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              Medjet Announces Extension of R&D Agreement with Visx

                                  PRESS RELEASE

Edison, NJ - October 17, 2002 - Medjet Inc. (BB:MDJT) announced today that VISX,
a Cayman corporation and wholly-owned subsidiary of VISX, Incorporated, has
elected to extend the term of the Research, Development and Experimental Cost
Sharing Agreement by an additional nine month period to July 17, 2003 (although
VISX may terminate such agreement upon fifteen days notice during this nine
month period for any reason or no reason, and there can be no assurance that
VISX will not exercise its right to so terminate), in order to allow Medjet
additional time to pursue the research and development work associated with the
development of waterjet-related technology and products, including a waterjet
microkeratome. As a result of such extension, Medjet will continue to receive
monthly payments of a minimum of $100,000 from VISX while this agreement is in
effect. The election effectively extends to July 17, 2003 VISX's option to
elect to merge Orion Acquisition Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of VISX,
Incorporated with Medjet or to terminate the Agreement and Plan of Merger and
Reorganization executed on August 17, 2001 with Medjet and Orion for any reason
or no reason. If VISX terminates the Research and Development Agreement prior
to July 17, 2003, the Merger Agreement will be deemed to be terminated on the
date of effectiveness of termination of the Research and Development Agreement.

Medjet Inc., located in Edison, New Jersey, is a medical device company with
the goal of developing, licensing, manufacturing and selling new cutting,
drilling, layer removal and shaping instruments for surgical procedures based
on its waterjet technology.

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For further information, contact Eugene Gordon of Medjet Inc., (732) 738-3990,
Ext 17, egordon@medjetinc.com