 4,1510525,236
TPG RE Finance Trust IncCOM87266M107433,676SH DFND 003,676
TPI Composites IncCOM87266J104382,672SH DFND 002,672
TS Innovation Acquisitions CorpCOM51818V106112,498SH DFND 002,498
TTEC Holdings IncCOM89854H1021191,442SH DFND 001,442
TTM Technologies IncCOM87305R1091208,072SH DFND 008,072
Taboola.com LtdORD SHSM8744T106254,859SH DFND 004,859
Tabula Rasa HealthCare IncCOM87337910181,394SH DFND 001,394
Tactile Systems Technology IncCOM87357P100271,350SH DFND 001,350
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co LtdSPONSORED ADS874039100128,0481,228,162SH DFND 001,228,162
Take-Two Interactive Software IncCOM87405410913,04884,871SH DFND 0084,871
Talos Energy IncCOM87484T108382,407SH DFND 002,407
Tandem Diabetes Care IncCOM NEW8753722031,65414,221SH DFND 0014,221
Tanger Factory Outlet Centers IncCOM87546510626815,602SH DFND 0015,602
Tango Therapeutics IncCOM87583X109212,758SH DFND 002,758
Tapestry IncCOM8760301072,47766,668SH DFND 0066,668
Targa Resources CorpCOM87612G1012,54133,673SH DFND 0033,673
Target CorpCOM87612E10646,643219,788SH DFND 00219,788
Taro Pharmaceutical Industries LtdSHSM8737E10825588SH DFND 00588
Taskus IncCLASS A COM87652V1091012,624SH DFND 002,624
Tata Motors LtdSPONSORED ADR8765685021,93169,091SH DFND 69,09100
Tattooed Chef IncCOM CL A87663X102352,783SH DFND 002,783
Taylor Morrison Home CorpCOM87724P10676027,936SH DFND 0027,936
Taysha Gene Therapies IncCOM SHS877619106121,812SH DFND 001,812
TechTarget IncCOM87874R1003924,819SH DFND 004,819
TechnipFMC PLCCOMG8711010548162,125SH DFND 0062,125
Technology Select Sector SPDR FundTECHNOLOGY81369Y8031,3828,697SH DFND 008,697
Teck Resources LtdCL B8787422047,515186,064SH DFND 00186,064
Tegna IncCOM87901J10580135,774SH DFND 0035,774
Tejon Ranch CoCOM8790801091045,673SH DFND 005,673
Teladoc Health IncCOM87918A1053,11943,237SH DFND 0043,237
Teledyne Technologies IncCOM8793601056,47413,697SH DFND 0013,697
Teleflex IncCOM8793691064,67213,168SH DFND 0013,168
Telephone and Data Systems IncCOM NEW87943382930115,957SH DFND 0015,957
Tellurian IncCOM87968A10415930,031SH DFND 0030,031
Telus CorpCOM87971M1039,593366,975SH DFND 00366,975
Telus International Cda IncSUB VTG SHS87975H1002018,142SH DFND 008,142
Tempur Sealy International IncCOM88023U10198435,255SH DFND 0035,255
Tenable Holdings IncCOM88025T10287015,057SH DFND 0015,057
Tencent Music Entertainment GroupSPON ADS88034P109913187,433SH DFND 00187,433
Tenet Healthcare CorpCOM NEW88033G4071,65819,287SH DFND 0019,287
Tennant CoCOM8803451031091,384SH DFND 001,384
Tenneco IncCL A VTG COM STK8803491051357,358SH DFND 007,358
Teradata CorpCOM88076W10388117,866SH DFND 0017,866
Teradyne IncCOM8807701025,11143,124SH DFND 0043,124
Terex CorpCOM88077910348313,544SH DFND 0013,544
Terminix Global Holdings IncCOM88087E1001,03022,567SH DFND 0022,567
Ternium SASPONSORED ADS88089010846010,066SH DFND 0010,066
Terreno Realty CorpCOM88146M10191212,322SH DFND 0012,322
Tesla IncCOM88160R101251,894233,755SH DFND 00233,755
Tetra Tech IncCOM88162G1037844,752SH DFND 004,752
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries LtdSPONSORED ADS88162420923024,527SH DFND 0024,527
Texas Capital Bancshares IncCOM88224Q1073656,362SH DFND 006,362
Texas Instruments IncCOM882508104105,940577,395SH DFND 00577,395
Texas Pacific Land CorpCOM88262P1021,320976SH DFND 00976
Texas Roadhouse IncCOM88268110987910,493SH DFND 0010,493
Theravance Biopharma IncCOMG8807B106353,704SH DFND 003,704
Thermo Fisher Scientific IncCOM88355610283,407141,213SH DFND 00141,213
Thermon Group Holdings IncCOM88362T103442,706SH DFND 002,706
Third Point Reinsurance LtdCOMG8192H106506,728SH DFND 006,728
Thomson Reuters CorpCOM NEW8849037095,93054,475SH DFND 3,975050,500
Thor Industries IncCOM8851601011,16514,804SH DFND 0014,804
ThredUp IncCL A88556E102496,330SH DFND 006,330
Thryv Holdings IncCOM NEW886029206431,517SH DFND 001,517
Tilray Brands IncCOM CL 288688T10064182,458SH DFND 0082,458
Timken CoCOM8873891044,49874,106SH DFND 0074,106
Tivity Health IncCOM88870R102852,636SH DFND 002,636
Toll Brothers IncCOM8894781031,03922,106SH DFND 0022,106
Tompkins Financial CorpCOM890110109951,208SH DFND 001,208
Tootsie Roll Industries IncCOM890516107371,071SH DFND 001,071
TopBuild CorpCOM89055F1031,0475,774SH DFND 005,774
Toro CoCOM8910921081,54818,112SH DFND 0018,112
Toronto-Dominion BankCOM NEW89116050944,635562,018SH DFND 00562,018
TotalEnergies SESPONSORED ADS89151E10923456SH DFND 00456
Tower Semiconductor LtdSHS NEWM879152744469,211SH DFND 009,211
Towne BankCOM89214P10947615,906SH DFND 0015,906
Toyota Motor CorpADS8923313071,82110,102SH DFND 0010,102
Tractor Supply CoCOM8923561069,69141,528SH DFND 0041,528
Trade Desk IncCOM CL A88339J1052,89741,840SH DFND 0041,840
Tradeweb Markets IncCL A8926721063,85143,827SH DFND 0043,827
Traeger IncCOMMON STOCK89269P103182,413SH DFND 002,413
Trane Technologies PLCSHSG8994E10313,23486,665SH DFND 0086,665
TransAlta CorpCOM89346D107232,224SH DFND 002,224
TransDigm Group IncCOM8936411006,73010,330SH DFND 0010,330
TransUnionCOM89400J1073,79436,713SH DFND 0036,713
Transmedics Group IncCOM89377M109451,679SH DFND 001,679
Transocean LtdREG SHSH8817H10042592,905SH DFND 0092,905
Travelcenters of America IncCOM NEW89421B109431,007SH DFND 001,007
Travelers Companies IncCOM89417E10916,07187,952SH DFND 0087,952
Travere Therapeutics IncCOM89422G1071074,151SH DFND 004,151
Treace Medical Concepts IncCOM89455T109201,064SH DFND 001,064
Tredegar CorpCOM89465010029724,802SH DFND 0024,802
TreeHouse Foods IncCOM89469A1042999,253SH DFND 009,253
Trex Company IncCOM89531P1051,16317,797SH DFND 0017,797
Tri Pointe Homes Inc (Delaware)COM87265H10946923,375SH DFND 0023,375
TriMas CorpCOM NEW8962152091193,706SH DFND 003,706
TriNet Group IncCOM8962881077467,582SH DFND 007,582
TriState Capital Holdings IncCOM89678F100852,545SH DFND 002,545
Trico BancsharesCOM8960951062466,140SH DFND 006,140
Tricon Residential IncCOM NPV89612W10270044,069SH DFND 0044,069
Trimble IncCOM8962391007,482103,715SH DFND 00103,715
Trine Acquisition CorpCOM CL A25058X1057415,636SH DFND 126015,510
Trinity Industries IncCOM89652210943512,651SH DFND 0012,651
Trinseo PLCSHSG9059U1071152,401SH DFND 002,401
Trip.com Group LtdADS89677Q1074,305185,707SH DFND 00185,707
Tripadvisor IncCOM89694520174127,325SH DFND 0027,325
Triton International LtdCL AG9078F10789912,816SH DFND 0012,816
Triumph Bancorp IncCOM89679E3003804,047SH DFND 004,047
Triumph Group IncCOM8968181011586,251SH DFND 006,251
Tronox Holdings PLCSHSG9087Q10233016,653SH DFND 0016,653
TrueBlue IncCOM89785X101832,870SH DFND 002,870
TrueCar IncCOM89785L107225,621SH DFND 005,621
Truist Financial CorpCOM89832Q10924,154425,989SH DFND 00425,989
Trupanion IncCOM8982021065556,226SH DFND 006,226
TrustCo Bank Corp N YCOM NEW898349204491,543SH DFND 001,543
Trustmark CorpCOM89840210238012,492SH DFND 0012,492
TuSimple Holdings IncCL A90089L10815712,909SH DFND 197012,712
Tucows IncCOM NEW89869720642611SH DFND 00611
Tupperware Brands CorpCOM899896104673,454SH DFND 003,454
Turning Point Brands IncCOM90041L10531899SH DFND 00899
Turning Point Therapeutics IncCOM90041T10830111,193SH DFND 0011,193
Turquoise Hill Resources LtdCOM9004352072759,151SH DFND 009,151
Tuscan Holdings CorpCOM59516C106649,535SH DFND 009,535
Tutor Perini CorpCOM901109108363,361SH DFND 003,361
Twilio IncCL A90138F1022,93117,787SH DFND 0017,787
Twin River Worldwide Holdings IncCOM05875B106752,453SH DFND 002,453
Twist Bioscience CorpCOM90184D10050510,220SH DFND 0010,220
Twitter IncCOM90184L1024,852125,413SH DFND 00125,413
Two Harbors Investment CorpCOM NEW90187B40817130,933SH DFND 0030,933
Tyler Technologies IncCOM9022521058,50619,120SH DFND 0019,120
Tyson Foods IncCL A90249410318,005200,883SH DFND 1,0300199,853
UBS Group AGSHSH42097107642,02032,856,707SH DFND 9,176,729023,679,978
UDR IncCOM9026531042,70547,142SH DFND 0047,142
UGI CorpCOM9026811052,04956,583SH DFND 0056,583
UMB Financial CorpCOM9027881088198,426SH DFND 008,426
UMH Properties IncCOM903002103913,709SH DFND 003,709
US BancorpCOM NEW90297330426,554499,596SH DFND 00499,596
US Ecology IncCOM91734M1031382,872SH DFND 002,872
US Foods Holding CorpCOM9120081091,64343,652SH DFND 0043,652
US Physical Therapy IncCOM90337L10899991SH DFND 00991
US Silica Holdings IncCOM90346E103934,976SH DFND 004,976
USANA Health Sciences IncCOM90328M10773925SH DFND 00925
UTZ Brands IncCOM CL A918090101704,262SH DFND 004,262
UWM Holdings CorpCOM CL A91823B109296,450SH DFND 006,450
Uber Technologies IncCOM90353T1006,810190,865SH DFND 00190,865
Udemy IncCOM90268510644936,000SH DFND 0036,000
Ufp Industries IncCOM90278Q1087069,152SH DFND 009,152
UiPath IncCL A90364P10545721,179SH DFND 0021,179
Ulta Beauty IncCOM90384S3034,69911,800SH DFND 0011,800
Ultra Clean Holdings IncCOM90385V1073578,426SH DFND 008,426
Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical IncCOM90400D10887111,999SH DFND 0011,999
Ultrapar Participacoes SASP ADR REP COM90400P101612201,996SH DFND 91,9960110,000
Umpqua Holdings CorpCOM90421410379542,142SH DFND 0042,142
Under Armour IncCL A90431110772742,716SH DFND 0042,716
Under Armour IncCL C90431120669244,499SH DFND 0044,499
UniFirst CorpCOM9047081045452,958SH DFND 002,958
Union Pacific CorpCOM90781810864,119234,686SH DFND 00234,686
Uniqure NVSHSN90064101512,800SH DFND 002,800
Unisys CorpCOM NEW9092143061095,053SH DFND 005,053
United Airlines Holdings IncCOM9100471092,22648,009SH DFND 0048,009
United Bankshares IncCOM90990710785224,424SH DFND 0024,424
United Community Banks IncCOM90984P30360517,399SH DFND 0017,399
United Fire Group IncCOM910340108521,666SH DFND 001,666
United Microelectronics CorpSPON ADR NEW9108734051,093119,836SH DFND 00119,836
United Natural Foods IncCOM9111631034009,680SH DFND 009,680
United Parcel Service IncCL B911312106149,077695,128SH DFND 00695,128
United Rentals IncCOM9113631097,86422,140SH DFND 0022,140
United States Cellular CorpCOM911684108341,131SH DFND 001,131
United States Lime & Minerals IncCOM91192210233286SH DFND 00286
United States Oil Fund LPUNITS91232N2072853,843SH DFND 003,843
United States Steel CorpCOM9129091081,64443,566SH DFND 0043,566
United States Steel CorpNOTE 5.000%11/0912909AT5354200,000PRN DFND 00200,000
United Therapeutics CorpCOM91307C1021,4297,963SH DFND 007,963
UnitedHealth Group IncCOM91324P102189,138370,881SH DFND 00370,881
Uniti Group IncCOM91325V10829121,154SH DFND 0021,154
Unitil CorpCOM913259107791,591SH DFND 001,591
Unity Software IncCOM91332U1011,82918,440SH DFND 0018,440
Univar Solutions IncCOM91336L1071,01831,686SH DFND 0031,686
Universal CorpCOM9134561091572,703SH DFND 002,703
Universal Display CorpCOM91347P1051,3197,902SH DFND 007,902
Universal Electronics IncCOM91348310331984SH DFND 00984
Universal Health Realty Income TrustSH BEN INT91359E1051161,984SH DFND 001,984
Universal Health Services IncCL B9139031002,16414,930SH DFND 0014,930
Universal Insurance Holdings IncCOM91359V107292,122SH DFND 002,122
Univest Financial CorpCOM9152711001033,863SH DFND 003,863
Unum GroupCOM91529Y1061,36843,413SH DFND 0043,413
Upland Software IncCOM91544A109331,898SH DFND 001,898
Upstart Holdings IncCOM91680M1074283,927SH DFND 003,927
Upwork IncCOM91688F1041,05745,462SH DFND 0045,462
Urban Edge PropertiesCOM91704F10438920,379SH DFND 0020,379
Urban Outfitters IncCOM9170471022399,507SH DFND 009,507
Urogen Pharma LtdCOMM96088105171,901SH DFND 001,901
Urstadt Biddle Properties IncCL A917286205392,085SH DFND 002,085
Utilities Select Sector SPDR FundSBI INT-UTILS81369Y8861301,750SH DFND 001,750
VBI Vaccines IncCOM NEW91822J1032012,166SH DFND 0012,166
VEON LtdSPONSORED ADR91822M106153223,883SH DFND 00223,883
VF CorpCOM9182041085,980105,169SH DFND 00105,169
VICI Properties IncCOM9256521092,12874,765SH DFND 0074,765
VMware IncCL A COM9285634026,92260,790SH DFND 710060,080
Vail Resorts IncCOM91879Q1092,3829,152SH DFND 009,152
Valaris Ltd*W EXP 04/29/202G9460G119032SH DFND 3200
Valaris LtdCL AG9460G10153410,276SH DFND 0010,276
Vale SASPONSORED ADS91912E10568,2063,410,275SH DFND 3,213,9530196,322
Valero Energy CorpCOM91913Y10013,912137,010SH DFND 00137,010
Valley National BancorpCOM91979410796373,984SH DFND 0073,984
Valmont Industries IncCOM9202531019513,985SH DFND 003,985
Valvoline IncCOM92047W1011,08134,240SH DFND 0034,240
VanEck Agribusiness ETFAGRIBUSINESS ETF92189F7002452,339SH DFND 002,339
VanEck Gold Miners ETFGOLD MINERS ETF92189F1063479,050SH DFND 009,050
VanEck India Growth Leaders ETFINDIA GROWTH LDR92189F76740710,282SH DFND 0010,282
VanEck Oil Services ETFOIL SERVICES ETF92189H60765230SH DFND 00230
VanEck Video Gaming and eSports ETFVIDEO GMNG ESPRT92189F1141362,340SH DFND 002,340
Vanda Pharmaceuticals IncCOM921659108423,672SH DFND 003,672
Vanguard 500 Index FundS&P 500 ETF SHS92290836313,50332,487SH DFND 0032,487
Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock Index FundFTSE EMR MKT ETF9220428585,018108,769SH DFND 00108,769
Vanguard Idx FundTOTAL STK MKT9229087695,26723,135SH DFND 0023,135
Vanguard Information Technology EtfINF TECH ETF92204A7025151,237SH DFND 6750562
Vanguard Large-Cap Index FundLARGE CAP ETF9229086375422,599SH DFND 2,59900
Vanguard MSCI Pacific ETFFTSE PACIFIC ETF9220428663,93253,100SH DFND 0053,100
Vanguard Mortgage-Backed Secs Idx FundMTG-BKD SECS ETF92206C77136,511728,758SH DFND 00728,758
Vanguard Sht-Term Inflation-Protected Sec IdxSTRM INFPROIDX9220208054,02478,570SH DFND 0078,570
Vanguard Small-Cap Index FundSMALL CP ETF922908751169796SH DFND 00796
Vapotherm IncCOM922107107161,180SH DFND 001,180
Varex Imaging CorpCOM92214X106562,629SH DFND 002,629
Varonis Systems IncCOM9222801021,43030,072SH DFND 14030,058
Vaxart IncCOM NEW92243A200428,293SH DFND 008,293
Vaxcyte IncCOM92243G108351,437SH DFND 001,437
VectoIQ Acquisition CorpCOM65411010530228,159SH DFND 0028,159
Vector Group LtdCOM92240M10828223,426SH DFND 0023,426
Vectrus IncCOM92242T10131863SH DFND 00863
Veeco Instruments IncCOM922417100993,628SH DFND 003,628
Veeva Systems IncCL A COM9224751085,22924,613SH DFND 0024,613
Velodyne Lidar IncCOM92259F101186,856SH DFND 14206,714
Ventas IncCOM92276F1004,50072,862SH DFND 0072,862
Veoneer IncCOM92336X10980421,747SH DFND 0021,747
Veracyte IncCOM92337F10740214,597SH DFND 0014,597
Vericel CorpCOM92346J1082285,978SH DFND 005,978
Verint Systems IncCOM92343X1001,72733,404SH DFND 0033,404
Veris Residential IncCOM55448910423913,747SH DFND 0013,747
Verisign IncCOM92343E1028,61238,711SH DFND 0038,711
Verisk Analytics IncCOM92345Y1069,28043,236SH DFND 0043,236
Veritex Holdings IncCOM92345110841110,771SH DFND 0010,771
Veritiv CorpCOM9234541021431,074SH DFND 001,074
Veritone IncCOM92347M100341,862SH DFND 001,862
Verizon Communications IncCOM92343V104124,3902,441,894SH DFND 1,72002,440,174
Vermilion Energy IncCOM92372510532015,234SH DFND 0015,234
Verra Mobility CorpCOM92511U10237122,762SH DFND 0022,762
Vertex IncCL A92538J106301,976SH DFND 001,976
Vertex Pharmaceuticals IncCOM92532F10036,086138,278SH DFND 00138,278
Vertiv Holdings CoCOM CL A92537N10873852,694SH DFND 0052,694
Veru IncCOM92536C103224,478SH DFND 004,478
Verve Therapeutics IncCOM92539P101261,131SH DFND 001,131
ViacomCBS IncCLASS B COM92556H2064,977131,625SH DFND 00131,625
Viad CorpCOM92552R406902,520SH DFND 002,520
Viasat IncCOM92552V1004659,524SH DFND 009,524
Viatris IncCOM92556V1063,160290,425SH DFND 800290,345
Viavi Solutions IncCOM92555010561838,424SH DFND 2038,422
Viavi Solutions IncNOTE 1.000% 3/0925550AB1462350,000PRN DFND 00350,000
Vicor CorpCOM9258151023064,335SH DFND 004,335
Victoria's Secret & CoCOMMON STOCK92640010272314,068SH DFND 0014,068
Victory Capital Holdings IncCOM CL A92645B103481,646SH DFND 001,646
View IncCOM CL A92671V10684,461SH DFND 16504,296
ViewRay IncCOM92672L107328,092SH DFND 008,092
Viking Therapeutics IncCOM92686J106144,667SH DFND 004,667
Vimeo IncCOMMON STOCK92719V10029224,608SH DFND 0024,608
Vinco Ventures IncCOM927330100237,200SH DFND 007,200
Viper Energy Partners LPCOM UNT RP INT92763M1051615,455SH DFND 005,455
Vipshop Holdings LtdSPONSORED ADS A92763W10310,1211,124,605SH DFND 001,124,605
Vir Biotechnology IncCOM92764N10228310,989SH DFND 0010,989
Virgin Galactic Holdings IncCOM92766K10630330,624SH DFND 49030,575
Virtu Financial IncCL A92825410167718,189SH DFND 0018,189
Virtus Investment Partners IncCOM92828Q1093041,266SH DFND 001,266
Visa IncCOM CL A92826C839330,8841,492,014SH DFND 1,40001,490,614
Vishay Intertechnology IncCOM92829810845323,090SH DFND 0023,090
Vishay Precision Group IncCOM92835K10332980SH DFND 00980
Vista Outdoor IncCOM9283771003259,107SH DFND 009,107
Visteon CorpCOM NEW92839U2066185,667SH DFND 005,667
Vistra CorpCOM92840M1021,38459,508SH DFND 0059,508
Vital Farms IncCOM92847W103161,310SH DFND 001,310
Vivint Smart Home IncCOM CL A928542109274,048SH DFND 004,048
Volta IncCOM CL A92873V102258,262SH DFND 008,262
Vonage Holdings CorpCOM92886T20181640,216SH DFND 0040,216
Vontier CorpCOM92888110166826,322SH DFND 0026,322
Vornado Realty TrustSH BEN INT9290421091,37530,348SH DFND 0030,348
Voya Financial IncCOM9290891001,49322,507SH DFND 0022,507
Vroom IncCOM92918V1093713,984SH DFND 0013,984
Vulcan Materials CoCOM9291601093,82020,793SH DFND 0020,793
Vuzix CorpCOM NEW92921W300274,130SH DFND 7404,056
W R Berkley CorpCOM0844231022,59638,988SH DFND 0038,988
W W Grainger IncCOM3848021048,16215,824SH DFND 0015,824
WD-40 CoCOM9292361074412,405SH DFND 002,405
WEC Energy Group IncCOM92939U10610,863108,833SH DFND 00108,833
WEX IncCOM96208T1041,3197,391SH DFND 007,391
WM Technology IncCOM92971A109293,652SH DFND 003,652
WP Carey IncCOM92936U1091,79622,221SH DFND 0022,221
WSFS Financial CorpCOM92932810254711,727SH DFND 0011,727
WW International IncCOM98262P101363,539SH DFND 003,539
Wabash National CorpCOM929566107523,502SH DFND 003,502
Walgreens Boots Alliance IncCOM9314271087,939177,327SH DFND 00177,327
Walker & Dunlop IncCOM93148P1026174,770SH DFND 004,770
Wallbox NVSHS CL AN9420910818214,278SH DFND 0014,278
Walmart IncCOM93114210376,047510,658SH DFND 5,7260504,932
Walt Disney CoCOM254687106156,8211,143,341SH DFND 1,92501,141,416
Warner Music Group CorpCOM CL A9345502033469,130SH DFND 009,130
Warrior Met Coal IncCOM93627C1011744,679SH DFND 004,679
Washington Federal IncCOM93882410950515,399SH DFND 0015,399
Washington Real Estate Investment TrustSH BEN INT93965310137214,601SH DFND 0014,601
Washington Trust Bancorp IncCOM9406101081102,099SH DFND 002,099
Waste Connections IncCOM94106B1018,83463,234SH DFND 0063,234
Waste Management IncCOM94106L10942,536268,364SH DFND 00268,364
Waters CorpCOM9418481037,48624,118SH DFND 0024,118
Waterstone Financial IncCOM94188P101351,827SH DFND 001,827
Watsco IncCOM9426222001,6825,520SH DFND 005,520
Watts Water Technologies IncCL A9427491026394,577SH DFND 004,577
Wayfair IncCL A94419L1018567,727SH DFND 007,727
Weatherford International PLCORD SHSG488331181865,573SH DFND 605,567
Weber IncCL A94770D102191,885SH DFND 001,885
Webster Financial CorpCOM94789010993816,723SH DFND 0016,723
Weibo CorpNOTE 1.250%11/1948596AC5875900,000PRN DFND 00900,000
Weibo CorpSPONSORED ADR94859610131212,725SH DFND 0012,725
Weis Markets IncCOM948849104841,175SH DFND 001,175
Welbilt IncCOM94909010458524,636SH DFND 0024,636
Wells Fargo & CoCOM94974610161,3961,266,952SH DFND 49601,266,456
Welltower IncCOM95040Q10412,819133,341SH DFND 00133,341
Wendys CoCOM95058W10074834,030SH DFND 0034,030
Werner Enterprises IncCOM9507551083699,011SH DFND 009,011
WesBanco IncCOM95081010150814,798SH DFND 0014,798
Wesco International IncCOM95082P1051,1598,908SH DFND 008,908
West Fraser Timber Co LtdCOM9528451051,53018,564SH DFND 940017,624
West Pharmaceutical Services IncCOM95530610514,27134,746SH DFND 0034,746
Westamerica BancorpCOM9570901033075,081SH DFND 005,081
Western Alliance BancorpCOM9576381091,45517,563SH DFND 0017,563
Western Digital CorpCOM9581021053,06861,693SH DFND 0061,693
Western Digital CorpNOTE 1.500% 2/0958102AP0676700,000PRN DFND 00700,000
Western Union CoCOM9598021095,134273,973SH DFND 00273,973
Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies CorpCOM9297401084,62848,123SH DFND 0048,123
Westlake CorpCOM9604131027726,254SH DFND 006,254
Westport Fuel Systems IncCOM NEW9609083091610,122SH DFND 0010,122
Westrock CoCOM96145D1052,58254,911SH DFND 5054,906
Weyerhaeuser CoCOM NEW9621661046,775178,763SH DFND 00178,763
Wheaton Precious Metals CorpCOM9628791025,589117,473SH DFND 00117,473
Wheels Up Experience IncCOM CL A96328L106195,978SH DFND 005,978
Whirlpool CorpCOM9633201062,78516,119SH DFND 0016,119
White Mountains Insurance Group LtdCOMG9618E107686604SH DFND 00604
Whiting Petroleum CorpCOM NEW9663875085276,467SH DFND 006,467
WideOpenWest IncCOM96758W101633,612SH DFND 003,612
Willdan Group IncCOM96924N10028918SH DFND 00918
Williams Companies IncCOM96945710012,408371,395SH D