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Filed: 23 May 21, 8:00pm

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May 21, 2021






DENVER, CO - SSR Mining Inc. (NASDAQ/TSX: SSRM, ASX:SSR) ("SSR Mining" or "the Company") announces that each of the ten nominees listed in the management proxy circular for the 2021 Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders (the “Meeting”) were elected as directors of SSR Mining on Friday, May 21, 2021. Voting results for the election of directors are set out below:


Nominee NameVotes For% ForVotes Withheld% Withheld
A.E. Michael Anglin141,198,47499.14%1,225,8380.86%
Rod Antal142,176,80599.83%247,5070.17%
Thomas R. Bates, Jr.142,224,98299.86%199,3310.14%
Brian R. Booth128,195,73090.01%14,228,5839.99%
Edward C. Dowling, Jr.129,422,95190.87%13,001,3619.13%
Simon A. Fish140,913,36898.94%1,510,9441.06%
Alan P. Krusi142,056,62999.74%367,6840.26%
Beverlee F. Park142,165,86499.82%258,4480.18%
Grace Kay Priestly141,975,90799.69%448,4050.31%
Elizabeth A. Wademan142,189,43999.84%234,8730.16%


At the Meeting, the shareholders of SSR Mining also approved: (i) the appointment of the auditor and authorized the directors to set the auditor’s remuneration; (ii) a non-binding advisory resolution accepting SSR Mining’s approach to executive compensation; and (iii) a resolution approving SSR Mining’s 2021 Share Compensation Plan.


The voting results for each resolution are set out below:


 Votes For% ForVotes Withheld% Withheld
Appointment of Auditor150,432,74696.17%5,990,6003.83%
 Votes For% ForVotes Against% Against
Advisory Vote on Executive Compensation136,771,12896.04%5,646,5523.96%
Approval of 2021 Share Compensation Plan105,232,67373.89%37,185,00526.11%



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About SSR Mining


SSR Mining Inc. is a leading, free cash flow focused gold company with four producing assets located in the USA, Turkey, Canada, and Argentina, combined with a global pipeline of high-quality development and exploration assets in the USA, Turkey, Mexico, Peru, and Canada. In 2020, the four operating assets produced approximately 711,000 gold-equivalent ounces. SSR Mining is listed under the ticker symbol SSRM on the NASDAQ and the TSX, and SSR on the ASX.


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F. Edward Farid, Executive Vice President, Chief Corporate Development Officer SSR Mining Inc.

E-Mail: invest@ssrmining.com

Phone: +1 (888) 338-0046 or +1 (604) 689-3846


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